Executive Platinum Ch. 07


"Can't tonight. That bottle of wine did me in for at least 8 hours."

"Tomorrow then?" Steve said.

I shrugged. "I'm in." Mary said, "Gloria?" Then realizing what she was saying turned to me, "I mean, can you, uh... while you're flying?"

"How do you think I joined the mile high club to begin with?"

They all had many questions about my flying, how long I'd been doing it; did I own the plane, why didn't I fly it all the time instead of commercial. I explained that economically it didn't make sense for me to fly to a Dallas or St Louis or Chicago destination as there were multiple commercial airlines that went there, but going to Flagstaff or Cheyenne or Amarillo might, as I could get there quicker, cheaper and on my schedule instead of the airlines'. I didn't answer specific questions about the airplane; I just kept referring to it as my "757," although I'm sure the reality is they didn't know enough to ask the right questions anyway.

As we drove into the parking lot at the hotel Steve said they still had a bottle of wine and asked if we wanted to join them for a nightcap. I'd talked with Gloria earlier, told her about my conversation with Mary and this time there was no doubt about what was meant; this question was intended as a proposition from her to Gloria. It was an unstated proposition to me also, but I didn't muddy the thought process with that.

"If you're really interested in playing with another woman, this is your chance." I'd told her.

"How far will it go?"

I'd shrugged, noncommittally. "As far as you want it to. She said they liked to watch and be watched, so I'd guess they're up for us fucking while they're fucking. She said Steve calls it 'foursome foreplay' so I'd guess almost anything, except outright screwing. Probably oral and hand play. This is probably your opportunity to have three people sucking your nipples and toes and fingers if that's what you want." I really didn't know either, but having been in a foursome before, I knew almost anything could happen and tried to give her some ideas. "Gloria, this isn't something you have to do, it's something you want to do. If you want to expand your horizons this little bit more, it's your call." I'd dropped it at that.

Now, nearly 12 hours later, it was time for her to make the call. Without hesitation she said "that sounds like fun." I looked over at her as she looked at me. Her cheeks were slightly pink, and her nipples were rock hard. It wasn't the cold this time.

As we stepped out of the air conditioned car we realized just how hot it still was. We'd been in the cool up on the mountain, and the cool air descending through the canyon had made it much nicer at the lower tram terminal, but here in the valley floor it was still well over 100.

The air hit us like a blast furnace before we even got out of the car. "Oh my god," Mary said, as we were walking in. "I always forget how hot it is. What do you say we take a dip before some wine?"

"Sounds good to me," I chimed in. "See you at the pool in 5?" We walked off toward our room, while inwardly I was thinking "Deftly done, Mary." It gave us the opportunity to get naked in a more private environment - something about disrobing behind closed doors but still in front of others that is slightly disconcerting.

I went in and took a pee, finished undressing while I was in the bathroom and stepped out to put my clothes away. Gloria was still in her panties and bra, dallying in getting undressed. I understood, she wasn't just going swimming naked here, she was going out for sex in a group. I didn't push, just asked if she needed the bathroom also. She did, which meant that she had to pull her panties down and that was one more piece of clothing gone. While she went into the bathroom, I flipped on the TV while she did her thing, flipping through channels to waste time. When she came out, as I expected she was naked, her nipples telegraphing her arousal. I smiled in encouragement and put my hand out for her. I was sitting on the bed as she walked up. I grabbed her bottom and pulled her in front of me. I had my legs spread; I pulled her between them which put my face at breast level. I put my mouth up and gently sucked a nipple in.

"Oh god," she said, punctuated by a sharp exhalation of breath. I slid my hand around to her pussy to check her arousal. She didn't need any more foreplay; just the long anticipation of what might be coming was enough. I relinquished my suction on her first nipple, shifting to the other which I tongued for a moment before sucking it also. I felt my cock beginning to swell.

"Do you want to cum before we go out?"

"Oh god." Her hand went to the back of my head, holding me to her breast. "Let's just go." I stood and took her hand before we both lost control.

We were first at the pool, Mary and Steve arrived just moments behind. They joined us in the pool where we floated and talked about nothing for a while. I could tell it relaxed Gloria a bit to not be just "jumping into it." Finally Steve asked if we were ready for some wine and by mutual agreement we headed for their room. Gloria grabbed my hand as we walked; I could feel her anxiety.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I whispered. Her head bobbed once in confirmation, but her erect nipples had already told me she was eagerly anticipating this.

They actually had two bottles, a red Merlot on the counter, and a Pinot Grigio on ice. Steve poured glasses all around, when we all had one he lifted his in a toast: "To new friends. It's good to keep the old, but better to make new ones."

We clinked glasses and took sips, followed by a few minutes of small talk. Mary gravitated to the overstuffed chair where she sat on the arm, while Steve stood beside her. Standing like he was, his cock was at her face level. I hadn't particularly been looking before, but now it was obvious that it was, although not erect, enlarged from what it had been at the pool.

I sat on the edge of the bed directly across from both of them; a few moments later Gloria sat down next to me. The wine gradually disappeared, Mary being the first to indicate she wanted more. She'd had the Pinot, and asked Steve to pour her some more. He left his glass on the counter when he fetched Pinot from the ice bucket as well as the merlot, topped off Gloria's and my glasses before pouring Mary some more. She looked up at him when he did, and he bent down to give her a kiss. Her free hand went behind his neck, holding his face to hers, her other holding the wine glass away so she didn't spill it. It didn't stay behind his head for long before it slid down his body, finding his cock. She held it, gave it a squeeze, then slid her hand to his balls which she also squeezed gently before returning to his rapidly enlarging cock, giving it a couple of strokes. Leaning forward, as he stood back upright, she took his partially erect manhood in her mouth. She immediately pulled back, "Eww, go take a quick shower, Honey, you taste like chlorine."

I'd felt Gloria stiffen slightly next to me as this first overt sexual event occurred. Steve gave a "whatever you say" response, returned the bottle to the ice, and stepped into the bath. Moments later the shower turned on.

"I, um, I'm not so sure about all this," Gloria said after a pregnant pause, looking more at me than at Mary.

"All of this what," Mary answered gently, "Playing sexually with others? Watching others playing or having sex? Or is it the thought of playing with another woman?" I put my hand on her leg, stroking it gently.

"I've never done anything like this, any of those things."

"And nobody is asking you to do anything you don't want to now either."

"Your nervousness is understandable," Mary said, sliding off the arm and sitting in the seat. "I had a talk with Jim this morning. I know we sort of scared you off last night, and I'm really sorry about that. The last thing we need is for you to feel pressured to do something, anything, you don't want. We just need to make sure you are - that we all are, comfortable with anything that happens."

Gloria nodded "I thought I was ok, until I saw you touching him... it was... it was...," She repeated, looking for the right word.

"Have you ever watched a porn movie and gotten aroused from it and done it yourself while the movie was on?"

She glanced at me. "Yes" she answered sheepishly. "But not with Jim. I did with my husband."

"So playing with others is like watching a porn flick, only we get to watch right back. It's hotter, sexier, just plain more fun. You were right last night; we were asking you to come back and play with us, but only with what you're comfortable with. Steve and I like to play with others, we like to watch others; we like to be watched. We don't mind touching or being touched. We like oral sex, both giving and receiving; we'll do most anything except outright fucking. We only fuck with each other." She took a sip of her wine.

I squeezed Gloria's leg, "I've played before, Debs and I used to have another couple that we were regular playmates with. Like Mary said, watching and playing with others can be fun and exciting, but you have to want to participate – you can't do it just because someone else wants it."

"We like to do things we can't do with just each other, or things that take more than two people. I don't think we're particularly kinky; we just like to have fun. Jim says you've never been with a woman before, but you're interested?" She waited for a few seconds, Gloria didn't answer so she continued, shaking her head. "That seems so foreign to me. I grew up with four sisters and we slept in the same beds and took care of each other, sexually and otherwise, so it just seems like that's the way it should be."

I'd heard the shower shut off in the background but hadn't really been paying attention until Steve suddenly appeared out of the bath. "Next." He had a towel in hand, wiping the water off his shoulders, his cock now three quarters erect, and standing up and away from his body. I stood, headed to the shower myself, pausing momentarily at the door as Mary continued talking.

"I like sharing Steve with a beautiful woman, I like it when she gets him turned on and he gets a good stiffy, because I get the benefits." She smiled and turned to Steve. "Isn't that right?" I stepped into the bath and turned on the shower, drowning out what was being said. A little water, a little soap and a quick rub down, I wasn't in the shower more than two minutes.

I stepped out of the bath, finishing drying like Steve had. Gloria looked up at me as I stepped back into the room. I nodded to her; she looked back at Mary and Steve before standing and heading for me and the shower. As she walked by she grabbed my arm, pulling me with her back into the bath, pushing the door which swung partially shut. Throwing her arms around my neck, she pulled me down to her, her mouth finding mine, her tongue driving into my mouth. We kissed passionately, the towel dropped to the floor, my hands finding her breasts, finding her diamond hard nipples. Abruptly she pulled away. "I won't fuck him."

"It's ok; didn't you hear them say they don't fuck others? Only play."

"Only play." She stated in a matter of fact way.

Nodding my head I repeated to her, "Only play."

She looked directly into my face, searching for some kind of deception. Satisfied, she said, "Will she go down on me?"

I couldn't help but smile, almost laughing outright. "Most assuredly, if you give her the chance."

Stepping back into the room, I smiled at Steve and Mary. Steve was sitting on the side of the chair where Mary had been earlier. Mary had Steve's cock in hand, her tongue licking around the head. She looked up, extending a welcoming hand toward me, beckoning me closer. I walked across the short space; as soon as I was in reach she took hold of my cock, pulling me closer with one hand while maintaining a grip on Steve's cock with the other. Leaning toward me and away from Steve she first grinned up at me, then took my still semi-hard cock into her mouth, sucking hard. Her hand slid down to my balls, rolling them in her hand, while the suction of her mouth and her tongue twirling around it were causing me to stiffen rapidly.

Pulling off she stroked the two of us together. "God, now all I need is two more, one to ride and one to suck while I stroke on two."

"Greedy." I teased, reaching forward for the first time to touch her breast. I rubbed a fingertip on her nipple, but unlike Gloria's, it barely responded to a light touch. Steve reached in from the other side, gripping firmly with his thumb and forefinger. When he released her nipple it was larger than the one I'd been caressing, but still not as large as they had been the night before.

"Is she OK?" Mary asked.

I nodded. "She won't fuck Steve; she really has a fantasy of you going down on her and is hoping you will, but I think she really wants to go down on you, too."

"Umm," Mary responded. "I like making fantasies come true. I've had it happen a few times in my life."

Something about the way she said fantasies come true reminded me, so I said. "You know what she really fantasizes about? A woman licking her clit as she orgasms while riding backward, reverse cowgirl, facing outward or whatever."

"Oh yeah," she giggled, "I've done that! I love fucking and being eaten at the same time. You get her into position and I'll supply the fireworks." She looked up at Steve, "Get me my chain and you two can help me put it on."

I was puzzled, but all I could do was groan as she leaned back forward, again sucking my cock into her mouth.

"We either have to suck her nipples until they're hard before we put the loops on or we need to get some ice," Steve said as he moved toward the night stand next to the bed. "She uses ice when I'm not around, but she really prefers tongues." He opened the drawer, which was apparently mostly empty as moments later he was walking back, unraveling the gold nipple chain from the night before. He stopped beside the bed and told her to come on over.

Mary lay on the bed face up, Steve and I slid up on either side of her. I watched as Steve went to work sucking her nipple on his side; pulling with his lips, nipping with his teeth, blowing to evaporate his saliva. I followed suit on my side, immediately understanding why she'd demanded that everyone take a shower. Her nipples tasted of pool water, but I didn't let that stop my attentions. Her nipple slowly responded; lengthening, expanding, and growing from just a colored spot on her breast to a reddish pink decoration that demanded even more attention. I slid my free hand down her belly, feeling the fullness of her pussy lips before allowing my finger to slip between them. Her pussy was damp, not yet as wet as I knew she would be soon. I slid my finger forward, finding her clit for the first time. "Not yet," was all she said. I knew exactly what she meant, and moved my hand further up her body, relinquishing her clit for the moment.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my bare bottom; turning my head without relinquishing my position, I could see Gloria standing just behind me. She said nothing, her hand rubbing first one, then the other, ass cheek. A moment later her hand slipped between my legs and across my balls, momentarily gripping and rubbing my now rock hard cock. Steve pulled away from Mary's breast and rolled the small loop at one end of the chain onto her now hardened nipple, moving a slip-catch up to tighten it against the pink flesh. "Here you go," he said, handing the other end to me. I took it without pulling away, running my tongue back and forth over the nipple that I held between my teeth.

"Bite." Mary said, her hand coming forward to hold the back of my head, "I like it!" I nipped harder, which elicited a moan of approval. Pulling back, I kept her nipple between my teeth, her breast deforming from the pull until she said "Ok, enough." I let her nipple slip from between my teeth, immediately reaching up with the loop to begin putting the other end of the chain on her. She watched as I did, afterward tightening the loop even more until her nipple bulged above the loop, then she did the same for the other side.

I slid backwards off the bed, extending my hand to help her up. "Your turn; my mouth isn't coming anywhere near you until you go wash the chlorine off."

She took my hand and allowed me to help pull her up. She immediately turned toward the bath, "Spoil Sport." I reached out and swatted her bottom, barely grazing with my hand. She bent and wiggled her ass at me, but as I took a step toward her she squealed and pranced toward the bath.

I turned back, and realized that in paying attention to Mary I hadn't even realized Gloria had moved away. I now saw she was over at the counter, refilling wine glasses. I walked over to help, she handed me mine and a second, indicating it was Steve's. I walked back over and gave Steve his, noticing that he also had a full hard on. Steve, me, Gloria – and two hard ons; I wondered what Gloria would make of this. I turned, Gloria was settling onto the arm of the chair across the small open area of the room. "Not yet," I thought.

I moved across the room myself, turning and settling into the chair Gloria was sitting on. I reached up, slid my hand across her breast, under her arm, and pulled her down to me. Her arm went out, trying to keep her wine from spilling, but made no effort to stop me from pulling her head to me, greeting my mouth with her own. I pulled her over off the arm of the chair; she twisted, turned completely and straddled my legs without spilling a drop of the wine. She set her glass on the table, reached back and took mine and set it down also. She turned again to face me; her mouth coming back to mine, her hands gripping my head, her tongue again diving into my waiting mouth.

I ran my hands down her back side, gripping her firm ass, knowing that Steve was sitting just feet from us, watching. I forced my legs slightly apart, thereby opening Gloria's legs, displaying her sex, glistening from arousal before me. I'd slid my hands around to her breasts, and now slid my left hand down, slipping a finger into her pussy. She moaned, leaning forward and putting her head onto my shoulder.

As she did I looked over to see Steve, sitting on the bed, slowly stroking his cock and watching us. He smiled while nearly simultaneously I saw Mary come out of the bath with my peripheral vision. Turning my head towards her, she raised an eyebrow and nodded at us – I shook my head in response, one quick back and forth "no". She turned her mouth down in a forced pout – I grinned in response.

As I'd slid my hands to Gloria's pussy, she'd also slid her hand to my cock. Now she pulled back, her mouth again finding mine, causing me to lose track of Steve and Mary. One of my hands on her breast, the other stroking her pussy; one of her hands stroked my cock while the other was on the back of my head holding my mouth to hers. The heat of our bodies rose exponentially, the juices of her pussy running onto my hand, the blood of my body draining into one expanding appendage as if drawn by her hand. Gloria suddenly pulled back from our embrace, dropped to her knees before me, and in one motion engulfed my cock in her mouth.

Once again I was able to see Steve and Mary, and they were in somewhat the same position. Steve was sitting on the side of the bed, in profile view to me; Mary was kneeling before him, his erection in hand, making love to his cock with her mouth. Whenever she could her eyes would come to us to see if we were watching. It was hard to entice Gloria away from the wonderful knob job she was administering, but I pulled at her armpits until she looked up and understood that I wanted her to rise. Turning her around, back to me, I pulled her down into my lap.

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