Exploration with Analea Pt. 02

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Anal fantasies fulfilled Pt. 2.
1.7k words

Part 2 of the 2 part series

Updated 07/03/2023
Created 05/12/2023
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Exploration with AnaLea

Story Cont'd (See Part 1 if you haven't yet)

Staring at Lea's delicious body gave me a rush of energy as now it was MY turn. I stood up admiring her firm, slender legs topped off with a light pink pussy with no hair at all & the tightest bubble butt I've ever seen. My mouth began to water thinking about using this goddess in any way I please; which in turn made my cock spring back in to action.

To start, I reached in to my sex box to retrieve a ball gag. "Open your dirty mouth slut!"

Lea opened wide as commanded; I shoved the ball gag in, then tightened it around that pretty face & red hair. With a hard pull of the strap, her mouth was now wide open & stuffed. Standing up, I pulled her head back by her hair and rubbed her powdery white cheeks with the back of my hand before giving a hard slap. She winced in pain for a split second, then gazed at me with her sky blue eyes as though to say "Thank you, please may I have another" Her lust for pain encouraged more abuse...

*SMACK* as I swatted her other cheek to make both turn bright pink. Followed by 2 more on each side, her red cheeks were now feeling hot to the touch. She was whimpering like a little bitch, so I spit on her face and rubbed my saliva all over while saying "That's a good little slut, do you want more?" She nodded in approval and gazed at me with satisfaction.

Walking around the bed, it was an amazing sight to see: this stunning young slut on all four's waiting to be used, her pale white skin glistened in sweat from our previous fun, and her curvy body resembled a piece of artwork. As I approached her from behind, I got the urge to tease this slut till she begs for more. I pulled out a remote-controlled vibrator and shoved it in her tight pink pussy. She tensed as the intruder penetrated through her wet cunt, then loosened up while letting out a deep moan the second I turned it on (low setting.)

I stood up and pulled out a few flogging materials: light flogger, leather belt, & small wooden paddle. To top off her excitement, I fastened a nipple clamp on each sensitive perky tit. The clamps had a chain link holding them together & a 2nd chain that was much longer. I wrapped the extra chain around her legs and told her that any movement would pull on the clamps. To show her, I grabbed an ankle and pulled back hard. Lea let out a shriek of pain! I replaced her ankle on the bed as she whimpered from the pain, or arousal, or both combined.

"You won't move your legs now will you slut?" She shook her head hard to say "NO!"

*SMACK* Goes the wooden paddle on her perfect booty sending out a loud yelp followed by a light rubbing of the soft flogger up her feet & legs. I pressed the vibrator remote to increase the speed to medium which changed her moans from pain to pleasure. I proceeded to turn her ass bright red with 5 more hard smacks of the paddle. She started tearing up so I grabbed her hair, wrapped my hand around her tiny neck and squeezed hard. "Ready for more slut?" She nodded so I made my way back to her tender ass.

I positioned the thin belt in line with her wet pussy & landed a quick *SMACK* Lea arched her back as the lightning sensation shot up her spine, forcing the clamps to grip down hard on her now swollen pink nipples. She returned to the arched back position as I landed another strike. Her tight pink vagina lips were now becoming bright red and swollen. Lea was whining as tears flowed down her red cheeks. I walked around and pulled her head up by yanking back on that luscious red hair, smack her face once on either side and said, "Is this nasty slut ready for get fucked?" All she could must through the ball gag was a grunt of approval

I unfastened the ball gag, then immediately shoved my hard cock down her throat. She sucked in all 7", coughing multiple times, while I held her head down as far as I could. Pulling her head back, she gasped for air knowing what was to come. I proceeded to face-fuck her so hard that she was blacking out, so I pulled out and smacked her sore cheeks a few times to wake her up. With spit flowing down her chin & tears covering her cheeks she said, "Thank you sir, please may I have more?" I smiled and shoved my cock back in her warm mouth. As I fucked her face, I turned the vibrator on high; which only made her want to get more of my cock down her throat. I held her head on my cock while leaning over and smacking her red butt cheeks one at a time, over and over. Her moans on my cock began to get louder and louder as I struck her sore ass time and time again.

Lea lost control of her body due to all the stimulation and erupted in a massive orgasm. Her body shook as though she was having a seizure & her tight pussy ejected the vibrator followed by a line of juices. The vicious shaking caused the clamps to pull on her sensitive nipples, sending her immediately in to another raging orgasm. She was screaming on my cock as her body erupted for a 2nd time in less than a minute.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and used it to rub her saliva all over her face; walked around behind her and shoved the vibrator back in to her soaked cunt. Feeling kind, I unfastened the nipple clamps & rubbed her perky tits. She moaned with pleasure & said "Thank you sir, that feels wonderful!"

"Good slut, ready to gape that perfect asshole? She nodded happily with a smile.

Grabbing the bottle of lube & coating my hand, I shoved 2 fingers into the tightest ass imaginable. Shockingly, they went in without much resistance. I worked her ass for a few minutes; then pulling my fingers out, I watched as her asshole tightened back to its puckered shape. Then I worked two fingers in on each hand & pulled outward, making Lea groan in pleasure. I told her to push out hard!

Her asshole farted multiple times revealing her beautiful rosebud, to which I lapped at like a thirsty dog. She howled in pleasure as another orgasm rushed over her. I could feel her juices flowing down my chin & neck as I licked and sucked her delicious ass. As she relaxed, her rosebud retreated back in to her body, but I wanted more! I lubed up my hand and began to shove it in her ass as hard as I could. She yelled at the pain screaming "OW!! I can't take that much!"

To which I replied, "Shut the fuck up slut, you'll do as I say!" Smacking her swollen pussy

I went back to attempting to fist her tiny asshole. I had 4 fingers in as I started pushing my thumb. She cried in pain as my hand stretched her shit-ring to new limits. Reaching down with my other hand, I rubbed her clit; sending her in to yet another body jerking orgasm. As her body shook, I managed to shove my hand in through her relaxing & constricting sphincter walls. Her pussy gushed juices as my hand slid all the way into her perfect ass. I told her, "Good girl! Now you're MY anal slut!" Her swollen clit looked so needy, so I leaned down and sucked on it while moving my hand back and forth inside her. She began to cry out in ecstasy yelling "Please don't stop SIRRRRRR!!!"

I pulled my fist all the way out with a loud "Pop!" leaving her gaping hole open wide. I leaned forward and shoved most of my cock in to fill her wanting ass. She moaned in pleasure as I leaned forward and kissed her soft lips. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer, forcing my cock all the way in. She moaned into my mouth as I pulled out and shoved my 7" rod back in to her waiting bowels. Pounding her ass was a dream! She reached down and grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me as far in to her as I would go. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths as I emptied a hot load in to her anus. She smiled and said, "That felt incredible!"

I said, "Let's see how it tastes" pulling my cock out, I told her to push. She farted out the creamy cumload in to my hand, then I brought it to her face. She smiled and sucked up all the cum, then licked my hand clean "is that good Sir?"

I responded, "Not yet slut, clean my cock" She flipped over and gobbled down my cock as though she was starving. I felt her tongue slide around my softening member till it was completely clean. She got up on to her knees and wrapped her arms around my neck, leaned in & gave me a passionate kiss. She leaned her head back and called out "This was the best day of my life! Thank you Sir!"

I told her, "This will be the first of many my little butt slut" kissed her back and we proceeded to the shower. We washed off each other's sweat-soaked bodies as we continued to make out. My cum tasted salty on her tongue, and the scent of her sweaty ass made my cock stir once more. She looked down and said "WOW! More!?"

I smiled and said, "Let's get that pussy some attention, shall we?" We proceeded to fuck in the shower till the hot water ran out. I finished with a mind-blowing orgasm deep in her tight cunt, got on my knees and sucked out my entire load, then stood up and swapped it back and forth while twirling tongues. As she drove me back to my car in the park she asked, "Can we meet again soon?" I smirked with the response, "Anytime slut!"

I hope you enjoyed the story, rate & let me know what you think in the comments

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DV19DV194 months ago

Very hot and rambunctious story. Apparently they were on pain=drugs, or were true pain=pigs..

Not many people who are well experienced with anal play can take a fist.. so they must have had some drugs to help.

I really enjoyed the stories, they are really wild, and I will read them again for anything I missed that makes me hot.

Thanks for the exciting stories.. I hope you continue to write a lot more..


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