tagMind ControlET - The Extra Testicle

ET - The Extra Testicle


This testimony is part of file A74-W526 / Area 69
Project code name: Little Grey Men
Classification: Top secret.

My name is Greg, and I live on a farm, in the middle of nowhere. My mom, Tina, is – even now, halfway into her fifth decade on this Earth – a real looker. I have no siblings, and our nearest neighbors are twenty minutes away by truck, so mom is, quite literally, the only woman for miles.

With her being an attractive woman with big tits and a nice pair of legs, I've had – as one might expect – my share of fantasies about her. But as it can't be healthy for a young man to fantasize about his mom all day long, I had also acquired an extensive digital porn collection over the years, which helped with the lack of female companionship.

A few months after my twentieth birthday, in the night of May 13th, 2016, I was awakened by what seemed to be an earthquake. The whole house was shaking and furniture was moving by itself. An immensely loud rumbling overpowered all other noises. Mom, dad and I gathered in the night hall, all three of us taking shelter in one of the doorways to protect ourselves from a potential structural collapse.

When the shaking stopped, but the noise continued, it was clear that this was no earthquake. When we carefully headed over to a window to take a look, we noticed bright lights coming from above the crop fields. Dad grabbed a flashlight and his shotgun and ran out the front door. I followed him, carrying a baseball bat.

When we approached the lights, they suddenly vanished without a trace, leaving behind nothing but large patches of squashed crops. We were walking around, about twenty meters apart, looking down at the ground, when we were suddenly enveloped by two cones of light. It didn't feel threatening or dangerous, rather warm and soothing. I couldn't really say how long I was in the light, but when it disappeared, I had a massive boner. Not just your run-of-the-mill, daily stiffie, but a full blown, throbbing hard on.

My attention, however, was quickly drawn to dad, who was still in his cone. He looked calm and unafraid, and I assumed it would just let him go quietly as well. I looked up to see where the light was coming from, but aside from the cone itself, there was just darkness.

Then, suddenly, dad was thrown several feet up into the air, hitting the ground several meters away from where he had been standing. I ran over to him and helped him get back to his feet. I was slightly embarrassed as my fat cock was tenting my pajamas shorts quite lewdly. Luckily dad didn't have time to notice as his cone of light began moving towards the house.

"Tina," he shouted as he picked up his shot gun and we ran towards the house, where the beam of light had begun honing in on the master bedroom, where mom was waiting for our return. Suddenly the light intensified and pretty soon, the master bedroom window was too bright to look at directly. There was no way that our electrical wiring could produce that kind of illumination. A few moments later, the light dimmed and then disappeared.

Dad and I ran inside and up the stairs, calling out for mom. We found her lying on the floor, apparently also knocked down by whatever was causing this. As I was helping her up, along with dad, I noticed her nipples piercing through her nighty. After we sat her down on the bed, I used my baseball bat to hide my huge erection. As mom held her hands on her head, trying to get her bearings again, there was another loud rumbling and a series of bright flashes, this time over by the stables.

"Greg, stay with your mother!" dad said as he headed for the door.

"But dad..." I began to protest.

"No buts Greg, do as I say! Keep your mom safe, I'll be back as soon as I can," dad shouted as he ran down the stairs. By the time he reached the front door, the rumbling was gone and all the lights had vanished. I moved to the window and looked down as he stood in front of the house, looking around, deciding on which direction to go to first.

A loud cracking noise sent him running for the barn. I kept my eye on him, until all I could see was the light from his flashlight moving around in the distant darkness.

When I turned around to check on mom, I noticed her sitting there, looking at me. Before I could ask her if she was all right, she briefly lifted her butt off the edge of the bed and pulled her nighty up, over her head, throwing it on the floor in between us. As I gawked at her bare chest, flabbergasted, she slowly, but deliberately opened her legs as wide as she could, granting me a first class view of her moist pussy.

"Mom?" I whispered.

No response. Her stare was vacant as if she was in some sort of trance. Meanwhile my fat cock was nearly bursting through my shorts.

I slowly waved my hand in front of her, repeating myself, "Mom?"

"Eat me," she whispered.

"What?" I exclaimed, positive I had misunderstood.

"Eat me," she repeated as she put her right hand in between her legs and tapped her pussy with her index finger.

Well, she can't be much clearer than that, I thought. I pulled down my shorts and began pumping my massive cock right in front of her. After a few seconds, I kneeled down and put my head in between her legs and stuck out my tongue, licking her stylishly trimmed twat. As if I had done it a million times, I began eating out her little pussy, using my tongue to flick her clit and stimulate her all over.

Judging from all the moaning she was doing, I was doing a damn fine job. Strangely adept for someone who had never eaten twat before, I made her cum and gush only a few minutes later. It was as if I knew what to do, instinctively. While mom just lied there, enjoying the aftermath of her orgasm, I thought about sliding my dick into her soaking wet cunt, but decided against it. Instead, I left the master bedroom and walked into my room.

There, I pumped my fat dick for about forty seconds, thinking of mom's twat and came all over my bed. Leaving my disgusting load where it was, I pulled up my pajama boxers and went back to my parent's room. Mom – who was still lying down – turned to look at me, and at the same time, I noticed my cock becoming erect again.

Not a normal kind of erection, but the same blood-stealing, massive hard-on I had had before. Mom simply smiled and opened her legs again, as she cupped both her tits and began playing with them.

Without hesitation, I got down on my knees again and started licking her and eating her out a second time. Mom squirmed and used her right hand to caress my head as I had my tongue up inside of her. After making her gush a second time, I headed back to my room, where I took off my boxers and kneeled down on my bed again, wanking myself to another finish.

After dumping another – equally big – load about two feet away from the first one, I got up and was about to head out, when my cock veered up and became rock hard, all over again.

"Oh for crying out loud," I whispered, as I turned around and kneeled on the bed again.

What the hell was going on? Why was my cock getting so incredibly hard? Why was mom suddenly such a slut? And why on Earth was I dumping load after load on my own bed?

Anyway, after the third load, there was a fourth and believe it or not, a fucking fifth... all of which I dumped on my bed. Then, finally empty for the time being, I headed back over to the master bedroom, where I found mom peeking through the window, slightly bent over. When she noticed me coming back in, she grinned over her shoulder and stuck her ass out towards me.

I walked up to her, got down on my knees and used both hands to pry her ass cheeks far enough apart to be able to stick my tongue up her pussy, again. I didn't know what the hell was going on here, or how long this would last, so I didn't ask too many questions and just went with the flow. I loved putting my tongue up mom's twat, tasting her and hearing her whine and moan.

Suddenly she whispered, "Your dad's on his way back!"

Startled, I got up and peeked over her shoulder, seeing dad's flashlight moving around just outside of the barn. Suddenly, we both realized that my hard cock was now pushing against her ass crack.

"Hold still... don't move," she whispered, taking the initiative.

As I did as I was told, she moved her ass around, and opened her legs a little more, until my fat tip was right up against her twat. Without further ado, she pressed down, sliding her wet twat over my cock. We both gasped. My body trembled. I was aching to fuck the shit out of her.

She must have felt it, as she softly repeated, "Hold still honey!"

"Oh mommy," I moaned as I felt her moving her pelvis back and forth, sliding her pussy walls up and down my throbbing shaft. I don't know why I used the word 'mommy'. I hadn't called her that in like forever, but she didn't seem to mind.

"I know, sweetie," she moaned as she reached back with one hand and caressed my cheek, as she kept fucking me, tenderly.

"Just a little more," she whispered as I could feel my balls tense up.

"Here we go," she whispered a few moments later, as my body started trembling and shuddering in ecstasy. I moaned softly in her ear as I dumped my load deep inside of her.

Then, she turned around, causing my cock to slip out, and bent down, getting on her knees and sucking my wet, half-hard cock. Apparently, she didn't mind the taste as she passionately slobbered all over my shaft and balls for several divine minutes.

Suddenly, we heard dad barge in through the front door again. Mom quickly got up and put her nighty back on, as I quickly ran to my room in search of my boxers. I had barely made it back to master bedroom and assumed my position by the window, when dad walked back in.

After asking if we were okay, he told us he hadn't seen anything out of the ordinary and couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on. He would drive into town in the morning, and talk to the sheriff. While dad was talking, I could feel my cock getting hard again! I had to use my baseball to hide my enormous erection from him.

With the crisis averted, I headed back to my room, desperately needing some more relief. I couldn't believe I had another fucking hard on. I might have been in the prime of my life, but this was absurd. The smell of mom's twat on my face didn't help matters either of course.

Instead of going to the bathroom and wash her juices off, I pumped my dick again and shot another volley on the floor of my bedroom. I was about to turn off the lights when I noticed my cock getting hard, yet again. It was then that I realized I was going to be doing this all night long. And I was quite right!

I didn't fight it. I didn't try to suppress it. I just wrapped my hand around my fat shaft every time it got hard and just jacked off, until more sperm shot out of it. I splattered two more loads on the floor, three on the bedspread, two on the radiator, one on my computer screen, two against the door, one in my trash bin, two in my sock drawer, one in my sports bag, three over my dirty magazines, one on the window glass, two on the drapes and two on the hallway floor – just to keep thing interesting.

I didn't clean any of it up, which was atypical for me. But what surprised me the most, was that I wasn't even tired, or that neither my arm nor my cock was sore. It was as if after each ejaculation, my body was reset and I was ready to go again. After going down to the kitchen to get a much needed drink, I started pumping again. I shot a load on my night stand, two on my pillow, one on my laptop, two in my underwear drawer, one under my desk, two more on the drapes, three more on the bed... and so on, and so forth.

By morning, it was getting difficult to tell the original color of my bedsheets – red by the way – or my drapes – grey – and I literally had to watch my step, as there weren't that many clean spots left on the floor. I was about to cum on the seat of my leather desk chair, one of the last unspoiled things left in the room, when dad called out from in the hallway.

"Greg, I am heading into town to talk to the sheriff, you keep an eye on things here, ok?"

"Sure thing dad," I grunted as I turned my gaze at the door, imagining him on the other side and pumped extra hard, drenching the seat completely as I lewdly hung my tongue out of my mouth.

I sighed and gasped satisfied as he headed down the stairs. I looked at my alarm clock – also decorated with lots of thick cum ropes – and was amazed that it was 7.30. I had been doing this all night long... and I still wasn't tired, sore or empty. I smiled as I felt my cock getting hard again. I hadn't even taken my hand off of it yet.

As I heard dad's truck drive off, I started pumping again.

Barely three minutes later, mom unexpectedly knocked on my door and asked, "Greg, can I come in?"

I guess it was more of a rhetorical question as she came right in, and saw me sitting on my knees, on the bed, pumping my fat cock. I realized there was no point in trying to hide what I was doing – and had been doing all night, so I didn't bother. I just stayed where I was, my right hand wrapped around my huge dong, but not moving a muscle.

Although I was hoping that whatever had gotten into her last night, was still there, part of me also expected her to throw a tantrum, and start cursing me, for being such a dirty boy. Luckily, she didn't. Instead, she just stood there, dressed in one of her flimsiest summer dresses – which clearly showed the contours of her underwear.

She took a long hard look around the room, smiled and then walked in, leaving the door wide open.

Why wasn't she yelling? Why didn't she run out as soon as she realized what I had been doing all night long? And why wasn't she minding her step? Although her gaze was directed at the floor, she made no effort to avoid any of my goo. Quite the contrary in fact, as she seemed to seek out the biggest puddles, and shamelessly place her feet in them.

I was shocked and couldn't utter a word, nor move. I gawked at mom's feet, leaving spermy foot prints all over my room. When she passed by the bed, she briefly stopped, lowered the straps of her dress and wriggled out of it, showing me her light blue underwear.

"Greg, are you okay?" mom asked, as she took her dress and laid it down on the most cum-soaked part of the bed spread. And as if that wasn't nasty enough, she pressed down on it with her hand, making damn sure it got stained.

Well, whatever had gotten into her last night, it was still with her, I theorized. That made sense, considering I was still sporting massive boners all the time. Next thing I knew, she unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor, right in a big wad of cum. Instinctively, I started gawking at her big tits, but my attention was quickly drawn to her right foot, which she deliberately placed on top of her bra. Then, while casually looking down at it, she twisted her foot around for about five or six seconds, completely soaking and ruining her flimsy, light-blue bra.

"Greg?" she asked again, as she looked up at me, ignoring the look of shock and lust on my face. My brain was having difficulty processing what was happening. My cock, on the other hand, seemed less troubled, and became so hard that it started throbbing in my fist.

I was about to mumble something when I saw her reaching for the waistband of her panties, as she walked up to my desk. Flabbergasted, I watched her take them off and then press them against my computer screen – which was also thoroughly covered in gooey sperm. They slid down, causing mom to repeat that shameless act over and over again, until they finally stuck to the screen.

It was one of the most obscene and tintillating things I had ever seen. I gawked at her tits, her hard nipples and her nicely trimmed pussy, as she slowly walked up to the bed again.

"Greg, honey? Answer me, you're kinda freaking me out here!" mom whispered, as she reached out for my crotch, pushed my hands out of the way and cupped my huge dong with her delicate right hand.

"Oh fucking shit," I blurted out as I looked down at mom's hand on my throbbing cock.

"Jeez, don't do that, you're scared the shit out of me," she sighed, relieved that I finally responded, as her hand started stroking my fat shaft up and down.

"I thought you were having an aneurysm or something," she added as she began jacking me off faster.

"Mom, do you know what you're doing right now?" I grunted, looking down at her hand, moaning.

"Of course I do, I am giving you a handjob," she said with a sly smile, as if there was nothing wrong with the situation or that statement. I couldn't believe it. Mom was just standing there, butt naked, surrounded by huge amounts of sperm and was tugging another load right out of my fat cock.

Neither of us spoke for another minute or so, after which she probably felt me tense up and softly asked, "Gonna cum?"

"Almost!" I panted.

"Tell me when," mom whispered.

A few seconds later, I moaned, "Now!"

Quick as a cat, mom dropped to her knees in front of the bed and swallowed my cock whole, bobbing her head up and down my throbbing cock as quickly as she could.

"Jesus mom," I groaned, looking down in awe and shock, feeling jet after jet of cum shooting out of my fat cock into her more than willing mouth. I closed my eyes and moaned, running my hand through her hair, as she had to swallow several times.

When I was finally empty, she got up, wiped her lips and smiled at me, saying, "Yum."

Embarrassed, I looked away, but couldn't help but smile proudly. Before mom got up, I suddenly felt a stir in my loins. When I looked down, I could literally see my flaccid cock getting rock hard again, in a matter of mere seconds. Mom, still on her knees, couldn't help but notice it too, of course, and slowly wrapped her hand around it, again.

After giving the new situation a few moments of thought, mom bent her head down and began bobbing her head up and down my pole. I couldn't believe mom was sucking my cock with so much passion and conviction.

"Oh fuck yeah," I moaned. It was strange, but for some reason I was even hornier than before. Mom didn't seem to mind the extra effort, and began pumping the bottom half of my shaft with her right hand, at the same time as she was sucking the fat tip. I could do nothing but moan and watch her bob her pretty little head up and down.

When I convulsed, several minutes later, I shot my load right down her slutty, little throat. She kept licking and sucking me, long after I had emptied my balls into her mouth. As she was still kissing my shaft all over and cupping my big balls, my cock decided to become hard, yet again.

She looked up at me, and asked, with a big smile on her face, "Again?"

I simply nodded, prompting her to slide her mouth down my pole again. After seeing her suck on it for about a minute or so, I decided to see just how far I could take this. I grabbed her head with both hands and slowly began pumping my dick in and out, venturing deeper and deeper with each shove, until my tip ultimately blocked her throat. When she fiercely pulled back and coughed a few times, I had expected her to start screaming in protest... maybe even stop the whole thing.

However, to my ever growing surprise, all she said was, "Not cool Greg, warn me if you wanna make me gag!"

Before I could apologize, she slid her mouth back over my cock, and started sucking me off again. I was baffled! Her problem wasn't that she was being throat fucked, and gagged... it wasn't even that it was me – her own son – doing the gagging... no, it was simply the fact that she hadn't been giving any warning!

And just to show that there were no hard feelings whatsoever, mom let me know that she was ready for it, about ten seconds later.

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