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"You really must relax. Really." Gina cooed huskily into Wendy's ear, lightly flicking her tongue along the trembling, young office clerk's earlobe. It was only her first week on the job and Wendy never expected to be assailed with such an aggressive seduction as this. Her heart was beating so hard, she thought it would burst. Her legs were trembling like a windblown leaf on an autumn bough, sandwiched on each side of the senior company executive's warm, silken clad thighs.

The woman planted her lips firmly against Wendy's mouth, practically causing her to melt where she stood. If not for the fact that Gina had her in a firm hold around the waist, Wendy thought she'd fall to the floor like a quivering mass of jelly. Gina slid her darting, snake-like tongue gracefully into the wet recesses of the teen's mouth. The pretty blonde could not but comply with the sweltering waltz applied by Gina's succulent kiss. Her head was spinning and there was nothing she could or wanted to do about it.

"MMMmmm...that-a-girl..." Gina coaxed between one lingering kiss to another. She moved her hands lower onto Wendy's soft, smooth backside, her hands finding the side-zipper and pulling it down. The supple, conservative plaid skirt fell to the floor leaving her in only her panties and blouse. Gina gently caressed the yellow nylon brief, as she nuzzled delicious kisses on Wendy's long, slender, white neck. "Oh, my..." Wendy gasped breathlessly, the tight clench of her supervisor's teeth nibbled hotly along her neck. Gina placed her fingers into the waist-band of her panties, pulling them down letting them drop to the floor with the now discarded skirt.

She repositioned her sheer, thigh firmly against Wendy's crotch. The girl's downy, blonde muff throbbed achingly and the dampness of her sweet secretions flowed hotly upon Gina's pantyhose. She was becoming more and more delirious as the seconds went by. This whole encounter felt like a dream; a dream she hoped she'd not awaken from. "I am going to lick you like an ice-cream cone." Gina stated with a hard ring of commanding sincerity as she quickly unbuttoned Wendy's blouse. "And you are going to love every bit of it, my sweet, teen doll." She continued, shedding the blouse from the girl's shoulders, deftly unfastened her bra.

Wendy was nearly completely nude except for her buff brown leather pumps. She was astonished that such a thing could be happening to her. Even her boyfriend never got this far. Gina lowered her mouth to her pert pink nipple and suckled greedily at the creamy mound of Wendy's heaving breasts taking equal time to taste, lick, suck and kiss each one in turn Her tummy was a flurry with a flock of violent butterflies. "O-kaaayyy..." she managed to moan while Gina's thigh pressed harder yet against her soppy love-nest. No one, least of all another woman had ever feasted so delightfully at her breasts and she was loving every bit of it.

"I do just love teenage girls. I was just a teen when I had my first lady. I was even younger than you, by the way." Gina said as she pushed her young charge away at half-arm length. "My first time was with my piano teacher, Miss Desmond. I was fourteen. She showed me everything...just like I'm going to show you, Wendy." Wendy felt her self being turned around to face the large oak desk that dominated the office chamber. Gina pushed up against her from behind, grabbed a strong, tight handful of her golden hair saying, "You just relax, pretty girl. Let Ms. Gina show you everything!"

Wendy felt herself being forced face down against the unyielding, hard wood surface. Gina held her down steadily, and not at all gently. The woman's perfume engulfed her as she felt the pressure of Gina's body plastered against her back. She began to yelp shrilly as Gina's gleaming, sharp white teeth bit down on her shoulders. If ever there was real pleasure in pain, this was certainly it. Flailing fingers found their way into the succulent crevice of cheeks making her buck uncontrollably. However, she was planted stationary with little room to squirm as Gina bit and nibbled her way down the sleek slope of her back until finally finding her way to her fanny.

A long, thin finger pressed against her virginal rear rose-bud as Gina's tongue slid and flicked into the crevice of her cheeks. Wendy could not contain herself, letting out a loud, long moan' "OOOooohhh!!!" as Gina's digit probed deeply up to the knuckle inside her. Her bum felt a-flame as the woman's sharp fingernail scraped like a talon. Her pussy was gushing wet, creaming her inner thighs with their honey-juice as Gina ate at her with greedy abandon. "Oh, oh, oh, MY GOD!" She wailed at the anal assault. "Yes, baby, let it out. We're all alone..." Gina replied before dipping back down into Wendy's ass.

Wendy came like a rushing river. Orgasm upon orgasm ripped through her senses like nothing she could ever have imagined. Gina drank deeply of her ass, alternatingly playing her fingers to her glistening snatch. Before she knew it, Wendy had finally crumpled to the floor in a breathless heap. Tears streaked down her crimson-blushed cheeks, rivulets of mascara staining her features. Her hair was a mess and she was shaking with ecstasy.

Gina stood over her prostate figure, looking down at her with smug satisfaction. Her skirt suit was even wrinkled. "Well, that wasn't so bad now, was it?" She stated matter-of-factly. "Don't you worry your pretty little head over it though. There's yet more to learn and I have every intention of showing you everything." Gina kicked the girl's rumpled heap of clothes at her, "Get dressed. You're coming home with me."

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by plumberdon08/10/17

Short and nice

Well done I hop there is more.

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