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Ezra's Island


To say that Ezra, at 26 years of age, was angry at his life would be an understatement. He had just been wrongly fired from a prestigious law firm in Kansas City. The president of the firm thought he was too aggressive in defending his clients. It was true that his clients were the scum of the earth but Ezra had believed that he was required to mount the best possible defense even for rapists, murderers, child molesters and others on the wrong side of the law.

Mrs. Smith, the President of the firm was into victim's rights and looking back he realized he should have taken softer steps. Now all he could think of was what a bitch she was as he drank excessively. The only good thing about the entire situation was the extraordinary severance check he got. He would not have to work until he felt like it. In an effort to put the ugliness behind him he decided to spend a couple of months with his sister and mother across the state in St. Louis.

He just had to get away as even his phony girlfriend dumped him when he was fired. He rationalized he could use some down time and just take it easy and enjoy his mother's home cooking. His sister, Sarah, would not bother him as she was 18 years old and had just graduated from high school and had a very busy social life. He doubted he would see much of her as with her hot body she was on a date nearly every night.

Sarah's body was larger than most women that are considered hot but well proportioned. Her D cup boobs were almost as hot as her very large heart-shaped ass. As Ezra thought about it he realized that Sarah was the spitting image of her mother. The only real differences, other than the 30 years, between the women were that his mom had a few gray hairs and she had extra weight in her hips.

It was with open arms that he was welcomed to St. Louis by his only family. His dad had run out on them when Sarah was a baby and his mom never remarried. It was only when Ezra was older that he realized that his mother was very socially active. It was just that she was discrete about dating and love life when the kids were growing up. The women had converted the den into a very nice bedroom for him to use during his stay.

Of course, his mom invited him to stay forever and perhaps get a job in the Gateway City. To pacify her he told her that he would think about it. The truth being that he really did not know what his next step would be. Within a few days things settled into a routine. As both ladies worked Ezra made sure there was a hot dinner waiting for them. Not that Ezra was a good cook as most meals were catered as he enjoyed splurging for his two favorite people in the world.

But, there was also a sinister side to Ezra. He began to notice both of them in a sexual way and he swore that both were flirting with him. It seemed to him when one of them brushed against him in the narrow hallway that they slowed down to let him feel them against the swell of their ass or pointed nipples for a extra long time. Their nightgowns left nothing to the imagination as more than once he had caught a glimpse of their silky bikini panties.

Thoughts of incest were creeping more and more frequently into his daily life. It didn't take long before these foxy women were the featured item in his masturbation sessions. He almost came in his drawers when one of them gave him a playful swat on his ass when they were horsing around. It took less than two weeks before he knew that he had to try to make it with one or both of them. He knew this summer in St. Louis would be the best chance he would ever have.

His first approaches were pretty lame as he would rest a hand on their knees. They did nothing to move it as they assumed it was perfectly platonic and he never got the guts to move the hand higher to test the deeper waters. Then he put his arm around each of them with the same result. The only slight progress he made was when they kissed at night before bed. Ezra managed to slip his tongue between their lips nightly before they pulled away.

One night at dinner his mom complained her back hurt and Ezra volunteered to massage her. Sarah told them to enjoy themselves as she had a date. After dinner he went to his room and sat on the edge of his bed and thought about things. He made up his mind that this was the night he would find out about his mother. After Sarah left he found his mom in the living room, like most evenings, she was already in her nightgown, "Mom do you still want that massage?"

"Yes, I think I could use one as a matter of fact," she answered. After much discussion they agreed that her bed would be the best place. His mother was at ease with him as she figured there was nothing wrong with what was about to happen and did not bother to change clothes. Ezra's heart skipped a beat as he saw her lying on the bed with her ass seeming to fill his field of vision. Carefully he straddled her upper thighs with his crotch at least a foot above her.

He started timidly rubbing her through her gown until she relented and allowed him to go skin on skin. His bulge grew harder and harder. He could feel his mom relax under his hands as his strokes became more fluid. He took advantage of this to broaden his massage to her upper rump and finally her entire ass. This was done through the panties as he did not want to risk asking her permission as he was afraid of being stopped.

His cock was bulging in his pants. He just had to unzip his fly and let it out. For her part Gina thought little about her son's hands on her ass as most of her aching muscles were at the very bottom of her spine. She relaxed and soon found herself almost asleep. Ezra lowered himself closer and closer to her as he was lost in the moment. His cock was throbbing as it bounced in the air with each stroke he applied to his mom's back and ass.

Finally his cock was resting on his mother's ass crack and Ezra was on fire. His member felt so wonderful against the blue silky undies. Slowly he snuck his hands down his mother's sides until he felt the meat of her boobs. His hands reached further around and gently stroked her nipples. Gina was lost in the moment feeling his hands playing with her boobs and his cock rubbing against her butt crack.

She reached around and grabbed his cock. Thinking that he had succeeded Ezra cupped both of her large tits in his hands and began squeezing and toying with them. It was just enough to bring Gina back to her senses and remember who it was on top of her. Swiftly Gina let go of his cock and yanked his hands from her boobs and yelped, "Ezra, stop right now get the fuck off of me!"

Squirming around she managed to roll over and bring her leg up and hit him in the balls. Ezra, not wanting to believe she was serious, didn't move. He saw her laying there with a tit having fallen out of her gown and leaned down and tried to kiss her. Gina didn't know where she got the strength but she managed to escape her son's grasp and run to the bathroom. They talked awhile through the door until Gina was sure that her son was no longer a threat.

Ezra knew he had to back down but was so disappointed and still so horny. He went to his computer and read some smut and got himself off while having several beers. He still wasn't satisfied. Just after he had cum while reading an incest story he heard Sarah come back from her date. His lust powered him right into the kitchen where she was pouring herself a drink.

"Hi Sarah, did you have a good time baby sister?" he asked obviously a bit tipsy. Sarah was slightly amused at her brother's state. She watched him stagger slightly as he came closer to her. She gave him a smile before answering him.

"Yes, we had a lot of fun," she replied hoping the subject would die. Ezra was now standing right beside her. "Come on Sis, tell me more! Did you let him into your panties? Did he pound you hard with his big hard cock?" Ezra asked almost laughing. Sarah was shocked at his questions and her face turned crimson. But, Sarah never backed down from one of her brother's challenges. He was always trying to embarrass or frustrate her. It was his favorite game.

"I made him very happy without fucking him. In fact he hasn't seen my hairy pussy yet," she countered. She hoped that he would back off. Ezra returned her smile totally unaffected by Sarah's comeback.

"Come on this was your fourth or fifth date and you are telling me he hasn't fucked you yet? I can't believe he wouldn't be awfully pissed off. You must be bullshitting me as surely you've spread those legs and been ridden hard," he was sure this would evoke a reaction. Surely, she would escape to her bedroom. But, Sarah knew just what to say to drive her big brother nuts.

"Well big brother you are so wrong. You see I am an expert cock sucker. I just love the taste of cock and anything that comes out of it. I grind my panties in their face and suck them until they are limp and beyond. I don't stop sucking cock until there is no way in hell that any guy, even you, can get it up. Only then I sometimes let a guy eat my furry twat," she said purring rubbing her fingertips over her chest. Now Ezra's face was red in embarrassment and Sarah figured she had won.

While Ezra was a bit embarrassed by the details of Sarah's exploits he was even more turned on by what she had said. His cock felt like it would rip through the material of his jeans. He found himself staring at the deep cleavage of her blouse as he could see the sides of her full round tits. Putting his hands on her shoulders he whispered, "Fuck Sis that was hot. You are damn sexy!"

Sarah tensed up not knowing what her brother was up too. The next thing she knew he had wrapped his arms around her and was forcing his tongue into her mouth. In an instant his hands were groping his sister's ass. Sarah was horny herself and found herself kissing him back and even ground her hips against him briefly. Then sanity won out in her mind and she broke free and slapped both sides of his face hard, "You mother fucker I am your sister! Leave me the fuck alone. You fucking bastard you had better leave me alone or mom will send you back to Kansas City!"

"Come on Sis, suck my cock. Show me how good you really are," he slurred slightly. Sarah figured it was the alcohol talking and she just smiled at him. Then noticed the bulge in his pants and realized her brother's cock would be fun to suck as it was obviously gig and thick. The taboo was just too strong and she began to walk away.

"Just go to bed Ezra and we can forget all about this," she said softly. Ezra followed her toward her room and was considering jumping on her but she was too far out in front of him as he heard her lock the door. He was miserable having failed at bedding both his mom and sister in the same evening. He followed his Sister's advice and went to sleep. In the morning he pondered his next step.

As he walked to breakfast he wasn't sure of the repercussions of his actions. To his delight neither his mother nor sister brought up anything. All three of them pretended nothing had happened. There were a few strange glances between them and his cock remained hard most of the day. He found a note on his pillow late in the afternoon from Sarah with a girl's phone number on it. She said her friend loved to fuck and suck and going out with her might relieve some of Ezra's obvious sexual frustration as she was an easy target.

There was a picture next to it. The girl looked steamy hot so Ezra called her up and made a date for that evening. They met at a local restaurant and before dinner was over Bonnie had her stocking covered foot in Ezra's lap. During dessert Bonnie put her hand in Ezra's lap and whispered, "Your sister says you need some attention. Let's get out of here and I'll show you all the attention that you need. I am addicted to sex!"

Ezra got the server to come over and paid the bill in record time. It turned out that Bonnie had picked out this place because it was only two blocks from her apartment. As soon as her door was closed they kissed passionately with all their clothing coming off except underclothing. Bonnie yanked Ezra's head to her tits as she grasped his cock through his briefs and growled, "Suck them, bite them; oh fuck, I want to wear out this big cock of yours!"

Wasting no time he attacked her tits like a maniac. He bit from one to the other like a mad man as he yanked off her bra. He felt his underwear slide down his legs as Bonnie squeezed his balls. The next thing he knew she had pushed him down onto the sofa. Bonnie sucked his cock into her mouth like a high powered vacuum cleaner. He groaned out, "Oh fuck this is so unbelievable; you are fantastic!"

He just watched in amazement as Bonnie bobbed up and down on his member. He couldn't help it as thoughts of Sarah came to mind after what she told him about sucking cock. He even had to bite his tongue to prevent himself from calling out Sarah's name as he blasted a massive shot of sticky goo into Bonnie's hungry mouth. As she pulled off he shot once more splattering her tits with his spunk.

Seconds later he was sucking his cream from her massive jugs before pushing her down onto the sofa tearing off her panties in the process. She pulled her legs back and apart as far as they would go showing off her ass hole and glistening pussy. Breathlessly Bonnie purred, "Eat me, fuck me; Ezra, I need to cum so fucking bad!"

Within a minute he had Bonnie twisting and grunting under the assault of his mouth. He sucked her clit between his teeth and flicked it rapidly with his tongue. Her hands were practically pulling out his hair as she ground her twat in his face. She gushed a river of pussy honey that he eagerly devoured. Her body shuddered over and over until Ezra decided that he could not wait any longer and moved up the vixen's body. With cum dripping from his chin he slammed his cock hard into her.

"Oh fuck you are right I really needed this; fuck yes. Need to fuck you so damn hard; mother fuck, it feels so damn great," he groaned. Their hips slammed together causing Bonnie's ass to bounce up from the cushion. This time visions of fucking his mother crept into his mind as their fucking became even more frantic. Bonnie was clawing his back as she moaned out loud.

"Mother fucker, give it to me; oh yes, fuck me raw. Give me it all," she demanded. Ezra was fucking so hard that her body was scooting backward on the sofa. Ezra's balls tightened and he poured his spunk into the girl's pussy. As his cock began to deflate he grabbed Bonnie's face and violently kissed her. They spent the rest of the evening smooching and fucked again before Bonnie kicked him out as she had to be at work as a nurse at the local hospital at midnight.

When Ezra got home the lights were all off as Sarah and Gina were already asleep. Somehow his session with Bonnie did not help his frustration level much. As he showered Bonnie's juices off his body he began plotting ways to get in his family's panties. As he stood outside the shower he saw a pair of Sarah's panties in the hamper and sniffed them. It took less than a minute for him to spurt all over the floor. He decided he would try the nice guy approach one last time.

The next night he had a very nice dinner complete with wine waiting for them when they got home. But, the mood was not right as things seemed subdued. Both women had a rough day at work. Later they changed into their night clothes and he was really disappointed as both of them wore baggy cotton pajamas. He touched and flirted shamelessly with them but he was rebuffed very sternly by them both.

In his now crazed mind this result could not be allowed to stand. They would both fuck him even if he had to force himself on them. He tossed and turned as he slept fitfully that night. Finally when his clock said 2:00 he got out of bed. His first stop would be his mother's room as she slept more soundly than did his sister. He was only going to examine both ladies more closely as he couldn't force himself on one of them with the other one in the house.

He crept to his mom's bed and as he sat on the edge pulled back the covers. He was delighted to see that she had taken off the pajamas and was only wearing cotton panties. Gently he reached out for her body and began caressing her entire backside. He rationalized that it was no different than the massage he had given her before. But, it was very different as soon his hand was sliding up and down her wet crotch and then inside the underwear.

Boldly he slid the undies off her ass cheeks and fingered her ass hole and kneaded the pillows of soft flesh. She stirred slightly so he pulled back up the undies. After waiting for a whole thirty seconds he leant down and planted soft butterfly kisses on her ass through the cloth. He figured he couldn't kiss her skin directly as the kisses would moisten the skin and wake her up. He inhaled all of her womanly aromas as he continued to play. Suddenly her whole body began to move. He thought he was about to be caught and quickly jumped to the floor beside the bed.

A few seconds later he peeked up and was very relieved to see that she merely had rolled over in her sleep. In seconds he was back on the bed playing with her large melons and gently tweaking her nipples. His cock pulsated with excitement as he slid a hand under her panties and over her furry muff. Pushing her legs apart he explored the vagina he had come out of so long ago. He was even able to slide a single finger inside of her.

Her breathing was getting ragged so he came to the conclusion that he had better retreat and check in on his sister. To his surprise Sarah was asleep, nude on top of her covers, with a large dildo beside her on her pillow. He picked it up and it smelled of pussy juice. He pulled out his cock and began stroking himself as he stared at this gorgeous woman who just happened to be his own sister.

With his free hand he cupped her boobs; first tentatively squeezing one and then the other. As he came closer and closer to Cumming he moved his hand down to her furry mound. Just as he touched the moist inner folds of her pussy lips she woke up. With her eyes bulging and a look of complete shock she yelped, "You fucking pervert get out of here right now!"

Sarah smacked her brother's hand away and pulled the blanket over her nude body. Ezra was too far gone and kept pumping his member. Sarah wasn't sure of what to do as Ezra was between her and the door. She could hear her brother's breathing getting even shallower as he spoke, "Sorry Sarah, you are just too fucking hot! Oh fuck I'm cumming!"

With that he exploded a load of jism all over his lap. His sister yelled a few more things but Ezra didn't hear them as he ran from the room He retreated to his room and a flood of emotions wash over him. While he felt guilty for molesting his sister and mother he also was excited by how hot and beautiful they were. He was once again worried about what it would do to their relationships.

"Sarah, what was the yelling coming from your room last night," Gina asked her daughter the next morning at breakfast. Ezra could feel the blood rush from his face knowing his sister could make his life hell. Sarah thought for a second. She wasn't sure if her bedroom door was actually closed after she had cleaned herself up in the bathroom after playing with herself and there was no doubt she was nude on top of the covers with her favorite dildo. As much as there was no excuse for Ezra's actions she didn't want to explain herself to her nosy mother either.

"Oh nothing, I stubbed my foot on my dresser when I came back from the bathroom," she tried to answer calmly. She glanced quickly at Ezra and gave him a look that could kill. Relief swept over his body as he realized he couldn't make any more middle of the night trips to their rooms. If he got desperate it would only be his mother he would visit as Sarah slept too lightly.

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