Experiences With My Nemesis Nero


Little did I know that my agent and the casting director were involved into BDSM key ring and she started to take me to these "parties" with clients, sponsors and photographers and on the first night I found myself displayed for all to play with, fulfilling my need for sex, serving them was making me emotional free, being shared giving me feelings of completeness, satisfaction and excitement, while at the end of the evening after an auction with other models obeying one of the guests who had won me or was given to as his sex slave to serve him, to use me as they wished, just like happened at the few exclusive dinner parties she sent me to.

I remember a dinner party at the estate of a fashion designer, with the St. Elmer cross standing in the corner of the dining room, only large candles standing. How I came dressed in a beautiful evening black dress from Dior she had sent me as a present, but was blindfolded and standing in front of the guests I let them strip me nude and left me standing only dressed in black garters, silk stockings and high heels. How they displayed me tied to the cross waiting me to be played with until dinner was over and the table was cleared and cigars and cognac was brought in.

How I was their toy that weekend, to be played with, at the mercy of the guests as they watched me and she started to massage my breasts with ice cubes, circling my nipples, my stomach, finally stopping at my cunt. How she placed tiger clamps on my large nipples, setting my tits on fire, stretching my nipples making me feel the weight and pulling on them, how her guests treated me the way they wanted, using me for their pleasure, made me loose control when they roughly pawing my breasts making me scream, their fingers slipping inside my wet cunt, fingering my pussy, increasing the burning desire making me twist and buck.

It makes me think about the models I have been with at those parties, about Daniela, how delicious and erotic she is but always very stylish. But like me she is not as stylish as she looks. When I think of her and Eva with her massive boobs, I remember the private parties we had with clients, with Daniela blindfolded with her hands tied over her head, with Eva between her long legs driving her crazy, while different men were standing around them, waiting for their turn.

I love watching Daniela and Eva on the runway, their big breasts bouncing, smiling seductively, teasing and taunting, standing with their legs apart concealing their cunt with minuscule garments, shake their boobs, very provocative concealing nothing. They are more naked with their clothes on, their large massive breasts, splendid spheres, firm, pouting and perfect, smiling at the camera, trusting their hips suggestively, making love to the camera.

Our respectability comes from the fact that we do not take off our G-string and show ourselves completely . But below the surface what we are submissive sluts asking to serve. We are very cooperative to the wishes of producers, photographers, we take direction very well, doing everything a photographer tell us to do, especially when we start to model, we do everything to get a good book, pics and assignments. Like my agent, modelling agencies and photographers are for models what pimps are for prostitutes.

We models are just like used cars, a commodity to be bought and sold or at least rented. We sell our body in magazines as the ultimate commodity, bought and sold daily in supermarket. We do whatever is necessary; use our sexuality every day, with clients, producers and especially photographers. We are totally aware of this and still willing to do everything and use it. Everything today is sold using the power of physical beauty and no mind connection is established at least not a deep one.

When Nero says I am a wild orchid I must confess in many ways he is right, I am a puppet who is under the right circumstances a exhibitionist, who likes to dress provocative, like to wear my black silk garters and stockings, they always make me feel sexy, tempted to become puppet Vixen, curious and wet, soaking wet.

I know the truth about myself, when I travel through the deep recesses of my own mind, I feel the nagging feeling between my legs, the beginning of lust, the heat between my legs, the hunger in my belly, thinking about those nights with all these men, being their sex slave, commanded, ordered, watched and used.

How I miss those men who made me sit on my knees in front of them, serving them, sucking their cocks. I miss being tied on a rack, my body stretched with my hands tied above my head, feeling there hands all over my body, knowing how my hot wet pussy needs all those men, I miss how they fucked me making me loose myself, driving me insane without any control over my desires.

I know the truth about those parties, how I did not say no and surrendered to them, letting them use me as their toy, the truth is I am a sophisticated slut who needs sex, the rougher the better, how I spread my legs wide for them and let them dominate me sexually.

How they played with me and talked dirty to me, the more dirty words I heard, the more my body responded, exciting me, driving me insane, without any control over my desires, begging them to punish me, how I wanted to please them, how they made me moan, dripping in sweat, how they made me cum, making me loose myself.

In a way I miss it, to slowly strip and dance for a very select group of men, revealing my round breasts to them, kneeling in front of them, being passed around at parties and to be honest I pretty much did whatever they wanted. I did not know how they say no when they started to touch me, I had no choice then to serve them, loving every minute of it. Recently I have been thinking again how I was displayed on the rack, only dressed in a with black silk suspenders, silk stockings and 5 inch high heels with my legs spread.

It is amazing how well Nero understands me, he understands me better then I understand myself, looking through my pride and my arrogance, how difficult it is to resist him. He is a powerful man able to take control of a strong women like me.

He is charging that abuse, humiliation, and submission are too much of a aphrodisiac for me, he is right there is nothing that turns me on like being ordered to display my dark trimmed bush to perform in front of different men and women like my uncle made me entertain his friends. If I only would have said NO then, but I did not, I just let it happen again.

The first time I met Nero now four years ago, was when Alex one of my favourite photographers came to Amsterdam when my former boyfriend was away.

Often the relationship between a model and photographer is like that, it started innocent enough when my agent had send me to his studio for a go and see, but the same night ending up in his bed. He became my teacher, lover and confessor, who when we made love made me tell him about all my desires, about the parties, the different men and other models I slept with and everything he wanted to know.

Like Ken, Alex was an experienced teacher understanding me, from the first moment we met he dominated me. Telling me, that I have good girl / slut complex, that I am forced by my excellent upbringing to be a nice girl but through the loss of my own control I should free my own inhibitions, which are imposed by society.

What I really want is to be a slut that I was made to serve men, that once I am free of my inhibitions, I can discover a world of sensations, which is denied for me in the past.

Also this time like always in the afternoon I shared his bed, telling him everything about my experiences with Sir David, what a slut I had been and how good it felt being treated like that, but also that I am afraid to compromise my family or myself. How hot it made me when he called me a whore. He is clearly understand me and it felt so good to tell him all my dark secrets and fantasies.

Like I told him when I masturbate I think about being exploited as a whore, how the idea turns me on to be abducted by several older men, cruel men who are old enough to be my father, not civilised men, but old and dirty men who corrupt me, humiliating me, taking me forcefully just like the three men who waited for me in the stable when I came back riding my horse, grabbing my hair, pulling it and violating my hot body, making me submit to them.

To serve such men as their private sex object, a sex slave who is opening her legs, showing my wet snatch, becoming an obedient and permanent sex toy who's abused and humiliated in a dark parking, who's only purpose is to serve them any way they desire, showing me off in public, making me strip on stage in a private men's in a room full of guys, making me open my legs for them, exposing myself.

Now I know I should have said no to him, not trusted him because he was just like all the others, stimulating my sexuality, my desires, using me for his own pleasure. Below the surface he was just a ugly pig playing games with me, setting me up with some of his friends, just like he did with Nero telling him about my secrets and desires.

A few weeks later after these confessions he told me to come to the photo-studio, when I came therefore a shoot, there was to my surprise a friend of him, called Nero, after the colour of his depraved soul. During the photo shoot Nero was watching me all the time the way some men do, especially when I changed clothes, appraising me, looking directly at my tits, smiling coldly, making me very uncomfortable, I really disliked him the way he made his remarks about me to Alex.

When I complained Alex told me that I should not be such a arrogant bitch, telling me Nero was his banker and one of his best friends and that he asked him to come especially to Amsterdam to meet me. Besides he wanted me to be nice to him because he needed to get a big publicity assignment from Nero.

Since I did not want to spoil thing for him, I decided to be friendly to his friend and started to flirt with him, when I changed a couple of times showing him enough flesh knowing he would appreciate that. After all Alex was the first photographer in Paris my agent sent me to, he also helped me with the first assignment, who also likes to have me on my knees in front of him, like all men do, for this I should thank Ken how well he educated me.

Finally when we were finished it was already late when we finished and I had been drinking already too much and felt very relaxed. That's the way we went to do the town, the three of us, I dressed in a wrap around skirt, a very nice lace see through blouse and high heels. After dinner told me he would leave and that Nero would take care of me, it upset me. I protested, but it did not take long till I agreed, anyway I had been drinking already too much and I did not care anymore.

He took me to some other places and all of a sudden we were in the red light district, I had no choice, he looked at the prostitutes who sat in the windows and were standing outside, told me he would love to see me there, telling me he was sure I would like that too. I was really angry and confused with what was happening to me, protesting when he pushed me into a sex-shop, but I let him take me there.

I do not know what some men see in me. Later he took me to Bdsm sex-shop on the corner of the canal and a dark alley with Asian women in the red windows or standing outside, this I did not enjoy at all. But I did not dare to leave him, early in the morning in such an area is not a sensible thing to do. Besides I had been drinking too much. I was the only women in the shop and lots of men around. They glanced at me and I noticed they could not keep their eyes off me. Nero took me to a shelf and made me look at some very explicit bondage magazines.

Then he started to talk to the owner and later told me to walk to the rack because he was going to buy me a present. I saw the owner smiling going over one of the rack and picking out the lingerie Nero has selected. He was handing me the red lingerie and told me to change. I was protesting, and begging Nero, but was no use. I still I don't understand why I took the lingerie I stepped into a cabin and started to undress and was stepping into the clothes Nero has selected for me.

A red string, barely covering my pussy, a pair of red stocking and suspender belt attaching the clasps to the top of the fishnet stockings, a corset which is a size to small and a tiny leather skirt barely covering my bums. I looked into the mirror finally we found our way out.

Why I did this, I don't know, I think its because I cannot resist a man like that. When we walked out the shop we entered the Casa Roso to see a life sex show. I must confess it really exited me, sitting in the dark watching two girls on stage with a black guy, I felt his hand between my legs as he made me part my open my legs, I felt my nipples harden, pussy tingle, afterwards he took me to a peep show, this was the worst, it was already far past midnight, different men were standing around looking at me.

From outside the booth I heard the sounds, I asked him to leave, but he pushed me roughly into booth and he forced me to watch, while he was standing behind me his hands grabbed roughly my tits, pinching my nipples, twisting and pulling. I protested, but it was wild, I was helpless, feeling the lust, it turned me on watching the girl on stage. His hands moved to my hips and grabbed my mini-skirt, soon my string was on the floor and he grabbed my ass.

He really made me excited again, real wet, but wanted to fuck my ass, I begged him to stop, told him I wanted to suck his cock. Not much later I was sitting on my knees in front of him and started to do what I do so well, but he grabbed the back of my head tightly and started to fuck my face, while I was sitting with my eyes closed I did my best to suck him, the best I could to get it over with.

Afterwards I walked unsteady out of the cabin, I had to walk through different men, I heard him laugh, he told me the next time he would take me I would perform in a life sex show, or put me in a window, I would be a great little whore at it.

Not much later he pushed me into one of those cheap hotels on the canals. He pushed me into the room, then he hit me, smacked my face, pushed my face into the bed and cuffed my hands to the bed, I tried to struggle but I was afraid and started to behave doing everything he wanted. A week later he left and I went back to the house, I could hardly walk, I felt dirty and cheap.

Now four years later I still remember, how after that first night he kept punishing for my arrogance, he made me come to his hotel in the afternoon and how I started to dress the way he ordered me, often taken me to a sex shops in the red light district or a movie theatre making me dress in red or black garters with fishnet stockings and a corset what was a size too small and a tiny leather skirt barely covering my bums.

Thinking back about my experiences with him, he still makes me afraid, but I cannot resist him, just like Sir David, I could not say NO to him, needing the fear, the waves of pleasures of being used, the pleasures strong men like that give me, I just let it happen doing whatever he said until I was dismissed. When I got married he started to influence me to write about my experience and my inner self.

Recently he has told me again, that I am beautiful sophisticated bitch and that he knows what I really need, that he wants me to leave my husband and offered me a job in his company as his Personal Assistant, that it will be on his terms, owning me completely, how he will fuck my little ass again, to use me like he did before as his sex slave, his whore.

If I didn't know him so well, I would laugh now about it, but like I first saw him, he gives me an uneasy feeling. Now I know that my first impression of him was correct, his cold steel flashy eyes did not betray his real personality, but when he looks at me I am helpless, he has the ability to force me to his will. He arouses me, making me shiver, making me concerned and very afraid, but fear is very sexual stimulating for me. I am not able to look away, something I cannot explain, feeling myself always getting excited and wet when he looks at me, like he looks at me as his prey, not even touching me, waiting to be played with by him.

Like recently when my husband was away on a business trip and my husband suggested I accept the dinner invitation of Nero and enjoy myself, trusting him with his precious wife, if my husband only knew the true motives for his friendship.

I first tried to avoid him, but when my husband called again he let me no choice. Later Nero called, telling me he had spoken to my husband and would send his driver to pick me up Friday in the afternoon. The next day he send me a box with a silk black dress with instructions what to wear, precise, cool and demanding. When I opened the box, despite it was an expensive dress from Versace, I did not care at all for that "fuck me" dress, knowing how I would look in it….

When I woke up the next morning I felt sweaty and hot, remembering the message Nero sent with the dress " It's impossible to run away from what you have learned, what you are, I know what you want, I know what you need, I will give you what you need".

Since I met my husband, the truth is that I have tried to avoid him, because he scares me, he was the last person on earth I wanted to see on my wedding day. It scared me when I saw him on my wedding reception, making me feel uncomfortable, trying to avoid him. But it took not long that he was standing in front of me, looking at me with his cold eyes, still making me feel like his slut, his little girl he punished and humiliated, just like my uncle Jerome and his friends did.

During the wedding reception when my husband was talking to the different guests, he leaned over whispering in my ear that he is sure that I didn't want my husband to know what happened in Amsterdam, or to read the letters I wrote him, how much I enjoyed it in Amsterdam being dressed like a whore and being used by him and his friends.

He told me he has already show my pictures to some of his business friends, the kind of friends who love helping classy types like me behave like the whore they say I am, that my husband has no idea that I am just a classy slut.

Of course I rejected this, telling him that now that I am married it's different, how can someone with my background accept this, that I am not like that, but he just laughed telling me the time will come soon that like before I will ask him for what he offers me.

I am afraid of this, the truth is, that even on my wedding day, feeling his touch, he turned me on, the sexual fire was burning inside and the bad animal wanted to be satisfied, I was feeling the heat between my legs the way he humiliated me, I was totally helpless, feeling my pussy tingling and getting wet.

He just laughed told me that he knows I am a hot piece who needs the fear, the excitement, the excitement my husband can never give me or should he tell my husband what a slut I am, I felt tears of humiliation and anger, I begged him, I was devastated and did not know what to do,

He left me no choice, making me come to the stable in my wedding dress where he waited for me, I could not resist him, he turned me on, I felt the heat between my legs being called his little slut and in the stable he pushed me against the wall in one of the empty boxes. I let him touch me, opening my dress for him showing my tits to him, letting him touch me, hearing him laugh when he squeezed my breasts, twisting my hard nipples, humiliating me telling me to think about him when my husband was making love to me, as he pushed me on my knees I opened his trousers and did everything what he wanted.

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