tagInterracial LoveEvan's Arabic Princess Ch. 02

Evan's Arabic Princess Ch. 02


Thanks to Cyber Chick for all her help in ironing out the wrinkles.


There lay Evan and Elizabeth, naked and intertwined on a conference table. Cathy, the presenter in charge of inducting these newbies into the business, caught them having sex in a small board room just moments before. She had enjoyed their little display, despite the fact they should have been in class. With Larry (the boring-ass idiot) teaching the rest of the afternoon, Cathy had planned to head home early. That was, until she happened upon this sexy little scene and decided to have some fun with the kids.

Cathy was a stereotypical, successful businesswoman. Intelligent, well-dressed, buttoned down and downright bitchy at work. In the sexist, male-driven world of finance she had to be tough to get ahead. She didn't put up with any ass-grabbing or snide comments and it gained her the respect of her managers. She knew that HR, the touchy-feely department, was where the men thought a woman like her belonged. They didn't know how wrong they were.

Cathy was busy at work and had no time for Boston boys. The men she met, largely through work, were either full of themselves or academic darlings that managed to fool the interviewers, but had worthless-fuck personalities. She preferred the blue-collar guys she could manipulate and fuck to the white-collar go-getters she had to put up with from 9-to-5 everyday.

Now here were two Canadian idiots having sex in the corporate headquarters under her watchful eyes. She thought Evan was incredibly sexy the moment he had stumbled into her presentation earlier that morning. He was late and called her ma'am. Canadians are so cute! And then there was the sexy little Arabic princess. Elizabeth was there early and dressed to the nines. Cathy knew men found her sexy, but growing up she had always been the tall, skinny girl with legs to heaven, but with small breasts and no ass to speak of. Elizabeth, on the other hand, looked like an exotic pinup girl with her voluptuous figure. To go with this incredible body, Elizabeth was also very polite and had an adorable French accent. Cathy had almost felt a little jealous as she watched Evan drool over the girl all morning.

"You little whore! A fucking naughty nympho getting fucked senseless at work!? You couldn't even wait to get back to your hotel to get into his pants!?" Cathy screamed at Elizabeth.

"I... we..." Elizabeth couldn't respond, as she was so shocked and ashamed. A married woman, a professional no less, fucking a stranger like a common whore. She could still taste Evan's cum in her mouth as her gaze dropped to the floor.

"I... I... Oh, please you little slut! I knew it from the moment I saw you. You're no banker, you little bitch! Maybe a sperm bank! You're a slut, a whore!" Cathy mocked her.

Evan stood there, shocked. His cock had shrunk as the bottom fell out of his stomach. Elizabeth had risen and covered the nipples of her large breasts with one hand and her exposed sex with the other as best she could. With her ample chest oozing over her forearm, she looked exactly like a pinup girl. Complete with the, 'deer in the headlights' look on her face. Evan couldn't believe it, but he was actually getting a little turned on looking at her that way. His rising erection caught Cathy's attention.

"Oh! Looky here. You're getting hard, you pervert! Look at his dick, slut! He likes me berating you."

Elizabeth glanced down at Evan's hardening cock and inadvertently licked her lips.

"Oh, I see. The little slut likes his cock! Suck it you whore! Suck it!" Cathy was on an adrenaline high as she could feel these two hapless fools bending to her will. They were in such a precarious position as it was.

"Oh god... I... I can't," Elizabeth said but, despite her protests her hand dropped from her breasts to circle the base of Evan's cock. Evan stared in awe as her full breasts were exposed again, her dark brown nipples firm and erect.

"Don't give me that you bitch, you know you want to!" Cathy said as she stepped up to the couple and put her hand gently on Elizabeth's head. Evan could barely believe it when Cathy forced Elizabeth to her knees where she acquiesced and took him in her mouth once more.

"See? You love that big white cock in your married mouth don't you, you slut?"

"Mmm-hmmmm," was all Elizabeth could say as she began sucking up and down the length of Evan's cock. A wide grin crossed Cathy's face as she forced Elizabeth to take Evan into her mouth again. "Can you taste your cum on his dick you bitch?!? You're leaking like a faucet you horny little slut, look at you!"

Elizabeth didn't know what to do. She couldn't believe she was letting this go on, but didn't have the nerve to stop. She felt like a slut, just like Cathy was saying. Part of her, the part wracked with guilt, almost felt she deserved to be yelled at and berated for being such a whore. But, a perverted part of her was loving every second of it. It was quite possibly the wildest thing she had ever done in her life and she didn't want it to stop.

"What's the matter sweetie, does hubby have a tiny little penis, huh? Can't he please you? Christ, with that fat ass of yours he probably doesn't want anything to do with you!" Cathy snapped.

"Oh god!" Evan murmured as Elizabeth went to town on his cock.

"Oh! Is the minute man going to blow his load again? God, get a grip!" Cathy mocked Evan as she slapped him full across the face.

"Shit!" Evan said turning to Cathy. Elizabeth, seemingly oblivious, continued to face fuck his cock.

"Look horny boy, if you don't learn to avoid blowing your load in five seconds you're never going to land a real woman!"

"Oh god, Elizabeth please!" he moaned as Elizabeth worked him into a frenzy.

"Don't beg her, you idiot! Are you going to cum in that fat bitch's mouth?? Are you?"

"Yes! Oh god, Elizabeth!"

"Stop!" Cathy commanded pulling Elizabeth by the length of her hair. Elizabeth's head snapped back and she stared up with a horrified look on her face. Evan's cock sprang from her mouth and slapped him in the stomach. Pre-cum and saliva covered Elizabeth's face. She did, indeed, look like the complete whore Cathy berated her for being.

"Your fat ass obviously enjoys eating, so now you're going to eat my pussy," Cathy declared.

Elizabeth hesitated for a moment. She wasn't gay and she certainly didn't want to start experimenting further today. "Look whore, unless you both want to get fired and sent home immediately you'd better take off my skirt... Right... Now..." Cathy slowed her speech, forcefully emphasizing those last few words.

"I can just imagine what your husband will say when I call him and tell him I caught you spreading your legs wide for some white boy! Will your family be proud of you?" she sneered.

"Let me," Evan said, falling to his knees next to Elizabeth. His ran his fingers cautiously along Cathy's thighs to the side of her suit skirt. Undoing the clasps, he gently pulled her skirt down to the floor exposing Cathy's long legs. Her black stockings ended just shy of her black panties and Evan began to slowly run his left hand up the length of her leg.

Seeing Evan try to take charge make Cathy snicker. Just as Evan leaned in to remove her panties, she swiftly kicked him between the legs. Evan fell forward, his hands dropping quickly, but too late to protect himself. Cathy's pointy-toed shoe caught him right in the balls.

"Uhhh!" Evan let out an ungodly sound as he fell flat on his face and turned onto his back. Elizabeth saw the shock on his face and turned to Cathy as she slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. Evan looked directly up between Cathy's legs at her shaved sex.

"I want her to do it you idiot!"

Cathy grabbed Elizabeth by her hair and pulled the stunned girl towards her. Elizabeth resisted, resting a hand on Evan's heaving chest.

"Straddle him and sit on his face! Do it! He loves that fat ass of yours; let him eat your pussy while you lick me. Come on whore!"

As if in a trance, Elizabeth eagerly placed her knees on either side of Evan's head and lowered herself to him. She was surprised to feel Evan's tongue licking her as she looked up to Cathy once more.

"Oh yeah, that's a good married slut. Let that white-boy eat your fat, Arab ass!"

"Oh god," Elizabeth murmured. Her husband never went down on her anymore and she had never experienced the gentle tease of a man's tongue after being ravished just moments before. This was all so wrong and yet so exciting and new.

"Look at me!" Cathy demanded. "Unless you want me to leave you two fuckers here and get on the phone to your managers so they can send you packing, you'd better lick my pussy!"

Elizabeth slowly leaned into Cathy's body. Gently, she kissed another woman's pussy for the first time. The closely shaved mound was smooth to her touch. Slowly, she began kissing Cathy's sex deeply, opening her mouth and French kissing Cathy between her legs.

"Ahhhhhh," Cathy closed her eyes and let out a sigh. "Good girl, that's a good little dyke. Lick it now, lick it!"

Elizabeth obeyed and began lapping at Cathy's pussy. She was drooling like a hound. Meanwhile, Elizabeth's pussy was getting wet from her own arousal and from Evan's tongue.

Evan's hadn't really begun licking her, but was struggling for breath after Cathy's sucker-kick to his balls. As the sharp pain and dull stomachache subsided, he began to kiss and lick Elizabeth as she was doing to Cathy.

"Oh that's good, whore! Your fat tongue feels so good." Cathy continued to berate Elizabeth as she felt the stress of her day wash away in waves of pleasure. Glancing behind Elizabeth, she saw Evan had recovered and his impressive cock was swollen.

"Evan likes eating your pussy Elizabeth, look how hard he's getting," Cathy pulled Elizabeth's head to the side by her long, black hair so she could catch a glimpse.

"That's enough dyke. Come here," Cathy said pulling Elizabeth to her feet, holding her head back by her hair.

Elizabeth stood awkwardly, stuck staring at the ceiling as she felt Cathy's hands run across her chest. Taking a breast and weighing it in her hand, Cathy was growing increasingly jealous of this curvy exotic beauty. After groping her breast in silence for a moment, she released it and traced a line down between Elizabeth's legs. Slowly, she plunged her middle finger into Elizabeth's warm, wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmm," Elizabeth murmured as she bit her lip. Cathy's finger was soon joined by another, then another as she invaded Elizabeth's sex.

"You're sooooo wet you slut," Cathy whispered in her sexiest voice. "Did Evan's big cock feel good? Hmmm?"

"Yes Cathy, he's so big... I'm such a whore," Elizabeth replied, trying to sound as sexy as Cathy, but was trailing off, almost crying.

"Shhhhh," Cathy shushed her first with a finger, then with her lips as she began lightly kissing Elizabeth on the lips.

Elizabeth opened her eyes wide with shock. She hadn't expected any of this, but gentle loving kisses from Cathy seemed even more implausible than the events leading up to them. Giving in to Cathy's advances, Elizabeth began to kiss her back. Cathy ran her fingers through Elizabeth's gorgeous, black hair on one hand, and thrust them deep into her pussy on the other. Elizabeth grabbed Cathy's firm, tight ass and held on as their tongues plunged deep into each other's mouths.

Evan's heart was racing as he took in the scene of Sapphic desire before him. He'd fantasized about two women before (who hasn't?) but this was steamier than even his wildest fantasies. The earlier blow to his manhood was all but forgotten as Cathy's blonde hair and Elizabeth's black hair swayed side to side. Cathy's white hand running along Elizabeth's caramel back, squeezing her bronzed ass was an amazing sight. The light smacking of their lips and primordial sounds of lust emanating from their mouths was enough to drive him insane.

Rising to his feet with cock in hand, Evan approached Elizabeth from behind. For her part, Elizabeth was lost in arousal. Her pussy felt like it was melting on Cathy's fingers, dripping as she gently rubbed her in all the right places. No man had driven her to such ecstasy with any part of his anatomy. She didn't even notice Evan as he began rubbing his hardness against the smooth valley between her ass cheeks.

Cathy noticed Evan's hard cock as she was exploring Elizabeth's ass herself. Her fingers, slick with Elizabeth's juices, grabbed and stroked Evan's cock as he reached around to explore the breasts of both women as they embraced. Evan was losing himself in the soft sensations of the touch of these women.

Cathy was the only one in control and she was loving it. Her fingers fucking this prissy Arab slut, giving her probably the best sex that whore had ever had in her life. Evan's thick, young cock, probably moments away from blowing another load also thanks to her deft fingers, was making her mouth and pussy water. She wanted him to pound her like he had Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth... sweetie?" Cathy cooed.

"Mmmmm?" was all Elizabeth could say. Her eyes closed, she was in a dopey state.

"Put Evan's big, white cock in my tight pussy, please," Cathy said firmly pushing the girl to the side and guiding her hands to Evan's dick.

"Owwww," Elizabeth sighed in disappointment as she guided the two lovers together. Her fingers holding Evan's cock were thrust into Cathy's pussy as he plunged himself into the bitchy, dominating blonde.

Evan grabbed Cathy's ass firmly and began thrusting into her. Cathy's hands ran along his sweaty chest, his chest and arm muscles flexing as he took Cathy's pussy with hard, deep strokes. Grinning, Evan raised his eyes up from their thrusting pelvises to Cathy's small, but perky breasts. His admiration was quickly interrupted again as Cathy asserted her authority. A firm hand grabbed Evan under his chin, Cathy's thumb and fingers squeezing in Evan's cheeks like a vice. He looked up in a stupor.

"Look you fucker! Don't you dare cum in my pussy! Do you hear me minute man? Do you?" Cathy stated firmly and calmly as if Evan wasn't doing his best to fuck the shit out of her.

"Uh huh," was all Evan could say, mumble, in reply. Evan didn't think he was God's gift to sex or anything, but he couldn't believe how controlled Cathy was. Her pussy was so tight and wet, her nipples were swollen and erect, he knew she was turned on. She felt so good, so warm and wet against his cock. Evan was so into it he was grunting like a Neanderthal, the primordial urge to pound himself into Cathy was taking over.

"Good boy, good boy," Cathy cooed softly while biting his ear. "Oh, your big hard cock feels so good. Fuck me! Come on, fuck me!"

"Ungh, ungh!" came Evan's reply.

"Elizabeth dear?" Cathy turned to Elizabeth, now left out of the action. "Sweetie, play with Evan's balls while he fucks me."

Without hesitation, Elizabeth dropped to her knees and stared as Evan's cock pounded in and out of Cathy's pussy. She tentatively reached between their meshed bodies and began massaging Evan.

"Good girl," Cathy stroked Elizabeth's long hair like she was petting a dog. "Sweetie, Evan's going to cum soon. He's going to cum all over those chubby cheeks of yours," she said squeezing her flushed cheeks.

Cathy wrapped her arms around Evan's shoulders as he continued pounding himself to orgasm. Cathy's irresponsive nature was driving him mad with lust, feeding a desire to fuck her, to really pound the bitch. His cock felt great, but he was hitting all the wrong places and had no chance of hitting her G-spot in this position. The power Cathy felt over these two was what was really turning her on. She had them eating out of her hand and she loved it.

"Oh Evan, that's so good baby. Ohhh! Your dick is soooo big baby!" Cathy moaned. She'd faked it before and knew her words were having the desired effect as Evan quickened his pace.

"Oh God Cathy, I'm...."

"Cumming? Are you cumming baby?"

"Cathy, I'm going to..."

Cathy knew what Evan was babbling about. She quickly pulled his cock from her pussy, pointed it straight at Elizabeth's face, and pumped it for all she was worth.

"Are you cumming baby? That's it! Cum for me! Cum all over the bitch's face!"

"Oh Elizabeth! Shit!" Evan's eyes opened wide as his orgasm erupted to climax. Cum spurted from his cock, catching Elizabeth by surprise. It splattered across her right cheek and into her hair as she turned away, closing her eyes. A second shot caught her opposite cheek as Cathy milked Evan's cock.

With cum dripping from Elizabeth's face, Evan dropped to his knees with her.

"Oh god Elizabeth, I'm sorry! She... she made me." He searched and quickly found her shirt, handing it to her like a towel. He watched as Elizabeth cleaned his ejaculate from her soft cheeks and beautiful long hair. Her makeup and mascara in ruins, there was no hiding the fact she had either been crying or fucking.

Elizabeth cleared the mess from her face as best she could. She was unable to look Evan in the face after being such a slut. Her eyes opened and instead focused on Cathy's ass as she pulled her skirt back on.

"Thanks guys, that was fun. Don't worry, I won't rat you out... yet. See you tomorrow!"

With that, Cathy opened and shut the door to the conference room. A malicious grin crossed her face as she waved through the slowly vanishing crack of the closing door.

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