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Exposing the Wife


Over the years I have become increasingly interested in exposing my wife to other men, especially in a sex setting. During the last twelve months I have realised my fantasy. I began reading personal ads in some magazines and saw that some were actually offering exactly what I wanted – a peeper who would watch whatever there was to see. So I started replying to some of them and while most were a complete waste of time, as so often happens with these kind of ads, there were some genuine voyeurs who were very interested in the proposition I put to them.

The proposal was that they would be invited over to my house and could watch whatever show the wife and I put on. There were two conditions: the first was they would be outside the house watching through a ground floor window; the second was that the wife didn't know about them and therefore they would have to very discrete about how they viewed the show. To-date I have had four different male voyeurs over and everything has gone brilliantly.

Before telling about the most recent episode I should describe my wife. She is in her early forties and reasonably shapely for her age. She has wonderful skin, an arse to die for, smallish breasts, very large nipples and one of the hairiest cunts you will ever see. She is a very vigorous lover and can be quite domineering in our lovemaking. For some time now I have pretended to be a voyeur during our sex sessions which means that I have often been outside looking through the ground floor window before and during breaks in our lovemaking. It was probably these sessions which accelerated my desire to share what I was seeing with others.

All four voyeurs have seen a very similar show but I want to relate the most recent episode because there is one additional element to the story. As usual, I made contact with Alan through a magazine and after we had spoken on the phone a few times we arranged to meet to discuss how the show would happen – and to check each other out too! Alan was a nice guy, very easygoing and some years younger than the wife and I. I told him I couldn't guarantee when the opportunity would arise but when it did I would phone him and give him the time he should come over to the house. The instructions were that he would gain access by going in a side door which would lead him to the back of the house and he should wait there until a light went on in the main room. This would be a sign that we had arrived back home, usually after dinner and drinks, and the show would begin shortly afterwards. He could watch all he wanted but he had to remember that my wife must not see him. I said the sign for the show being over was when I shot my load over my wife's face. He was happy enough with this arrangement and even quite relaxed about my wish to also go outside at times and watch him watch my wife.

It is not easy trying to find a time when my wife is interested in playing our downstairs sex games and then being able to give sufficient notice to our voyeurs. There have been a number of disappointments along the way. Anyway, a time was found, I phoned Alan, he was available and it happened like this.

Joan and I had gone out to dinner. Because we knew we were going to play our downstairs sex game when we got home, she dressed for the occasion by wearing crotchless tights and a peephole bra. We talked about sex a lot over the next couple of hours, and in the bar she even gave me some quick flashes of her wonderful bush. I knew my night at least was going to be memorable. When we got home Joan, as she has always done on these occasions, went upstairs to get 'dressed' for sex. This usually meant putting on a very short skirt, taking her top off but leaving her bra and tights on, getting into high heels and wearing sunglasses. While she was doing this I went into the kitchen to see if Alan had arrived and he had: I could see him standing in the shadows by the window. I went to the room, turned the light on and gave him a brief wave. While there I adjusted the lamp, placing it very close to the window, and trying to get sufficient glare onto the window so that Joan would have great difficulty seeing anything outside - I have learnt a few tricks like these to help minimise the risks of Joan finding out what's going on. I then got some of our toys ready: the dildo, the blindfold and the handcuffs.

When Joan came downstairs she swaggered into the room, pouting and posing like she was feeling very fuckable. I was sitting on the couch about five feet from the window wanking as Joan moved towards me squeezing her breasts and licking her fingers. The couch was at right angles to the window so Alan was now getting a profile view of Joan as she bent down and sucked my cock. As she continued sucking I took a quick glance at the window and saw Alan smiling with great delight at the sight. He looked at me and I winked at him. He had no idea what I was going to surprise him with next! Joan and I were now kissing and touching each other passionately. After a few minutes I stood up, took my trousers off and told Joan to suck my big cock. I was now facing the window and Joan had to her back to it. I also got her to suck me while standing up i.e. she had to bend over and down to get to my cock. This left her in the most exposed position, which I exploited fully. As she was licking and kissing my cock and really enjoying herself I reached over her back and lifted her short skirt revealing her crotches tights to Alan, whom I saw paused in suspended disbelief. While he stared I gradually moved Joan and I closer to the window. When we were about a foot away I began pulling Joan's arse cheeks apart and exposing her hairy cunt and arsehole to this complete stranger. I inserted my finger into her anus and began playing with her cunt lips, all the time looking at Alan as he began to play with his own cock far more strenuously. We did this for about ten minutes and then Joan asked to me to give her oral.

As I wanted more cocksucking I asked her to lie on the couch (facing the window) and I got on top which meant her view of the window was again blocked. As Joan continued blowing me nice and slow I was spreading her legs wide and giving Alan another perspective on my wife's glorious hairy holes. I tried to let him see me licking my wife's cunt but the angle was difficult from his position outside. Nevertheless, every time I came up for air I spread her dark lips and tickled her clit which she enjoyed enormously.

Next, I suggested to Joan that I would like to see her playing with her dildo while I went outside. She was so sexed at this stage that she agreed readily. Again, she was facing the window but because she had her sunglasses on, and with the glare of the lamp, I was confident that if she saw anybody it would only be me. When I got outside I found that Joan had stripped naked and was resting on the couch oiling her 'much larger than my cock' dildo. It is a most remarkable experience watching your wife stuff her cunt with a massive dildo and writhing in pleasure, while standing beside a complete stranger who is wanking furiously at the sight. Joan knows from previous sessions that that I like watching her when she has her back turned to the window and while in a kneeling position works the dildo as far as she can up her cunt. Whether it was the night that was in it or something else, she managed to squeeze about 10 inches of her toy into her vagina. And then she began pumping it in a way I haven't seen before. Poor Alan was nearly having a heart attack to judge by the action he was giving his own cock. I whispered to him to take it easy saying that there was a lot more to come! It was then that I saw his cock and I was seriously impressed. It was massive. I commented to him that he was very big and he joked saying it wasn't always an advantage having a monster cock.

I asked him if there was anything in particular he would like to see and he requested that I fuck Joan from behind. So when I got back inside I started playing around with my wife and positioned her leaning over the back of the couch with her big round arse to the window. I entered her from behind and started a very slow fuck. Because of our position I knew Alan could see my cock pumping in and out of my wife's hairy pussy and it was while doing this that I decided to alter both the rules of the game.

I said to Joan 'how about the blindfold and handcuffs'. We hadn't played this game for some time and she agreed to do it. I put the blindfold on her and then the handcuffs with her hands behind her back. I now moved Joan around to the other side of couch which meant that Alan really didn't have much of a view of anything except Joan leaning over it with her breasts visible. I got the dildo and began inserting into her cunt and gently taking it out and putting it back in again. I looked at Alan outside, waved the dildo at him and gestured for him to come inside. A minute or so later Alan appeared at the door and stood there watching me use the dildo on my wife's cunt. She had her back to the door and had no idea we had been joined by a complete stranger. I motioned for Alan to come closer and I gave him the dildo and indicated for him to have a go. He was so tentative that I had to hold the dildo too and get him to be more aggressive with it. He did and Joan loved his action and started moaning and groaning for me to go harder and faster. Alan upped his stroke and Joan went wild, shouting 'fuck me harder', 'fuck me good'. I was very tempted just then to let Alan stick his huge cock up her cunt but safe sex prevailed and I jumped in and started cock fucking her hard. I said to her 'would you like a good licking' and she grunted her agreement. I came out and motioned to Alan that he could do this. He knelt down, grabbed her arse – this gave me a real shock, but Joan didn't seem to notice they weren't my hands – and gave her a real tongue-lashing. Suddenly, she stood up and very nearly knocked Alan over. I only just managed to pull him out of the way. Joan said she wanted to suck cock and eat cum. As she couldn't see I lead her around to the front of the couch and knelt her down and put my cock in her mouth. With her hands handcuffed behind her I had to hold my cock for her to suck properly. I looked across at Alan and he was stroking his monster furiously. I mouthed to him to take it easy again and gestured for him to come over beside me.

I said to Joan to open her mouth and get ready for my load and then I stepped aside and nudged Alan into my place and whispered to him 'go man'. I stood in awe as he began working the length of his twelve inch cock up and down with my wife's mouth expectantly open. It didn't take more than twenty odd seconds for Alan to begin unloading. His first spurt went right to the back of her throat. The second landed mostly on her blindfold. The third hit her mouth which was now closed. Joan just isn't used to me coming in buckets like this and she was presumably going to make a similar comment when the fourth spurt went straight into her open mouth once more.

She began to gag a little and I had to push Alan away as his fifth and final splurge hit the couch. As Joan was recovering I waved Alan out of the room, mouthing goodbye and thanks. When I took her blindfold off Joan looked at me in amazement saying 'thanks for the licking darling but where in God's name did all that cum come from! I said ' I don't know but there's more'. In my excitement at watching Alan cream my wife I had completely forgotten about myself. Fortunately, Joan hadn't come either so while Alan headed off home we went about some private lovemaking which ended just perfectly for both of us.

The joy, excitement and badness of having your wife watched and creamed is like no other human experience. And there are similar true stories about Joan and I which could be told.

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