tagBDSMEverything Has a Price Ch. 03

Everything Has a Price Ch. 03


The ride to the restaurant was short and we arrived well in time for our reservation. On arrival we made for the bar and I ordered our drinks and within a few minutes we were sitting at our table.

My wife picked up one of the menus the waiter had left and started to peruse the choices on offer. I tried to do the same, but sitting opposite my beautiful wife and thinking back to what we'd been doing before we left the house, I was more than a little distracted.

"What are you having?" She asked, stirring me from my daydream.


"What are you having?" She repeated, smiling and tilting her head to one side.

"Oh, erm....I haven't actually looked at the menu."

I realised that the waitress was standing by my side and felt rather foolish.

"I'll come back in a few minutes," said the waitress.

"Thanks," I said as she disappeared.

No sooner had she left us than I felt my wife's bare foot pressing into my groin and squeezing my hardening cock against my thigh. I looked down and then straight at her but she was feigning ignorance.

"Well, I like the look of the mushrooms to start," she said, the ball of her foot rubbing hard against my cock.

I decided the best thing to do was to play along and so I returned my attention to the menu.

"Mmm, I might have the....erm, pate."

She raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.

"And then, I think the pie looks nice..." I added.

Again the raised eyebrow but no comment.

"I'm going to have the lamb," she said decisively.

The waitress returned and we ordered our food, but still she kept rubbing my cock with her foot. We talked as if nothing untoward was happening under the table and when eventually the starters arrived, I felt her foot pull away from my aching cock.

"That's enough for now," she said as the waitress turned to leave.

"Thank you Mistress," I whispered.

She looked at me for a second, wondering whether to tell me to say it again only louder, but eventually thought better of it. It was our local restaurant after all, so instead she smiled and whispered back 'Good slave'.

The rest of the meal was uneventful, the food was delicious and we both had the sickliest dessert on the menu. Consequently, when we arrived home at about 10:45 we felt like doing nothing more than laying down and going to sleep, or I certainly did.

However, Mistress wasn't quite so snoozy, and she'd drunk quite a bit of wine, which generally makes her horny. So no sooner had my head hit the pillow, than she threw back the covers and moved down the bed to suck my rapidly growing cock. She really went for it, pulling on my balls and stroking me every which way as her tongue flicked over the head of my cock, until finally I couldn't take any more.

"I'm getting close," I warned her, but she kept sucking and pumping me harder.

I repeated my warning, but she paid me no heed, her mouth sucking harder as if trying to vacuum the cum out of my balls.

I felt my cock twitching and my balls starting to tighten and was about to repeat my warning a third time when she let my cock slip out of her mouth and then moved up the bed to kiss me. I tasted my cock on her breath and felt my wet cock throbbing against my stomach. As our tongues flicked against each other I was unsure as to whether I had just been put to the test or whether the alcohol had made her forget that I was in chastity. Then again, if she made me cum was that okay? I presumed not. My wife kissed me for some time, said 'good night' and fell asleep almost as soon as she turned over, but I lay awake for some time, my cock throbbing desperately and with a very full stomach.

- - -

I awoke first and got up almost straight away, I still felt kind of full and I've never been the laying in bed for no reason sort. I went downstairs and read for a while and eventually heard my wife getting out of bed.

After a few minutes the door opened and she stood there in here dressing gown, obviously feeling a bit rough but looking delicious as usual. My cock stirred into life again as I watched her bare legs carry her to the kitchen. It was already quite warm for the time of year and I was looking forward to the summer when I would get to see her gorgeous legs and feet more often.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said, not sounding particularly great. "Just need some headache tablets."

She returned from the kitchen with a glass of water and two painkillers which she quickly swallowed. She obviously wasn't in the mood for talking so I let her read in peace, while I went for a walk.

We live in a fair sized village and you can easily walk for the better part of an hour if you want to, so long as you don't mind some pointless walking up and down streets that are next to each other. It never bothered me, I always took my iPod when I walked alone and I found that I tended to drift off thinking about other stuff as I went through the motions of exercise. Needless to say I had plenty to think about as I walked.

On my return I found that my wife had gone back to bed, her hangover really starting to kick in and so I was left to ponder my thoughts for some time longer. I mean, the last thing a hungover woman wants is her husband asking her stupid questions, right? Right! So I left her alone to sleep it off.

- - -

By the evening she was feeling better and we watched a film together. When it finished we both decided an early night would be a good idea and so we turned in at just after 10pm. As she snuggled against me, I felt my cock stirring again and finally had to ask about the previous night.

"Umm, you know last night....did you forget that I wasn't supposed to cum?"

I felt her suppressing a laugh, and then after a moments she said, "Maybe..."

"So what was I supposed to do?" I asked, comically feigning exasperation.

She laughed out loud now and looked up at me, her hand curling around my stiff cock.


She suddenly looked serious and let go of my cock.

"Remember who's in charge here," she said, suddenly taking on the persona of my Mistress for a few seconds, before laughing again.

She settled back down and her hand crept back to where my cock lay waiting. Her fingers encircled it once more and began a very slow stroking motion.

"Okay...I forgot, I was drunk, you know..."

"So what would have happened if you'd have made me cum?"

"I don't know..."

"Would you have punished me?"

"I don't know..." she repeated, her fingernails digging into my cock slightly.

I took that as a warning to shut up and did so immediately. She continued stroking my cock softly, until I started gently pumping my hips to increase the effect. Sensing my movements she held her hand still and told me that if I wanted to do that then I could do all the work. I tried for a few minutes but it was nowhere near as satisfying as being stroked and eventually I apologised and asked her to continue. She stroked me another three or four times and then let go altogether.

"Perhaps in future you'll learn that I decide how much pleasure you get, not you?" She said curtly.

"Yes Mistress. I'm sorry Mistress."

I wanted to beg her to touch me again, but even I could see that that was in complete contradiction to what I'd just said and besides, she was already turning over to go to sleep. I nestled against her, enjoying the feeling of her asscheeks rubbing against my throbbing hard-on ass she pushed them back towards me. We lay there silently as I gently stroked her stomach with my left hand and kissed her shoulder and back until we both fell asleep.

I woke up at 1 in the morning, still rock hard, and aware of a light film of pre-cum coating the tip of my cock. For the first time since I had agreed to this period of chastity I was feeling quite desperate to cum, and we hadn't even passed the first week yet. I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, but my cock was absolutely throbbing and it was everything I could do not to get up and go to the bathroom to toss myself off. I lay there for another ten minutes or so, my aching shaft pulsing in time with my heart beat, until my eyes closed and I started to drift off....

I was almost asleep when I felt my hand gently close around my cock and give it a very firm squeeze, then a very hard tug. Suddenly I was awake again and aware of what I had just done, I pulled my hand away even though every sexual part of my brain was screaming at me to pound my cock in my fist and to make myself cum.

"Go on," said a voice in my head. "She doesn't have to know..."

I ignored the voice, but felt my hand slowly creeping back towards my cock. I pulled it away again and lay there thinking about what I had just done and thankfully before anything else happened I fell asleep.

- - -

When I woke up in the morning, I knew I had to confess my crime. I also knew that I should confess as soon as possible, or risk further punishment for my misdemeanour. I turned over and saw my wife laying next to me. Her eyes half open. After we had exchanged pleasantries I stole myself and confessed.

"Mistress, I have a confession to make."

Her eyes opened fully.

"Last night, I woke up at about 1am and my cock was really hard and.... well, I touched it."

My wife made a tutting noise and sighed somewhat theatrically.

"I know Mistress, I'm sorry, I couldn't stop myself."

"Really slave, you haven't even gone a week yet."

"I know Mistress. I'm so sorry..."

She smiled an evil smile and moved closer to me.

"I'm sure you can think of a way to make it up to me."

She pushed me under the covers and I soon found myself in my favourite place, laying between her gorgeous thighs and tasting her beautiful pussy. This didn't seem like much of a 'punishment' to me at all, and hardly much of a discouragement! Almost on cue, the covers where lifted and I looked up to see her looking down at me.

"I'm sure you realise this isn't your punishment slave, but you know the better you make me cum the more lenient I'm likely to be."

"Yes Mistress. Thank You Mistress."

"And slave.... I'm thinking of the paddle, so if I were you, I'd make it really, really good."

"Yes Mistress, I will Mistress."

The thought of the paddle spurred me on to a stellar performance which culminated in a huge orgasm for my Mistress. I struggled to keep my tongue in touch with her clit as she bucked wildly on the bed, so strong were her convulsions. But I knew even that couldn't save me from some discomfort. As I lay under the sheets, lapping the juices from Mistress's inner thighs and waiting for her to recover, my thoughts turned to the paddle and the punishment to come.

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