tagNonHumanFairy Summoning Pt. 09

Fairy Summoning Pt. 09


The next night he did not see Rose. She figured this was one of the nights she skips to let him rest to which he was a little disappointed but understood. Last night was an amazing night for him and he was happy to find all the green stains had disappeared when he awoke. He decided to enjoy this night to himself.

He laid in bed watching TV contemplating whether or not to go to sleep. He was watching movie aliens which was a favorite of his eyes could not stay open and he eventually fell asleep.

Mark awoke in a dark room and his eyes were having trouble focusing. He suddenly realized he was standing upright but could not move his arms or legs. "What the hell?" He thought to himself as his eyes began to focus to a scene he never expected. He was in a hallway where the walls were covered with some sort of secretion that was holding him there. He realized he was in the movie aliens but this didn't make any sense to him. Why would he be in a sci-fi horror scenario with no sexuality in it at all.

He tried to free himself but he could no budge. He looked down at the floor and saw one of the eggs only a few feet away from him. He tried even harder to free himself but nothing was budging.

The egg began to make some sounds like something was moving around inside it. The top folded open and Mark began to panic a little as he wasn't sure what was happening. He saw a few spider like legs begin to wiggle out of the top as he still struggle to escape. He was very afraid as he didn't understand why she had put him here.

Rose had always created sexual fantasies so he wasn't sure if he was being punished or if this was just a sick game she was playing with him. The facehugger jumped out and crawled towards him. He closed his eyes and mouth and awaited the inevitable.

After a few seconds he had felt nothing and was starting to get confused. He opened his eyes and looked down to see the creature had climbed halfway up his body and stopped. It was then he realized that his face was uncovered but so was his crotch. He watched as the hugger hovered above his limp penis which was just hanging there before this tentacle began to stick out from its underside.

"Oh shit!" Mark said as he suddenly began to understand what was happening but wasn't sure if he was ok with it. The tentacle that would usually go down someone's throat to implant and embryo in his chest was slithering towards his cock. He struggled a little more before he said "okay Rose, very funny but this is a little to strange for me so cut it out... hello?... Rose?"

He felt something warm and moist start to engulf his cock which was starting to harden. He watched as the hugger seemed to be sucking on his penis and the strangest part was it felt very good. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as he had no choice but to let this little alien do whatever it was going to do. It curled its tail up and began to lightly caress his balls which made sensation even stronger.

"Oooohhh Fuck!"

It began to retract its tentacle but instead of removing it from his cock it moved closer until his cock was inside the its body and it continued to suck him more. Mark couldn't believe what was happening right now. That was a very strange fantasy but so far he was enjoying himself.

The rhythm began to move faster on his cock. He could see slime dripping from its mouth as it used it as lubricant to pleasure him. He could feel it dripping down around his balls and every little touch just added to the pleasure. He could not hold on much longer as he approached orgasm but was a little afraid as he did not know exactly what was going to happen when he did. He suddenly gave in and his cock erupted filling this creature with his semen as it clamped down and absorbed every last drop from his quivering member.

Once he had finished the hugger stayed there for a moment before falling off his cock seemingly dead. His cock was still covered with a thing slime the creature had left on him. He looked down and noticed that the creature had started to twitch a little. Maybe it wasn't dead but he wasn't sure what was happening as it started to grow a little. The 2 sets of front legs began to fuse together along with the 2 back ones on each side and stretch out. Strange things were happening as it suddenly stood up and looked almost humanoid.

Mark was in awe of what stood in front of him. It looked like some sort of female alien crossbreed or something. Her skin was human color but had some ridges, she had perfect breast's but her eyes were solid black and her mouth was small and rounded. She also still had the tail of a facehugger as she looked around a little. Her head came to a bit of a point and she had no hair. After a few seconds she looked straight at his cock which was still hard as if the slime on it was keeping him horny.

She lunged forward wrapping her small lips around his cock as she began to suck on him. He lips were tight as he felt something like a tongue wiggle around inside her mouth massaging his penis as she sucked even harder. Mark moaned out as the sensation was incredible. She grabbed his balls and wiggled them in her hand making his whole body squirm with pleasure.

Her tail seemed to extend as it wiggled in between his legs. He wasn't sure what she was doing at first until he started to feel it wiggle up between his butt cheeks.

"Oh shit wait... please doOOOOOnn..."

Her tail went inside him and put pressure on his prostate gland which suddenly made him cum even harder as she grabbed his wait and sucked every last drop out of his over worked cock. He yelled out his lust as loud as he could as the pleasure was almost too much.

Once he finished she released his cock licking up a few small drops that were still on his tip. She stood up and stepped back a little and he watched as she mutated a little more. This time her head changed shape and grew out blonde hair which seemed wet and untamed. The ridges of her body seemed to disappear as she crouched down as if in a little pain as the transformation completed.

A few seconds later she arose and opened her eyes which were no normal with a green color to them. She was absolutely beautiful as she stood in front of him. In fact she looked very familiar to him but he couldn't quite remember from what. She did not speak but after she looked him up and down she ripped off the stuff holding him against the wall and let him fall to the floor.

He was happy to be free and soon realized he was completely naked as he tried to get his bearings. It wasn't long before she crawled on top of him and took his still hard cock up between her legs.

"Oh shit wait!..." he said in protest before he realized her pussy felt great on his cock. He couldn't understand what was keeping him hard. He had just had 2 orgasms and was still ready to go as this sexy alien creature had her way with him. She rode him like a maniac only giving out little moans and grunts as she worked his cock. He couldn't help but touch her breasts and her skin as he enjoyed the attention he was receiving.

He suddenly realized why this woman looked familiar. The blond hair and perfect body, alien cross over. He realized she looked like Natasha Henstridge from the movie Species. He loved the movie and thought Natasha looked incredibly sexy in but he then had a thought, She killed all of her mates.

He was a little nervous at his realization but he pulled himself up kissing her on the lips to which she kissed him back. He grabbed her ass and tried to get in to it the whole time thinking "please don't kill me, please don't kill me!"

He felt his orgasm about to happen and held her tightly as she wrapped her arms around him. His cock twitched and he suddenly exploded again i side her to which she screamed out a primal lust that almost hurt his ears before he fell back to the floor with her still on top of him.

He struggled to catch his breath as she staid straddled on him thinking to himself "please wake up now!"

She looked down at him and smiled as he waited for the fantasy to end. She made a small moan as he looked down and saw her stomach begin to move and expand.

"Oh shit, Rose that's enough... it can end now! ROSE!!"

He looked up and saw her face start to change and her skin start to transform into more a green color almost scale like. her stomach got bigger and bigger and Mark closed his eyes and covered his face.

Suddenly he looked around and he was back in his bed. Natasha was gone and the movie Aliens had just ended. He didn't see Rose but he knew she had gotten what she needed and must have left. He laid back down and closed his eyes ready for bed but took a while to fall asleep as that fantasy left him a little freaked out!

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