tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExhibitionist Wife Ch. 02

Exhibitionist Wife Ch. 02


Felicity felt as though she'd been on fire over the last three days. From the moment they first played the naughty games, she could think of nothing else, with powerful imaginings flooding her mind with a continuous arousal. Being so heated up for so long, left her vulnerable to her husband's suggestions. She'd do almost anything to have them arrive home highly excited, ready to have wonderful uninhibited sex.

This morning she wore thin black leggings under a low cut t-shirt. The leggings weren't much more substantial than tights, and the baggy t-shirt only came down to her hips. A few days ago there was no way she would wear such a tacky, cheap outfit. She didn't feel sexy, she felt slutty.

Knowing strangers would be ogling her body, was exciting, and kept her playing the mischievous game. Letting Philip decide how she was to be exposed was a part of the thrill. That he was making the decisions liberated her from responsibility. It meant she was free to behave wickedly, without recriminations.

The drive was in quiet contemplation, while they thought over all the naughty things that happened so far this week. Thinking of that moment when a stranger squeezed her crotch, she pulled her thighs together. That particular wicked episode had to be kept from Philip. Not so much because it happened, rather, it was because she became so sexed up and out of control. If Philip hadn't been there, she would have let the man lead her astray.

She dare not think about what might happen today. The fear of becoming so sexed up that she became helpless to resist a stranger, was wrong, yet exciting. It was necessary and comforting to know that Philip would be there to protect her.

In trepidation she slid out of the car, and received a warm smile from Philip. It was reassuring, and right then she needed to be held, only the game had started. Walking in flat shoes toward the mall, she looked down to see his shadow following hers, and regained enough courage to continue.

The mall was old, and not so clean or swish as she was used to. She turned her head toward Philip, receiving an encouraging smile, and a nod to walk on. His instructions were to window shop, then enter a certain clothing store. In this rundown mall the shoppers wore cheap clothes too, so she didn't feel so out of place. If it had been one of their usual haunts, a swish exclusive shopping centre, she would have felt excruciatingly cheap. Meeting someone they knew would have been humiliating.

Philip watched her bend to examine jewellery in a pawn store. The leggings stretched over her bottom, thinning, still not showing a panty-line, as she wasn't wearing any. The nylon dug between her cheeks, cupping them, showing off a magnificent heart shaped ass.

He could see her examining reflections, rather than the window contents. A black guy in his twenties, just hanging around, noticed, and stared. His wife's white ass showing through thin stretchy material was attractive, and mesmerising. It swayed from side to side as she scanned the storefront reflection for an audience.

Turning away from the jewellery, she lost a shoe. Squatting to fix it didn't need a new skill to reveal her bottom, as the t-shirt was so short. The leggings stretched over her bare bottom became almost nonexistent. The guy stared at his wife's almost bare ass, while Philip watched the excitement build in him.

Her thighs were parted, surely revealing more than she realised. Philip wondered if he'd got her to wear too little, and should have given her at least a thong. He quickly moved ahead while she was giving the black guy, and others, a treat. Philip sat on a bench a little way in front of her, confirming what was on show. The front of the leggings were bulging with engorged pussy. A seam pulled into her crotch, splitting her sex in two.

He felt like just another voyeur, rather than her husband and protector. The leggings without panties were far more revealing then he thought possible. He should go up to her now and stop the game, but the sight of her sex on view to strangers in the mall was exhilarating.

An older man plonked himself down on the bench next to him, though Philip was distracted enough to hardly notice.

'Nice pussy, eh!' the man said.

'What?' Philip muttered.

'Nice pussy you're looking at. Wouldn't mind playing with that,' the man commented.

'Yea, nice,' Philip agreed.

'I like a plump pussy, especially as the rest of her is so sexy,' he added.

He felt embarrassed to be caught looking, and then discussing his wife's body with a stranger. He flushed with guilt. He stood up and followed her, trying to look nonchalant, like any other shopper. He admired her cute bottom, where the seam had dug itself between her cheeks. They were lewdly separated, and clearly showed white through the black leggings.

He figured she was unaware of how much was on show. He missed the men looking at the top, from studying her bottom gyrating seductively through the mall. He glanced up as a couple of passing young guys made some remark to her. He watched her turn toward a store window, again looking for an audience.

Felicity enjoyed the young guys commenting on how she looked. In the past, being noticed hadn't been something she favoured, though now it was thrilling hearing the rude remarks. In the window she could see a couple of men watching her, and bent over to entertain them. As expected they stared then animatedly discussed her. She wished she could hear what they were saying, even if it was coarse.

The seam of the leggings was digging further into her crotch with every step. As though wearing a swimsuit bottom, a hand went to automatically adjust it, only to hold back. There were too many men watching her, and she didn't want them to realise she knew her crotch was being cut in two.

He could see her reflection in a store front, and realised what the young guys had meant. From bending over to adjust the shoe, her breasts had moved up and out. The nipples were almost popping out of the cheap t-shirt. She bent over to admire a pair of shoes. Men stopped their journey to observe the naughty show. The leggings pulled even tighter, plastering them over her rear, and cutting deep in front. They thinned over her bottom and swelling pussy, to become almost transparent.

He kept getting ahead of her, from needing to look purposeful with someplace to go, whereas she meandered along, window shopping. He turned around to see firsthand how she looked. He was worried. The thin cheap clothes hid nothing of her charms. Her pussy was clearly blossoming, with the lips cut in two, almost spread out. Her breasts were pushed up by the undercut bra, precariously balanced, ready to overflow from the top.

This wasn't his modest wife of last week, this was a trashy, cheap tramp. He watched her walk into the store as arranged, and sighed with relief. She had instructions to buy another outfit, which was badly needed. Like any man he sat on a bench outside to wait, ready to compliment anything she wore. He was let off that hook, as he would be following her as arranged.

Felicity caught sight of herself in a mirror as she walked into the store. It brought her to a stop, just staring at the image, with a look shock. In the storefront windows, she had looked out for fans ogling her, not getting a clear image of the outfit. In a mirror it looked as though it had shrunk, plastering itself to her body. She hadn't realised how lewd it had become. It was her nipples that first shouted at her, then her pussy gapped at her. She was appalled.

She walked straight to the back of the store, trying to keep a low profile, hoping not to be noticed. A feeling of being utterly cheap, and indecent weighed heavily upon her. A dress was plucked from a rack in passing, and she disappeared into a changing cubicle.

In a hurry to change, the t-shirt caught in her hair halfway over her head. In a panic she tore the thin material. Wanting rid of the disgusting outfit she tore the leggings, as she desperately pulled the cheap material from her body.

Stepping into the dress was a struggle. Though she was slim it just wouldn't pull up over her hips. Pulling it over her head didn't work either. She looked at the hanger to confirm it was her size, then the label, which wasn't. She cursed the sloppy salesgirl who made the mistake.

Searching the bra yet again, confirmed she had lost money from one cup. She stood there holding a ten, less than half the intended allowance.

'Damn!' she cursed.

Wearing just a pair of flat shoes and push up bra, she wondered what to do. Her mind was blank from feeling weak and useless.

Peering from the curtain confirmed no one was around. Not this end of the store anyway. There were voices from the front of the store, where staff and a customer were joking and laughing. Nervously she padded out on bare feet to a rack she had noticed. Discounted clothes were hung there as a forlorn hope of a last chance sale. What was left was so unattractive, the rack had been shoved to the back of the store.

A quick pull of the hangers confirmed there was little in her size. This time she checked the label. It was pointless buying just a top or just a skirt, she needed a dress to cover her naked body. At last she found something that would fit.

She turned to drag it on and found a young guy watching her. How long had he been there? He'd seen it all! The guy had a big sloppy grin plastered across his face, staring at her nakedness. He had the usual look of keen interest, and obvious arousal.

She scuttled off to the changing cubicle with a heart pounding and a pulse racing. Almost used to showing off something of her body, she had laid it all out for that young man to ogle. The impromptu streak added to the high state of arousal. It felt as if she were on a hair trigger, ready to orgasm. Although the cubicle was small and dirty, she felt somewhat safe.

Using the t-shirt she wiped between her legs, which were streaked with sex juices. Pulling the stretchy dress up her body she was relieved to find it fit. It was a stretchy, yellow sheath dress. In the mirror she saw how tightly it clung to her body, and groaned. It was her size according to the label, though it looked a size too small. Another size, or something more decent would have to be found.

She pulled the hem down a little, needing to cover herself, only to find both nipples peeking over the top. The hem at the back pulled tight under her cheeks. If she wasn't careful the front would ride up to expose her sex. The bright yellow would certainly attract attention.

The leggings were ruined, so she would have to brave going out into the store to find something else. With less than half the budget what would be available? Looking out from the shabby curtain for Philip, was useless. It was difficult getting him to buy clothes for himself, and he never went into a woman's clothing store.

To get money from him meant having to walk through security barriers, wearing store clothes. Being hauled away for shoplifting was out of the question. Being marched off to a private room by a burly security guard to be searched in this skimpy dress, without panties, would be asking for trouble.

Surely the store was tacky and cheap enough to afford something. Quickly walking back to the rack, she found another sale sign meaning she had just enough for something there. In desperation, she examined each of the garments, one by one. They were either too small, or worse than what she was wearing.

With a ten grasped in a hand, she timidly walked to the cash desk. The disinterested girl checked the label, took the money, and gave her change. It wasn't even enough to buy panties! The only underwear she had on was a push up bra. It wasn't designed to cover her nipples, and if she weren't careful they would pop out of the dress.

Pulling yet again at the hem, she pattered out of the store on flat shoes. Her breasts bounced up and down as she walked. In the canary yellow dress she felt conspicuous, as though advertising her body was available. While looking around for Philip, a couple walked by. The guy stared her up and down. The wife pulled at his hand, to divert his gaze, and gave him a mouthful of abuse.

Being looked at while accidently showing off her rear was one thing, but this made her feel small and grubby. Standing outside the store waiting for Philip was preferable to searching for him, as she felt awful the way her breasts bounced around on top of the bra. She giggled inanely from the tension.

'I don't know what you're on and I don't care. Just don't hang around in front of the store. It's bad for business, so go and look for your kind of business elsewhere,' a deep voice came from behind her.

Felicity span on a heel, to be confronted by a wall of a man. The big black security guard was powerful and impressive. What he meant sank in, and she opened her mouth to protest.

He put up a big hand to silence her. 'Just go and whore someplace else,' he quietly said.

'I, was, err, looking for a man,' she stuttered, and came to a halt.

'Do you want me to march you into the store and frisk you? I'll make sure I find something on you, then I'll call the police for them to haul you away. You'll be charged with shoplifting and whoring. You got it?' he quietly spoke.

The sound of his deep voice resonated through her ribs. He thought she was a whore, and she had been too stupid to properly deny it. In a world of shame, she quickly walked away, not caring about her boobs bouncing around.

The thought of being stripped by him, with those big black hands on her pale flesh, intimately searching her body, was devilishly exciting. Despite herself she was glistening wet. How excited and carried away would she become if he did strip search her? In exchange for not calling the police, would she offer herself to him?

Her mind was in a whirl, not seeing anything or anyone as she walked aimlessly through the mall. Felicity was dressed like a whore, and there wasn't a thing she could do about it. She had already been mistaken for whore, and no doubt others thought she was one.

'How much you charge, girl?' Ferdinand asked.

Felicity suddenly came out of a trance, to be confronted by two young black guys.

'Pardon?' she said, trying to sound decent.

'You is a bit old, but nice bouncy tits,' Ferdinand commented, with a big grin.

'Nice ass. How much for your ass, ho?' Horatio seriously asked.

'No! I don't, err, I'm not,' Felicity complained.

'Don't you like black meat?' Ferdinand growled.

Horatio grabbed her wrist in a strong grip, and said, 'Once you tried black cock you won't go back. Come on. We'll give you a free sample, ho.'

'Yea, we'll ruin you for white men,' Ferdinand laughed.

They led her away between them, gripping her wrists, guiding her toward an exit.

'Oh! God! They're going to use me like a whore!' Felicity silently cried.

Her nipples were rock hard, and were trying to break out of the dress. The dress was pulling up, threatening to reveal her engorged sex. The way she was dressed, making a fuss was the last thing she wanted. There seemed little choice if she was to escape these young, hard men. They were expensively dressed in a gaudy fashion. They were evidently used to getting their own way, and weren't going to listen to reason.

'What's going on here?' Philip asked.

His tone of voice was deep and harsh, without the tremor of fear he felt.

'What's up man?' Ferdinand asked.

'She your whore?' Horatio asked.

'Yea. She's got an appointment,' Philip said.

'Looks like a street walker, not a classy appointment ho,' Horatio pointed out.

The two guys gripped her tighter, not wanting to let go. Felicity wondered how her husband could possibly fight these two young muscle men. The thought of him getting hurt caught her in a dilemma. Could she go with two black nineteen year olds, to save her husband from a beating?

'That's how the rich client likes them,' Philip simply stated.

He dare not call their bluff, and would have to just talk them out of taking his wife away. If they decided to fight, he wouldn't stand a chance. Maybe she could escape while he kept them busy. The thought of seeing them take her away to use as a whore made him angry, and it was pumping him up.

'Next time you see her here, she's yours,' Philip remarked.

'Don't let her work here, this is our hood, man,' Ferdinand warned.

'Yea. We'll take her to work for us if we see her again,' Horatio added.

'Come on whore, we don't want to keep the client waiting,' Philip said, and clicked his fingers.

One of the guys laughed and the other grimaced, but they let her go. Felicity had a look of fear on her face. It was partly arousal, though all she was thinking of was escaping the two young guys. Philip kept his cool, wondering how he managed it. They sped off through the mall, wanting to, but not daring to run.

She pulled at the hem, trying to keep her private places covered, but escape brought a sense of wild abandon. Her breasts were bouncing all over the place, but she no longer cared.

'Philip, didn't you see me?' she breathlessly asked.

'Of course I saw you, who wouldn't. That's a bit much isn't it?' he pointed out.

'I lost most of the money, this is all I could afford,' she explained.

He sympathetically smiled at her. This wasn't the time to reveal he wandered off bored to look in a store window. He'd seen her in the distance, but before he could catch up with her, those tough looking guys had her. Seeing the two guys pick her up, he didn't think what to do or say, he just leapt in with the first thing that came to mind.

'Do you want to continue?' he asked.

She was so worked up he figured she wanted to race home, as usual.

'What do you think? No! I know that look. I'm not wearing panties, Philip,' she hissed at him.

Looking around in case anyone heard, she found they were discreetly tucked away between two abandoned stores. In a fit of urgency, and devilment, she lifted the hem around her waist. Standing in a mall while naked from the waist down, was so outrageous, she couldn't believe she was doing it. The reward was seeing his eyes light up with lust.

'You'll have to go back in that store and buy me some panties,' she implored him.

Felicity froze with a look of astonishment on her face. Two workmen emerged from a closed down store. They couldn't help seeing her naked bottom half. She clamped her thighs together, and frantically pulled at the dress. The stretchy material curled up on itself, forcing her to unroll it and tug at it. Her pussy was at last covered. Another hard tug had her bottom covered.

Unfortunately her breasts appeared over the top, so a further struggle ensued. At last she had everything in order. The stretchy fabric clung to her body, as though painted on, especially over her bottom. The dress moulded itself to her breasts, with both rock hard nipples protruding. They declared she was hot.

The young carpenters slowed as they passed, grinning broadly at her.

'If he won't offer you enough, we'll pay you,' one of them stated.

They laughed together as they walked on by.

Felicity was worried, as this was the third time she'd been mistaken for a whore. Philip wrapped his arms around her, and pumped her ass. Her mouth was hanging open so he took advantage. She hooked a leg around his, while they smooched longingly. He lifted her up by the cheeks, and for a moment she thought he was going to take her right there in the mall.

'Not here. In the car!' she urgently spoke.

When he let her go, the dress tucked up revealing her bare bottom. He grabbed a hand, pulling her to the exit nearest to their car. Still struggling with the back of the dress, they joined the throng. Men could see one of her cheeks! She frantically pulled on his hand, but he wouldn't let go.

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