It was long ago and far away, almost another lifetime; the lurid depths of spring in 1890. I was the unwanted, but socially necessary wife of a chronically philandering lord.

I feared infection, so I was surreptitiously checking the women I suspected of being his mistresses for diseases.

Through my servants I found that the lord was lusting after a local orphan girl named Evangelina.Evangelina lived in a tiny room above the local inn. Given my position, it would have caused a scandal for me to enter such a premises unaccompanied, so I took you, my faithful bodyguard.

Her room was tiny, barely 15ft square. Next to the door, a cluster of ancient glass panes let a barely enough light into the room to see, despite it being the middle of the day. There was a wash stand and the bed was built into the wall in a very old fashioned style.

I had sent a very blunt message ahead to inform Evangelina of my visit. She no doubt had heard from the lord's other mistresses about my policy of inspecting the "meat", for she was ready for me when we arrived. She sat, looking a little afraid, on the edge of her bed wearing a white kimono, her long, dark hair spilling around her shoulders like silken treacle. I gestured for you to stand by the door and guard it.

I did not know how she would react. A previous girl had become enraged and you had had to hold her down whilst I performed my examination. I removed my gloves and approached Evangelina. She began to shake and protest that she was a virgin. I told her that she had nothing to hide then. I beckoned for her to stand. She stood and I loosened her gown and pulled it down to her waist. Her skin was like cherry blossom, so pale and fragile that you could see every blue vein. I reached out and touched her breast. It was small, but perfect and upturned; the nipples the colour of ripe watermelon and hard from the cold and fear. I undid the tie at her waist and slipped her gown off completely. She was stunning. I could see why my husband would want her. She had a tiny waist, full but slender hips and a thickly thatched black triangle of Venus, the shape of which hinted at a heart. I order her to lie back on her bed with her legs spread. She parted with her legs to reveal watermelon pink to match her nipples. I touched her womanhood; she flinched. I gently moved my fingers along the inside of her hidden lips, feeling for the tell tale chancre that would mean syphilis. She felt like poppy petals and smelled like fresh apples. I found myself becoming quite aroused. In spite her protests, Evangelina was not a virgin. I slowly pushed my finger inside of her, looking for a chancre that might be hiding. She was becoming wet as I probed and when she moaned a little in pleasure, I removed my finger. She was clean.

I turned toward you, preparing to leave. I could see instantly that you were aroused. Your erection was enormous and pushing hard against you pants. I suggested that you might want to relieve yourself with Evangelina. She too was eager for what you wanted, but you grabbed me to you and kissed me fast and hard on the lips. Your beard felt rough and it excited me.

Evangelina came up on me from behind and kissed me gently on the back of the neck. You unbuttoned my shirt and unleashed my breasts from my chemise. Evangelina came round to our side and as you ravaged my breasts, she kissed me gently on the lips. It was amazing. I had never kissed a woman before and she was so soft. You kissed her too, but with the brutality that comes with rampant arousal. You pulled up my skirt and fumbled with the ribbon tie on my pantaloons. I helped you and they fell to the floor. We turned and headed for the bed. Evangelina beat us and was waiting, spread legged. I had to kiss that beautiful, crimson part of her. You anticipated this. You bent me over in such a fashion that I could kiss her, whilst you penetrated me forcefully from behind. Evangelina tasted salty and acid, but divine. I was overwhelmed by the ecstasy of your thrusting and the exquisiteness of kissing her. As gently as I could, I licked her clitoris, as you pounded into me. She groaned loudly and came in a gush. I with her and you moments later like red hot molten lead thunder.

From that day forth, my husband was not Evangelina's only, nor he mine....

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