tagErotic CouplingsExecutive Platinum Ch. 04

Executive Platinum Ch. 04


I overslept in the morning, it was after seven when I finally awoke. For some reason, I didn't mind. There was no sound from her room, so I quietly left a sticky note on the wall across from her saying I'd be back by 9 and went out on my morning run. Sundays I normally take a longer run.

It was slightly after 9 when I stepped into the back yard to find Gloria sitting in a chase lounge, lying back soaking up the morning sun. She was totally nude except for some stretchy girl briefs that were extremely sexy on her.

"I think I could get used to being naked outside," she said as I sat down on the chair beside her.

"Yeah, but you're not naked."

"I figured if you were going to get into my panties today that I better have some on."

I stood up and bent over to kiss her, running a hand over her breast and down to the shorts where I rubbed her side and onto her bottom as she leaned onto her side into me. "I'm looking forward to it."

"You're sweaty -- go swimming."

I reached down and dropped my shorts as I straightened up, my cock beginning to harden up and flipping toward her face as it cleared my shorts. "A little sex will make you sweaty too." I countered.

"You tempt me," she responded, "but you owe me a second date first."

"What? But I thought..."

She laughed. "Oh don't worry, you don't even have to try and impress me. I'll guarantee I'm a sure thing but you've got a cock that needs a whole lot more teasing before I'm ready to be had."

I took a swim, she went inside and got a towel which she held up for me as I got out of the pool. I wiped my face and chest as she turned away. I dropped the towel and spun her back to me, pulling her against me, nothing between us except her shorts. My cock was no longer just semi rigid. I pulled my mouth to hers, she responded in kind, her hands gripping my naked ass, mine sliding down over her cloth covered ass, squeezing the firm globes I found there.

"You've got a great ass" she said.

"So do you" I answered.

"I'll tell my aerobics instructor you think so. She said she'd get me back in shape." She pushed me away.

"Here's the plan. Feed me. Then we're going to do something, you owe me a second date. And then what do you say we play with whatever pops up?" She reached out her hand pushing my erection to one side. "You really need to put that thing away." She turned and began to walk away.

I stepped forward quickly, reached down and swatted her bottom, she bent a little and wiggled it at me in response. "Cocktease!"


I made breakfast, during which I came up with the perfect thing to do. I told her casual, shorts and t-shirt would do.

She wanted to know where we were going, I didn't tell her until we pulled into the parking lot at the beach. I told her to take her shoes off, which I did also, putting my wallet and ID and keys inside before I got out of the car, checking first to see if anyone was watching. I have a car door key that I keep on a leather that goes around my neck when I'm running, but put everything else into the trunk. I pulled out a blanket that I keep along with a bottle of sunscreen that I slipped into my pocket, and locked the trunk.

"What's the blanket for?"

"Sand gets hot, gives you something to sit on that's a little cooler."


We walked over to the surf line, hand in hand, letting the wave's wash over our feet as we worked our way south. It wasn't far and the noontime crowd eased appreciably. I spotted the first nudist on a blanket, not saying anything to Gloria as we passed him. She missed him completely as she wasn't looking toward the cliff. She didn't miss it moments later, a couple walking towards us getting their feet wet also, and both totally naked.

"Where are we?" she asked, after they'd passed.

"Black's Beach. It's pretty much clothing optional, been that way for years. I just thought you'd said you'd go topless on the beach if you had the chance again -- so here's your chance." I turned up onto the dry sand, walked a bit further to where it leveled off and spread the blanket.

She looked both ways, realizing that up ahead were numerous naked people, and at least one back toward where we'd come from.

"Are you serious?" she asked. In response, I undid my shorts, letting them drop along with my underwear to the blanket, and then removed my shirt.

"Let's go swimming." Her eyes bugged in response.

"I, uh, I don't know...."

Her apprehension was obvious, I didn't push it. "I'll be right back," I said, walking nonchalantly toward the surf.

There was no one else in the immediate area, I could see the naked couple still walking North along the beach away from us. I figured to give Gloria time to get used to the idea, but if she'd decided she could go topless on South Beach, it wasn't much of a step to going naked on Black's Beach.

I took a plunge into the normally cool and invigorating Southern California water, got beyond the surf break and tread water waiting for a wave. I finally caught a wave only to realize that body surfing naked allowed my pecker to flutter in the water. I realized I'd never body surfed naked before.

I hadn't brought towels, but used my hands to wipe the water off my face and was practically dry by the time I got back to the blanket where she was sitting.

"It's just like at home -- except the water is salty and there happen to be a few other people around." I said as I took a seat on the blanket. I lay down on my back, watching Gloria through my sunglasses without moving my head. She glanced around one more time, then proceeded to remove her shirt, shaking and folding it before placing it at the top of the blanket. She pulled her shorts off by raising her hips rather than standing up, folded them and put them with her shirt. Nervously she looked around once again, and removed her bra, leaving her in the same stretchy briefs she'd had on at the pool at home.

I sat up, fished the lotion out of my shorts and began putting it on. When I finished my front, I handed her the bottle. "Do my back?" She took it and I rolled over onto my front. She started at my shoulders, worked her way down, skipping my butt as she went to all the way down to my feet. I was about to say something when she returned to my bottom.

"I can tell you go naked a lot, your bottom is already somewhat tanned."

"Uh-huh. Not surprised. I don't lay out much, don't come here much either, but I go naked at home most of the time. I thought maybe you were being bashful for a moment."

"Just saving the best for last. And your ass is definitely the best." She squeezed my right bun needlessly, then swatted my left. "That's for swatting me earlier."

"Did you like it?"

"That's beside the point. Do me?" I sat up and took the bottle from her. She glanced around once more, rolled over and lay face down on the blanket. As she did, she raised her hips and slid her briefs off, tossing them onto the pile of clothes up top.

I started at her feet, rubbing lotion into every inch of skin. I did her bottom when I went by, sliding my fingers between her legs, not quite touching her labia. I ran my hand along her butt crack, not spreading her cheeks just making sure she had protection, then moved on up her back and shoulders. She had her arms by her side, I did them too, then told her to roll over. She rolled over, face up.

I moved back down to her feet and started over, gradually moving up her body. I worked up one leg, working to her crotch before starting over on the other. When I reached her crotch the second time, I didn't hesitate to touch where I'd so desperately wanted to for two days. She made no effort to stop me.

Her pussy lips protruded slightly, her clit hidden. She wasn't clean shaven, however her pubic hair was thin and ran in rows to the center of her body. I wasn't sure whether she trimmed closely or that's just the way her hair grew. I spread the lotion around her thighs so there was little left on my fingers when I reached her pubic hair. I slid my fingers down over her labia, dragging my middle finger between her lips and across her clit. I wasn't spreading lotion, I was blatantly fondling her. The only lotion I got on her clit was her own moisture, and she was definitely wet. I looked up at her face, her lower lip was between her teeth.

I didn't linger, but proceeded up her stomach, covering her breasts and chest, feeling her slightly hard nipples stiffen up even more as I rubbed them with lotion. By the time I got done, my cock had stiffened up quite a bit also. I glanced around, I'd been on nude beaches enough to know that obvious arousal is generally a no-no. No one was near; I made no effort to hide it. I finished up with her neck, then reached out and removed Gloria's sunglasses before gently rubbing lotion into her face.

"You've got the best hands," she said as I began to put her sunglasses back on. I inadvertently stuck them in her ear of course, she took them from me and finished putting them on.

"And you've got the best body." I answered.

"I noticed you liked it."

"Is this part of your cock teasing?" I asked laughing.

"Oh no -- this you've done all on your own."

"So there you go, it isn't so bad, is it?"

"God I feel so naughty! This whole weekend -- I swear, if I told my girlfriend or daughter what I've done they seriously wouldn't believe me. This is so unlike anything I've ever done."

"Didn't you say you were going to take a little walk on the wild side?"

"Actually I think you described it with those words, but it certainly has been."

Gloria lay on her back soaking up the sun for a few minutes as we talked. I sat up, feeling the heat of the sun again, looking around. "Come on, let's get wet." I grabbed her hand and pulled her up, continued to hold her hand as we went down to the water.

"Crap, that's cold!" she said as the first wave splashed her legs. I pulled her in deeper.

"It's not that bad, just the first splash feels cold. Best thing is to take a running jump, get wet and then it doesn't feel so bad." I let go, high stepped into deeper water, until I half fell, half dove forward into the water. A few moments later, she caught up with me where I was half treading, half bouncing against the bottom as the water rose and fell.

"I can't believe how much I absolutely LOVE swimming naked. It's so -- delicious! In fact I can't believe how much I enjoy being naked. Who ever would have thunk it?"

We got back in to where we were thigh deep in the water when I noticed the couple walking back down the beach past us. The girl waved, the guy bobbed his head in recognition, obviously checking us out. We both waved back.

"Did you see him checking me out?" Gloria asked.

"I don't know, did you see me checking her out?"

"I thought you said I had the best body?"

"And how am I to know that if I don't check out the competition?"

As we came up onto the beach, Gloria took my hand and turned south. "Wanna go for a walk?"

"Are you up for it?" I asked, somewhat surprised after her earlier bashfulness.

"I don't know if I could alone, but if you go..."

The area where we'd been was fairly uninhabited, however about a quarter of a mile ahead there were many more people. Some swimming, some sunbathing, others walking around like we were. Not all were nude, but most were. We walked maybe a mile down the beach before we turned and retraced our steps.

Approaching our blanket, we could see where a new group had set up not too far from us. They appeared to be two young couples, as we got closer it became clear that they were. Not just young, but pretty good looking also.

"Ok Gloria, no comparing asses as we walk by."

"I doubt you've got anything to be worried about the way you work out. But I won't say a thing if you don't compare boobs."

"You seem to worry a lot about your boobs for a gal that has a dynamite body."

"Go ahead, say it: dynamite body for a 38 year old."

"Or a 28 year old."

"You know who that looks like? That looks like, what did you call her? On the plane? Oh my god -- I think it is!"

I looked closer, and there was no doubt. "Eye-Candy" was one of the two knockout blondes with two men that were obviously Marines, both had crew cuts and chiseled bodies. They'd set up their blankets and towels just a feet from where our gear was. As we walked up toward our blanket, we passed within just a few feet of the four which gave us plenty of time to review our new neighbor's bodies.

"Eye Candy" was just as good looking naked as she had been on the airplane. She had a completely smooth snatch, with only a small landing strip above. Her tits were definitely artificial, much bigger than either Gloria or her friend, but very nice to look at. The other girl had natural B cup boobs, one of which had a pierced nipple with a small ring hanging from it. Unlike Eye Candy, she was completely bald. Both girls had thong bikini bottom marks, but it was obvious they'd spent quite a bit of time topless from the lack of untanned skin. Glancing at the guys, they were also completely shaved, making their cocks look quite large.

They saw us approaching the blanket, I saw Eye Candy glance at us with a second glance a moment later. A slight double take, but I could tell she didn't really recognize us, nor did she show a hint of bashfulness. As her manner on the airplane had said, she didn't mind showing off a bit. As we got right in front of their towels, I raised a hand to wave and said "Heya Texas, how ya doing?"

She stopped and looked at me solidly, then answered "Do I know you?"

"I don't think so." I grinned, squeezing Gloria's hand.

"Then how'd you know I'm from Texas?" she asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" I answered, barely able to contain my laughter, "They always do things bigger in Texas."

Her mouth fell open, then she broke into a grin as she realized I was only having fun with her. "We certainly do" she answered, putting her hands under her boobs and hefting them, showing that she knew exactly what I was talking about. She looked at me again with a slight look of recognition. "I've seen you before." Her eyes dropped, checking me out. I knew there was some of me she'd certainly never seen before.

I laughed. "Sorry, I couldn't resist. Actually we were sitting just behind you on the plane the other day."

"Oh I remember." Her voice betrayed her; she didn't really have a clue who we were. We didn't stop or intrude any further on their party, just kept walking on with a wave.

We sat down on the towel, I started brushing the sand off my feet to lay down when Gloria leaned over to my ear and said "Do you think we'll get in trouble if I push you onto your back and climb on top and fuck your brains out?" Her hand slid down, grasping my cock which began to respond to her touch.

"I don't know, does this mean that I've FINALLY gotten into your panties?"

She shook her head no. "No, but it's definitely time to." She glanced over at our neighbors, my eyes followed. There were glances coming our way from all four of them "Do you think they'd like to see us do it?"

"I think they would, but unless you want to spend the next couple of days in jail, we better not." She let go of my cock.

"Spoilsport. Then I guess you better just take me home."

I pulled into the driveway, held the gate open to the yard for Gloria. As I came through after her, she threw her arms around me and began kissing me. I kissed her back, dropping my shoes that I'd been carrying and almost immediately she began pulling my shirt out of my pants. I raised my arms so she could pull it over my head but I was too tall for her. I took the shirt from her grasp and her mouth found my nipples as I was pulling the shirt out of the way. I reciprocated, working her shirt out, pulling her arms up and out of the way. As soon as her shirt was clear, her face was again against my stomach, her tongue penetrating my belly button, her hands fumbling with my belt.

We stumbled further into the yard, somehow I unhooked her bra. She moved it out of the way and off her arms as I sucked her already hard nipples, salty from the ocean, into my mouth. Her hands continued to fumble with my pants, the button of my Levi's fighting her efforts. I moved her hands, taking them myself and easily popping the button free. I hooked my underwear and pants, my already hard cock popping free, right into Gloria's face as she'd dropped to her knees.

"Oh my god, it's so beautiful." She wrapped her hand around the shaft and engulfed the glans in her mouth. Her tongue twirled around it, she continued down, several inches disappearing into her mouth before she began pulling back out, sucking as she did so.

"Umm," she said as she pulled off, her tongue licking up the shaft and teasing the soft spot just under the head. She looked up at me with a smile and said with her giggle "He's salty. I didn't know I liked my meat salty," and then sucked me into her mouth once again. I reached down, running my fingers through her hair, enjoying the attention she was slathering on my cock which continued to grow harder to her ministrations.

I took her arms, lifting her from her knees. She reluctantly pulled off my cock, hungrily sucking as long as she could before, I forced her to rise. Reaching for her pants, I had to unzip them before I could work them off her hips, her mouth devouring mine once again. When I came to her panties, I hooked them to pull them down with her pants, when she put a hand on mine. She pulled away from our kiss, huskily saying "Did I say you could get into my panties yet?"

"Yes." I growled as I jerked her panties and shorts down, the smell of aroused woman immediately noticeable. I slid my hand between her legs, unable to spread them as her pants were only down to her knees, but my fingers easily penetrated her hot sex, she was dripping in arousal. I reached down and pushed her pants down further until she pulled one foot out and stepped on them to pull her other foot out. We stumbled backwards to the stairs by the pool where I sat her down and pushed her back. Spreading her willing legs with my own I slipped forward, my cock rooting around once, twice, before finding the hot soft spot that easily accepted my advances. No need for foreplay, two days of foreplay had left us both crying for relief. Her legs wrapped around me, pulling me home.

"Oh god" she said, her legs moving in concert with my own rhythm, pulling me into her again and again. The pent up frustration of the previous days and nights had addled my mind, I was in no mood to worry about getting her off, making it good for her, all I wanted was to sate my own lust. Apparently she didn't need me too, she began coming before I did.

It wasn't a long lovemaking session, but neither of us needed it. What we needed was hard, fast, lusty fucking which is exactly what we did. I sensed she was coming more than recognized it, and moments later as I began spurting a load into her hot cunny she locked her ankles to hold me in place. I collapsed against her pinning her uncomfortably against the steps leading to the pool until she told me I had to get off as I was killing her back. I rocked back, pulling her with me, her legs still wrapped around me, until I could stand. Turning, I easily carried her - still impaled on my cock - to the sun lounge. As I laid her back, my rapidly softening cock fell from her pussy, followed by a flood of cum.

"Oh god, I needed that."

"I've needed that for two days" I answered.

Still the minx, she giggled. "Yeah, but wasn't it worth the wait?" Her hand reached down and grasped my cum covered cock, squeezing it, feeling its slipperiness. It didn't respond, I knew it would be a few minutes before it would.

"I guess we decided we didn't need condoms." I commented.

"I'm glad." She pulled me to her, leaning forward she took the head of my soft cock in her mouth and began trying to get me up. I groaned as her tongue and lips caressed my glans. "It's too much," I said, putting my hand on her head to move it away, "It's too sensitive right now. Give me a couple of minutes, I'll come back -- I promise." Reluctantly she pulled away, and we rearranged ourselves to cuddle a bit.

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