tagBDSMFace (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 12

Face (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 12


Gina: Eng Lit 101

College life became all that Gina had dreamed after she met Ashley. Academically she shined, especially in Honors Intro. To Eng. Lit. taught by her dream man, the esteemed Professor Edward Fish. At the young age of 32, Professor Fish had attained academic celebrity. The good Professor was brilliant, charismatic, and handsome. He had been recruited by universities and pursued by woman around the world.

Some thought his success had gone to his head, but they were mistaken. He was born with his immense conceit. Ever since the age of four when he came to the startling and deflating realization that the creatures caring for him were sentient beings in their own right, Edward had been obsessed with proving his innate superiority to everyone and everything. He knew no doubts or guilt. Edward would stop at nothing to increase his ascendancy over others and no lead over competitors was wide enough. This obsession was the secret to his success. Edward was delightfully devious, repulsively magnetic and viciously charming. Everyone professed to admire him, except a recalcitrant few of those he had humiliated or destroyed, and even these suspected that the great Professor must have been justified.

The Professor had insisted that he himself teach a class for the best of the incoming freshman, a bow to the noble aspirations of pedagogy, and a great way to met smart, barely legal chicks. Gina would moon over the esteemed Professor performing for the class, but she quickly flushed and looked down in embarrassment when his penetrating gaze fell upon her. Her pulse raced and she could not speak. Her smoldering puppy love fanned to a blaze of mortification, and her face blushed with the searing heat radiating from her throbbing heart.

The Professor saw right through this sweet young thing and was amused and gratified by her obvious adulation. After all, why shouldn't she worship him, she was just a pretty, adolescent hick and he was the great Professor Fish, a leader of the intellectual world. Edward reveled in the entirely deserved veneration of this gorgeous young innocent. But Professor Fish did not check the record; he didn't recognize that Gina fell short of the state's regulatory limit for pussy prey at her tender age of seventeen.

Edward doled out abundant praise for Gina's first paper, an exposition on Spenser's Fairy Queen wherein Gina mourned the loss chivalric love in the modern world. She didn't believe any of it, but she thought it would please the dreamy Professor who had sung the praises of long lost chivalry in his lecture with equal insincerity. Though the Professor thought Gina's clumsy attempt at academics ridiculous, he appreciated her gorgeous ass and so he extolled her work. He called on Gina to read to the class from her paper—mistake.

Gina turned crimson from embarrassment. The mortified girl mumbled excuses, sweated, and sunk silently into her seat. She would have sunk right though the floor if she could have. Gina was horrified that Edward had spoken directly to her and was aghast that she had been asked to stand before the class and speak. Reading from the paper should have been just fine, it was trite freshman stuff, but it was a freshman class. Gina's anxiety attack was not just fine. The weird little girl had just shown everyone how weird she really was.

From Edward's perspective Gina's weirdness was better than fine; he liked his women neurotic and vulnerable. Unfortunately, Gina didn't show up at the next class, didn't show up when Edward invited her meet him at his office, and when she finally did come back to class, she sat silently in the back row trying to hide. For Edward the problem with all this was that he could hardly see Gina's beautiful face back there, and he got only the briefest glimpse of her perfect little ass when she got up to leave.

But Edward let her be; he would have her after all. He mentioned the shy beauty to his best fuck buddy, Ashley. She laughed, "I'm two steps ahead of you, slow poke. The babe is for your ass too." Then Ashley promised to 'give' Gina to Edward when the time was right.

Every moment Gina was not in class or studying, she tried to be with Ashley. Ashley was everything Gina wanted to be—self-confident, in control, and free. The happy girls would walk across the campus closely huddled, smiling and chatting as if the rest of world did not exist. They didn't hold hands, kiss, or overtly display romantic behavior, but the way they looked at each other set tongues wagging, rumors slithering, and jokes giggling.

Gina took to wearing jeans and a tee shirt everyday just like Ashley. She used her entire semester's clothing budget to buy a leather jacket and biker boots. Gina borrowed Ashley's mannerisms, prejudices, loves and hates. She tried to mimic Ashley's accent, an artificial blend of refined upper class east and antique, imagined Greenwich Village Okie. Gina soon gave that up because speaking Okie came too naturally. She heard in herself the hated yokels from back home.

Within the shelter of Ashley's lively brown eyes, protected by Ashley's acceptance, Gina at last discovered the exceptional world she dreamed of. Ashley, like Gina, was different from the others, but superior like Gina would prove herself to be. She longed to kiss Ashley again like that night on the dorm steps, but didn't. It wasn't lust; it was more like wanting to lick a lollipop.

Gina liked boys and was mildly repelled at the thought of lesbian sex. But Ashley was kind of like a boy, only prettier. Ashley in her leather jacket and biker boots was a softer, safer, smarter version of the motorcycle thugs with whom Gina had initiated her sex life. But after that first kiss, nothing so forbidden happened for weeks. Gina began to believe the kiss had really just been a sort of initiation dare, and that her love for Ashley was platonic and normal, not a lesbian perversion.

Gina was not clear on where Ashley stood on any of this, and she was too timid to ask. One day Ashley would imply that she was bisexual and the next she bragged that she was militantly heterosexual. Gina thought she had misunderstood, but the reality was that Ashley herself changed from one firm position on anything and everything to the opposite like a shifting breeze.

Meanwhile Gina's fantasy world was all about boys, lots of them, two, three and more at a time. However, Gina's make-believe castles in the sky and dungeons under the earth were increasingly unsatisfying. Gina desperately wanted an actual sex life. She was distressed that she may have fallen in love, if not lust, with the boyish, mercurial Ashley. Gina was torn with anxiety over her perverse secret lust for gang banging hoodlum boys, her pathetic longing for her English Professor, and at her aching desire to be with, to look at, to touch, and to smell her best, her only, friend.

Gina wanted a boyfriend to prove she was normal and so Ashley set her up with a series of guys. It didn't work. None of them could measure up to the dreamy Professor Fish or the high voltage Ashley. And as much as the guys wanted the stunning beauty, none of them could get more than a few words out of her. The guys thought that either she was stuck up, or they were not up to the standards of this model gorgeous girl. There were no second dates.

Ashley told Gina she would give the Professor to her. "Yeah, I've known him for a couple of years. Anna introduced us. I love Anna; she's the reason I came to this school, this parochial patch of pouting pussies and prudish pricks. That and the fact that great-great-grandpapa founded the place. Anna is an Anthropology Professor. She's engaged to the dashing Edward. He can be a lot of fun; do want me to give him to you?"

If Edward was engaged, how could Ashley 'give' him to Gina? And clearly, Ashley had had an affair with Edward. Was that before the engagement? Was it still going on? If Ashley loved this Anna so much, why...? Gina had many questions she did not ask because she did not want to look provincial to Ashley the hipster. Gina completely trusted her friend, her mentor and her guiding light. Ashley professed maniacal honesty. What Gina failed to comprehend was that while Ashley was dedicated to Truth, the whole truth being something else entirely. Ashley was a complicated girl.

Every time Gina brought Edward up, Ashley would say something vague about introductions, and then sidetrack Gina with some wonderful story about something remarkable Ashley had done with the great Professor. "I heard he was interviewing in Paris for a summer gig at the Sorbonne, and so I invited Edward up to my Daddy's place up in St. Moritz..." But Gina's meeting with the great Professor kept being put off, and she was way too shy to do anything without Ashley's help. Every personal detail Gina knew about the exalted man she learned through Ashley. It was as if she could only meet him in the secret garden of Ashley's stories.

On the day the autumn rains came, Gina discovered jealousy. A thunderous front rolled in from the west to sweep summer away, and all sensible citizens scattered for cover. Nevertheless, Ashley and Gina strode across the campus into the wind as if nothing was happening around them.

As prelude to a vicious joke about frat boys, Ashley bragged that she had fucked a particularly popular jock the night before. Ashley had set Gina up with this guy, and Gina thought him especially vacuous. Worse, he had not concealed his contempt for her shyness. Ashley fucked him? Gina was hurt; an empty cavern opened in her heart. The hurt was not because had Ashley fucked a guy, but because Ashley had fucked that specific guy. Gina loved most of Ashley's guy fucking stories. That was really the extent of her sex life besides obsessive masturbating all night in her dorm cot. But Gina knew this particular guy and hated him; it was too close. Ashley could have been with her, but, no, she fucked that stupid boy instead. Gina thought, "You fucked that prick instead of being with me? I want you to myself; can't you see that? Don't you care?"

The electrified air of the approaching storm ignited Ashley, and she grabbed Gina's hand dragging her into tumult. Lightening flashed in the darkening autumn sky towering over the girls rushing across the quadrangle, and winter's overture commenced with a cold deluge. Lightening glinted in Ashley's eyes as Gina's heart broke. Jealousy thundered and envy rained.

Gina didn't hear a word of the frat joke; she was too angry and confused. She didn't notice the rain. How could Ashley be so indifferent to her feelings? Ashley just casually and carelessly tossed off the fact that she was fucking that boy. Ashley spent time with him, fucked him, while Gina was studying. If Ashley had just asked, Gina would have made time to be with her. Why didn't Ashley ask? Why didn't she even mention she wanted to fuck that asshole, that prick that had made Gina feel so small? Gina was her friend, wasn't she?

"Of course," Gina thought, "She doesn't want me because I don't have a dick. It is over now. Ashley will go off whoring with the boys. She will leave me and I'll go back to being a gawky, lonely dork. Ashley was my only friend; I'm lost. You bitch, how could you?" But what could Gina do about it? She really didn't have a dick.

Ashley pulled Gina under her arm and strode across the campus, their heads bent together against the autumnal torrent. Rivulets pored down from their soaking hair into their faces, down the slick wet leather of their jackets, drenching their jeans and filling their sodden boots. Ashley insisted that rain was the natural world's cleansing remedy against the depredations of civilization. They were free—no hiding under umbrellas, no cowering under shelter for them, not for the liberated children of nature. The water would not harm their jackets; it would season the leather just as the deluge was seasoning their souls. Everyone else saw two goofy girls without the sense to come in out of the rain. Ashley saw free spirits nourished by nature's grace.

The storm enflamed Ashley's mania. Ashley gave a war whoop and began dancing like Peter Pan's wild Indian maiden. She opened her jacket, through her head back and joyfully screamed up into the cascade, into the wet, leaden sky. Ashley laughed and roared. Long raindrops streaked down from the heavens racing straight to Ashley's open mouth. Her arms spread wide; her jacket slipped away. Her lithe torso arched under the sky, water poured off her tee shirt, and Ashley's thick nipples swelled atop her petite young breasts stiffening in the cold rain. Gina stood silent; the torrent camouflaged her angry, irrational tears. Finally, Gina screamed, "Ashley how could you. How could you fuck that boy? What about me? Why not love me?"

Ashley's manic reverie skipped a beat, but just a beat. Ashley laughed, "How could I fuck him? By throwing him down on his back, sliding his cock inside, and riding him like a bucking bronco, that's how. Don't you even know how you fuck a frat boy? And what about you? Yeah, what about you? You don't have a cock, so I guess you can't be my bucking bronco. But your can serve, maybe you can be my snake. You want to slither up between my legs and be my sucking snake, my crazy, scaredy, girly snake?"

Ashley grabbed Gina by her jacket collar and dragged her into an alley, past some dumpsters, and roughly pushed her up against the brick wall of the Life Sciences Building. "What's the matter girly, did you think you could own me? I don't think so. You are such a baby, but such a beautiful baby." Gina was sobbing in terror.

Ashley slapped Gina, stroked her stinging face gently, and then clutched her roughly by the throat. Above the passionate girls the storm flashed, thunder echoed through the alley and the wind blew whirlwinds of garbage. Ashley cradled Gina as her mood violently rocked between anger and love. The bough broke, and Ashley pushed Gina to her knees behind the dumpster forcing her face into the soaking crotch of her jeans.

"The only thing babies are good for is sucking. So get down baby and suck. Go ahead. Cry baby cry, and suck the thunder juice, the lightening liquor. Take your absolution." Lightening and thunder exploded as one, and Gina knelt in a whirlpool of sopping gobs of garbage. Ashley ground her crotch into Gina's face, driving the back of Gina's head into the crumbling brick wall of the antiquated hall of Life Sciences. Gina opened her mouth, took the fabric of Ashley's jeans into her mouth, and sucked rain, sweat, and Ashley's incandescence.

The flood ebbed, and Ashley calmed. She helped the terror-struck Gina to her feet, and lightly kissed her. "I am your friend, but don't try to control me with guilt trips. If I want cock, I'll take it. I'll take anything I want. You don't even know what you want, but I know what you need—cock, man cock. Boys won't do; you need a man. It is time for you to meet the Professor. Even the fragile, frightened Gina can figure out how to get cock from the eminent Professor Fish, horny bastard that he is."

Ashley pulled out her phone. "Hey, it's Ashley. I am coming over there now. ...I don't care who you are supposed to be meeting. ...Really that's such a pity, and I was bringing that thing you have been begging for, but if discussing fucking Milton with some fucking morticians is more urgent, if after, what 300 fucking years, there's still more shit to be said.... That's right. I have it here with me and it is ready, steaming hot. ...Oh, so now you want to see me, now you have the time, what happened to Milton? You are such a shit. See you in five minutes, asshole."

All the while Ashley was rushing purposefully toward University Center, Gina in tow. Ashley broke into a run dragging her jacket along through the puddles with one hand and Gina with the other. The English Department lay deep in the bowels of University Center, a huge century's old accretion of bricks and bequests. Edward Fish sat at the center of the Department in his sumptuous book lined office in a chair endowed with Ashley's family money, waiting for the sweets his dear Ashley had promised.

Gina gripped Ashley's hand and hurried after her, pleading, "Ashley, please, I'm a mess. I am soaking wet, there's garbage stuck in my hair. Please at least let me dry off. I can't meet him looking like this."

Ashley looked back at Gina and laughed. "No, and stop being such a chicken shit. Its now or forget it. This will be fun, lighten up. That horny fuck has been begging to get into your pants since he first laid eyes on you. Besides, don't you get it? Gina, you are gorgeous. There is not a cosmetic trick that could make you look better, not even drying your hair. You have never been more sexy, all wet and wild. The only thing that could help is a smile. There, that's it. Wow, right now, right here next to me, the most beautiful woman who has ever breathed earthly air. But remember, I'm warning you, this guy's a pervert, a real power tripper, so be careful."

Gina and Ashley rushed right past security and up the stairs. The guard called out, "Wait, young ladies, you must sign in. What's your business?"

Ashley cried out down the stairs, "Fish, we're in the fish business."

At the English Department desk the receptionist said, "Ashley would you please, stop doing that. Please, just sign in; have pity. Oh, go on. Lord knows I can't stop you."

Ashley smiled as she dragged Gina down the hall toward the lair of the renowned Professor of English and Comparative Literature. Without a knock or warning Ashley threw open the door and shoved Gina at Dr. Fish. Then she stepped back to watch. Gina stood before the great Professor slack jawed and trembling from fear and chill. Gina was drenched; her clothes hung wet and heavy, and thick ropes of hair streamed all about her slick face.

The handsome Professor was warm and comfortable ensconced behind his desk, immaculate in his tweed. He sat contentedly with an ancient book resting in his hands. He looked up at the disturbance in his doorway. He had been expecting the pretty, shy, Midwestern schoolgirl who sat at the back of his class, an easy treat. What stood before him was something entirely different. He saw a wild, elemental spirit from the barbarian lands beyond the heavily defended borders of civilization's empire. He sensed an ambush, but it was too late. With one look, he was taken captive. For perhaps the first time in his life, Edward Fish could not speak. Tongue-tied, Edward stared in wonder at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

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