Everybody Loves Debra Ch. 02


She would later have difficulty recalling the events of the next ten minutes although she does remember letting out a loud audible squeal of surprise when she found herself dropped with unexpectedly onto the living room couch. His cock slid out her as if in slow motion with a soft 'pop' sound before she found herself bouncing once or twice on the cushions before coming to a complete stop.

For just a moment Debra lay on the couch in an all but futile attempt to regain her composure, to regain her equilibrium as her near empty lungs hungrily sucked in breath after breath. Her hand instinctively slid between her splayed legs gently rubbing the soft skin of her pussy, her body shaking and trembling reacting as if she was a drug addict that had kicked the habit cold turkey. Her lips emitted a soft moan as her head turned watching as Robert hurriedly slipped off his top before settling his large naked frame on the black leather armchair.

She rose from the couch looking as his hand stroked his cock slowly, a wry smile on his face.

"Here?" she asked simply as her head turned to look back at the door that led to the basement before venturing a look towards the front door.

"Why not?," her eyes watched his hand stroked his cock almost in a provocative, teasing fashion as he replied "you got to live dangerously once in a while..."

She at first hesitated, her feet unmoving as if they were glued to the floor. Suddenly a smile spread across Debra Barone's face as her own words resounded inside her head, echoing over and over again

"..........Go out with a bang! ......Go out with a bang!......"

Her hands slid down the sides of her body, her fingers hooking onto the hem of her top lifting it off and over her head before letting it drop slowly to the floor falling next to her bare feet. Debra reached behind her back swiftly undoing the clasp of her bra releasing her ample cleavage from its tight confines.

Robert looked on as her now completely naked form strode towards him, his eyes intently watching her bra flutter to the floor as her fingers released their hold. Her breasts appeared to jiggle slightly as she walked the short distance between them prompting his hand to move with an ever increasing speed along his shaft.

Her hand replaced his, her fingers tightly wrapping around his shaft as they slid rapidly along its length almost in time with the contented groans slipping from his mouth. She widened her stance ensuring her bare feet had a solid footing before she bent over at the waist to let his manhood slowly ease between her lips.

He watched as his beautiful sister in law hungrily devoured his manhood, her head bobbing up and down it's impressive length at an almost fanatical speed. His large hand rested on top of her head as it slid noisily along his shaft while the other gripped the armrest as he could see her reflection in a mirror directly behind her. He smiled with almost smug satisfaction as her naked bare ass provided an unexpected sensual and erotic display in the mirror, her short legs spread far apart as the thin glistening pink sliver of skin that was her pussy appearing to quiver as if nervous.

She mounted him not soon after, climbing carefully onto the now slippery leather of the armchair before her petite body yet again had to come to terms of having his massive length of his manhood slide inside her. Debra could not help but let slip a loud groan of pleasure as her body slumped against his, feeling the unusual but distinctly stimulating sensation of her breasts rubbing against the hair of his chest. At first she allowed him to do all the work as he used his hips and legs to thrust repeatedly into her tiny wet opening, his large hands roaming the ultra sensitive skin of her back at will.

The chair seem to vibrate noisily as the two of them put on a very public erotic and naked display both of them utterly lost in the moment totally oblivious to anything or anybody else. She could feel her confidence growing by the second, her inhibitions dissolving rapidly away as her desire and passion grew wildly unchecked.

Debra Barone let his arms slip from their hold around her nakedness, raising her body to a near upright position before she began to propel herself vertically with unbridled enthusiasm and exuberance along the length of his shaft. She closed her eyes as she could feel his cock penetrate deep inside her not caring if her husband happened to rush upstairs from the basement or if her meddlesome and intrusive parents in law suddenly burst in through the front door. Lost in her own private world she threw her body up and down, their colliding bodies smacking together with a loud 'smack' sound that seem to reverberate inside her head somehow spurring her on.

Robert looked on in wonder and awe as she rode his cock with more passion and gusto he would ever had believed could have come from her petite and tiny frame. In his own mind he still could not quite believe that this was really happening, that here was Debra Barone his beautiful sister in law sliding and gyrating her naked body with total abandon on his cock. It was only the sight of her hair flying about in all directions whipping at times across her face, her large breasts bouncing wildly about and the constricting passage of his shaft in her pussy that dispelled all his doubts.

Debra let her eyes slowly flutter open when she felt his hands slide up the smooth skin of her abdomen to fondle her breasts, his large fingers squeezing and pinching her crimson protruding nipples.

"That's it Robert," her voice was raspy, barely above a whisper as her hand reached downwards letting her fingers wrap around his shaft as it slammed inside her "squeeze my nipples.....hard..."

He flashed a satisfied smile back at her as she planted her free hand on his heaving abdomen, her fingers hooking on to his chest hair as it rose and fell with each of his breaths. His mind began to wander imagining himself cruising around in his police car when he would find Debra walking alone on the street. She would be dressed in thigh high black boots, a very short mini skirt that left nothing to the imagination and a skin tight top that showed off her ample cleavage. He would slap the cuffs on her and push her into the back seat before he would drive to a secluded location where he would pull her out and bend her over the back of the police car. Teasingly he would peel back the briefest pair of panties she had on, sliding them down her legs to her ankles before he would push his rock hard member inside her. She would moan with pleasure as he would began to fuck her with slow even strokes at first before gradually building up his tempo and speed until he left her shaking and gasping for breath.

His lust fuelled and induced mind quickly imagined another scenario where the whole family was gathered around the dinner table at Christmas – everyone was there including Marie, Frank, Ray, Debra's parents and even Amy his ex-girlfriend. No one seemed to notice Debra slide under the table and position herself silently on her knees between his open legs, her fingers tracing a path along each of his thighs until they converged together at his groin. Her fingers would pull the zip of trousers down slowly, carefully not wanting to make any unwanted noises to attract attention before reaching inside to pull his already hard member free. Not wanting to waste any time she would let it slide between her open lips sucking hungrily and contentedly away.

He would of course let out several soft muted moans as her lips and tongue worked their magic, all of which would somehow go unnoticed by all others seated at the table. It would be some five minutes later when Amy would conveniently drop a fork to the floor and in the process of bending down to retrieve it slip herself under the table. The two women would exchange knowing glances and smiles before they would share his manhood between their hungry lips, passing their bounty between them as if they were sharing a cigarette. It was not long before their expert and loving attention on his glistening shaft produced the most welcome Christmas 'present' ever, spurting out in a seemingly never ending torrent leaving both of their smiling happy faces saturated and dripping wet. Debra and Amy would then eagerly cleanse each other of his sticky offering with unbridled relish and zeal using their rapidly flicking tongues and lips to good effect.

"Ohhh god...."

Her short but sweet cry of pleasure woke Robert Barone from his dream like state, snapping him quickly back to reality as her body began to shake violently before suddenly collapsing in a heap on top of him. He could hear Debra gasp for breath almost as if his large hands were around her neck restricting her intake of precious oxygen as her tiny body was racked with a never ending stream of orgasms. His hand instinctively reached out as his cock slid out of her shaking body, his fingers wrapping around his slickly coated shaft before beginning to move rapidly along its length.

What started deep inside her as a slow rumble rapidly expanded and exploded to every tip of her body, losing control of all her bodily functions. Struggling for breath her body feeling the effects of one energy sapping orgasm after another Debra had no option but to let herself fall on top of her lover, his hairy chest providing a cushioning effect as their two bodies collided. His large shaft out slowly from between her dangling and trembling legs as her naked body, skewed precariously across the armchair and his body somehow miraculously did not tumble to the ground. It was only a short while later that she felt the first pinpricks of his hot white fluid splatter across the ultra sensitive skin of her backside sensing each and every drop as it struck her body.

His hand had barely began to stroke his drenched shaft when Robert felt it explode watching as his first offering pulsed out as small droplets which hit Debra on the small of her back. Tightly wrapping his fingers around his shaft his hand began to move at a more rapid speed, a loud groan escaping from his mouth as long spurts escaped from the head of his cock. He stroked his shaft coaxing the last few drops out looking on they pulsed out indiscriminately in all directions, some landing onto her quivering naked body while the majority landed on the armchair itself.


It was perhaps half an hour later that she finally heard stirrings of activity from the basement. They had lay together for perhaps ten minutes more, their entwined naked bodies radiating a soothing sensual heat against the coolness of the leather. She had dressed and quickly cleaned herself up, just having enough time to wipe down the armchair with a napkin before she was presented with the sight of Ray stumbling upstairs from the basement.

Debra watched as he slowly walked towards her, his hands rubbing both his eyes at one time.

"How did the writing go?" she finally offered as she hid the now drenched napkin behind her back.


"The book....how did you go?" Debra ran her other hand through her hair in an vain and useless attempt to smooth down her unkempt and messy hair, hoping in hell that he would not notice. But she soon stopped when she remembered that he would have probably not have noticed anyway.

"Yeah... I finished the second chapter...."

"Really?," she queried not believing him "you managed to finish the chapter?"

He hesitated for moment, letting one hand rub his eyes again before he replied "Ok ok I fell asleep are you happy now?"

Debra could not help but smile at the sight of her husband sound asleep in the basement while his brother pounded his wife senseless only a few metres away and within easy hearing distance.

"Why," Ray continued as he watched the smile widen across her face "did something happen that I don't know about?"

"No," she walked past him into the kitchen stuffing the napkin secretly in the pocket of her jeans as she did so "nothing happened, it was boring old day!"

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