Exposed Gift


Brandon felt free driving with the windows rolled down and the radio blaring. He was singing along to a popular song. He stopped at a red light. He strummed his fingers against the steering wheel singing at the top of his lungs. He did not realize a convertible was next to him until he heard a horn honk. He turned off the radio and turned his attention towards the car next to him.

A woman had a big grin on her face. She removed her shades and he immediately recognized her. She was a close friend to his crush named Mandy. Amanda was not alone in the car. Her boyfriend, Marco, was next to her.

"You have quite the set of pipes on you." Amanda complimented. "You know, your voice would really impress Mandy. I am coordinating a performance for a party for her tomorrow. I have been looking for a great singer. Please say you will do it."

An image of Mandy flashed across her mind. Her long blonde hair flowed beautifully around her heart shaped face. Her smile lit up a room. Sometimes at lunch in between conversations, they talked about their studies as well as their hopes and dreams. His crush was intelligent and ambitious. She was the whole package. Any guy would be lucky to date her.

"Of course. I will do anything to help out." Brandon accepted.

Amanda squealed. "Excellent. You are the sweetest, Brandon!"

Marco scoffed and Amanda hit him square in the shoulder. "You know what, you should step up, mister."

"Come on." He whined. "You know I am not good in front of crowds."

"Well if you ever want to see these again." She smirked and grabbed her tits. "You are going to do me this favor."

He rolled his eyes and glared at Brandon. "Thanks a lot!" Marco shouted.

The light turned green. Amanda sped off. Brandon pressed on the pedal. Mandy party was the talk of the town. A theater was specifically rented out for her special day. He decided to head home and rest up for the big debut tomorrow.

The next day, he met Amanda and Marco in front of the theater. She led them past the bar, tables, and stage. A redheaded woman stood there with her hands on her hips yelling at people to get the lighting right and to check sound.. Clearly, she was the stage manager. She noticed the three of them walk into the room.

"Alexis!" Amanda smiled and blew air kisses to each other on each cheek. "This is the talent I was telling you about."

"I know of Marco." She said arrogantly before dismissing him. Alexis stood in front of Brandon. She ran her finger down his chest. "Him though, I haven't had the pleasure of getting to know."

"I am Brandon." He introduced himself.

She smiled. "Yes. He will be perfect. First, I must hear your voice. Do you know the song currently in number one right now across the charts?"

Brandon smirked. "Of course."

Alexis snapped her fingers. She demanded a microphone and tape recorder stat. He sang his heart out. The women lustfully sighed over his sexy voice as he hit all the notes. When the song ended, everyone except Marco, clapped their hands and cheered. Brandon slightly blushed from the attention.

"Mandy is going to love this." Amanda gushed.

Alex smirked. "Alright, you guys, strip."

They stood their dumbfounded. A woman came over with two boxes. Each were decorated with wrapping paper and a big bow on top. He noticed there was a small hole in the side of the box. Marco and Brandon looked confused.

"Mandy's favorite gifts to receive at parties are...well...big cocks." Alexis explained. "Brandon, your voice is already recorded, so all you will need to do it focus on the dancing. Just feel the music and move as best you can despite the feel of the box around your most intimate parts. That is, if neither one of you chicken out."

"This is nuts!" Brandon exclaimed. "No one in their right mind would do this!"

Alexis grinned. "I know. That is why Mandy asks this every year to see if any one would have the balls to do it."

Marco crossed his arms over his chest. "Well I am not here to impress Mandy."

"No." Amanda snapped. "You are here to impress me."

With that said, she quickly depantsed Marco. Brandon was too busy laughing as his embarrassment, he was caught off guard when Amanda did the same thing to him. He quickly covered up. However, from the wide look on Alexis's eyes, she saw enough to be impressed. Even though he was not erect, he was well hung when he was soft.

"Come on big boy." Alexis purred. "I need to see what I am working with. I might need to get a bigger hole in the box."

Brandon bashfully uncovered while Marco remained covered. Alexis whispered a wow before yelling for a bigger hole in the box. Alexis demanded to get the boxes situated on their penises. Her boyfriend groaned and snatched his box. Not wanting to be shown up by Marco, he did the same thing. The men were told whatever happened, they had to go along with the show. After all, it would be a real shame to disappoint Mandy. In other words, if the box fell off, keep going.

The bright lights blinded Brandon as he walked out onto the stage. Marco shook nervously from being in front of the massive crowd. Neither one of them were expecting so many people to show up. In the front row, Mandy sat right in the middle. She gave Brandon a big cute smiled and waved her phone in the air.

"We are the number one trending stream right now on social media." She gushed. "Keep my party in the top you guys."

Mandy gave a quick wink at Brandon. It was so subtle, he thought he might have imagined it. He looked out into the crowd to see everyone had their phones out. Never in his life had he been recorded by so many people at once. The thought made his stomach turned. However, Mandy looked ecstatic. Her party was going well. He wanted to be the reason her party was one to remember.

Alexis came out onto the stage with microphone in hand. "Ladies and gentlemen, the two men before you, Marco and Brandon will put on a show you will never forget. The vocals are courtesy of yours truly, Brandon. Get ready boys, let's get this party really going."

The crowd erupted into cheers as Alexis hurried off stage. The music started to play. He heard his own voice playing over the speakers. He admired his vocal talent. Brandon swayed his body to the music despite the box hindering his movement Marco started to feed off Brandon's confidence and groove to the music. Suddenly Mandy shouted for them to turn around.

This was completely embarrassing. They were not wearing underwear. He was not expecting any sort of heckling. Nevertheless, they remained calm and presented their firm buttocks to the audience. The crowd went wild as each of them shook their butts. Brandon started to feel relaxed again. At least the worst part of the show was down and over with. They turned back around and showed off the boxes. Suddenly, Mandy gave him a sultry look. His cock started to grow inside the box. With every dance move, the nerves increased. One slip and the box would come falling down showing off his erection.

Brandon realized the song was coming to an end. Feeling bold, he decided to let go of the box. The crowd screamed as his firm manhood was the only thing holding up the box. Marco decided to do the same thing. The audience cheered with joy knowing what excitement lingered inside the boxes. He started to wiggle his hips to the side, completely showing off. Marco imitated him. Due to their pride and arrogance, both of the boxes slipped off at the same time.

Both of the men covered up embarrassed. People in the front row snatched the boxes away so they could not get the boxes back on. The men finished the song with the hands over their cocks.

"Uncover for the party girl!" Wendy shouted. "I want an encore!"

The audience hooted in agreement. Marco was the first to pull his hands away. He was a bit smaller and thinner than Brandon was. The audience clapped and hollared. Mandy looked at him with a sparkle in her eye. He removed his hands to show off his stiff hard-on. Wendy's jaw dropped in amazement. He saw a few people's eyes grow big. Marco started to stroke his cock with a smug look on his face.

"I may be smaller than Brandon, but small packages have big explosions." Marco boasted.

Brandon smirked. "Then a bigger package will provide an enormous explosion. Don't settle for less."

Brandon started to pump away at his cock. The crowd was going wild. Who would have thought the show would end in a jerk off contest? Wendy blew him a kiss and winked with desire. He focused on her and he stroked the length of his massive shaft. Marco came hard right then and there. Brandon furiously pumped fast and hard. He produced the biggest cum shot ever. It flew directly off the stage and landed right in between the tits of his crush. The second shot landed in between her legs. He imagined it would soak through her jeans.

The applause was so loud, the theater felt like it was shaking. Well spent from the amazing cum shot, both the men headed off stage. Marco glared at him and knew he had been bested in size and cum volume. Alexis and Jennifer rushed to Brandon's side. "Oh my god, Brandon, that was an epic performance!" Alexis swooned.

Jennifer passed him a note. "This is from Wendy. Clearly, she was impressed."

He unfolded the piece of paper. It simply meet her after the show. She wanted a private performance. Never in her life had any one exposed their hard dick to the whole town as a gift to her. Wendy knew Brandon was worth exploring, every single inch.

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Good story

Great narrative, great descriptions. Made me feel like I was right there.

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So good

Great job on your first story!

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Good fun story. You should keep an eye on the names though. Many and Amanda became Wendy and Jennifer at the end.

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