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Exhibiting Is an Option


This is a true story of a weekend spent deciding just how far too go.

I spend about 40 weeks a year on the road and have for many years but at the ripe age of Social Security and needing some new things to try I wanted to see just how far one should go in public.

Usually when I travel I sit around my hotel naked with my windows open hoping that someone might see, especially when I jerk off over and over again.

On this trip I had a couple free days before a conference and decided to search the internet for hotels that were not heavily traveled but had an outdoor pool. It took some time but I found one.

The weather for the weekend was quite hot and the hotel only had about 10 guest.

On Saturday morning I decided that I would go out to the pool and sun and I was dressed with biker shorts but a bikini underwear underneath.

As I got to the pool I located what I thought was a safe place from the office and good direction from the sun. Once there I noticed two middle aged women checking in and heading to the room directly by the pool area on the 1st floor.

I said what the heck and took off the biker pants leaving me in my red bikini underwear. I then started to put oil all over my front side and was facing their room. Once in I noticed they opened their curtains (guess to keep tabs). I lay there for about an hour and noticed they kept peering out but didn't want me to notice.

I rolled over after standing up and putting oil all over my backside and also rolling the front, side and back of my bikini underwear to leave almost nothing for the eye to see.

This went on for another hour or so and nobody else was in the pool area I thought what the heck.

I rolled back over to expose my front side while removing everything. This time I noticed they were both standing at the window and seemed to be enjoying the scene.

Now I got really brazen-took out my oil and rubbed some more on including putting some on my dick and balls and started to stroke.

Since the sun was blinding I took a small towel and put it over my head to protect my face and eyes from the sun.

About an hour later I was being tapped on my shoulder as one of the ladies had come out of the room to join me wearing a standard two piece swim suit.

She asked how I had the nerve to sunbath in public in the nude. I said it started years ago when I first went to a nudist colony. She had not done that either.

I asked about her friend and she said she was way too shy but wanted me to come out and see what you might be up to.

I asked her if she had ever thought about being naked in public and she said no until I saw you doing it. I said OK then, let's start slow and maybe your friend will join us.

Let me take you top off and rub you down then-she agreed. I was amazed how firm her tits were and had great nipples. As I rubbed her I wondered how far this might go.

We lay there a few more hours talking about exhibiting in public...About then the other lady headed our way but she was wearing the skimpy bikini that left nothing to the imagination.

I said hello and introduced myself and she sat down on my other side and immediately removed her top and asked me to rub my oil on her-which was my pleasure.

I'm thinking this is going to be awesome.

About that time the Office Manager came out and said we had to be clothed right now or check out of the hotel -which we complied

Embarrassing as it was he didn't call the cops as has happened before and I tried to make the best of it and see if we could connect later.

They said they had heard there was a nudist colony near here and if I could find it they would join me.

I went back to my room and got on the internet and found one within 40 miles from the hotel.

I sent an email to the site to visit the next day and got a quick response YES.

I went back down to the ladies room to let them know and if they wanted I could drive tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be another story.

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