tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExhibitions Ch. 01

Exhibitions Ch. 01


A brief explanation to those who recognize this. Yes, this story used to be called Art Show. After what amounts to pages of e-mails sent back and forth with my handsome and talented editor, stevieraygovan, I decided there was more to this story than what was here before. As the new title indicates, there will be a few chapters to follow. I hope you enjoy. I have.

All rights reserved, annanova, 2010

"Where is my damn phone?" Anna screamed to the walls. It had been ringing on and off for the past two hours. She could hear it, yet it was nowhere to be found.

Her missing cell phone wouldn't normally be a problem since she hated using the thing anyway. Unfortunately, she was in the middle of getting ready for a trip and was going to need it while she was on the road.

Finally the ringing stopped. "So, do I keep looking, or get back to work?" she pondered. Her portfolio was spread out over her small studio in preparation for a show in Montreal, and she knew very well the phone wasn't going to leave her alone.

Figuring it was under a pile of photos, there was really no choice but to return to work. Twenty minutes later, the pictures and notes were nearly organized when her phone rang again.

"Why are you annoying me so?" she grumbled in fluent French. "You stupid thing." Moving one last group of files, she found her phone merrily charging away, pretty much where she had dropped it the night before. Resisting the temptation to tell her caller off, she responded professionally.

"Bliss Photography, this is Anna."

"It's about time. I was starting to worry about you."

It always surprised her, how wet she got just hearing his voice.

"Have you been trying to call me for the last hour or so?" she laughed.

"Yes. Where were you?"

"Looking for my phone and prepping my photos, you ass," she teased. "Why didn't you just call my landline?"

"I can never remember that number. Besides, I know you have to leave in a few hours. I didn't want to distract you, knowing you're probably not ready." She whimpered at that, and he laughed, asking, "Well, are you ready?"


"What are you wearing for the show?"

"That depends. I've got the private thing tomorrow night, and the official exhibit opening the following night."

"Neither of which answers my question, Anna."

"Will you be there?"

"I've got my ticket now."

"Hmm." She thought of his strong hands caressing her thighs. "Maybe I'll go naked then."

"By the way, Anna, I've got Paul in the car with me. I just thought you'd like to know that, before you get too crazy with the sexy talk," Van smirked.

Snickering, she asked, "Do you want to take me off the speaker now?"

"Sorry babe, I'm driving. I do like the way you think, though."

"Hi, Anna!" Paul crowed.

"Hi there, Paul! I'm sorry about the too-much-info business."

"No problemo, Anna. Please, don't mind me. Listening to you is better than sports talk or Rush Limbaugh any day of the week," grinned Paul.

She knew the two men were good friends, so she figured she'd just keep teasing Van. "You know, Van, you could warn a girl, at least if you ever want her to suck your cock again."

Trying to keep the conversation from devolving much further, Van interrupted. "Anna, you still haven't told me what you're wearing for the gallery function tomorrow."

"And I'm not going to. Maybe you'll just have to spank me later."

She heard Paul laugh. "It sounds like you kinda like that idea, Anna."

"Paul, I'm a quick learner. Just ask Van," she giggled, teasing him right back. "As for your question, monsieur, I've got two amazing outfits that you'll just have to wait and see for yourself. You'll love them, trust me."

Four hours later, she was on her flight to Montreal.

After clearing customs, she found a car waiting to take her to the hotel. Knowing that she would be busy giving final touches at the gallery the next day, Anna drew a hot bath, wanting a nice long soak.

Her cell rang just as she was getting ready to slide into its soothing warmth. With a sigh, she stalked into the bedroom to retrieve her phone. A quick glance at the screen told her this was going to be a good chat.

"Hello there," she purred.

"That was mean, making me think about you sucking my cock while I was driving."

Giggling mischievously, she teased, "Well, I'm about to get meaner."

"How so?"

"I'm completely naked right now. You caught me as I was about to get in the tub. Care to join me?"

"As great as that sounds," he said, hearing the water sloshing as she settled in, "I'll have to take a rain check. It was a busy day, and I should finish packing."

"Tell me about your day?"

He told her about the progress two of his smaller projects were making and about the successful meeting he had that afternoon for a substantially larger project. "I was actually on my way to that when we were on the phone," he said. "They'll call me in the morning with a decision, so I may owe you some thanks."

"Why is that?"

"Let me explain it later, okay?"

"So long as you don't blame me if it doesn't work out."

"Why would I blame you for anything?"

"I'm not sure. Hey Van, I need to let you go so I can shave my legs. Any requests?"

"You're an evil woman. Nah, no special requests for you this time."

"I'll let it be a surprise then," she laughed. Getting serious she added, "What time are you getting in tomorrow?"

He quickly checked his itinerary. "I should be landing around 8pm if everything goes as scheduled. Should I go to the hotel first, or come straight to the gallery?"

"Do you want to drag your bags to the gallery? I'd go to the hotel. In fact, the event tomorrow night is formal, so be prepared for that."

"How formal do you mean?"

"You'll probably be safe with a nice suit."

"I can do that. Babe, remind me where I'm going?"

"I've got a room at the Hotel de Montreal on rue Stanley, and the show is at Galerie Lamarque which should be just around the corner." She spelled both names out for him. "I'll let the hotel know I'm expecting you so you can just give them my name when you get in."

"Thanks. You know, I'm really proud of you for getting in on this show. Your photos are great, and it's about time more people got to see them."

"Thank you." They chatted a few more minutes before hanging up.

As Anna finished her bath, she thought about some of the next day's details. She knew she still had a lot to do, so she climbed out of the tub and dried herself before digging out her favorite lotion. Once it was rubbed in, she slid between the sheets and was asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

The next morning, she drew on a pair of well-worn jeans and a snug t-shirt before heading downstairs for the hotel's continental breakfast. Eating for a busy day of work in the gallery, she tried to keep Van from her thoughts, wanting to focus on work instead. It wasn't an entirely successful effort as she felt her pussy becoming damp in spite of herself. It had been far too long since she last saw him.

Walking to the gallery, she enjoyed the warmth of the late spring morning, knowing she was lucky to be in Montreal for such good weather in May. She was excited at the prospect of showing Van around some of the more interesting parts of the city, especially La Vielle Ville, knowing how much he would appreciate the beauty and variety of the architecture there. In the meantime, she was there to work.

In the gallery, things were well organized, and she was pleasantly surprised to see that her favorite photos had been selected for the show. Believing she was a good photographer and having others see it also were different things, so it was gratifying for her to get such recognition.

"Anna, ma chérie, je crois que vos photos sont superbe," gushed Antoine, the gallery's director.

She had learned he had a tendency to be overly enthusiastic at times, yet he also knew his art. After a brief conversation in French, he reminded her that the gallery's donors would start arriving at seven that night, and he hoped that she would be there to help greet them. He was quite excited about her potential; of all the artists exhibiting, he felt it important for some of the donors to meet her in particular.

"I'll be here at 6:30," she promised, leaving him with the standard double-cheeked kiss.

She spent the next two hours walking through a park near her hotel, enjoying the sun and randomly snapping pictures of people. Anna loved them all; the children with their uninhibited joy, the young lovers holding hands, and especially the older people with their incredible character.

All too soon, it was time to return to the hotel and prepare for the show. After a quick shower, she rubbed lotion into her arms and legs and dressed in an outfit she knew would amaze and frustrate her sexy lover. Sometimes, she enjoyed teasing him far too much.

It was 9:00 before he cleared customs and found a taxi, and his flight had actually been early. Van wondered if the Montreal airport was always such a mess; he intended to ask Anna about it. He was a little concerned about making it to the gallery before it became too late, yet he needed to stop at the hotel first.

After half an hour in the taxi, he arrived at the hotel, where he wanted to drop his bag and change his shirt. Checking the gallery name again, he asked the concierge how far it was. When he felt sure he understood the direction he needed to go, he thanked the man and headed out the door.

Fifteen minutes later, he was calling Anna.

"Bliss Photography."

"Hey babe, what did you say this place was called?"

"Galerie Lamarque. Why?"

"Because I can't find it."

She giggled softly as she asked, "Where are you?"

"I'm outside some warehouse on Stanley, staring at a tree."

"Turn around."

He turned to see her, cell phone to her ear, holding up her other hand and waving her fingers at him like a gleeful child.

"Brat," he laughed at her, waving back before clicking his phone off.

She was stunning in the gallery's lighting. His eyes skimmed upward, taking in her outfit. Knowing she was meeting with some important donors, she had made an effort to balance professionalism with an artistic eye.

Anna's long legs were covered by a pair of deep blue silk pants. She had specially tailored them so the low waist rode snugly, yet as the fabric reached the widest part of her hips it draped smoothly over her ass, falling to just above the tips of her shoes. He recognized them immediately as her dancing pants with small diamond cutouts from her hip to her knee. As she walked through the gallery with her hips swaying easily, he realized that the silk was translucent in the subdued lighting, granting him hints of her slender legs and the treasure between her firm thighs.

Her blouse seemed to be less a shirt and more in the style of a vest. This time in a cream-colored silk, the loose fabric enhanced the weight and movement of her unfettered breasts. Van was sure that when he stood near her he would be able to determine the state of those beautiful, pale pink nipples he loved licking.

They met at the door where she kissed him tenderly before dragging him into the gallery.

"I thought I mentioned it wasn't an easy place to find," she whispered.

"You did, but don't worry about it." He brushed the backs of his fingers over her cheek, marveling at her excitement. "You look amazing."

"Thank you. I wasn't sure you'd like this."

"No? Well, I know why you thought I wouldn't be crazy about the pants. You still look amazing." He kissed her again, whispering into her ear, "I have something for you."

"Aren't you sweet? You didn't have to get me anything, you know."

"I know," he shrugged. "I saw this a few days ago and thought of you."

She grinned at him as he reached into a pocket. The long, silver chain he pulled out took her breath away. The pendant was striking in its simplicity; two silver ovals carefully entwined, yet distinct.

"Oh, god, it's beautiful. You shouldn't have."

He held the necklace up and draped it over her head, guiding it to hang delicately about her elegant neck. The pendant fell perfectly between her breasts.

"Maybe I shouldn't have, but I did anyway."

"Thank you, really, it's beautiful," Anna whispered as she reached up, taking the chain in her hands. "I'm just going to make one adjustment if you don't mind."

She slid the chain under the collar of her top, twisting it to place the pendant behind her. Dropping the ovals down her back, she smiled seductively as she looked into his green eyes. "Let me know what you think."

When she turned around, all Van could see was the smooth skin of her bare back. Her necklace was highlighting the pale cream tones of her warm flesh.

Reaching forward, he took hold of her hips and drew her back so his lips were at the edge of her ear. With a playful nibble he whispered, "It looks fantastic, and you look good enough to eat."

"I'm going to hold you to that," she murmured as she brushed her hand as lightly as a butterfly's wings over his trouser-covered cock.

Suddenly she stepped back and grasped his hand. "Come over here, hon. I want you to meet some people."

For the next hour she worked the room, chatting with other artists, soothing Antoine and flattering donors. It actually surprised her how good she was with the donors, since she'd never liked being part of fundraisers. Yet underlying it all was the steady, subtle dance of seduction she was enjoying with a lover who was just as good at dishing it out.

Every so often she would pass in front of him and twist her hips in a slow figure-eight pattern, lightly pressing against his crotch as he gently caressed her hips or a thigh. One time she snuck up on him when he was seated with an older sculptor who was reminiscing about Montreal in the early '70s. Excusing herself, she brushed her breasts against his shoulder while leaning in to nibble at his ear.

"I hope you're having fun, Van," she whispered before wandering away to chat with some of the donors.

Naturally, he had to do something to tease her in return, and that smooth, bare back of hers was too tempting to pass up.

He decided to wander the room looking at the art and visiting with people, waiting until she was once again talking with Antoine. When he was sure that the seductive redhead was sufficiently distracted, he picked up a champagne flute from the open bar. The bartender offered a fresh glass, but he wanted one with plenty of condensation coating the sides.

As he approached, he caught Antoine's eye and signaled that he wanted to surprise Anna. With an idea of what the younger man was doing, the director kept her talking. Not that it was a difficult task; he enjoyed the spark in her personality and her fascination in describing the various pictures she wanted to get in the Vieille Ville.

It wasn't until she felt his hand on her side, just above her waist, that she realized Van was joining them. Suddenly there was a wet chill on her back, causing her to jump slightly and twist away from it. However in trying to get away from the glass, she moved exactly the way he had hoped; he slid his hand easily into the gap in the side of her blouse, cupping her breast and toying with the nipple.

All Antoine could do was laugh at the happy pair. Lowering his voice, he suggested that they could leave if they wanted.

Without letting her go, Van handed the older man his champagne glass and thanked him for his hospitality. He leaned in to lick the side of his captive's neck, causing her to break into giggles. She twisted away from his playful hand while remaining within his arms to kiss him passionately.

As she broke the kiss, she looked into his eyes and whispered, "I've been dying to get out of here since you showed up."

Gathering their things, he couldn't resist nibbling on Anna's ear as he held her coat open for her. Before slipping it on, she reached up to the fine chain around her neck, retrieving the pendant so it fell provocatively between her breasts.

With a final peal of giggles from the slender redhead, they stepped into the warm Montreal night. Deciding against a cab, they slowly walked to the hotel. Their trip would have been considerably faster had he not pressed her into every recessed doorway they encountered for a long, deep kiss and the occasional nibble on her silk-covered breasts or her long, graceful neck.

She realized how serious he was about teasing her when, instead of using the next empty doorway, he spun her around and pressed her against the window of a nearly full restaurant. She gasped at the sensation of the cold glass on her highly excited nipples, one of which was fully exposed, her breast having partially escaped her blouse. Knowing many of the diners were watching, she surrendered to the enjoyment of the moment.

With the little temptress pressed to the glass, he reached up and pulled the clip from her hair, allowing the silky tresses to fall about her shoulders. He knew she hated having her thick hair against her neck, yet he loved when she allowed the auburn waves to frame her face and tickle her upper back.

Slipping the clip into a pocket of his jacket, he set about beginning her torment. Trailing kisses across her shoulders and down her neck, he reached around her waist to cup her pussy through her pants. Van found the seam and gently drew it back and forth over her clit while drinking in her smooth back. He never let his actions with Anna's clit become enough to fully arouse her, and he knew he was succeeding upon hearing the frustration in her moans.

She found herself contorting salaciously, trying to press into the window as well as further into his hand. She felt as if she were dancing around a crowded room, yet somehow never touching anyone there. Damn this torture; she hadn't been this bad to him, had she?

Taking a peek into the restaurant, she noticed an elegant, older woman carefully watching her. Seated alone and in the corner, the woman had a playful sparkle in her eye, appearing to be amused by the younger woman's predicament. She seemed to understand what the young redhead was experiencing, and with a wry grin she raised her wine glass. Anna's sense of adventure kicked into high gear with their connection, and she smiled back at the woman as if promising to allow her to feel some of the excitement her sexy man was creating.

Standing behind his squirming woman, he had a strong desire to go ahead and ravish her; it still wasn't quite what he wanted. Kissing the junction of her neck and shoulder, he spied the object with which he was going to push her closer to the precipice. With a step back, he allowed her to come off the glass just enough to reach his other hand around her torso to take hold of the pendant. She cried out when he traced it along the underside of her well-chilled nipple.

However, his intentions were still to tantalize, the way she had done earlier. When he realized that she was approaching a small orgasm, he pulled away before turning her around again, teasing her with a series of glancing kisses. Her agonized moans simply added fuel to his fire as he took her hand and started to lead her back to their hotel. Before leaving, she turned quickly and waved a rueful yet cheerful farewell to the woman in the restaurant.

Knowing how close to the brink he had brought her, Van couldn't resist a couple more playful stops in doorways before arriving at the hotel.

There is a certain romance to the city of Montreal, as well as in the hotel she had been placed in for the show, yet a large part of that romance is lost when not with a lover. Her first day in town had only served to remind her of this. With her lover finally there, Anna's room took on a warmer feel.

After pushing her coat to the floor, Van cupped his hands around her face. Drawing her in, he kissed her, sucking on her lower lip, nipping her nose and pulling his fingers through her hair. Before she could fully respond, he stepped back and removed his coat. Laying it over the back of a small armchair, he sat down to look at the surprised woman before him.

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