tagRomanceFaerie Wings Ch. 02

Faerie Wings Ch. 02


Falcon wasn't really sure what to do with his new ward. He knew what he wanted to do, throw her down on the bed and make love to her again, to not stop until he didn't have enough energy to move.

He pulled her into his arms, and she willingly went into them. He stared down at her luscious mouth, and bent to steal a kiss.

She tasted like honey.

Falcon heard a low grumble, and it only took a moment to realize that it had come from her stomach. He instantly felt guilty for not thinking to offer her food right away.

"Are you hungry, Daisy?" he asked, knowing that she wouldn't understand, but thinking maybe she could pick up a few words if he kept talking to her.

He moved his hand to mimic putting food to his mouth, and he chewed the air, hoping she would figure out what he was trying to say.

Daisy's eyes grew wide and fearful, and she let out a little scream before turning to run. She barely took a few steps before she smacked right into a beam, hitting her head pretty hard.

She would have fallen to the floor if Falcon hadn't moved to catch her. As it was, she landed right in his arms, having knocked herself out. She seamed fine except for a slight lump on her head, and Falcon chuckled at her odd behavior.

The girl was obviously hungry, her stomach had revealed that, but she was ready to make a run for it when he tried to offer her food. He lifted her slight frame up into his arms, marveling once again at how little she weighed. He could feel her ribs beneath his hand. Wherever she came from, she obviously hadn't gotten proper nutrition.

He was about to go lay her down in bed when the door suddenly burst open. He knew who it was without even looking. There was only one person who would dare enter his cabin without knocking first.

"Captain, I heard you found some gal in the woods!" Jason Good exclaimed as he slammed the door behind him. Falcon had known Jason since they were both boys, and Jason had loyally followed Falcon wherever he had sailed: a dependable first mate.

Jason's eyes grew big as he saw Daisy hanging limply from Falcon's arms. "God, you sure did! What did you do to her?" he asked, referring to her unconscious state.

"I didn't do nothing to her!" Falcon said offended, "She hit her head and knocked herself out."

Jason took a few steps closer to get a better look at the girl. Despite her deceptively small frame, she was no doubt a woman, and very beautiful at that.

"If you didn't do nothing to her, then why is she naked except for your jacket?" Jason asked jokingly.

"I found her that way," Falcon told his friend, narrowing his eyes at the other man was staring lustily at the girl.

"I would have explored the woods more if I'd have known there were naked women wandering around in them. Who is she anyway?"

"I don't know. She doesn't speak English," Falcon said shrugging his shoulders.

"What's her name?"

"I call her Daisy," was the only answer Falcon had to give.

"This whole situation is very odd," Jason said staring down at the girl, "Almost too good to be true, finding a gorgeous naked woman wandering around, when none of us men have seen any sort of female for months."

"Believe me, I know." Falcon didn't need to be told the strangeness of the situation. And Jason didn't even know the half of it, didn't know the odd behavior of the girl.

"You're just lucky that the ship of women and settlers should be arriving soon, or the men might mutiny with jealousy over your having a concubine all to yourself."

"She isn't a concubine," Falcon's voice was angry and defensive.

"Oh yeah, and you expect me to believe you just found her naked in the woods and brought her back to live with you out of the kindness of your heart?" Jason asked sarcastically.

Falcon didn't need to answer, the guilt in his eyes telling his friend the whole story. Before Jason could call him on it, however, Daisy moaned and stirred a little in Falcon's arms.

"Daisy?" Falcon asked gently. Daisy groggily opened her eyes, she looked up at him sleepily and trustingly, apparently forgetting the fear that had caused her to run into the beam in the first place.

"Are you going to introduce me or what?" Jason asked.

Daisy looked over at Jason curiously. She reached out a arm and touched his chest with her little hand, patting it as if to inspect if he were really there.

Jason gave Falcon a strange look. "What's she doing?"

"Hell if I know."

Daisy seemed to have her fill of touching his chest, and her hand moved lower to feel his cock, patting it curiously.

She barely touched him there when Jason jumped back in surprise, Falcon also jerking Daisy backward.

"Don't do that, Daisy," he told her sternly, letting go of her knees so that she fell to her feet.

"Are you sure she isn't a concubine?" Jason joked nervously under his blush.

Falcon glared at him. "Look, I don't know where this girl came from, or anything about her past, but I don't think she meant anything by what she was doing," his harsh voice gentled as he looked down at her, "I think she was just curious."

"Aw, I know. I was just kidding. A man would only need to take one look at those big eyes to know she was as innocent as a babe."

Falcon grinned at his friend who was so understanding, and was grateful to know him. "Look, I was just going to make some supper, rabbit stew. Why don't you stay?"

"Yeah, that'd be great."

"Watch her for me while I go to the smoke house," he told his friend while stomping heavily to the door.

Falcon hurried back as fast as he could, partly to avoid anyone who might start asking him questions about the girl he had carried through camp earlier, and partly because he felt anxious when Daisy was out of his sight.

When he walked into the cabin, he laughed as he saw Jason gesturing wildly to himself while speaking his name loudly and slowly. Jason glared over at his friend before resuming his communication attempts with the the girl.

Jason saw Daisy curiously watching Falcon over by the stove. When she turned back to him, he thought to explain what his friend was doing. Making the same mistake Falcon had made earlier, Jason motioned as though he were eating.

Daisy let out a horrible shriek, before turning to run. She didn't really have anywhere to go in the small cabin, however, so she settled for the opposite corner from the two men.

She cowered there, closing her eyes, as though if she couldn't see them, they couldn't see her.

"What the hell did you do?" Falcon accused, walking over to where Daisy was crouched in the corner. He laid a gentle hand on her shoulder, trying to coax her to open her eyes, but she stubbornly kept them closed, covering them with her hands.

"I don't know," Jason was genuinely surprised, "I just tried to explain that you were making supper when she suddenly screamed."

Falcon nodded knowingly, feeling guilty for yelling at his friend, after all, he had done the same thing.

"Yes, she's afraid when you make an eating motion at her," he said smartly.

"She's afraid of eating?" Jason asked disbelievingly.

"I don't know," Falcon admitted. He turned back to Daisy, and gently rubbed her back until she finally looked up at him. He smiled kindly down at her, before grabbing her wrists and standing her up with him.

"Feeling better?" he asked, leading her to over to the bed. He pushed her down into a sitting position on the end of it before dragging the table over to her. Falcon only had two chairs, really having no need for more, so tonight Daisy would use the bed.

"Come on Jase, take a seat," Falcon said, acting like they were in the most normal situation in the world. He brought the pot of stew over to the table, setting it down along with bowls and spoons.

Jason, still a little shaken from Daisy's earlier freak out, cautiously sat down next to her. Falcon filled a bowl for Daisy before filling one for himself.

He hesitated, however, before bringing the spoon up to his mouth. He looked at Daisy for any signs of panic, but she seemed perfectly fine now. He looked over at Jason, who was anxiously staring at him, waiting for him to make the first move.

Falcon slowly lifted the spoon to his mouth and took a hesitant bite. Daisy barely even seemed to notice, and Falcon felt silly for all the worry he had put into taking a damn bite of stew. He hungrily started scooping the rest the hearty meal into his mouth.

It took him a minute to notice that while Daisy was staring wonderingly at her plate, she wasn't eating. He knew she must be hungry. Maybe she didn't like rabbit stew.

"Why isn't she eating?" Jason noticed the same thing.

"I don't know," but even as he said it, Daisy picked up the spoon next to her plate. Once it was in her hand, she looked over to Falcon as if for approval. He nodded encouragingly, and Daisy took a spoonful into her mouth.

She must have liked it, Falcon thought, for she was now eating like a lumberjack just come back from a full day hauling trees.

Falcon poured her another bowl when she was done with the first, and she ate that one just as eagerly.

"You'd think the girl'd been starving," Jason commented after Daisy had finally eaten her fill.

"Thanks for staying Jase, and I trust you to keep the girl's odd behavior just between us?"

"You know your secret's safe with me," Jason assured him as he stood up and walked for the door. Falcon followed him to it. "Good luck," Jason said as he clapped his friend on the back. Looking back at Daisy he added, "Can't say that I'm not a little jealous. Be careful with her," and with that he left the cabin.

Falcon turned back to Daisy, who had stood up and was staring at him. Falcon once again wondered where she had come from as she stared up at him with wide, trusting eyes.

"Oh Daisy, Daisy," he exclaimed, walking over to her. He stroked her long, black hair. It was as soft as down. Her lips were irresistible, and he gently pressed his mouth to them.

Daisy eagerly responded, kissing him back unabashedly.

"How is it that you are so trusting?" he asked, not expecting an answer. And he didn't get one, instead Daisy pulled his head back down for another kiss.

Falcon gently lifted her up into his arms and carried her over to the bed. He laid her down on it, and Daisy immediately started snuggling the soft blankets, rolling around like a puppy trying to get comfortable.

Falcon laughed, bodily turning her so that she lay still. He slowly unbuttoned his jacket, revealing her naked body underneath it. It was just as lush and flawless as he remembered it, and Falcon felt his cock spring to attention.

Throwing the garment out of the way, he eagerly cupped her creamy breasts. Falcon didn't understand why this girl he just met was giving him free reign of her body, but he was sure glad that she was.

Daisy closed her eyes, as she luxuriated in the feel of his hands on her flesh, her smile resembling that of a cat who just got its cream. She spread her thighs, apparently waiting for him to take her again.

Falcon felt his heart thump in his chest at the sight, but didn't let it trip him up for long. He hurriedly removed his own clothing, going to lie beside her on the bed. "My God you're beautiful," he told her as he settled himself between her heated thighs.

He hungrily kissed her mouth, gently biting her lip as he slipped himself inside her. Daisy moaned at the sensation, grabbing his hips to pull even more of him into her body.

She eagerly started moving her hips back and forth, not even waiting for him to set the rhythm. She had experienced her first orgasm on his cock, and now would take the matter of getting another into her own hands.

Falcon didn't mind her great zeal, he matched it with his own. He felt his pleasure quickly rising, and no sooner had she orgasmed around him, than he was spilling his seed in her.

This time when he pulled away, she didn't seem to mind his sex juices spilling from between her legs, instead she just lay on her back, content.

Falcon breathed heavily for a while, simply watching Daisy watching him. Eventually he broke the spell by pulling her into his arms, kissing her forehead. "Get some sleep," he told her, tucking her head into the crook of his shoulder, wrapping his arm around her waist.

He listened to her soft, steady breathing, and it lulled him to sleep.

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