tagIncest/TabooEveryone's Kissing Santa Claus

Everyone's Kissing Santa Claus


I was startled awake by a thump. If I was still a kid, I would have sworn it was reindeer hooves landing on the roof above my attic bedroom. Despite being twenty-eight years old, I was still excited by Christmas. I lay in bed, listening. I could hear more sounds coming from inside the house. Just like a little kid, I couldn't resist. I slowly climbed out of my narrow childhood bed and crept to the stairs. I peeped through the trapdoor, but I couldn't see much. From here though, the sounds were clearer. If I was 12, I would be upset to learn Mom and Dad were wrapping presents at 2 a.m.

Now, I would soon start my own family. Before New Year's, I would fly off to join my fiancée, Georgia, in her hometown to tell her folks she was pregnant. My parents had taken it well, not upset that we had slipped up and conceived before the wedding day. My Mom, Abby, had joked, "I guess that's what we get for making you share that tiny bed when you visited at Thanksgiving."

I slowly lowered myself down to the second floor, curious about the noises, but cautious about waking up anyone sleeping. In addition to my parents, my older brother and his wife had brought their nineteen year old daughter to visit. My niece Carly was the sort of slim 'machine made for fucking' that turned heads of both men and women. Fortunately, her personality was enough of a turn off to balance out any lustful thoughts. She swore like a truck driver, and chain smoked unfiltered French cigarettes, dressing all in black. Her idea of good conversation was picking out words that might possibly be insults to women. Or lesbians. Or the environment. I had yet to spend an hour with Carly where we didn't argue.

Carly was sharing my sister's room with her. Felicia had just turned 22. Mom called her their "New Year's surprise nine months later."

None of us teased Mom about Felicia's olive toned skin being many shades duskier than Dad's Swedish heritage allowed. Dad was just too nice and easy going, and if Dad accepted that Felicia was his, who were we to argue? Dad seemed pleased that after her maternity leave, Mom had been named the newest Vice President of the Sanchez Salsa Company. Her boss had given her a huge bonus in addition to the raise, but had stopped inviting them to his mansion for New Year's Eve parties.

Felicia was the only one in the family who tolerated Carly's sullen attitude. My sister got along with everyone, and not surprisingly, was studying in school to be a diplomat. As I tiptoed to the stairs, I paused in her open doorway.

I noticed Felicia's clothes scattered on the floor, including her hot pink silk pajama set. This reminded me of how often I had fought unsuccessfully to ignore those taboo urges, the fantasies in which Felicia walks into my room and strips naked, not saying a word, until her lacy panties fall to the floor and she says, "Let's get it on." In the dream, I could never resist the instinctive desire to screw this cocoa coloured beauty, so I would silently strip in response. My favourite variation ended with Felicia bent over my bed as I ass fucked her. Though this had never really happened, I always ended up with my cock in my hand whenever the thoughts recurred.

Her bedroom only contained one bed, but since it was queen sized, everyone figured there was lots of room for sharing. Despite this, I saw that the bedding was flung to the floor. Carly was curled up, spooned so that her full breast were mashed into her Aunt's back, only a thin layer of flannel separating their skin. I noticed for the first time that my sister slept in the nude, which seemed odd for a sharing scenario. Carly's arm was wrapped around Felicia's side and as they snuggled in their sleep, Carly's fingernails brushed lightly on Felicia's brown nipple, which was tantalizingly erect.

Despite my fantasies, I had never encountered my sister in a sexual moment. Our age difference was such that I had moved away when she was still a child, and as a young man, I had always found lots of playmates my own age. I had only visited home occasionally since finishing school, and usually had brought my female friend of the moment in toe. Still, as I watched Felicia's breathing heave her ample tit against Carly's fingers, I recalled what one lover, Elle, had said. She had thought my sister, who had been 20 at the time, was bi. Or maybe even lesbian. In fact, she had said, after a particularly drunken Fourth of July barbeque that she thought Felicia had been coming on to her. When Elle confronted Felicia, my sister had giggled and slurred, "Only if you talk my big brother into a threesome with us."

At the time, it had seemed like a sisterly joke. Now, feeling my cock rising in my pajamas, I wondered whether I ought to have pursued the idea. Elle had not been bi, but was curious, and had been a lusty lover. In fact, sex with her had been better than with my fiancée. If Elle hadn't gone surfing in Australia last summer, it might be her that got pregnant with my child.

Those thoughts did nothing to reduce the swelling in my groin, and I found myself comparing Carly with Elle and with Georgia. Both Carly and Elle had natural full breasts, and slim athletic builds. Elle had favoured more flattering clothing than Carly, and tended to be tanned all over whereas Carly, in this early winter, was pale as porcelain. 'Potential advantage Elle', I thought, but then gave my head a shake. This was not any contest. Carly was my niece. I was not going to fuck her. I would not even if she asked. Not that she would.

The tip of my cock had some how pressed through the slit in my pajama pants. The cold night air in the old farmhouse failed to suppress my excitement.

My thoughts now shifted to Georgia. She had been Elle's roommate, the inevitable third point in our triangle. Georgia was also an athlete, but her enthusiasm was field hockey and she had the muscles and bruised shins to go with the rough sport. Elle had told me that the reason Georgia never dated was that while they were in school, Georgia had lost her virginity when raped by a football player. Although she recovered to later enjoy a lesbian relationship with her English Lit prof, after graduation, Georgia had been celibate.

Not that Georgia had suffered without orgasms. Elle and I often enjoyed lounging in bed after a hearty sex romp, listening to Georgia finishing herself off on the other side of the bedroom wall. Knowing it was our noise which inspired her had made us inevitably resume another round. I had often tried to get Elle to invite Georgia to join us fucking in the shower, but it had never happened.

Georgia never even touched me when Elle and I made out on the couch, or when we all went to a movie together. Only after Elle left did Georgia make a move. I had called her up to go see some action thriller with Ashley Judd. In the darkness, Georgia had whispered in my ear, "Ashley looks just like my old lover did. Does she make you as horny as I am?"

"Why don't you check in my pants?" I had teased. I was shocked when she immediately extracted my semi hard prick from my pants and proceeded to deep throat me in the crowded cinema. She swallowed all my cum without a word, then sat up. Her lips glistened in the light of the projector until she licked them clean. She turned and kissed me deeply, as if testing me to find out whether the taste of my own sperm offended me. We had been fucking ever since, starting the next morning when I ate my cream pie out of her.

Sex with me had seemed to burst a dam of sensuality built up inside Georgia, and now I never knew when I came home whether I might find one of her field hockey team mates curled up in our bed, or her cunt filled with a coworker's cream, ready for me to eat her clean.

Anyone else's Mom might be shocked to know I was wondering what shade my baby – Georgia's baby that is - would be. Given Felicia's colouring, I trusted my Mom to be cool regardless of any hint that paternity might be in doubt. Not that I cared. Just like Dad, I would love this baby regardless.

As my mind wandered from the scene in my sister's bed through recent history, I stroked my shaft. Thinking about the likelihood that Georgia would pull a train at our reception and let me eat out a whole buffet of flavours in the honeymoon suite led me to decide that Carly likely was no where nearly that perverse. Not that I was ever going to find out.

Fresh noises downstairs interrupted my voyeurism just as Felicia rolled over and, still sleeping, embraced Carly. I slowly shuffled across to the top of the staircase, peering through the spindles on the banister like a little kid watching for Santa.

The only lights came from the giant twelve foot tall tree Dad had some how levered into a corner of the living room. "If we have to heat these high ceilings all winter, best enjoy them a bit too," he had said. Dad was always both practical and fun loving.

I expected I might see Mom and Dad playing "Mommy Kissing Santa Claus". That in itself would be no shock. Whatever else Mom might do for fun, she and Dad never hid their mutual lust. When I had lived at home, I had regularly interrupted them in states of undress, in almost every room of our big old house. After a while, I learned to knock even before entering the laundry room. I figured the combination of Christmas Eve excitement, Mom coming home tipsy from her office party, and Dad dressed as Santa wrapping gifts would be irresistible.

I suppose if I had been fully awake, I would have thought of that before I got up. My child-like excitement might still have caused me to think reindeer rather than horny parents. Previously, I had always been more than just embarrassed upon walking in on my parent's sex lives. Now that I had watched Felicia snuggling with Carly though, my voyeurism had totally taken control. Common sense had nothing to say about what happened next.

Mom was half dressed in a red slip set, her party dress stripped to her knees. Her well rounded ass stuck up towards me, still firm looking, despite her age and having had three kids. Her head was buried in Santa's lap. 'Oh...a new sort of kissing for Santa this year. Nothing like improving on tradition,' I thought.

I watched Santa's gloved hand curl around Mom's ass. I think I groaned out loud as Santa first gently rubbed her flesh, pulling the hem of the slip up and the panty down. Santa then began gently slapping Mom's ass. "Oh. Yes, Santa, I have been a naughty girl. And this is so much better than a lump of coal in my stocking," Mom murmured, as Santa jerked back in Dad's creaky old rocking chair. I recognized these as the sounds that had woke me up. I guess the noise masked my groans, because neither Mom nor Santa reacted to me being there. My cock, already huge after spying on the girls, grew heavier as I tried to reconcile my arousal with the reality that I was watching my Mom have sex. No matter how open my parents were about the topic, I had never considered Mom as a fantasy object.

Mom shifted around a bit and I slipped down a stair or two, hoping to see her licking Santa's swollen cock, taking it deep into her mouth. I stroked my shaft as Santa caressed Mom's hair with one hand and spanked her with the other. Mom's head flew rapidly across Santa's crotch from side to side.

Santa released Mom's hair to allow her free movement and began flicking Mom's nipple, and then pushed the slip aside to expose her heavy boob. Santa cupped the dangling mass of flesh in one gloved hand. Mom leaned back; a moan escaping her lips as Santa's other hand curled around her butt and toyed with her wet pussy.

I crept down a few stairs, figuring to see the knob Mom was polishing. 'Not too gay,' I self critiqued as I noticed the neatly piled presents under the tree and the wrapping paper and scissors tossed aside carelessly. Santa had obviously interrupted Mom's last minute wrapping.

Mom lifted her head from Santa's lap and reached up to kiss Santa and run her fingers through the snowy white beard as Santa played with her nipples, gloved fingers flicking from one to the other. It was Santa's turn to kiss Mom's neck as her hands worked in Santa's lap. My hand was busy too, fondling my swollen cock. I could see that Mom loved having her throat nibbled, and the furry texture of Santa's beard on her soft skin was increasing her moaning. She took Santa's beard in one hand and pulled Santa's mouth down to her lips, kissing passionately as she crawled up into Santa's lap.

I noticed that Santa's tongue was pink and delicate; not fat and rough looking like Dad's. Whoever was hidden within the stuffed suit was not my father. 'Even more interesting,' I told my friendly handful of cock, which nodded at me in agreement.

Then Mom leaned back a bit and started undoing Santa's suit. "It's awfully warm Santa, let's get you more comfy," she cooed like a teenager, not at all acting her age.

Santa half turned, twisting so that the red coat gaped open. I was shocked to see a red bra inside the coat, which cradled two ripe full tits capped with aroused nipples pressing through the lace. Suddenly I realized that this Santa not only wasn't Dad, it was a woman! Not that my throbbing cock minded, but the small part of my brain not overridden by the reptile brain stem was shocked. Despite Mom's slutty activities, I had never suspected she liked girly sex. All my experiences watching Georgia and her team mates flooded through my mind as I compared Mom's mature ripeness with my fiancée's youthful strength. I quickly concluded that each was beautiful. I turned back to waiting for Santa's identity to be revealed, settling quietly on the stairs so as not to disturb the show.

Santa's coat was now fully open as Mom flicked her tongue across each protruding lace covered nipple in turn, pausing to lick the creamy flesh in the valley between the mounds. Santa did not have huge porn star tits, but the underwire bra did a nice job of presenting her flesh for suckling. Right now they seemed to be shouting "look here." I know I could not resist.

Santa shifted, arching her back to raise her tits further, thrusting them up to Mom's face, which was now buried in the cleavage. First Mom's cheeks and then her teeth nudged the lacy cups further open as Mom laved the inner surfaces of each breast. After a minute or two, Santa's left boob popped out of the bra, her stiff brown nipple exposed to the cool air before being warmed by Mom's plump moist lips. I watched Mom suck the thick nub into her lips, but could only imagine the pleasure that her teeth were causing, although Santa's groan was confirmation that Mom was a pro at this.

Mom's left hand popped out of Santa's lap long enough to pull the jolly elf's right tit free, and lingered to twist Santa's nipple. I watched Mom's right hand thrusting into Santa's lap. 'She must be fisting her,' I realized, relying again on my past voyeuristic observations of Georgia at play. Although Santa's suit made it harder to see what Mom was doing, the slight air of mystery involved added to the illicit thrill. I found myself enjoying this scene even more than any time I had watched Georgia.

Both Mom and Santa were moaning intensely as Mom worked on Santa, humping her pussy against the red fabric of the suit while attacking Santa's sex with her fingers. I was almost ashamed to sit on the stairs watching, wishing I could stick my swollen cock into Mom's gorgeous ass as it bounced into the air below me.

Mom slid up Santa's reclining body and they kissed passionately. As Mom pulled out of the clench, Santa's beard was knocked askew, allowing me my first glimpse at her real identity.

If I had been thinking straight, I would have just counted women in the house, and realized that Mom would hardly have snuck a Santa home from her office party and then ended up in her nightie. Since Carly and Felicia were snuggled together, the only other woman left in the house was my prissy uptight fundamentalist Baptist sister-in-law, Evette. I was so used to seeing her in baggy cotton dresses that I had never appreciated that even after two kids and twenty years of marriage, she still had a great body.

Santa Evette giggled as Mom toyed with her, "Boy, am I ever glad I left the Santa suit on after I got home from the Church gift exchange. You might never have attacked me if you hadn't mistaken me for your hubby."

Even in the dim light of the tree and fireplace, Mom appeared to be blushing. "Actually, I'm glad I lucked out and it was you. I've wanted you a long time."

Evette now stroked Mom's right breast. "But, Abby, what if it had been your son?"

Now Mom's blush deepened further. "Which son?"

Evette laughed, "Ho, ho, you 'ho...does it matter? That means you'd fuck your own son, or at least one of them. Or have you already done more than want?"

"I think that idea turns you on."

"Especially the idea of watching you with your other son. Drew is sexier than my husband. It's too bad he lives so far away. I'd fuck him blind if I had a chance. But you never answered my last question."

Mom still was blushing. I knew she had never fucked me. So....

"Daniel? You fucked Daniel?" Evette shouted it first.

"Shhh," Mom pleaded. "Don't wake up the kids, or our hubbies. I want to finish tasting you."

"First, tell me about Daniel and you."

"It was just one time, years ago."

"I want more detail than that."

"Okay, it was the night before you got married if you really must know. He was out at a strip bar, and came home loaded and horny. His chums just dumped him on the stoop. His Dad dragged him into the house, and dumped him on our bed. I was out...well, just out...and when I got home it was late. I climbed into bed naked. Next thing I knew two hands were caressing my tits, and then working down to my pussy. I was a bit worried, because, well, it was a bit spunky and hubby doesn't care for cream pie. It was about then that Daniel mumbled your name."

"So you stopped him?"

Mom laughed lustily. "Of course not. By that point I was way too horny to care who ate me, or whose fat cock thumped my womb silly. We fucked with my legs up over his shoulders, and then he ate me a second time. Now Daniel turned out not to be a man who was fussy about whose sperm he eats. Though these days of course, I always insist on condoms. I must say, you are lucky to have a hubby that is so well equipped."

"Haven't you ever noticed Drew's cock? It's gigantic."

It was my turn to blush at the comment. Before the conversation resumed, Mom sucked Evette's left nipple into her mouth, burrowing inside the Santa suit.

"Was there just that one time, Abby?" Evette moaned.

Mom pulled her head up again, but kept her fingers busy inside Santa's lap. "Well, if I'm confessing, I better tell you that you weren't Daniel's first fuck on your wedding night either. I made sure that I was coming out of the ladies just as he went for a piss. To catch his attention, I sighed, pretending to be bothered by the heat. As soon as he looked over, I began tugging at my dress, adjusting it around my hips and tits. No man can help but get excited by that little trick. I was glad I had worn stockings, as that gave me an excuse to put one leg after the other up high in a chair in the lobby and check the seams. I made a show out of that, my hands working all over my legs, starting from my knees down to my toes, and then up again to my thighs. I lifted the hem of my dress so that I could refasten each garter, taking lots of time to give Daniel a good show. I took my time, doing each leg slowly, and then I stood up straight and tugged my dress down, as if straightening the hem. That caused the low cut neck to plunge below my tits, which were displayed rather nicely I thought in a shelf bra which lifted them without covering the top half. Daniel got a good look at my nipples as I shoved my tits back into the dress. I was facing Daniel by this point, and made a point of looking at his crotch. I asked him how he intended to piss with such a hard cock. He couldn't speak in response, so I took him by the hand into the men's room. Luckily no one was there, so I whipped his cock out and held it at a urinal. 'See,' I told him, 'no pee.' Then I sucked him off and swallowed a mouthful of cum. He was so excited it only took a few seconds of suction. I kissed him still holding his organ, feeling the urethra fill with pee. Then I licked the slit, tasting his urine before I released the stream into the urinal."

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