tagErotic CouplingsEverybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 17

Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 17


Chapter 17

** Sunday afternoon **

After re-discovering the deck I've had all along on the roof of my warehouse/studio/house; and also discovering that screwing your best girl from behind while she waves at passing passenger jets is kind of a turn on; it was turning out to be a pretty good day.

Despite a bout with a 24 hour bug, I was just about 100% and I was ready to get back to the business of photography. We had two cars set up to shoot. My favorite was a Dodge Charger, decked out in the Richard Petty race trim. I was going to shoot my girl Britt with the Dodge, dressing her in a pair of Daisy Dukes, some turquoise cowboy boots and a little bikini top and to top it all off, a western hat like the King wears.

The other car is a rather demonic looking Cadillac Hearse that was tricked out with some obscure flames and the like. There was no mistaking the original purpose for the vehicle, but it was now more of a hot rod than a utilitarian conveyance. Britt was really freaked out by the car and refused to even go near it, so it's a good thing the warehouse is so big. Kate however nearly creamed her panties just looking at it. The girl clearly showed her darker side and was ready to model with it, and more importantly, be fucked in it.

Anyway, Britt and I were at the kitchen island butchering an old pair of jeans she had, fashioning the hillbilly apparel. "Well, what do you think?" as she pulled them on for the first fitting.

'What do I think?' I asked myself, watching this bit of blonde perfection wearing nothing but a scrap of denim, doing slow turns in front of me. "I think I'm about the luckiest guy around," I said as I stopped her turn so her beautiful butt was facing me. I slipped my fingers into a couple belt loops and gave a little upward tug until just the right amount of ass cheeks were peeking out. A wedgie clearly has a different effect on a woman than it has on a man and she let out an excited little squeak.

"Unnhh.." she moaned, disappointed, as I pulled the shorts back down onto her hips and then rolled the hem up; "I think we need to take a couple more inches off, at least here in the back," I said as I ran my fingers where her butt rose gracefully from the back of her thighs. She purred appreciatively, as I pulled the shorts down and gave each cheek a big kiss.

She attacked the shorts with scissors once more; "Ya know, if I trim off much more, I won't be wearing anything but the waist band," she laughed. With a last couple of snips, she had it done and held them up for me to see.

"Yeah, you're right, there's not much left. How about we try on the whole outfit?" I suggested.

'Okey dokey," she answered. "Let me go get a string top. What color do you think?"

"You have a dark or a royal blue, right?"

"Yep; be back in a flash," as she skipped naked into the bedroom.

I hadn't heard the warehouse door open, so I was surprised when Gina and Kate came through the front door. "Hi lover," they exclaimed as they dropped their purses and came over to give me a hug and a kiss. Kate's was once again extra generous while Gina's hand strayed to my crotch, reminding me of her 'threat' to get even with me.

"So, doing a little sewing," Gina inquired, nodding toward the scrap pant legs on the counter.

About then, Britt entered the room, and we were all struck stupid. My blonde bombshell stopped and turned, showing off her outfit. Finally Kate managed to utter, "Holy shit babe, you are fuckin' hot!"

"Oh yeah..." Gina agreed, running her eyes up and down her best friend's body. Her hand was back in my lap, her fingers wrapped around my awakened appendage; "George likes it too," she giggled, drawing the other's attention to my captured cock.

Britt smiled and did an exaggerated strut toward us, her hips swaying and her breasts bouncing in the tiny top. The boot's hid her shapely calves, but they accentuated her taut thighs and the hat brim led you right into her hypnotic gaze. She stopped a couple feet in front of us, me on a barstool with Kate and Gina on either side. Turning once more, Britt placed her hands on her hips and bent forward slightly. Her ass cheeks peeking out a bit more and her girlfriends each gave her an appreciative caress.

With a couple hip gyrations, she stood back straight and turned again, cocking her hip and pulling down the brim of the hat to hide her eyes, she asked, "So you think this will work?"

"I think that should be your official office apparel," I answered.

"Yeah," said Gina, her hand still wrapped around my cock; "and just imagine what casual Friday's would look like."

Britt took the two additional steps it took to put her between my knees. She pushed her hat back and we shared an awkward kiss. "I think it's the perfect outfit for the car, and I'll wear this for you anytime you want, but right now, I'm starved, so how 'bout some dinner?"

"That sounds like a plan," I answered, stiff dick and all; "and I'm looking forward to a real meal."

"Well, we're glad you're feeling better baby," Britt replied, "So, Gina, let go of his cock and you girls go get changed and cleaned up, I'll change out of this outfit, and baby, you go get creative in the kitchen."

"Yes mam," we responded in kind, and went about our assigned tasks, laughing as Britt chased the girls into the bedroom.

I threw together some spaghetti with Italian sausage and a green salad. The girls changed into what had become their standard 'lounging about the house' outfits which consisted of some sort of pull-over shirt, usually one of mine and a pair of panties, or not. We gathered around the island and the topic that was at the top of everyone's mind, but no one was sure how to bring it up, was where things stood with Kate and John, the owner of the swimsuit shop that Kate and Gina worked at.

After Kate gave John an unexpected b.j. at the front counter of the store while John conversed with a woman about the benefits of joining the Better Business Bureau, they were both at a loss for words. A phone call to me from John later that evening about getting the little one set up with some camera gear and nothing else; put Kate a little more at ease. Finally, Britt, always the shoot --from- the-hip kinda girl asked," So, what's up with 'Johnny'? Did he ask you to marry him?"

"Britt!" Kate came back, reaching across me to swat at her. "God..." she huffed, "No he didn't propose marriage; in fact we didn't say much to each other. Gina and I opened and Johnny came in a couple hours later. He acted like nothing had happened, but I think that was for Gina's sake cuz he didn't know if I'd told anyone or not." Then it dawned on her and she looked at me, questioning.

I put my hand on her knee and gave a reassuring squeeze; "I know; Britt told me. I was a little confused this morning when I told you about my conversation with John last night. He didn't hint at anything."

"Good...I guess," she continued. "Anyway, later on I went into the back to get some more bags for up front. Johnny was there and we just sort of stared at each other, then we both smiled and he reached out and hugged me. He asked me if I was okay and I told him I was fine, but I said I was worried that I had done something I shouldn't have. Well, he just laughed that goofy laugh of his and said that it certainly caught him off-guard, and he was scared to death that that woman would figure out what was going on. Then he said that he ought to take the cost of joining the BBB out of my paycheck, and then he just laughed and walked back into his office."

We all sat there, waiting for what happened next, but Kate just went back to eating. "So that was it?" Britt asked.

"Yep," Kate replied. "I'm still not sure where we stand, but at least he's not mad or anything. He did ask if we had had the chance to figure out the camera stuff, and I said we hadn't had time yet, but I'd get to it." She took another bite of salad," I guess we'll just see how it goes. I really like the job and I'm excited to do the website and photography and all that, so I don't want to screw that up."

Gina finally chimed in, "Well I didn't get any weird vibes from him, and I know that he knows that you would have told me what happened, so I think that he is just playing it cool. He's probably thinking that he's just lucky that he got his cock sucked..."

"Knob polished," Britt interjected, not looking up from her plate.

"What?" Gina asked, glaring at Britt for interrupting.

"Never mind, go on," Britt answered, twirling spaghetti on her fork.

"Anyway, where was I; Oh yeah, he probably figures that it just happened; the stars aligned or whatever, and you decided that you'd give him a blow job. If that is it and it never happens again, then well, he got a little fantasy fulfilled and he can jack off to that memory for the rest of his life. I don't think he'll force the issue, but if you decide that you want to pursue it, I don't think you'll get much argument from him. I think it's pretty clear that that man will do anything he can for you."

The last line had Kate blushing, and she silently agreed with Gina's take on the whole thing, nodding in agreement as she played with the pasta. We sat, uncommonly quiet and finished our meal. I got up and started clearing the dishes and said," Kate, do you want to go upstairs and we'll put together that list of gear for John?"

Before Kate could answer, Britt jumped up like her seat was on fire; "Upstairs...shit, how could I forget. Girls, come see what George has been hiding from us all this time."

Boy, did I get a couple suspicious looks and I could hear the gears turning. All three vaulted toward the door and I yelled out; "Shoes!"

"Shit, that's right, shoes. Just grab some sneakers!" and they rushed into their room and were out the front door, glancing back with questions. I laughed to myself as I finished with the dishes, hearing them grunting to move the bed. I grabbed my shoes and a flashlight and headed upstairs to join the girls. They were already up on the deck and I could hear their excited chatter.

"Oh my god, look at the view!"

"Look, you can see the airport and the harbor."

"This is perfect for sunbathing and I'll bet no one could see us."

"Yeah, no one but those people on that plane," Britt said, pointing to the airliner passing by.

"Look, you can see people though the windows. Maybe they can see us."

"Oh shit," I heard Britt exclaim. "You can't see in those windows during the day."


"Well, I was waving at a plane this afternoon, but I didn't figure they could see me."

Gina, quick to figure there was more to the story, "And?"

"Well, I was kind of flashing them while I waved," she said, stalling.

Kate started laughing and Gina, once again asked, "And?"

"And George was fucking me from behind as I leaned against the rail...right here."

Well that triggered laughter that could probably be heard downtown and I decided it was time for me to make my appearance. I stuck my head up through the hatch opening, "So what do you girls think?"

"Shit," they screamed and jumped as I evidently didn't make enough noise coming up the ladder. "George, you scared the crap out of us," Britt exclaimed, "and why didn't you tell me that the people on that jet could probably see us up here doing it this afternoon?"

She gave me a slap on the shoulder once I had joined them at the rail; "I didn't know babe. Like I said earlier, this was only the second time I've been up here, but boy were you were right; look at this view at night." I hugged her tight to my side and kissed her cheek, whispering, "But I know they won't see us at night," running my hand up underneath her shirt, caressing her ass.

Gina borrowed the flashlight and looked around; "So George, do you think we could get some lounge chairs up here?"

"Yeah, I don't see a problem. The roof hatch is plenty big; you girls just have to be careful that you don't fall through it. In fact I think the rule should be that the door is kept closed, even if you are up here."

They all nodded in agreement, anxious to get it set up for some serious sunbathing.

I carefully got them off the roof and we sat around the office and put the list of camera gear together for John. I was impressed at how careful Kate was to get the right equipment, not just the most expensive. After a bit, I began to run out of steam and announced that it was about time for me to get my beauty sleep. After a bit of kidding that there weren't enough hours in the day to make me beautiful, they all gave me a kiss and I ambled off to bed.

** Monday morning -- 5 a.m. **

Even though I'd slept through the biggest part of the weekend fighting a bug of some kind, I still managed to sleep like a rock through the night. I awoke, snuggled up to a warm butt with my hand cradling a soft breast. Being tactile oriented, I immediately identified my bed partner as Kate, her smaller tits being just a perfect handful.

Kate, of all the girls was the one who had changed so dramatically in my eyes. Once shy and a little withdrawn, she had begun to unwind and revealed a more open, even wild woman. She had shown a natural talent for photography and with that, a passion for pornography. Some of her shots of the rest of us in various sexual entanglements were very erotic, if not downright dirty.

She stirred as I lightly strummed her nipple. "Mmm... good morning," she whispered as she pulled my hand closer to her.

"Good morning," I whispered in return, nibbling on her neck. "I didn't expect to find you here this morning." It's usually my girlfriend Britt who shares my bed at night, unless there is a special occasion.

Kate turned to face me, her big brown eyes glistening; "I hope it's alright. Britt thought after the deal with Johnny and all, that I'd...well I don't really know what she was thinking. I think she's just worried about me and all and you seem to make everything seem right with all of us, so...I don't know, I'm just rambling now."

I smiled and gave her a kiss. "You're right baby, our Britt is kind of like a mother hen and she wants to make sure that everyone and everything is just right. I think that is one of the things that I love the most about her; she is so loving and giving and she seems to have an insight into what people need to make it all work. I'm very lucky to have found her and through her, I have you and Gina and I know that I will have you all in my life, in some form or fashion, for the rest of my life; and for me, that is very reassuring and I hope it is that way for you too."

Tears began to well up in her eyes and she nodded 'yes' as her lower lip began to quiver. I took her in my arms and kissed her, our tongues dueling as our hands wandered. I had her tight little ass in both hands as she ground her upper thigh against my rigid cock.

Completely awake now, I broke free from her entanglement and worked my way down her tight, tiny frame. She ran her fingers through my hair as I took her taut nipples between my lips and nursed on each one as she worked her slick slit against my hip bone. I moved down further and played briefly with her belly button, working the tip of my tongue in the little crater. Anxious, she was now pushing on the top of my head, whispering "Lick me baby...please lick my pussy baby."

I slid between her widespread legs, running my hands up and down the inside of her thighs. I gazed down at her sweet little puss, so tight, so virginal looking; a mere slit. I worked my tongue around the perimeter, bathing her baby-smooth skin. I kissed her lips, her outer lips and then french-kissed her pussy, my tongue exploring her minora. "Oh fuck, I love you ...eat my pussy... oh god, I can feel your tongue in my pussy...fuck my pussy baby..."

Little Kate's hips were in constant motion, trying to make as much contact with my face as she could. I let my tongue slide upward, in search of her hidden clit, that orgasmic trigger. She bucked when I found it, "fuck, fuck..." she moaned as I burrowed in and wrapped my lips around it, sucking lightly. After a few more seconds of clitoral nursing, I retreated, returning to her wanting pussy, now secreting her own nectar. I lapped at her offering, my tongue straying down to her tight pucker, now bathed in her juices. I stabbed at her nether hole with my tongue; "Jeeezuuss..." she groaned as she grabbed my hair and pulled upward, desperately trying to fuck my face.

Ready to bring her to the end, I slathered her pussy with my flat tongue, spreading her essence about. Settling on a final assault plan, I returned to her clit; no longer hidden, but out and searching for attention. I flicked at it lightly, getting the reaction I wanted as Kate grabbed my head in both hands in an attempt to keep me stationed where I was. "Oh yeah...right there baby, right there...unh,unh,unh..." And then at T-minus one second, I slipped a finger into her pussy, hoping to find the elusive spot. "Ahhh ffffuuucccckkk......" she cried out as her body convulsed with rapture, her pussy walls fluttered on my finger and her juices flowed like water. "Oh...oh...oh..." she cried with each wave of pleasure that ran through her.

I extracted my finger and laid my head on her quivering thigh, teasingly blowing air across her pussy lips, causing her to jump. She gently pulled at my hair, "C'mere," she whispered breathlessly, panting to catch her breath. I moved up, revisiting her navel and nipples briefly. Pulling my face to hers, she kissed me hungrily, lapping up her own juices, "Fuck you do that good."

"I enjoy my work," I kidded as I ran my hand over her young body.

"Well, I'm going to enjoy sucking your cock," she replied as she pushed back on my shoulders until I was flat on my back. I pushed back until I was leaning against the headboard, watching her play my game, working her way with her tongue down my chest and belly until she came to the object of her affection. Smiling up at me, she took me in her hand and ran her tongue around the tip. She looked like a little girl licking an ice cream cone. Her tiny tongue probed at the hole at the tip, trying to slip just a bit inside, causing me to shiver. She smiled at me, happy to get a reaction.

"I need this in my pussy now," she stated, taking one last slobbery plunge down the pole. Moving up, she straddled my hips and hovered above my cock, holding it in place while she ran my cock along her lips. Her eyes widened as she slipped me inside, slowly capturing my length until she was completely settled, "Fuck baby," she whimpered, "I can feel your cock all the way to here," as she placed her finger on her belly button.

I couldn't respond as I was concentrating on not cumming. Her pussy clung to my cock and I could feel her pulse, rhythmically hugging me. I slipped my hands under her thighs and lifted, ready to fuck her tight pussy. Kate put her hands on my wrists and pushed and we worked together, fucking one another. "So fuckin' big, so fuckin' big..." she mumbled, eyes closed as she concentrated on taking it all, over and over.

Then she stopped and moaned as she lifted herself off completely. Back on her knees, she took me into her mouth once more, cleaning herself off me, lubing me up with her saliva. Now with her back to me, she straddled me again, and bending over my legs, I watched as she guided me back inside, spreading those tiny lips. Her asshole winked at me with every cycle she made. Within easy reach, I ran a slick fingertip over her rosebud, threatening to intrude. She looked at me over her shoulder, daring me to probe further.

Smiling, I grabbed her by the hips and easily rolled her on her side with me right behind her. Snuggled up like in bed, I lifted her leg and cock in hand; I teased her, parking the slick head of my dick against her virgin asshole, pushing slightly. She gasped, not objecting, but not helping either. There was no way I was going there without an invitation, so I slid up and plunged balls deep into her pussy once more. She gasped again as a small orgasm rippled through her. "Fuck this is good..." she panted as she worked her pussy on my cock. "Fuck me baby....fuck me ...fuck me hard!"

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