tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEverybody Has Their Price

Everybody Has Their Price


This is an older incident that happened when I was very young, only about 26.

I was living with a cute little redhead named Patti, she was barely 19 at the time. Patti and I had one of those relationships where we were either screwing like bunnies or fighting, it seemed.

We were completely and totally sexually compatable, but both strong willed.

Patti had a close girlfriend named Sarah, she was a cute brunette, same age. She and her boyfriend Chuck were regular fixtures around the house.

To help understand this story, you need to know that I was in business at the time, and could best be described as well off. Most folks made around $10,000 to $15,000 a year back in those days, I was in the close to $75,000 range.

So I always had a pocketfull of money, a well stocked bar, and goodies around. There was a lot of traffic in and out of our house.

One warm summer evening, Patti, Sarah, Chuck and I were sitting around talking, beanbag chairs all pulled up in a circle, some Cat Stevens music on the tape player, candles lit, incense burning..

The conversation came around to hookers and Sarah made the comment that she didn't see how anyone could do that for money.

I mentioned that if the money was right, anybody would!

Well, that started a minor argument, I told her that I would bet that I could find her price!

Patti was grinning, with her the price was easy, all I had to do was tell her to strip and she would! Patti loved sex, and we had already had a lot of experiments as a couple, flashing and some threesomes..

But Sarah was lots more modest, she wouldn't even take her top off at the nude beach.

I reached in my pocket, pulled out a wad of bills, and told Sarah I would give her $20 to take off her shirt and sit there bare to the waist for 5 minutes.

"No way!" she exclaimed.

I threw another $20 on the floor between us. She looked down, and just shook her head no.

I dropped the 3rd $20 bill on the pile, and told her now it had to be 10 minutes!

She hesitated, then said, "But you just said 5 minutes!"

"When the price goes up, the rules change", I told her. "And at some point I will pick up the money and the deal is off!"

I knew she was close to going for it, so I peeled off another $20, and told her, now you have to take off the pants, too!"

"That's not fair!" she exclaimed, looking at the $80 laying on the floor. I knew she had long since forgotten the discussion that started this, she was looking at 4 days wages at her waitress job.

I added a $10 bill, the pile was now $90. "5 minutes in just your panties, nude to the waist, lights on!" I told her.

She bit her lip, she was thinking about it..

I reached out and picked up one of the twenties, and told her, "Same deal, better be quick!"

Patti was laughing now, Chuck just sat there in silence, I noticed he was staring at the pile of money, too! Let's face it, $70 at that time was a whole month's food budget, and I knew that Chuck made under $2 an hour working in a Gas station.

I let it soak for a minute or so, then peeled off the one $50 bill I had in my pocket and added it to the pile. "Panties have to go too, now!" I told her.

"I can't do that!" Sarah squeaked out. "Jeez, Sarah!" Chuck exclaimed...

I laughed, added one more $20, the pile was now $150!! "Panties off, legs spread as wide as you can for 5 minutes!" I said.

She had already started to reach the buttons on her blouse, but now she hesitated.

I had figured she would break already, but she hadn't. She was starting to sweat, though, I knew she wanted that money!

I reached over and picked up my 5 cell flashlight. Sarah asked, "What are you going to do with that?"

"Well, I plan on getting a good look for this much money!" I grinned.

Sarah now was blushing bright red, "You won't touch me? she asked.

"No, just look" I said, adding $50 to the pile. That did it, her hands went to her blouse again, when I added, "10 minutes, fully nude, legs spread, and you have to open yourself up with your fingers!"

She hesitated again, so I reached out and picked up the whole pile. "No, wait, I will do it!"

I threw the pile of money back on the floor between us, "10 minutes and you get to pick it up!" I told her.

She undid her blouse, slipped it off revealing a simple white bra. Then she turned her back and flipped the catch, and dropped it on the floor. When she turned back to us, she had her arms up covering her breasts, blushing bright red.

"Oh, God!" she said, reaching for the clasp on her blue jeans. "The time doesn't start until you are naked!" I told her.

Down went the jeans, she slipped them off her legs, stood there a second in just her white panties.

"Ohhh" she murmered, then slid them down and off.

She sat down on the beanbag chair across from me, legs tightly together. Patti just sat there with a huge grin, Chuck was more or less in shock.

"Open up" I commanded, flipping on the flashlight. She groaned, tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Then she opened her legs a foot or so. "More" I told her, flipping on the flashlight.

She was now pretty much resigned to it, and opened her legs wider.

"Pull your knees back and apart!" I said. She did, without hesitation. "I am timing it," Patti said, holding up her watch. I glanced over at Chuck, he was staring at Sarah, and it was obvious from the tent in his pants that he found the sight erotic, too!

I shined the flashlight beam right between her legs, her full brown bush wasn't hiding anything in this position!

"Use your hands, open up!" I said. "Nooooo" she answered. "That was the deal!" I demanded.

Her hands went down, her fingers touched on each side, I saw the sudden flood of moisture pour out of her, she was becoming aroused!

I watched as she pulled herself open, her lips tried to stick but then separated under the pressure, she gave out a moan.

"Two minutes!", Patti called out.

It hit me she had moved over by Chuck. I glanced at her, Patti had her hand inside her top playing with her own nipple.

I looked back at Sarah, shining the light over her breasts. Her nipples were tightened up to tiny little points, and there was a damp spot appearing on the carpet between her legs.

I watched as her fingers began to move slightly, then she went into a little shudder. Her clitoris actually hopped up and down as she went through a little orgasm. Her head was back, mouth open, very quiet little grunts were coming out.

"Four minutes!" Patti called out.

I just stared as the fingers of Sarah's left hand began to flick at the sides of her vagina, she couldn't help herself. Another baby orgasm swept through her and she let out a small moan. She still had her eyes tightly clamped shut.

"Seven minutes!" Patti called out.

The sight was completely erotic, here was this beautiful shy woman lost in the sexuality of the moment, once she had crossed that certain point, there was no turning back. Her hands were working feverishly now, my instinct was to lean forward and use my mouth on her, but I didn't. I just sat and stared, my cock as hard as a rock.

I waited for Patti to call out the time, when she didn't I looked over at her. She now had her hand down the front of her own pants, and had lost track, so I told Sarah she could get up now.

Sarah opened her eyes, and looked at me through tiny slits. With a final shudder, she got up, and completely nude, walked into the bathroom to wash up.

Then she came back out, scooped up the money and stuffed it in her purse.

Looking at me with one of those unfathomable expressions, she said "Your turn!"

It took me a second to realize what she meant. With a smile, I tripped my pants, slid them down to my thighs, and wrapped my hand around myself.

Sarah got up and came over to me, I expected her to reach for me, but she picked up the flashlight. She walked back, sat down in the beanbag chair, and shined the light on me!

In short order, I felt myself building, then exploding. Sarah just sat and watched.

Patti came and sat down beside me as I finished up, she simply watched, too.

I got up and stepped into the bathroom to wash up. When I came back out, Sarah was just buttoning up her blouse.

"I liked you better the other way!" I told her. "I just bet you did!" she grinned at me. "I liked you better the other way, too, big boy!" Then with a laugh, she batted her eyes at me.

Then it was just the four of us sitting there talking and sipping some drinks, like nothing had happened.

Sadly, Chuck and Sarah broke up not too long after that, and Patti took off too, after one of our daily arguments.

I am left with just the memory of that beautiful woman, completely lost in an erotic moment, managing somehow to take me with her into the mood.

I could have just reached out and taken her, we both knew she would have allowed it. But in some ways, the moment is a finer memory the way it really happened.

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