tagBDSMEverything Has a Price Ch. 10

Everything Has a Price Ch. 10


Author's note: Once again thanks for all the feedback, I love hearing your views. Don't forget this will be the last story posted under Malibuman666, in future look out for Robert_Anthony, thanks all.

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Thursday morning started like pretty much every recent morning. I woke up, hard as rock and with precum coating the head of my cock. I got up quickly, knowing that if I stayed in bed it would be impossible to resist the temptation to touch my throbbing prick. I ate breakfast and headed off to work, hoping to make the day go quickly so that I could get home and finally get to see my beautiful Mistress's shaven pussy.

It was about 11:30 when I got the phone call. It was my Mistress of course.. with some bad news. She told me her colleague Joanne had suddenly fallen ill and as she was supposed to work at some exhibition in London for the next few days, the company needed someone to do her job for her. She said she had tried to get out of it, but there was so few people working there and she knew if she didn't do it it would reflect badly on her, so she really had no choice.

As if this wasn't bad enough, she had to leave this afternoon, before I even got home! So I wouldn't be seeing her again until Saturday afternoon. I couldn't believe it. I tried to sound sympathetic as I knew she wouldn't really want to do that kind of work unless she could help it, but I was crushed inside. I hated being apart from my wife at the best of times... but now, this week, why did this have to happen now?

She said she was leaving work now to go home and pack and that she would be getting the train to London at 4pm because they had to be there overnight ready to open first thing tomorrow. She asked me if I would pick her up from the station on Saturday afternoon at about 3pm. I said of course I would, but how was she getting to the station this afternoon?

She seemed reluctant to tell me, but eventually said that she was driving home and then Jeff was picking her up once she'd packed her case and taking her to the station. I fought the urge to say something I would regret, but I couldn't resist asking if he was going to London too.

"Yes," she said, sounding a little annoyed.

Terrific. My week just got a whole lot worse. Now not only was I going to be on my own for the next few nights I had to deal with my jealousy and trust issues even though she had told me, indeed spelt it out in no uncertain terms that she would not cuckold me unless she 'told me first'.

Great, so what does that mean, is she going to ring me before she gets into bed with him?

I said goodbye, not particularly warmly it must be said, and seethed my way through the next forty minutes. The phone rang again...and we had a very awkward conversation, where she couldn't really say what she wanted to because she was in an office full of people...

Eventually she said she would ring me tomorrow night, as tonight she would be too busy to talk properly. I said okay, or perhaps 'fine' in that way that means it's anything but, and tried to continue with my day without thinking about her...and him. But it was impossible.

- - -

I arrived home at 5:45, the house was empty save for our sleeping cats Ginger and Roger. God knows why we called them that. Although Ginger was fairly descriptive. I feed them and then set about cooking myself something to eat.

By 9:30 I was drunk. It's not something I was proud of, but it seemed like the only way to deal with the situation, and by 11pm I was asleep.

I woke at 4am, both of the cats draped across my lap, I had fallen asleep in the chair and dropped my glass onto the carpet. Fortunately it had been all but empty anyway. I shooed the cats off my lap, much to their disgust and went upstairs to catch a few hours sleep in a proper bed, before heading back to work once more.

- - -

Arriving home on the Friday, I was still pissed off, but also anxious and desperate to hear from her. I detested being apart from her on every level, not just the physical. Since the day we met we had been inseparable and incredibly this was the longest we had ever spent apart!

I ate my dinner and fed the cats once more, waiting nervously for the phone to ring. The hours passed and still no call. Once again my imagination was running wild as I imagined all sorts of horrible things going on down in London, but I kept telling myself to calm down and get a grip.

When the phone finally rang I snatched it up and was overcome with emotion when I heard her voice at last. I told her how much I was missing her and apologised unreservedly for the way I had been on the phone the previous day. She accepted my apology and said she had been so busy, that she had only just got back from eating dinner (it was nearly ten).

I asked her how it was going, and she sounded very vague about the whole thing, she said it was going okay, it was quite boring, nothing to talk about really etc, etc... I desperately wanted to ask her if 'Jeff' was enjoying himself, but I managed to restrain myself from going down that road. I was quite proud of myself really, even though I felt sure she could sense my irritation with the whole thing.

Eventually I calmed down a little, I was genuinely glad to hear from her and just hearing her voice and being able to chat to her made me feel a lot better. After a little while she asked how I was feeling and I confessed that I was a little 'stressed' but didn't elaborate on that... instead moving on to tell her how horny and desperate I was.

"You haven't touched your cock have you?" She asked, in a serious tone of voice.

"No Mistress," I responded, effortlessly falling into my role.

"Good... just because I can't be there, doesn't mean that anything's changed."

"I know Mistress."

"Still, I know you must be kind of upset about all this...I know you were looking forward to getting to touch me and to see my pussy..."

"Yes I was Mistress."

"...and when you made your choice, neither of us knew this was going to happen, so... for the rest of this phone call I will allow you to rub your cock as much as you like... but only through your clothes, do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress."

"Are you rubbing it now slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Does it feel good slave?"

"Mmm, yes Mistress."

"I bet it does, but it would feel a lot better if you could take it out and stroke it properly wouldn't it?"

"Yes Mistress," I moaned, hopefully.

She chuckled down the phone.

"I bet it would.... but you wouldn't do that without permission would you slave?"

"No Mistress," I said, dolefully

"Good, now listen... I'm quite tired and I need a good night's sleep. I know if you were here you'd love to eat my gorgeous pussy until I came wouldn't you?"

"Of course I would Mistress!"

"Mmm, what a pity you're so far away, I'm really missing your tongue..."

If only she'd have mentioned this earlier I would have gladly gone down to London on the train to take care of her... a two hundred mile round trip would have been nothing for the chance to finally see and taste her shaven pussy...

"...but we can't do anything about that now, so what I want you to do slave... is, I want you to go and get some of my favourite stories and read them down the phone to me until I cum. Will you do that for me?"

"Of course Mistress."

I put the phone down and went to fetch a selection of Mistress's favourite reading materials. I was feeling so much better now, and at least this way I was getting some kind of interaction with my beautiful Mistress instead of sitting around getting drunk and worrying about 'Jeff'.

I returned to the phone and began reading to her, stroking my cock softly through my jeans as I listened to her contented sighs as she stroked herself to orgasm. After about twenty minutes I heard her cum, but kept reading until she told me to stop. I felt over the moon and so close to the edge myself that I had to stop stroking my cock for a few minutes.

Once she recovered, we chatted for a while... normally, just like two people who miss each other and wished they could be together. Finally she said she was getting too sleepy to carry on and thanked me for reading to her so patiently. She reminded me that she needed collecting from the station at 3pm the next day and we reluctantly ended the call.

I slept much better that night and when I woke up I couldn't wait until the afternoon so that I could see her, hold her and kiss her and tell her how much I missed her in person.

- - -

I arrived at the station at 2:45pm to find that my Mistress was already there. I thought that was a bit odd as the train wasn't supposed to get in until just after 3, and the previous one had been due nearly an hour before. But seeing my beautiful wife I forgot all about that, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply, never wanting to let go of her again.

Eventually I relented and let her go, I put her case in my boot and we drove home. She still seemed reluctant to go into too much detail about her trip and I began to get a little suspicious again, but tried desperately not to let it show. The last thing I wanted was an argument now that I had her back home.

I had booked a table at a restaurant as I thought she might like it, but in the event she was too tired to go and I rang and cancelled the reservation. Despite my impatience to see her pussy, I realised that it would be better for me not to push the issue, especially as we were now less than 24 hours from the end of the game.

So we got a takeaway, cuddled up on the sofa and watched a film, before going to bed. We kissed for some time and she gently stroked my aching cock as she told me how proud she was of me for following my instructions so obediently. She said she knew it hadn't been easy and she accepted that I was bound to drop the ball a couple of times, and that overall I'd far exceeded her expectations.

And most importantly, she absolutely promised that I would get to see her freshly shaved pussy tomorrow...

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