tagBDSMEverything Has a Price Ch. 04

Everything Has a Price Ch. 04


After she had recovered from her intense orgasm, we lay together for some time. Occasionally I would look over at the clock and see that another twenty minutes had passed, until finally Mistress decided it was time to get up. She threw back the sheets as she got out of bed, exposing my hard cock, but she didn't look back and so didn't notice it. Or perhaps, she was deliberately ignoring it...

I was a little confused. She had led me to believe that I was to be punished for my mistake, and while I knew she'd enjoyed the orgasm I'd given her, I couldn't really believe that I'd completely atoned for my sins.

I waited in the bedroom for a while, to see if she came back, as I was concerned that she might think I was trying to get away without being punished if I got up and got dressed. I heard her go downstairs and close the door and as such I rightly assumed that she wasn't coming back.

I got up and had a quick shower, then made my way downstairs. She was sitting in her chair reading when I came down and I hesitated as I passed her on the way to the kitchen. She didn't look up from her book and after a couple of seconds I continued on my way.

Now I was very confused. I made myself a cup of tea and went and sat next to her for a while but she seemed only to be interested in her book. Eventually I got up and decided to mow the lawn. After I had finished I went back inside and still she was only interested in her book! I eventually gave up and found something to do and the day passed slowly, albeit pleasantly enough.

I was beginning to wonder if this was some kind of test. Was I supposed to remind her about my punishment, if I didn't was I leaving myself open for greater sanction? We were still new at this game, so we really hadn't thrashed out all the rules or protocols. On the other hand, was it my place to ask her? Should I be grateful that she had seemingly let it slide, or was that merely going to be used against me at some later juncture?

Eventually, just as we were about to go to bed, I decided to bring it up.

"Umm, can I ask you something?"

"Yes," she said, looking a little worried.

"It's just that, well.... I thought you were going to punish me for touching my cock."

She looked rather awkward for a moment, and then a little smile crept onto her lips.

"Well I didn't....I didn't really mean it, I was just...."

The disappointment on my face must have been more than apparent, but I tried to bluff it out.

"Oh, okay..."

I got up quickly and went to make my sandwiches for the next day. It wasn't that I particularly relished the feel of the paddle, it's just that...

I heard her come into the kitchen behind me and I felt strangely irritated and a little annoyed. She put her arm around me and kissed me.

"I'm going to bed, I'll see you in a bit."

"Okay," I said, cutting my sandwiches in half and placing them in a Tupperware box.

I heard her climb the stairs and I felt really mad. Mad at myself for being annoyed more than anything. I placed the Tupperware in the fridge ready for the morning and then headed up to bed. When I got there she was reading again and I got into bed beside her and put my arm across her, using my fingers to gently stroke her stomach.

After a while she put her book down and turned out the light. We lay together again, just as we had at the start of the day, only now I was tense and irritable. I think she must have picked up on this, because after a few minutes she asked me if I was okay. At first I said I was and then a few minutes later I admitted I wasn't...

"It's just, you said you were going to punish me, and...."

"I know..." she said.

There was a short silence.

"...and I was going to, it's just that... it feels a bit weird."


"Well, I've never done that before... except when we're in a session."

"Oh, right..."

The penny dropped. She was right, we had been having regular monthly BDSM sessions for years, but inbetween times we were almost totally 'vanilla'. Now she felt awkward because she wasn't used to doing things like using the paddle on me without the familiar setting of the 'session' to reassure her it was okay. It hadn't occurred to me before, but now it made total sense.

On the one hand I was pleased that she had said she had intended to and that it hadn't just been a lot of hot air, but on the other I was at a bit of a loss as to how to negotiate this little problem. We lay together for a while longer and then she made a suggestion.

"What if, we had a little 'session' once a week, just until I get used to the idea?"

"Okay," I said, more than pleased that she wanted to meet the problem head-on rather than hoping it would go away.

"Like, say, every Friday or something. I could keep a note of any confessions you had made and then on Friday I could punish you for them?"

"Well, if that's the way you want to do it, that's fine."

"I know it's not ideal, but I think it might help me to get used to the idea..."

"Okay, let's do that then."

We kissed goodnight and then settled down to go to sleep, my cock already throbbing as I thought about the following Friday.

- - -

The working week was fairly uneventful. I was allowed to worship Mistress's pussy on the Tuesday night and in return she gave me a rather short period of extremely mild teasing. Mindful of the Friday session, I just managed to resist moving my hips as she stroked my cock infuriatingly softly. I desperately wanted to plead with her to stroke harder and faster, but as she had already made plain, it was for her to decide the level of pleasure I was to receive, not me.

Friday finally arrived and I was on edge all day, waiting for the evening to come. I arrived home at 5:30 to find Mistress waiting for me. Once again she told me to go straight upstairs and to shower and shave and then come to her in the bedroom. As before I was shaved and out of the shower in record time, only this time when I went into the bedroom she wasn't lying on the bed with her legs spread wide. Instead, she was sitting, fully clothed on the end of the bed. Not only that, but she was holding the paddle in her right hand and tapping it on her denim clad knee.

I felt slightly self conscious being naked while she was fully dressed, but strangely aroused by it at the same time. It just reinforced the idea of her supremacy over me, and made my balls feel slightly heavier with the 12 day load they were now carrying.

She stood up and held out my leather cuffs.

"Put these on," she said.

I took them and fastened them around my wrists as instructed and then she ordered me onto the bed on all fours. She quickly secured my wrists to the ties that are permanently affixed to the bedposts and then she slowly dragged the paddle down my back. The leather felt cold on my warm skin and I almost jumped when I first felt it.

Mistress chuckled at my edginess and reached between my legs to stroke my balls. After a few moments she curled her fingers around them and pulled them down in a slow, deliberate movement.

"Your balls still feel nice and full slave, I hope they are..."

"They are Mistress," I responded.

"They'd better be," she said

She seemed to be slipping into her role easily enough, I couldn't quite see what the problem was. Still, if this was the way she wanted to do it, who was I to argue?

Her hand moved further forward and she gave my cock a hard squeeze, causing me to let out a deep groan.

"Feels good to have your cock touched doesn't it slave?"

"Yes Mistress," I groaned, truly grateful for some strong stimulation after her lighter than light stroking earlier in the week.

Almost immediately she let go, leaving me aching for her to touch me again.

"Unfortunately slave, someone can't keep his hands to himself, isn't that right?"

"Yes Mistress."

"I hope you haven't repeated that infraction during the last week?"

"No Mistress."

"Are you sure slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Even though I deliberately made your teasing session on Tuesday rather short and very... for want of a better word, unsatisfying?"

I moaned softly in the knowledge that she had deliberately stroked me agonisingly softly, seemingly for no other reason than to try and provoke me into breaking her rules again.

"Yes Mistress."

She paused for a moment to drag the paddle across my ass, teasing me with it and ramping up the tension.

"And do you have anything else to confess?"

"No Mistress."

"Are you sure slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Really slave? You haven't touched your cock, or... sniffed my dirty panties, or... touched my pussy or ass when I was asleep?"

"No Mistress," I replied honestly though the slight tremble in my voice probably made me sound as guilty as sin.

"You like the sound of those things though don't you slave, even though you know you're not allowed to do any of them?"

"Yes Mistress..." I didn't actually know I wasn't allowed to do all those things before, but I certainly did now!

She let out a small chuckle and dragged the paddle across my ass one more time.

"Good slave. Well, as promised I have taken into account your excellent performance on Sunday morning, and after much deliberation I have decided on your pun...."


The first stroke came out of nowhere and I cried out more from the shock than the actual pain, which was minimal.

She waited a few seconds and then continued...

"Well it seems that someone has forgotten the drill already, so we shall start again."

Damn, I was so surprised by her first smack that I forgot to count the stroke and thank her for it.

"Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress."

She started again and landed four fairly soft slaps to my ass, which I counted off in turn and thanked her for. Then she upped the ante somewhat, and delivered another four strokes which were somewhat harder than the earlier ones, and each harder than the last. I was soon gritting my teeth as I counted and wondering how many strokes I would have to endure.

She paused for a moment and then leaned down to look at my face.

"Is that sufficient to dissuade you from touching MY cock, slave?"

"Yes Mistress," I answered, even though deep down I knew damn well it wasn't.

"Hmm.... well I'm not so sure about that slave... It seems to me that it's going to take a little more than a few slaps to make you think twice, wouldn't you agree slave?"

"Yes Mistress, if it pleases you Mistress."

"Really, well that's strange because not thirty seconds ago you just told me that your punishment was sufficient, did you not?"

"Err... yes Mistress."

"Oh dear slave...you really are getting yourself in all sorts of bother aren't you?"

"Yes Mistress. I really am sorry Mistress..."

"Hmm, I'm sure you are slave.... So I tell you what, why don't you tell me how many strokes you think would dissuade you?"

"Umm, I don't know Mistress."

"Really slave, surely you must have some idea?"

"Well, I.... I don't really know Mistress."

"What about a hundred slave, that should do the trick?"

"If it pleases you Mistress!" I almost squealed.

She looked into my eyes and smiled...


I couldn't bring myself to respond but my face must have conveyed to her that I thought that was more than I could cope with at present.

She straightened up.

"Yes, maybe you're right, I can't expect you to take that kind of beating without building up to it can I....so then, I tell you what slave, why don't you pick a number between one and four."

"Err, three Mistress."

"Good slave, I'll pick four... so three times four, that's another twelve strokes, do you think that will do the trick?"

"Yes Mistress," I said, thinking twelve more strokes sounded a hell of a lot better than a hundred!

"Hmm, we'll see...."

Mistress started the next four strokes, moving them up one notch in intensity from the previous set. I counted them off and thanked her for each of them and then she paused for a few moments as she pondered the remaining strokes.

"I think I might try something different now slave..."

"If it pleases you Mistress," I hissed through clenched teeth.

"Don't bother to try and count these slave."

As soon as she finished speaking she brought the paddle down six times in rapid succession, causing me to wobble on the bed as my arms trembled and I held my breath as I tried to blank out the stinging that spread across my backside.

"Two left slave..." said Mistress. "You may count these."

I felt the paddle slap down very hard against my right cheek, causing me to wince loudly before remembering to count.

"Nineteen, thank you Mistress."

She repeated the strike on my left side and I counted once more, utterly relieved that my punishment was over.

"Twenty................... thank you Mistress."

I felt the paddle slam into my backside one more time.

"Too slow slave!"

"Twenty one thank you Mistress!!!" I countered rapidly.

She dropped the paddle on the bed and then I felt her hand gently rubbing my reddened arse. Fairly quickly it moved down between my legs once more to where my cock now hung limply. It didn't take long for her to coax it back to life, but as soon as it was fully hard she took her hand away, once again leaving me totally frustrated and desperate.

She undid the ties on my cuffs and told me to sit up on my knees. I gladly did so, my cock sticking out in front of me, aching for her attention. Despite the fact that she was just wearing a T-shirt and jeans, she looked every bit a Goddess to me. I felt quite overwhelmed by my feelings for her and I felt my jaw start to tremble slightly. She noticed this and gave me an affectionate smile, before ordering me to get down on the floor on my knees. I eagerly moved into position on the carpet and watched as she came and stood right in front of me.

"Undo my jeans," she said softly.

I reached up and undid the button which held her jeans together and then slowly slid the zip down. As I did so her jeans parted and I saw her pink knickers, I could instantly smell her pussy and I was absolutely desperate to taste her.

"Pull them down," she continued, and I slowly and carefully pulled her jeans down until they were around her ankles.

I was so desperate to push my face into her pussy and lick her gorgeous slit. She was obviously turned on as there were some damp marks beginning to show on the thin cotton that covered her delicious pussy and that made it all the harder for me to keep a respectful distance.

She turned around and I was presented with her beautiful ass, covered only with a thin layer of cotton. My cock throbbed and bobbed and it was all I could do to keep my hands at my sides, despite my very recent 'correction'.

She bent forward over the bed and told me that I was permitted to press my face between her legs. I carefully pushed my face forward and through the pink material I could smell her arousal and knew that just inches from my mouth was her delicious pussy and tight little asshole. Right then I would have given almost anything to have been allowed to pull those panties down and worship her gorgeous pussy and ass. A hundred smacks of the paddle would have been willingly traded... if only she had asked, but sadly this was not an option that was available to me.

After less than half a minute, Mistress pulled herself back up and pushed me away. She turned around and looked down at me, noting my throbbing erection with immense satisfaction. She used her left hand to lift up her T-shirt and then played her right across her stomach before gently lowering it inside her panties. I could see her knuckles through the thin pink cotton as she stroked her wet pussy lips and clit and I knew my jaw was really trembling now.

Satisfied that she had me exactly where she wanted me, she removed her fingers from her pussy and lifted them to her mouth, gently licking and sucking each one dry. I watched her, feeling completely helpless and under her power, knowing that I was utterly under her spell and hers to use as she pleased. She could have done anything to me at this point, no request would have been denied, but instead she smiled down at me and said "Good slave, you may get dressed and go and look after the dinner."

I looked up at her, more than a little put out and rather bemused.

She smiled mischievously at me in a way which clearly warned me 'you started this game and if you want me to keep playing along you'll do exactly as you're told'.

I looked down and stared longingly at her panty covered crotch once more, my tongue involuntarily licking my lips as I struggled to accept her order.

"Slave," she said sternly. "You may go!"

"Yes Mistress," I finally managed to reply. "Thank you Mistress."

I rose to my feet and moved slowly towards the door, my eyes refusing to relinquish their grip on her body.

"I'll be along in a while, I just have to take care of something first..."

I left her alone in the bedroom and she pointedly shut the door behind me. As I got dressed I looked down at my poor aching cock and for the first time wondered if I had made a huge mistake by asking her to control me in this way. Here I was, pulling on my clothes and struggling desperately not to touch my aching prick, while she was obviously getting herself off before dinner! I mean, how did this happen!

Once I was dressed and downstairs looking after the dinner, I realised that it was no mistake. My cock had softened somewhat and was still a constant reminder of my state, but I felt strangely happy and content, knowing that my beautiful Mistress was pleasuring herself and no doubt giving herself the one thing that I was definitely not allowed to.

As I stuck a knife in the potatoes to check they were cooked, I heard her footsteps coming down the stairs. I turned round and saw her entering the kitchen, her face was flushed and she smiled at me lovingly, she looked as gorgeous then as I had ever seen her and once again I felt completely under her spell and completely smitten in her presence.

We said no more about what had gone on until we were in bed together, where she dropped something of a bombshell and showed that she knew me better than I ever thought possible.

She said... "I don't really think any amount of paddling would stop you touching your cock... but I think denying you the taste of my pussy might..."

I was shocked, but I had to agree and I swore to myself that that would be the last time I ever touched my cock without permission.

It simply wasn't worth it...

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