tagInterracial LoveEven Scars Are Beautiful

Even Scars Are Beautiful


Get up, go to work, go home. Get up, go to work, go home...

Rinse, lather, repeat... Rinse, lather... AAAAAAGH!!!!!

Have you ever had one of those days where the monotony of life, as comfortable as it seems, just gets too... I don't know... complacent?

My name is Jade. I'm a 35 year old curvy caramel BBW, five foot three and 240 pounds. My hair is braided with a mix of burgundy and black. I'm always in jeans and a t-shirt and I'm a nerd to the nth degree. I can feel the epic win already...

I was clueless to know how to start to break out of my shell. I was too scared to go to a bar or a party of any type. Such a wonderful start to this story. The one release that I could look forward to was reading erotic stories. In that moment, I could be the woman or man if I choose and let my imagination take flight. My panties get wet, I play with my pussy a little and WOW...

An orgasm... kind of.

You see, I've never had an orgasm straight from sex and at the time this story begins I had gotten tired of this fact. Really tired. So I had to do something about it, but what?

I could grab my friends and go, "Hey you wanna go out to go out, drink a few?"

They would go, "Oh yea girl! I'm getting my clothes on right now!"

We go to the bar, have a few, they go away with guys and... I'm on purse duty. Maybe that creepy old guy won't... see... me... Hi old creepy guy... eeeeh.

I'm on a mission to get laid and this time, this goody two shoes WILL get her freak on, as the saying goes and I need a superhero or my gay friend John to help me.

John is everything I wish I was, confident, flirty and a man who loves to take chances, and he is about to give me my crash course in how to bring out my inner diva.

He rummages through my closet, throwing my frumpy shirts, my work t shirts, my oversized jeans and such out of the closet like a Tasmanian devil and comes up with a shirt I bought on a dare one day. A sheer silver, v neck sweater, with delicate Japanese bamboo and koi fish.

"This is all you got?" John stares at me in disbelief.

"I don't like to go shopping for myself. I like to play video games and such. Plus, I stay at home a lot, so why worry about looks!" I whine right back at him.

John grabs me by my hand and pulls me out of my sanctuary of my apartment, into the passenger seat of his tan Chevy Suburban. "We are going to get you ready for a party at my boyfriend's. Chase is throwing tonight and, yes, before you bark at me, you are going!"

Staring at John's head as he walks back into my apartment to get my purse, I start second guessing. Maybe this isn't what I want. If I can just make it to the...

"JADE!!!" John's face appears at the window, pointing with his finger, "SIT..RIGHT...THERE!" My friend knows me way too well. We tear of into the street towards... somewhere.

The second thoughts start flying in. I have to stop this. "Listen, I know when I called you today that I wanted to feel like a woman but this is kind of the wrong way to go about it, huh? Look, John, I'm five foot three, 240 pounds. You won't be able to find good clothes for me and you know what? Maybe this was just a huge mistake." I'm blubbering, scared of everything. "I want to go home okay?"

John doesn't say one word to me. He doesn't even take his eyes off the road long enough to look at me.

Oh shit.

When we finally reach a shop off the beaten path called "Naughty Betty", he finally looks at me.

"I've been waiting for you to finally realize that you deserve a life and this is a mistake? No, the mistake is that you allowed that ASSHOLE who told you you can never be loved to fester in your mind, day after day and steal your happiness away! This time, Jade, I won't let you walk away from how beautiful you are and I'll be damned if you talk me out of this... now....\ get out!" I look into John's eyes and in them I see a burning intensity. The same burning intensity when the man I loved told me I was not a woman, but a freak of nature. I stared down at my hands and started bawling.

"You don't know what its like! You don't know what it means for when the man you love, the man you want to give your whole life to, tells you that you are a disgrace to women out there! You don't know what it feels like to hear him say that after loving him for THREE YEARS! LOOK AT MY SCARS! LOOK! HE WAS RIGHT! I AM A BEAST! WHO WOULD WANT SOMEONE LIKE ME? DAMN IT!!!" I dropped my hands in front of me, defeated, hurt and lonely again. "Just take me home, okay?"

John leans over and hugs me, holding me, letting a year of pain and betrayal release like a poison. I had let that sit in my heart, just helping others and forgetting about my own pain.

"Its okay, hun. Its okay." Feeling his heart in his chest, I hear him whisper, "When will you let the past be the past and move on to the present, hun? Your time is now. Don't let that bastard win." As I finally let the last of my tears flow, I decided then and there that this is the time to let go and live for myself, for once.

Chapter 2

As I walked into Naughty Betty, I was surrounded by all types of bustiers, jackets, underwear, whips and chains of every sexy shape and size and color. As I started to blush and look down at my feet I heard, "Can I help you,dear?" In front of me, standing on the deep hardwood floor, were 2 pale white feet, wrapped in red leather ballet high heels with crimson painted toes to match. As I slowly looked up to where the sound came from, this woman of shapely stature stood with her hands on her curvy hips dressed in a deep black Chinese dress, or Qipao, and her steely gray eyes, squinting at me. Oh boy. Looking back down at her chest, I see her name tag."Syren?"

"That's my name girl! John, how long has it been!" She waltzes past me to my friend, as he closes the door behind us and hugs Syren.

"Listen, if it isn't too much trouble, my friend Jade here needs a bad girl make over. I know you can do her proper. Can you help?"

"Sure! No problem! Let me just see what I'm working with here!" Syren perks up, walking around me, analyzing. Again, I feel like I don't fit.

"So, honey what are you going for?" She leans in behind me,whispering in my ear. I jump forward, almost knocking over a rack of clothing.

"I just want to feel sexy for once. Nothing special." I whimper, sill looking down.

"John, let me borrow her. Leave everything to me." Syren says, as she grabs my arm and starts pulling me towards the back dressing rooms. "Go sit down over there, and have some tea."

I start to sputter again, knocking things over, left and right. Damn I'm a klutz. I try to turn around to pick up the stuff I knocked over, but she wasn't having it.

"Honey, those clothes will be fine. I really want to see what I'm working with." Syren jokes as she pulls me into the dressing room.

As the door closes, she softly holds my face and forces me to look upward. "Take off your clothes." My heart stops. She doesn't want to see my scars.

"I can't. I just want some clothes." Syren shocks me to steel as she leans forward and caresses my lips with hers. It was only a glance,not even thirty seconds, but she had my undivided attention.

"Please, hun. I won't laugh at you." I don't question her as I slowly started taking off my black anime t shirt, jeans, my black Nike tennis shoes and stand in nothing but my camisole with a built in bra and panties.

"I mean everything, honey." Syren says as she walks around, staring at me, like she is looking into my soul.

"I can't. I'm too ashamed of my body." I start dropping tears again. I never knew finding my inner diva would mean so many tears.

"I want to show you how beautiful you are, Jade. Please, show me." Syren leans in, kissing me on my neck. I blush furiously. Wow! This feeling inside of me is like I was walking on clouds. She turns to the other side of my neck and kisses again.

"Scars can be beautiful, too."

I take off my black camisole and panties. Syren stands behind me and reaches her hands around me, holding on to my large belly.

"How can you not admire this body?" Syren sighs as she starts rubbing her hands on my belly. Then she starts lightly kissing my ear and my neck as she slides one hand up to cradle my 40 D breasts and one hand over my hairy pussy. I've never been so turned on in my life. Damn my lack of a sex life!

She starts playing with my clit with one hand, pinching my breasts, paying deep attention to both. I look down, embarrassed... "No honey. You need to see this. You need to see how sexy I know you are. Your breasts are so soft and yummy and I wish I could taste your pussy now. Now, look at the mirror and see the truth." Syren purrs into my ear as she dry humps my ass. I can't stop her. I'm so turned on and gasp as I feel this tight knot, right under my belly button, springing to be released. Something I've felt before, but not a quick as this. Her nimble fingers speed up as she starts inserting two of her fingers in my drooling passage. "Damn your tight! I'm doing you a favor, you poor thing! Look at you, baby. Its like your body is on fire, just like I want it to be." I can hear her behind me almost being taken away in her own sexual freedom. I look at the mirror and see...

Me. No ties. No bondage, my scars a testimony that I'm still here. My amber eyes have been set ablaze by this stranger who looked and saw this sexy beast in the mirror, wrapped in chains. She was here to set me free.

"Now... Cum for me... cum for me....cum for me..." My body reacted to the command as I groaned like a animal in heat. Screaming words that I don't even remember to the winds, customers be damned, I just kept screaming and cumming until finally I couldn't hold myself up anymore and dropped to my knees, shaking and breathing as deep as I could. My throat was raw, my face was full of tears and my pussy just kept flowing like a dam had just burst. I have never felt so alive in my life.

"You don't have to buy clothes to feel sexy. You just have to open your eyes. Now, I'm gonna leave and get a couple of outfits for ya, and when I return, we will start working on your outer appearance. Oh yeah, and those clothes you came in, stay with me." Syren winks at me as she strides away. As I sit there trying to compose myself, a quick thought: "OH GOD JOHN HEARD ME! He must think I'm a slut!" I start taking shallow breaths, feeling dizzy. I try to keep my panic at bay, but man its not easy.

Syren walks in, slowly closing the dressing room door. "I know that look. You're scared if John heard you. Well, he had walked outside to talk to his boyfriend, Chase, so you are fine. I know you aren't attracted to women and that's fine. But understand this, in order to see your beauty you have to feel you are. No matter how many suits I give you to try, you wont like them unless you see the real you. Now, lets get ready to shock 'em, girl!" She gives me three outfits and I start looking at prices: 50, 65, 79.99; I immediately push these back to her. These are too high for me to afford. "You can afford these! Your price: what you came in with and yes, I'm dead serious." Syren grabs my clothes that I walked in and threw them in a corner. She takes two of the outfits and throws them in the bag. "Now, this I want you to wear."

As she finished playing doll, making me put black lacy boy shorts on with a a bustier that left nothing to the imagination to finish the ensemble, she told me to stay in the room. She had put a sheet over the mirror so I couldn't see myself. "I want us all to be here when we do the final reveal," she yelled as she ran to go get John. I had no clue what I looked like. I knew it wasn't like an idiot, but as I started having negative stray thoughts, Syren comes flying in with John in tow, warning him to keep his eyes closed. "Are we ready?" John and I screamed at the same time, "YES!!!!" All the anticipation I was feeling became awe as I saw why John and Syren were beaming like Cheshire cats.

My braided hair had been pulled up in a pony tail showing off my neck and soft brown oval face. My silver tipped dragon necklace glimmered under a soft red kimono top, covered with cherry blossoms. A short and simple blood red pencil skirt tapered toward the front with splits on the side, showing off my black sheer stockings with wisps of glittering silver streaks going down the side of my leg. Finishing this display, some patent leather Mary Jane Shoes. I was floored. I didn't even notice that they were looking at me, waiting for a response. "I look beautiful... for the first time in a long time," I exhaled, trying to keep the tears from falling. John turned towards me and hugged me deep. "This is what I saw in you this whole time. Now, we gotta go! You have a party to attend! Thanks Syren and you can bill me!" John says as he grabs my hand and we start walking towards his car.

"ITS ON ME! BRING THAT SEXY GIRL BACK ANY TIME!" Syren whistles in my direction. "I KNOW YOU WILL!" John thanks her as we pull off. "Syren really did a good job on you, my dear. Why are you blushing?" John cocks his eye brow at me. If he only knew, or did he?

Chapter 3

It's about 7 pm as we arrive at Chase's house, about 45 miles outside the city. You can hear the music blasting in the cul de sac off the beaten path. I remember John saying that Chase had recently purchased this house in this new suburb. Well manicured lawn with a colorful array of roses, tulips and other type of flora border lining the walkway towards the fenced in porch. As I walked in the door, people were scattered to and fro, drinking, chatting, laughing and truly enjoying themselves. Cream colored walls covered with different jazz paintings, nick knacks and of course, one big one of John and Chase holding hands. Aww. Chase runs up and holds my hands with the biggest smile breaking through.

"Jade, you look fantastic! I have to show you around. Come on!" I try to wave bye to John, who is laughing so loud the other party goers look and smirk at him.

As the party continued, I met lawyers, teachers, cooks, and literally all types of people from different walks of life. I felt great, but the paranoia was kicking up again and as I excused myself, I walked out into his back yard. There was a lone wooden bench and no one around so I could take a breather. As I looked up, I saw the full moon caressing me with its glow down upon me. I always loved a full moon, like I was a moon child drawn to its silent song.

"Party too much, huh," I hear a vibrant voice from behind me.

"Yea. Too many people." I joke as I turn to look at... wow, his blue eyes are sexy.

"Mitch Lawler. At your service, my lady." He holds his hand out to me as I take it. He never takes his eyes off of me as he softly kisses my knuckles. "May I sit with you?"

I only nod as he squats down. Now I can look at his long black hair and light tan skin, which seem to set his blue eyes like jewels. A smile and a big body to boot.

"You are a very big man. Six foot three, at least?" God, please don't let me drool. Drooling is bad.

"Just about. You don't have a problem with that, do you?" He smiles, never taking his eyes off of me.

"No. No problem at all. I'd figure you'd not want to talk to a big girl like me," I said, preparing myself for the walkaway. Mitch leans over, softly putting his hand on my thigh and speaks words I thought I would never hear in my lifetime.

"I've been watching you from the moment you walked into this house, and I asked Chase about you. I'm more intrigued to find out about you but right now, I might need to walk away just so I can keep from ravaging you right here... right now."

At that moment, I could feel the moon pulling on me, bringing out a need, a desire. I don't know what tomorrow might bring... but I needed him. I leaned over and kissed him. Slowly, searching, seeing if he would follow the rhythm of the moon. I didn't have long to wait as he pressed his body against mine. Kissing, biting, sucking, licking, fighting for dominance, looking for even ground, I was swept away by this passion coming in waves. Finally, ending on a quiet peck, we both had to stop to breathe. Is breathing really necessary?

"Come on. I need to see whats under this package." Mitch took my hand as we went into the house and I gave a quick bye kiss to John and Chase. John gives me the 'Call me' sign as Mitch pulls me to his Mustang. My nerves are overriding my hunger for this man, so I try to make small talk.

"Is this Mustang a '65? It looks vintage." Ugh. Mitch looks over, smiling.

"Yup, I inherited this from my dad when he passed. I only bring this out every once in a while but I love to hear the engine purr."

Fifteen minutes go by and we are finally at his apartment, close to the city. As he pulls me in the cargo elevator, he holds me close to him and man I could feel the evidence of his desire right on my ass. Doesn't help that I can't keep my thoughts straight as he's grinding on my ass, biting on my neck and, yeah, I'm so wet I might need to change underwear.

In his apartment, Mitch pushes against the door and kisses me one more time. Dear god breathing is not necessary! Looking in my eyes, Mitch throws me completely off base.

"We don't have to do this. I really want this to be more than a one night stand, but I don't want to scare you. We can sit and talk, then I can take you home. Why are you crying?"

I just started weeping right in front of him.

"I know you wouldn't want me. All my clothes do is hide the marks of a beast. Thanks for tonight though. I'll just call a cab and go home." I peck him on the cheek as I turn to open the door and don't quite make it. Mitch turns and holds me close and I just cry in his chest. Damn I'm a wuss.

"I don't want you to leave, Jade. We can just cuddle and what not, but please don't leave." I didn't want to leave. I had to face this demon and if this night ended after this, then at least I faced this test of fire.

I told him to sit down on his couch. It was all or nothing. I kept my eyes closed as I slowly started to remove my clothing and stood in front of him. I heard a gasp of air as I slowly opened my eyes. He was smiling, a really hungry looking smile. Oh boy. He dropped to his knees and stared kissing all my wounds, further and further down till he put his nose in my bush and licked once. "OH, MAN!" I screamed, holding on to his massive shoulders. He twirled me around and sat me down and went to work. I've heard of people getting off more than once eating pussy and thought it could never happen to me. Boy, was I wrong! He held my hips tight around his head as he licked and sucked my clit like it was his favorite meal. I was gonna be sore in the morning as he bit hard on my outer lips and sucked. This triggers such a blast through me I saw little dots floating around me as he leaned over in my face to kiss me. Man I taste good on his lips.

"Should I do the same to you?" I panted and drooled. I wanted him in my mouth, but he had other plans. He took off the rest of his clothes and his proud muscular body stood before me in all its glory. He had scars, too.

"Most of the scars was from Desert Storm, baby. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I would let you suck on my dick, but I just want to be inside you- to feel your warmth, to make you come. You will come for me until you won't know where I begin and you end. Can I, baby?"

I just let my legs spread wider. He grinned like Christmas as he pulled a silver packet and started rolling the condom up his throbbing tool that just kept getting bigger and bigger. He reached down and pulled my legs around his waist and slowly pushed.

"AAAAGH! You're too big! Please, please slow down!" I couldn't get over how full this man was making me feel. I looked down and he wasn't even half the way in. Mitch leaned over to kiss me, slowly rolling his hips, pressing his length into my body, his hands supporting my ass, stretching me and scratching an itch I've wanted scratched for so long. Finally, I could feel his pelvic bone against mine. I could feel his heartbeat in the depths of my pussy, in tune with my heart. Mitch looked at me and slowly started. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. I focus long enough into his eyes, turning darker, pounding into me harder and harder till the only thing you could hear was smacking, grunting, name calling, and groaning. We never took our eyes off of each other. It was like we were on another plane of existence where we were the only two survivors. He started playing with my clit and reached over to bite my hard nipple. "OOOH! Keep sucking and don't let go!" I was delirious at that point. He lifted one leg over his shoulder and hit places I never knew existed. I needed to cum, I just was waiting for something... anything... then he commanded me and everything answered his call...

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