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Exposing Katie 012

byTom and Katie©

I have to admit that there are times that I quite simply get obsessed with exposing Katie. It is as simple as that.

Quite a lot of the time, it does not even come down to being a sexual issue. Katie just looks so natural being naked that it seems to be a shame to cover her up with clothes. I love when she walks around the house topless, fully naked, or in whatever manner of undress and I only wish that we could extend the boundaries of where that casualness was accepted. I'd even settle if only she were able to be topless to the borders of our property. I can picture her out mowing the lawn or gardening in only her jeans shorts and sneakers, waving to the neighbors and people walking by on the sidewalk.

Of course, I'd always be tempted to push the limits and if they allowed toplessness I'd only be dreaming about having her out in the driveway washing the car as naked as the day she was born. If we lived someplace more remote instead of right in town we could probably get away with some more of this, but half the fun is in having people see her.

I have encountered quite a few people that say that if such things were generally allowed, it would become commonplace and you would not get the same thrill out of it, that you would become desensitized. I have never bought into that viewpoint. I don't see asexual societies or lack of interest in those parts of the world where women are allowed to swim or sunbathe topless or where nudity is more accepted. Further, for all of the years that Katie and I have been together and for all the years that we have been playing our games, I have never ceased to be thrilled by the sight of having her naked. Watching her in the morning as she gets out of bed and her naked little butt wiggles its way down the hallway to the bathroom is always special to me. I tell her that when we are in our nineties I will still delight in getting her naked. For whatever time may visit upon her body, I will only see the beauty of spending an entire life with the woman of my dreams. And that is not something I could ever replace with some fresh faced trophy wife half my age.

We had been having good luck with our "semi-public" exposure, Katie's nakedness out in the park or along the town streets. Of course, the understanding was that we were not really expecting to actually expose her to anyone. More just that the possibility existed that someone could see her. Still, she was getting pretty comfortable with the idea of being naked outside.

Likewise, we were having good luck with our "public" exposure such as the incidents involving the fishermen, George with our mattress shopping, and the barber. Yet these incidents were still pretty isolated from being "public" in reality. The incident with the fishermen was the only one where Katie actually walked into the situation naked and that first time out in the park with Greg was the only time that exposing her to someone had not even been planned. The other times we practically asked permission before she exposed herself to her audience.

Understand that these episodes here were not the only attempts that we made. There were several other situations that just did not pan out far enough to bother writing about. Either our initial gut instinct of the situation told us not to even attempt anything or the situation ended up feeling awkward and Katie did not progress beyond just some harmless flirting. We could include stories of all our failed attempts, but quite frankly I doubt that they would draw much interest. Likewise, there were other favorable incidents that just were not unique enough to warrant their own story as they were essentially just variations on a theme of stories that we have documented.

All of our adventures were each a definite step forward and I was patient with our progress. Still, I wanted to explore the possibilities of getting more public with Katie's exposure as well as being more spontaneous about it. We both wanted to see what people's initial, unprepared reactions would be.

We talked about some options and opted to start out with some attempts for Katie to show as much skin as possible while wearing just enough to keep her "legal." We had talked about actually exposing her, but we were both cautious about the consequences if someone took offense.

We had fun shopping for cutoff shorts, tube tops and halter tops, mini skirts, and such. A couple people got to see Katie as she came out of the changing room to show me her outfits. Not too much happened, though. The mall was pretty quiet that evening and there weren't really any men hanging around the women's sections of the stores, so there were not too many opportunities to show her off. But Katie also seemed a bit nervous about the outfits she was trying on. Somehow she just did not seem to be her natural self in them.

I think that should have told us both something. To put it quite simply, our attempts to take Katie out in public wearing these outfits failed completely. The thing that I loved the most was how casual and natural Katie was with her nudity. These outfits ended up drawing too much attention, practically screaming sexuality and announcing that she was trying to show off, thus destroying any semblance of her display being at all natural. In turn, Katie felt uncomfortable and nervous with the way that she was dressed and that blew any chance of her acting casual about the situation.

Ignoring these warning signs, we pressed on. I figured that Katie just needed some time to get used to the outfits. They weren't something that she would normally wear. So I suggested that we go out for our late evening walks with her wearing some of her new clothes. It is amazing how deserted our town's streets get later on in the evenings these days. When I was growing up it seemed that people took advantage of the cool evenings to sit or walk outside. Now we rarely ever encounter anyone else on foot other than people walking from their cars to their houses. They are easy enough to avoid just by slowing down and letting them reach their house. The people driving by in their cars are obviously not paying attention to much of anything other than their destination or we probably would have caused at least one accident by now. Judging by the flickering blue light coming from nearly every house, people seem to prefer to live vicariously through television and computer screens rather than getting out and living themselves. Some have complained that our stories do not come frequently enough. Rest assured that we are putting our time away from our writing to good use in actually living our lives!

We started off one evening with a pair of jeans shorts that Katie had trimmed into cutoffs and a white tube top that we had bought for her. The cutoffs could easily have been a lot more revealing, but Katie kept enough material in the crotch that they were not totally indecent. They did display a good amount of the bottoms of her ass cheeks, though. The tube top was actually too wide as far as I was concerned. It covered from above her breasts to nearly the bottom of her rib cage. I had been looking for a bandeau top during our shopping trip so that only the narrowest band of flesh would be covered, but we were unable to find what I was looking for. To me, the outfit really did not seem to expose enough. The tube top only left her shoulders and midriff bare and although the stretchy knit material showed her curves, it did too good of a job of hiding any sign of her nipples. Her shorts were good, but just did not seem to be revealing enough either. The problem was that if they were cut off any more they would be too revealing, showing off more than we could get away with in general public.

I still had to play, though. When we were suitably far away from our house, I talked Katie into making a couple alterations to her outfit. I helped her fold the bottom of the tube top under itself to decrease its width and show off more of her belly. I then got her to undo the button of her shorts, lower the zipper, and roll the waistband down a bit. Although still not exactly the look that I was searching for, it was a step in the right direction. At first I was a little concerned that with her shorts undone, that they would work their way off her hips and slide down. Ok, maybe concerned is not the word as having Katie's shorts falling off would not necessarily be something I'd consider to be a bad thing. Since I was concentrating on watching her shorts, I almost missed the real show.

Both of us keep pretty active and Katie keeps herself very fit and trim, including working out with weights. Not muscle bound, but enough to keep her toned. Apparently her lats were defined enough that with natural movement the tube top wanted to work its way downward and her small breasts did not provide enough resistance to keep it in place. A couple blocks and the top edge of the tube top was working its way down the swell of her breasts and slowly approaching her nipples before I noticed the change. As we continued walking, I casually asked her to stretch her arms over her head for a moment. She went ahead and did it, asking me why as she did so. I was rewarded as her breasts both popped free of the tube top. When I didn't answer her, she gave me a look and lowered her arms again, not realizing at first what had happened. We walked like that for about half a block before she realized what had happened. She just shook her head and commented that she should have known as she reached to pull the top back up. I asked her to leave it that way and after a moment's hesitation, she acquiesced and dropped her hands back to her sides. Walking further proved that the top had reached its equilibrium, it was not going to slip down any further. Lucky for me, we did not encounter anyone and Katie left her top down for the rest of our walk. As our walk brought us full circle and we neared our house again, she pulled the top back up and refastened her shorts.

For the next evening walk Katie dressed in a dark blue miniskirt and white halter top that we had picked out for her. If she wore the miniskirt low on her hips and was careful, she could just barely stay decent. She was definitely going to flash someone if she wasn't careful. If she pulled the waist of the skirt up her hips or did anything more than basic walking she was going to show something. Bending over, climbing stairs, or sitting down would have gotten her in trouble. In the interest of keeping her legally covered, she was going to have to wear panties with the miniskirt in public, but I convinced her to go bare for our walk. The halter top could have shown some more skin and still been legal. Although the spaghetti straps eliminated the possibility of it sliding down, the thin cotton material did a much better job of showing her off. It did not cling to her curves like the tube top, but her nipples stood out against the fabric quite clearly and in good light you could see the shadow of their darker color.

Again I could not help playing and suggested that she ease the waistband up a bit higher. Last time we had spent much of our walk with her tube top down below her breasts, so I figured it was only fitting to give equal time to other parts of her anatomy. I encouraged her to pull her waistband up a couple more times until the bottom edge was about two inches above her crotch to leave the bottoms of her ass cheeks on display and her pussy peeking out in front. We walked a couple blocks like that before she moved to adjust the waist again. I thought that she was going to lower it, but she surprised me by pulling it up until the bottom edge of the skirt was at the top of her pubes to fully expose herself. I could not help myself and cupped her bare ass with my hand as we walked. She left her skirt that way for about two blocks before lowering it so that her pussy just peeked out the bottom again. She did surprise me by leaving it that way the whole way home.

We ended up making about a half dozen attempts at having Katie dress in these outfits. We went to a mall and a museum with Katie in her miniskirt and halter top. We went out to the state park and an outdoor art festival with Katie wearing a skimpy, tight, short, sleeveless sundress. We went for a hike with her wearing the tube top and shorts along with her hiking boots. The only episode that had any potential was the hike. The other ones got a lot of attention, but it was leering, catcalls, and whistles. I guess that we were being a bit naive about all of this and the response was to be expected if we had really looked at the situation. Katie has never wanted to be treated like only an object and before this we had been having pretty good results with our adventures.

This was our first major setback and we finally admitted defeat. We took a step back to look at the situation again. Katie's heart just wasn't in it. There are times that despite being willing and able, things still just don't work out the way that you plan them to. Our relationship had come a long way and I think that was pretty clearly illustrated in that our temporary setback merely led to discussion instead of an argument. As we discussed the issue, Katie admitted that she actually felt more exposed and on display wearing these clothes even though all the "naughty bits" were fully covered. She'd feel more comfortable wearing casual clothes even if someone could actually see something. That comment turned the conversation around and we began to talk more along the lines of actually showing something but doing it "accidentally" rather than dwelling on just the highest percentage of bare skin.

Katie is pretty casual in her dress around home but feels a need to be more "proper" in public. As I said earlier, my wish was that we could extend the boundaries of where Katie could dress like she did around the house and that is where I made the mistake in pushing her into buying and wearing these outfits. These outfits really had nothing to do with the way that she dressed around the house or anything to do with her "style."

So we started off again slowly. I knew that I had to rebuild Katie's confidence a bit after what I had put her through. I have mentioned that Katie is particularly conscious of her nipples. Personally, I find her nipples to be incredibly sexy. Not to mention that they level the playing field a bit. If a guy gets aroused, he gets an erection and you can tell from across the room that he is aroused. A woman's arousal is not so obvious. She can easily fake disinterest. Katie cannot fake disinterest. Her nipples are noticeable when she is not aroused. They are readily apparent when she is cold. And there is absolutely no mistaking when she is aroused. When she is cold they stand at attention but when she is aroused her nipples and aureolas get darker, her nipples get half again as big, and even her aureolas swell.

Katie is a small person. Compared to some basketball players I am not unusually tall, but at 6'-2" I tend to dwarf Katie at times. For the most part, that is not an issue in our relationship. There are a few things that are affected by our height difference. I'd like our kitchen counters to be a bit higher than standard while she would like for them to be lower than standard. Unless she puts the seat back after driving, it is a real chore for me to try to slide the seat back before I get in. But for the most part I love how we fit together (as well as in ways other than what you were just thinking!).

But Katie is small, not just short. She is proportioned well. For her height, her arms and legs look long. Flat tummy and small but well-rounded breasts with no sag to them at all. She's an A-cup, so there is virtually no reason for her to wear a bra for support reasons. I remember being somewhat puzzled when we first met and I was getting to know her. Some people say that I can be a little too analytical at times, but it would seem to me that if you were concerned enough about how well you were endowed to wear a padded bra that you would wear it consistently. It made no sense to me that she would wear it one day only to prove that it was padded by not wearing it the next. To me, the padding only looked unnatural to begin with and even more so because it changed back and forth.

My confusion only grew as we got to know each other better. Despite some depreciative comments about her figure, Katie did not seem to have any actual desire for bigger breasts and in private she was quite relieved to be able to take her bra off at the end of the day, readily admitting that it was constricting and uncomfortable. When our relationship reached the point that I felt I could comment on such things, she was always evasive whenever I would make any comments about just not wearing a bra. I only learned the real reason for her padded bras one time when we were getting ready to go out and I suggested that she should go bra-less. It was a nice warm summer evening and we were going out to dinner at a nice little place with a deck. Katie had put on a sundress and it just looked so light and airy that it seemed a shame to have on that constricting bra. Katie resisted when I suggested she take it off and go bra-less, but was still evasive about why. I continued to push a bit and she finally made a comment about people being able to see her. The sundress was of a light material, but it was nothing that you could see through and I pointed that out to her. It took some more prodding before she finally said that people would see her nipples. At first I misunderstood, still telling her that you could not see through the fabric, until she made a comment about that someone could put someone's eye out. By this point in our relationship I was quite familiar with her nipples. Besides the advantages of knowing when she was aroused, they were also very sensitive and I loved to lick and suck at them as it was the easiest way to get her aroused. There are times when I can almost get her to orgasm just by playing with her nipples.

By this point the conversation was reaching the point of turning into an argument, so I just let it drop. But it led to what seemed to be a logical point to me, that of pointing out other women's nipples to Katie to prove that it was not that big of a deal to show them off. My point was that if she was a bit less self-conscious about it, that although other people would look it would not be that big of a deal. That course of action DID lead to a couple arguments about the fact that I was taking such an interest in other women's nipples. I tried to explain that I was not interested in other women's nipples, that I was interested in Katie's nipples, and that I was only trying to prove the general acceptance of nipples so that Katie wouldn't hide hers all the time. All I accomplished was to dig my hole deeper so I eventually let the subject drop. It is a wonder that we made it through those early years and I am only thankful that we had the perseverance to stick with each other long enough for something truly beautiful to develop.

So I found it a bit funny that even though people had seen Katie totally naked, even though a couple people had watched her get herself off, yet still she insisted on wearing these padded bras in public. Granted, she wasn't as strict about that as she used to be and I understood her desire to hide her nipples in certain situations such as at work and other places where a certain modesty was appropriate.

So, I'll try to get back to the story from this tangent. After some thought it seemed to me that this may be a place to start again on our public exposure. I picked up a simple small white T-shirt for Katie. The material was thick enough that it was not see-through, but it would be snug enough to show off the form of everything underneath.

I pulled the shirt out one Saturday morning as we were getting ready to run some errands out to the local garden center and home improvement warehouse. Jeans and a T-shirt would not be at all out of place, so I was hoping that Katie wouldn't be self-conscious about the shirt. I held it out for her as she was pulling on her jeans. Katie rarely wears panties with jeans and I had made sure that today was no exception. With her jeans pulled up yet still unfastened, she paused to take the shirt from me. Personally, I wanted to just take her out on our errands dressed the way that she was at that moment. Topless in jeans is a particularly good look for her. She held the shirt up and then looked at me. "You're not going to let me wear a bra, are you?" she asked. I just shook my head. She rolled her eyes at me, but slipped the shirt on over her head. The shirt was not skin tight, but stretched over her boobs and clearly showed off her nipples. She stepped over to the mirror to take a look at herself. The shirt fell over the top of her jeans, but you could tell that they were unbuttoned. She asked me if she should tuck her shirt in or not. When I replied for her to leave it out, she lifted the shirt to zip and button her jeans, then let the shirttails fall back down, and giving me a smile, asked if I was ready.

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