tagBDSMExecutive Submission Ch. 02

Executive Submission Ch. 02


Susan sat at her desk with a mixture of anticipation and resentment. It was Friday evening, and Susan had already locked the office doors. All of the other office employees left for the weekend. Susan was employed during the week by her mistress as her mistress' legal assistant. She looked forward to Friday evenings as the start of her weekend with her mistress. She served her mistress every day in anticipation of her reward or punishment on Friday evening.

She was good all week, and only had five strokes of the crop waiting for her this evening. She overslept one morning, and did not have time to have her mistress' coffee and bagel ready when her mistress arrived for work. Her heart sank the moment she saw her mistress in her office. She had hoped that she would still have time to serve her mistress, but her mistress was early that morning.

Susan waited at her desk as her mistress talked with a new client. Susan felt a sense of resentment that her mistress would schedule such a late appointment on a Friday afternoon. Her client was an attractive blonde in her early thirties. She wore a semi conservative dark miniskirt, button up short sleeve top, and heels. Susan guessed that she worked as a real estate agent based on the documents her mistress had her prepare for the meeting.

"Susan, do you have the documents ready?" Ms. Stanton called from her office.

"Yes, Ms. Stanton. I'll bring them right in." Susan said as she started for her mistress' office.

"Susan, this is Ms. Jones" Ms. Stanton said as Susan entered.

"Pleased to meet you, Ms. Jones" Susan said with a slight bow.

"Pleased to meet you too, Susan" Ms. Jones said standing as she spoke. "I see that Val did well in hiring such a dedicated employee. It's already after 6:00 PM and you have not left work yet. Thank you for staying late to finish my papers. I needed them by Monday morning, and Val was kind enough to agree to stay late helping me finish them".

"It's after 5:00 PM. Susan isn't staying late because of her work ethic. She's staying late because she is my slave girl. She has been waiting all week for Friday evening so that she can drop all of the formality and serve me as she truly desires". Susan felt her heart skip a beat, and her face burn brightly. Ms. Stanton spoke as if it were completely common and ordinary to have a slave girl.

"What do you mean she's your slave girl?" Ms. Jones asked with surprised look.

"I mean exactly what I said. Susan is my legal secretary during the week, and my slave girl every weekend. I caught her writing an erotic novel at work describing her fantasy life with me. I decided to teach her a lesson, and I found that I enjoyed being a domme. I decided to accept Susan as my permanent slave girl. You can see for yourself".

Susan could not believe what she was hearing. She instinctively placed her hands behind her back as she stood before both women. She felt as if her heart would literally beat right out of her chest. She could not believe that her mistress would tell anyone about their relationship especially a client.

Susan was a very conservative woman. It took someone as dominant as Ms. Stanton for her to feel comfortable expressing her sexuality. It was actually Ms. Stanton's control that allowed her to give in to her desires. She did not have to act, she only had to obey. She did not have to think, she only had to experience. Under Ms. Stanton's control, Susan felt completely free to experience her inner most fantasies.

"I think it's time for you to undress, Susan. You have five strokes of the crop coming for being late to work yesterday".

"Yes, Ms. Stanton" Susan said. Susan barely heard her own words. She felt as if the room was spinning. Her hands trembled. She wondered if she would be able to even unbutton her blouse. How could she possibly be expected to undress in front of a complete stranger let alone receive her punishment? She could see Ms. Jones watching her every movement with an almost hypnotic stare.

"It's after 5:00 PM. I am no longer your employer. I am your mistress, Susan, and you are to address me as such".

"Yes mistress" Susan responded...the words comforting and calming her. She was Ms. Stanton's slave girl, and as such, she had no right to question her mistress' authority.

"Susan, look at me". Ms. Stanton spoke with her accustomed sense of authority. It was this authority that always sent Susan's heart thumping. Susan felt herself beginning to calm as her mistress took control. She began to drift into a submissive buzz.

Ms. Stanton calmly walked toward Susan...her heels clicking on the tiled floor. Susan instinctively placed her hands behind her head and parted her legs shoulder width as her mistress approached...her mistress' long dark hair falling around her shoulders and her dark penetrating eyes piercing Susan's soul.

"That's my good girl" Ms Stanton said in a calming voice. Susan focused her thoughts on her mistress' tight black skirt and white button up blouse as she approached. Susan could see her toned muscles as she walked. Her walk always reminded Susan of a cat stalking it's prey...she was always in control.

"Now undress for me". Ms. Stanton's words were calming. Susan no longer thought about Ms. Jones. She only thought about how much she wanted to please her mistress. She needed to please her mistress. Her every thought was centered on her mistress.

"That's my good girl" Ms. Stanton said as Susan started to unbutton her top. Her fingers shook as they moved. She could feel the coolness of the air as she unfastened each button...the cool office air touching her newly exposed skin.

Ms. Stanton reached for Susan. Her hands sliding under Susan's top pealing it away from her skin and letting it fall to the floor. Susan could see only her mistress now. She could feel her familiar dark eyes burning her newly exposed skin.

"Now your bra" Ms. Stanton said as Susan reached behind herself to unsnapped the elastic strap. It fell exposing Susan's breasts and hard nipples. Susan could feel the hardness of her nipples as she stood before her mistress.

Ms. Stanton's warm soft hands touched Susan's breasts. Susan could feel the warmth of her mistress' body against her bare skin as her mistress moved closer...kissing Susan's quivering lips. Her kiss was warm and sensuous as she took both of Susan's nipples between thumb and fore finger gently squeezing as she pulled Susan toward her.

Susan's breathing was short and shallow. She quivered under her mistress' touch and long sensuous kiss. Time began to melt away.

"Now your skirt" Ms. Stanton whispered in Susan's ear...her fingers sensuously rolling and squeezing Susan's nipples. Their bodies touched. Susan could feel the softness of the silk fabric of her mistress' blouse against her bare skin as she pulled her skirt down over her hips letting it fall to the floor.

"That's my good girl" Ms. Stanton whispered as she once again kissed Susan on the lips. "You obey so well. I will have to reward you after you complete your punishment.

Susan felt her stomach churn in anticipation. She no longer had a will of her own. She belonged to her mistress completely and without reservation.

"I hope you obeyed my instructions this morning" Ms. Stanton seductively said as her fingers slid under the elastic waistband of Susan' lace panties. Susan was always careful to obey her mistress' instruction. She had shaved herself completely bare as she took her hot bath before work. She wore Ms. Stanton's gold ring through the hood of her clit. It was the symbol that she belonged completely and wholly to her mistress. She could think of nothing more intimate and submissive than that of giving her mistress control of her sexuality. She no longer even had the right to orgasm without permission.

Susan's orgasms were a privilege to be granted for her mistress' pleasure and amusement, and Ms. Stanton made sure that Susan did not forget this fact. She had Susan bring herself to the very edge of her release three times each day during the week, but under no circumstance was Susan to orgasm. It made Susan feel deliciously submissive all week as she waited for Friday evening, when she would begin her weekend with her mistress. This also focused Susan's thoughts on her mistress' instructions during the week.

Susan stepped out of her panties as they fell to the floor, and once again placed her hands behind her head and parted her legs shoulder width. Ms. Stanton smiled her wicked smile as she looked at Susan so seductively exposed to anything she may desire. Susan felt the warm soft hand of her mistress slide across her stomach and up along the insides of her thighs and over her bare sex making sure that Susan had followed her instructions.

It thrilled Ms. Stanton to see Susan standing before...the gold ring glittering between her legs. She still could not believe how totally Susan desired to submit to her nor how much Susan's submission thrilled her to her very core. She tried to remain calm and focused as she touched her slave girl's soft inner thighs and bare pussy. Susan had indeed followed her every instruction. She could even smell the scented oils that made Susan's skin sensuously soft to her touch.

Ms. Stanton could feel the heat of Susan's bare sex and wondered if her own pussy was any less hot. She longed to press her body to Susan's and passionately kiss her, but that would come later. She had to remain calm and not rush or it would spoil her plans...plans that were not easy to arrange. She had to be careful. It would be easy for everything to be spoiled.

"Are you ready for your punishment, Susan?" Ms. Stanton said taking hold of Susan's gold ring and gently pulling...letting Susan feel her control. Ms. Stanton felt as if her own heart was in her throat as she spoke.

"Yes Mistress" Susan squealed as she felt her mistress' tug.

"Then place your hands on my desk, and present your bare bottom" Ms. Stanton said looking up and remembering her friend, Lisa. It was through careful conversations that she was able to determine that Lisa was also a submissive, and a perfect partner to fulfill one of Susan's deepest fantasies...one that Susan often wrote about in her stories.

"Yes Mistress" Susan said assuming the position as Ms. Stanton retrieved her crop from a plastic ski tube that she kept in her closet. Ms. Stanton often wondered what she would say if anyone ever found out it was not her skis that she kept in the plastic tube.

Susan could hear the crop and other whips slide out of the tube. For the first time since Susan undressed, she remembered Ms. Stanton's client, Ms. Jones. She looked over toward the table as she bent over with bare bottom exposed waiting for the sting of crop. No longer did the presence of her mistress' client distract her nor did she wonder why Ms. Jones would continue to watch as her attorney punished her secretary.

It seemed completely natural to serve her mistress in the presence of others. She could see the excitement in Ms. Jones' eyes. It was in the presence of others that Susan could find an even deeper level of submission. She no longer had to hide her relationship with Ms. Stanton. It excited her to serve her mistress while her mistress' client watched. It seemed completely natural to serve Ms. Stanton, and she wanted everyone to know her love for her mistress.

"That's my good girl" Ms. Stanton's voice reassured Susan as she waited for the first stroke. The crop would sting, but it would also leave a sensuous warmth in its wake.

Susan whimpered as she felt the soft caress of the cool leather on her bare bottom. The crop could be such an incredibly erotic tool or with the flick of her mistress' wrist, it could sting and feel like fire. She never knew what to expect. Ms. Stanton alternately stroked and lightly tapped Susan's bare pussy sending shutters of pleasure through Susan.

"Count for me" Ms. Stanton said as her warm hand softly caressed Susan's bare bottom and inner thighs. "And if you are good and count each stroke, I will have a reward for you".

"Yes mistress" Susan said...her body quivering in anticipation.

"ONE!" Susan squealed and jumped as she felt the first sting of the crop. She had three seconds to return to the proper position in order for the stroke to count.

"TWO!" Susan felt the second sting burning into her other cheek. She was sure that each stroke would leave bright red marks reminding her for hours of her punishment.

"THREE!" Susan called out as the crop stung just below the first mark.

"FOUR!" Susan's bottom burned as this stroke fell below the second mark.

"FIVE!" Susan jumped on her toes as this one fell in the inside of her right thigh.

"SIX!" Susan unexpectantly called out as she felt the burning on the inside of her left thigh.

"Such a good girl. I know you only had five strokes, but I thought your bottom would look so much better with even strokes." Ms. Stanton said with a seductively wicked laugh.

Already, Ms. Stanton's soft sensuous hands soothed the fiery sting. It was this part of the punishment that Susan really craved. She never liked the pain, but she needed it to feel as if her actions were important to her mistress. She needed to know that her mistress valued her efforts. She needed to know that no detail was too small to please her mistress or illicit her punishment.

"You really are such a good girl. I could not ask for a better slave girl." Susan could not imagine any other words that so excited her as a submissive. She really did want to please.

"Are you ready to receive your reward?" Ms. Stanton asked as her fingers sensuously slid up Susan's back and through her hair. Ms. Stanton wrapped her fingers around Susan's long brown hair and pulled her up from her punishment position...her body pressing into Susan as she passionately kissed her slave girl's warm lips.

Ms. Stanton always felt incredible pride in Susan's dedication. She always made sure Susan was around when clients came to her office. Susan's grace and dedication to detail made her proud that such a creature would want to give herself so completely to her mistress, but that was only part of their relationship. Ms. Stanton wanted to be able to express their entire relationship without the fear or shock it would cause to those who did not understand. That was her purpose in bringing her friend Lisa into the office this late Friday evening.

Ms. Stanton had always wondered about Lisa. Lisa dressed provocatively in a subtle submissive way. She liked to wear choker type necklaces that resembled a submissive's collar. Could that be a sign that her friend had a submissive side, she wondered. After a dinner conversation the night before with plenty of wine and some probing questions, she decided to see how her friend might respond to some orders. Everything she asked could be easily dismissed as nothing more than a misunderstanding if her friend reacted poorly.

Ms. Stanton at first asked Lisa to go to the kitchen and get her another glass of wine. When Lisa returning sitting next to Ms. Stanton on the couch with her glass of wine, Ms. Stanton reached up and slipped her finger under Lisa's necklace very subtly pulling her friend forward while pretending to admire her necklace. She could smell Lisa's sweet perfume they were so close. Ms. Stanton could see the excitement in Lisa's eyes as she had her describe where she purchased the necklace...Ms. Stanton's finger remained hooked under the necklace as Lisa stammered out something barely intelligible.

At last reaching for the glass of wine that Lisa continued to hold for her, Ms. Stanton made sure a drop of wine fell on her nylon stocking. This was the real test of her friend's submission. And even if she was submissive, Ms. Stanton knew she could freak and their ten year friendship would be over. Saying something about it being expensive wine that should not be wasted, Ms. Stanton watched as her friend dropped to her knees placing her mouth on the spilled wine. They ended the evening with some passionate kissing, but nothing more.

Now, Lisa sat mesmerized. Not only had she never submitted to anyone, she had never made love to another woman. The thought both frightened her and excited her. She would often find other women attractive, but that was ok. Women are allowed to find each other attractive. It was part of being a woman. That did not mean she was gay or bi. It was just part of our culture. However, she also knew there was something more to her desires. Maybe it was her hedonistic nature, but she periodically found herself thinking about what it would be like to actually press her naked body against the softness of another woman...to feel the soft sensuously soft kiss of another woman or the softness of her hands.

"Lisa, I promised Susan a reward. I think you know what that reward is." Ms. Stanton spoke for the first time to her friend.

Lisa felt nearly paralyzed with both fear and desire. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears, and wondered if she could go through with their plans. Between the passionate kissing during the dinner with her friend, Ms. Stanton had pried a few dark secrets from her long time friend...secrets Lisa had never revealed to anyone else.

"That's my good girl. You know what you want" Ms. Stanton said with her seductively wicked voice as Lisa stood and cautiously walked toward her. Lisa wondered how she could have been friends with this woman for so long and never knew that she could be such a seductive domme. Her friend seemed to sense her desire to submit, and she knew just how to drive her crazy with that seductive commanding voice of hers.

"Kneel" was the only word needed. Lisa dropped to her knees before her friend. Her heart pounding like it never did before.

"I know that you have never seen another woman's pussy up close before." Ms. Stanton said guiding Susan in front of the kneeling woman. "I also know what you desire, dear. Don't be afraid. Look at my slave girl's bare pussy. Do you see how wet she is? Can you smell her desire?"

"Yes, Val"

"Right now, I am your mistress not your friend."

"Yes mistress, I'm sorry".

"That's my good girl. You know that you too belong to me".

Susan felt the soft hair of another submissive brush against her inner thighs, and thought she could also feel warm breath on her bare sex. Susan trembled feeling incredibly exposed standing before another woman. She was completely shaved, and knew that this woman whom she still believed was her mistress' client could see everything...this woman who was still dressed in her professional attire making Susan feel even more exposed and vulnerable.

Lisa stared at Susan's ring. She could see it go right through this girl's clitoral hood, and wondered what it felt like to wear such a ring.

"You want to touch it, don't you?" Ms. Stanton knelt beside Lisa whispering in her ear. "You want to know what it feels like to wear a ring like that, don't you?"

"Yes mistress" Lisa words were barely audible.

"She wears my ring so she doesn't forget who she belongs to. Can you see the engravings? Those are my initials"

"Yes mistress"

"Not even Susan has permission to touch what belongs to me. That's right. Her pussy is my personal property. It is mine to use as I desire. Does that thought excite you?"

"Yes mistress". Lisa could feel her own clit throb as she stared at Susan's exposed pussy...her lips pink and glistening with moisture.

"Do you want to touch her ring?"

"Yes mistress" Lisa's voice shaking with excitement.

"Touch it. Don't be afraid."

Lisa's hand moved up between Susan's widely parted legs. Susan could barely stand the anticipation. She wanted to scream. She needed to be touched. She needed to quench the burning desires she felt for her mistress...desires that were fueled by her humiliation at being so completely and utterly exposed before one of her mistress' clients.

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