tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEveryday Screw: The Judge

Everyday Screw: The Judge


**This story is inspired by true events. No animals were harmed in the writing of this story.

Except for that one chupacabra. But he's okay now.

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Okay, so just read the damn thing then.**


It was just another fall Friday afternoon. The birds were singing, the skies were gray and the drizzle was falling lightly on the unraked leaves. I caught myself enjoying the walk outside until I remembered that I was going to the courthouse and I'd be fined a shit-ton of money within the next five minutes.

It wasn't my fault. Really, it wasn't. I was just minding my own business, driving home from the bar when I accidentally hit a car in traffic. My excuse was that the dumb bitch didn't have her lights on, and I sure made sure she knew that. Sure, I was a little drunk, and after I sobered up and drank away the hangover, I realized just the type of shit I was in.

The car I hit was a cop car. It wasn't just in traffic; it was stopped as she was pulling someone else over for being a drunken retard like me. The dumb bitch I chewed out was both the nicest cop off duty and the most hard-assed on-duty cop in the city. It also wasn't my car that I was driving. Not only that, but I was totally and completely obliterated, not just a little drunk as I thought I was. I did luck out though, I guess. I managed to stagger away after I hit the cop car and somehow, miraculously, I didn't get followed home.

The two arresting officers at my door step after I finished off my first breakfast beer was all it took to bring it all crashing back around me. 3 days in the county clink, license suspended, and a court date that was burned into my mind for all eternity was all I thought about for a while. I was released on bail by a girl friend who promptly broke up with me and I damn near lost my job over the deal.

Court was on the agenda today, however, and I was looking forward to this almost as much as my next prostrate exam. I almost laughed at the similarities between the two, if not for one striking difference; the doc uses lube and a glove for that sort of thing, the judge was just gonna bend me over and ram it home.

I checked in with the clerk of the court and was escorted to a courtroom where I awaited the judge. I didn't have to wait long, thankfully; but I think after my initial reaction, I probably could have managed a few more minutes.

The judge for this ever-so-special occasion was Julie Blackstone, one of the most hard-assed judges on the circuit; notorious for nailing drunks. Court was a blur. I was fined heavily, had 1000 hours of community service assigned, and lost my license for a year. Crap.

I went home in a daze. The only thing I could think of were ways to get my service over with and my fine paid off. I needed to think, and the only thing being at home reminded me of was worthless possessions I could pawn to knock the fine down without actually having to work. So, I went back to the bar.

I didn't want to drink too much just so I didn't have to have the buzz get killed by the cold air outside during the 10-block walk home. I stuck to beer, a little whiskey, and a shot or two from sympathetic friends. I hovered around the pool table most of the night, buying in and holding the table as long as I could, then waiting to buy in again after I lost. It was probably my 8th game when I heard three dollars in quarters plunk down on the rail.

I finished chalking my cue and I turned to see a decent looking blonde with short spiky hair, brown eyes, and sparkling ruby painted lips. A tight cable-knit sweater hugged her chest tightly accentuating what breasts she had and it flared nicely into a pair of hip-hugging blue jeans that were held together on the side with laces; almost an inch of exposed flesh ran from her Doc Martin boots to that sweater. I couldn't see any panties in that luscious gap of fabric, and believe me, as hard as I was looking at that thin, sexy silhouette, I'd have seen it. I dropped the chalk, and I damn near dropped my cue.

"Mind if I play?" she asked, a sultry tone in her voice. She softly bit her lower lip as she waited for a response. My cock twitched and my head nodded. Her money fell, the balls dropped—and not just the pool balls—and she packed a tight rack. I broke and a few solids dropped. A couple more shots, a couple balls fell. I miscued watching this lithe little creature prowl around the table, drinking a Jack and Coke as she waited for her turn.

"Shit," I swore softly and bowed out. I stepped to the mini-bar where my own gin-and-tonic was waiting for me and took a swallow as I watched her ass wander around the table. She took the easy shot on the table, giving me a nice, dead on look at her ass as she bent over to line up the shot. She made the shot and looked back at me over the top of her stick to see me soaking in her curves.

"Like what you see?" she asked and gave a little wiggle.

"I wouldn't be staring if I didn't," I said blatantly and took another drink. She laughed and the barest hint of blush lit her cheeks and lined up her next shot. Her stick softly met the cue, the cue rolled forward and a beautiful 11-15 split shot sank both balls. Unfortunately it wasn't what she called. She stood up with a pout and held the tip of her stick in both hands, pushing into her cleavage, while the stick slid back between her legs and behind her feet. I couldn't help but notice she brought the shaft tight up against the seam of those jeans. I walked around the table and gave her ass an unsubtle squeeze and a lingering stroke on the way past. Her back arched and her tight butt pushed back against my fingertips.

"That's sexual harassment, you know," she said softly as I lined up my shot.

"Uh huh. Whatever; first, sexual harassment involves not rubbing your ass against my hand, and second, you're as drunk as I am. You'd have a hard time standing in front of the judge and proving shit," I said, still carefully lining up my shot.

"I am the judge," she giggled. I miscued. How I didn't rip the felt in the table, I have no idea. My eyes shifted from my shot to her face like a scared jackrabbit bolting from relative safety into the mouth of a wolf. I forced my eyes to focus on her face and the entirety of the court proceedings from the day flashed before my eyes, with every image and every word blurring past in super clear, super fast detail. It still took me a second, but yes, those deep brown eyes and that spiky blonde hair definitely belonged to the black-clad magistrate this afternoon. Her giggle turned into a laugh and I straightened up. "Close your mouth," she said the laugh fading back into the cute little giggle from before.

I floated back to my drink, my mind going in a million different directions at once. I was confused and deeply aroused. I was getting hit on by a beautiful woman, and that made my cock cry for attention. The beautiful woman started whipping my ass in pool, which is a turn on of sorts for me. The hot little blonde that I wanted to fuck six ways from Sunday was the judge who sentenced me this morning. The judge who sentenced me was drinking in my bar playing pool at my pool table. The judge was also hitting on me harder than I was hitting on her.

What the hell, I decided to roll with it. After all, you can't get sexual harassment if they harass back, and you can never rape the willing.

She blew her shot on the 8-ball but didn't scratch, so it was my turn. I gave her ass another squeeze on the way by and she shook her head as I lined up my shot. The 7 sank and I walked around her again. This time I had planned on stopping on the way by to give that gorgeous ass another tight squeeze. She turned to face me as I walked past and she gave my crotch a good squeeze. My cock was iron, not that it was far from that as it was, but her hand stroking me through my jeans was enough to finish it.

I reciprocated in kind. My hand went to her thigh and traced up the seam of her jeans to her pleasantly warm crotch. I gave her a good stroke as well, pushing the material deeper between her rapidly dampening camel toe. She licked her lips slowly and her eyes immediately glazed over, turning to burning pits of lust as they half closed.

"Always pick up those you sentence, judge?" I asked. My hand continued up her belly after a second casual stroke of her heating mound and it traveled up under that sweater. The skin under that sweater felt like acres of taut, ticklish flesh; her body shivered as my fingers ran over the crest of her hip and around to her back.

She didn't say anything, she just leaned into me and I pressed my lips to hers. Her little tongue snaked out and teased my lips and mine responded in kind.

"Let's get the fuck out of here," she said breathily, breaking the kiss.

"Always show this kindness to drunks?" I said, pressing my body firmly into hers before breaking away.

"Only the good looking ones," she said. The judge turned down and set her shot to sink the 8. I promptly returned my hand to her ass and allowed my fingers to wrap around her pussy through the jeans, making sure my fingers drummed against her clit as they moved. She shivered and moaned slightly, her cue dipping up as her knees caved in.

Blackwell took a deep breath and straightened up. Her stick shot forward, the cue struck the 8 firmly and squarely and it went sailing straight for the pocket she was aiming for. Unfortunately, so did the cue.

"Looks like I lost," she said and put her arms on the table to hold herself up. That ass pushed against my hand and she moaned softly. I could feel every contour of her cunt through those jeans, and I didn't pull my hand away until she pushed herself up and against my chest.

"So I what do I get for winning?" I said grinning.

"You get to fuck me," she said demurely.

"What would have happened if I'd have lost?"

"I'd leave this," she said, sticking one hand down my pants and massaging my rock hard dick, "for you to take care of."

"Lucky me," I said, rolling my fingers up her hips and swirling patterns along her ribs, lifting her sweater as they traveled to her tight little tits. She shuddered for a moment and went stiff. She moaned lowly, almost growling and shook a little.

"Oh fuck, let's get out of here. Now. You keep doing that and you'll make me cum again." She pushed herself away from me and she pulled me by the hand away from the table. I got more than a few nods from the people who were watching us play. I hadn't noticed them before; I must have been more drunk than I thought. There were quite a few smiles and a thumbs up or two, as well as a few looks of shock from the people who evidentially recognized the judge. Blackwell wasn't even fazed by any of this; she stormed through the bar and I eagerly followed that sexy little ass as it swayed and moved through the room.

The cold air hit us like a freight train and we sobered up half way immediately. She wasn't wasting any time in hailing a taxi and I didn't waste any time in covering her up and letting my hands roam all over her body. I started unsnapping her pants and she pushed herself back into me, rubbing my cock with her tight ass.

Her zipper was down and her thin blonde bush was what the taxi driver saw as she pulled up along the sidewalk. Nothing was said, she just looked at my hands pulling the denim away from that blonde thatch and the judge pulled away to pile into the back of the cab. Her pants were pooling around her ankles before I could even get inside.

"Uh, where....to?" the cabbie said, her sexy suburban accent stammering in the presence of the rapidly stripping judge.

"Just drive, honey. I hope you don't mind the show," Julie said, her arms crossing at her hips. Her fingers grabbed the hem of her sweater and lifted it quickly up over her head, leaving only her lacy black bra on.

I started to add my own clothes to the pile, first my boots and then my pants. I couldn't even get my shirt off before she attacked my crotch, practically ripping my fly apart. My stiff rod sprung free of its fabric prison and she dove down, her mouth sucking against my balls. I wasted no time in running my hands down her back and springing the clasp on her bra, letting it come loose.

Her mouth released my rod inch by inch, her tongue working and swirling around every bit of my swollen member. Her cheeks moved in as she noisily sucked on my dick, releasing it from her lips with a loud pop. Our captive audience adjusted her mirror so she could see what was going on.

"Keep your eyes on the road, hon," the judge said, leaning up from sucking my cock. Her tits jiggled across my sensitive head with the motion of the car. She bit her lip with the sensations that were firing from her nipples. All I could smell in the cab was perfume and dripping, steaming pussy, and my cock was aching for some box.

I pulled the judge up and kissed her square on the lips. I stretched out under her in the back seat, my cock stroking down her belly and over her shaved pussy lips. She squirmed, enjoying the tickling she was getting as our tongues roughly wrestled for position in each other's mouths.

She broke the kiss and bit my ear roughly. "Every time you make me cum, I'll knock 100 hours off your community service," she said, her hand moving to my saliva slick prick. She jerked it slowly against her pussy, stroking the head the length of her slit. I could feel it getting wetter, the judge's cunt must have been overrunning with honey. "So far, you're down to 800."

"What if I make you cum 9 times?" I moaned out.

"Then I'll let you cum in my cunt," she breathed huskily. My dick jumped in her hand.

"What do I get for 10 then?" I said, sitting up in the middle of the back seat, letting the judge use my dick to masturbate herself.

"My ass," she hissed as the head of my cock stretched her drenched hole open.

"What do I get for 11?" I breathed against her neck and bit down lightly. The judge moaned loudly and I felt a rush of liquid flow over my pole as her cum gushed from her depths.

"Shut up and fuck me," she demanded, impaling herself on my dick. She moaned loudly, and her back arched against the back of the driver's seat. She looked over at the brunette cabby who was desperately trying to drive straight and see the judge's box swallow my cock. She adjusted the mirror so she could see everything from the tips of Julie's nipples on down to her shaved snatch splitting around my thick meat.

"Enjoying the show, sweetheart?" the judge asked, her body breaking out in sweat as she slowly rocked up and down on my length impaled deep inside her belly. The cabbie nodded but said nothing, her mouth hanging open and undoubtedly dry.

"Then why don't we give her a real show, judge," I said and grabbed her skinny waist. I started to try to turn her. "Let her see your pussy eat this cock," I said, my dick twitching inside her.

The judge moved, her pussy gripping my dick tight as she repositioned herself on my lap. She rose up until the tip of my dick just started to leave and then she'd slam herself down on my lap. The cabbie actually pulled over and turned around so she could watch us fuck.

"You like it better like this, don't you your honor," I said, biting her ear. My left hand started alternating between her painfully erect nipples, pinching and twisting them, while my right hand started massaging her clit.

"Oh my God, yes!" She screamed. I worked her clit harder; it was just big enough to actually stroke. My fingers played her like a finely tuned piano and pretty soon her pussy was spasming and shooting juice around my cock. I could feel it running down my shaft, soaking my balls, and pooling on the seat under us. Her whole body started to rock and shake and I didn't let up on my assault. I started pumping my hips in and out of her continuously orgasming pussy and it wasn't long before that vibrating velvet vice squeezed a load from my balls.

The judge let loose a guttural moan as she felt my dick throb with each shot of cum that exploded into her waiting sex. I lost count of how many times I shot, but each time she shuddered and shivered as the thick fluid filled her cavity and was squeezed out in time to receive another.

After we came down, our sweaty bodies collapsed into a puddle of flesh. My cock popped out of her pussy with a wet slurch and what felt like a quart of our cum came out with it. The judge's thighs were coated in a thick sheen and more was oozing out of her pussy, seemingly pushed by her rapidly beating heart as her sex kept contracting in micro orgasms.

She cleared her throat and sat up. "I think you just serviced your community quite well," the judge said with a dirty grin. "You're still not getting your license back for another 12 months," she added, shaking her finger at me. She went to grab her pants and ran her fingers up her thighs. She dropped her jeans and shook the cum off the back of her hand. "No sense in wearing those," she grumbled.

"Where you two want to go?" the driver asked, her face still covered in a fine sheen of sweat. I told her my address and she dropped me off. I didn't even bother tucking my semi-hard meat back in my pants when I got out.

"Ride's free of charge," she said as I bent down to her window. "I got more than I figured I would," she said, pointing at her dark-stained pants. I licked my lips and smiled. "Judge said your license is suspended?" she asked as I started to walk away. I nodded and turned to face her.

"Buddy, you can call me anytime you need a ride," she said, licking her lips. My cock throbbed and she let out a low moan. She shook her brunette locks and smiled, driving off with the naked judge spread-eagle in the back.

"Best thing I ever got out of court," I said to myself and walked into my apartment.

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