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Fairy Tale Fantasy: Rachel's Tower


"Rachel, Rachel let down your hair." Sure... but what else did she let down? Thanks again to kendo for his editing services. Enjoy. Red

The day seemed bright and cheerful when Hetta heard the voice that was whispering behind her ear. "She touched it," the statement was made straight and simple.

Hetta turned toward the voice and smirked to Daniel, her best friend in fairy land. "Was there any doubt?" she asked rolling her eyes.

"No. . . but don't you ever want to muck it up?" he asked, a hint of mischief in his eyes.

"Muck it up? The happily ever afters? Muck those up? Are you insane?" she laughed, then added, "of course, often. But you know I can't, if I do I'll have to live my own fairy tale and who wants that?"

Daniel grinned, and shrugged his shoulders. "I would be your hero Hetta." He smiled at his beautiful friend, thoughts of rescuing her ran through his mind. "You'd be grateful, and reward me justly," he winked.

Hetta laughed, her voice melodious to Daniel's ears. "Back to work my lovely friend." She kissed his cheek and descended to where the sleeping woman now rested on a bed of rose petals and lilac blossoms. Daniel sighed and imagined his own happily ever after with the notorious Hetta.

She grinned over her silly friend's statement and went to check on Aurora Ann, the young woman who she'd given a gift to as a child and who now slept because she touched the needle of a spinning wheel. Hetta did think for a moment, how fun it could be to take this particular fairy tale fantasy and twist it so nothing was the same, but alas. . . did she have it in her, was she naughty enough. With a sigh, she turned from Aurora Ann leaving her to sleep the required number of years until her Prince Charming would come and win the right to kiss the beautiful creature and wake her up, so they could live happily ever after too.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Hetta pulled out a book of names and thumbed through them. She looked up to Ann, knew she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon and Hetta disappeared only to reappear within the tower of another lovely lass. She quietly watched from a high spot on a shelf, secluded by the books that hid her now shrunken form.

* * * * *

"Rachel, Rachel let down your hair," the voice called up from the ground below.

Rachel felt the force of the command and she moved to the tower window; she peered down. Her soft green eyes rested on the woman below her. She fought the magic that controlled her every movement; in the end, she did as she always did. Her hair was lifted from the floor as well as her shoulders, and it cascaded down the side of the tower. The pull on her scalp was excruciating as Melinda made her way up the long blonde tresses; Rachel withstood it knowing there was no other choice.

Melinda reached the top and hooked her legs over the sill, then climbed inside the tower with Rachel. "Hello my pet, have you missed me?" She pulled the long tresses of Rachel's hair and brought her prisoner's lips to hers. Melinda crushed their mouths together, drank deep the flavor of Rachel's lips and pushed her tongue inside the warm cavern. She licked the sides of Rachel's inner cheeks, and felt the familiar longing in her stomach and sex, "You have missed me my pet."

She released Rachel and squeezed her right breast before leaving the tower room, and making her way down the steps to work on several magic spells and potions. Rachel ran her hand over her mouth, cleansed the taste of Melinda from her lips. She wanted nothing to do with the kiss of her Mistress. She'd been raised by Melinda and she knew no other life thang the one she lived in the tower. She was never allowed outside, so her only view of the world was the one from her window.

Rachel was given access to the library that was on one of the tower levels as well as the kitchen and bathing rooms. She was not allowed to enter Melinda's spell room, and Melinda long ago turned her bedroom into a punishing room, once Rachel turned eighteen. It was then that the tolerable bad dream that was Rachel's life changed into the real confusing nightmare that now consumed her nights.

On her eighteenth birthday Rachel was awakened with the invasion of her sex. The tearing of her virgin barrier was swift and painful as Melinda repeatedly rammed a thick rod in and out of Rachel's body. When Rachel looked into her captor's eyes she knew that Melinda waited for this day, more than any other in her life. In the beginning fear shot through Rachel and every day was a struggle for her not to end her life. Now Melinda slept in Rachel's bed and Rachel was often awoken in various states of arousal. Some days her body and mind would enjoy the ministrations, but other days, days when she wanted out, days when she wanted to feel the earth beneath her feet, Rachel fought with all her mind not to enjoy the touches of her Mistress.

A noise interrupted Rachel's thoughts and she glanced out her window. Her eyes grew huge in her face as she stared down at a figure on horseback that emerged from the forest. A trickle of fear for the man ran through her. Rachel recalled what happened the last time someone ventured close to the tower. She shivered as she ran her eyes over the unmarked grave where the young woman's body now lay.

"Hello there," the voice from the ground called to her.

She blinked rapidly and spun around making sure Melinda was nowhere near. "Go away," she told the man when she realized all was clear.

"But I just got here," he smiled.

Rachel rolled her eyes. "You must leave at once," she hissed down to him.

"I wish to climb up and meet you."

"You can't. Now go!"

"Rachel, Rachel, let down your hair," the man spoke the words he'd heard earlier. He watched in wonder as the beautiful blonde temptress gathered up her hair and sent it cascading down the tower wall. He grinned wide and was soon tossing his legs over the side of the tower window and looking at a green eyed lovely. "A pleasure to meet you," he said. Sweeping a bow he took her hand from her side, placed a wet kiss upon her wrist, and winked at the blushing minx.

"How did you know to say those words?" Rachel asked pulling her hand back from the man's grasp.

"I have been watching this place for several weeks now," the man nodded toward the forest. "I tracked my sister here, but never beyond this point, so I have been waiting for something to happen to bring someone to this window. There is no other point of entry."

Rachel sat down on the stool near the window and the gentleman sat on its sill. "No, no other entry exists or at least I have not found it. I've been here since I was a small child, and I have explored every nook and cranny that exists in this place."

Rachel wondered if the woman who was buried just a few yards from the tower base was the man's sister. She prayed it was not, but she felt deep down it was, and she longed to confess the sins of her Mistress. Nevertheless, she remained quiet.

"Why are you here?" he asked.

She swept a few stray golden locks from her face and bit her bottom lip. "I'm her prisoner. I have been forever, and I am here only to serve her." Rachel felt the shame in her words. Sometimes she wondered if she was innocent in everything that was done to her. She chose to do things sometimes. Refusing the advances in the past led Melinda to use magic, forcing her to do as she wished. She hated having no control over her body so she willingly learned to accept the attentions of her Mistress.

"I will help you leave," he told her, pulling a dagger from his waist. "I'll take you from her."

"She is a powerful witch," Rachel said. She turned toward the door of her room. "Hurry. She is coming," she cried out. The sound of footsteps reached the man's ears as soon as Rachel spoke the words.

"I'll find a way," he grabbed Rachel and kissed her quickly, then climbed down the rope of hair she tossed out the window. The sting in her scalp was nothing to the powerful bite of emotions that his simple kiss caused her.

"Your name Sir?" Rachel whispered down.

"John... Prince John." She watched John leap onto his horse and disappear into the forest.

"Who were you talking to?" Melinda's voice filled the room.

"No one Mistress," Rachel said, her head bent in submission, her heart pounding in her chest, as she watched Melinda's feet move toward the tower window. When she heard the satisfied "good" come from Melinda's lips Rachel relaxed her stance, only to have it tighten again when she felt Melinda's fingers upon her skin.

"I am sorry I was away for so long, my pet," Melinda whispered against Rachel's skin. "I am here now, and require a reminder of your loyalty to me."

Rachel shivered, as she always did. However, this time it was slightly different. She wondered why Melinda's touch and the heat of her breath would make her feel anything but the disgust she was familiar with. As she tried to find a reason behind the new tremors in her stomach, she found herself leaning back into Melinda's frame.

Melinda paused for a moment, a questioning look appeared on her face as she felt the sudden change in her pet. She increased her advances, curious as to why Rachel suddenly seemed to be a willing participant. Her fingers skirted over Rachel's shoulder, and her mouth descended on her pet's neck. She licked slowly along the soft skin, until she reached her ear and sucked gently on it. Melinda wanted to experience this new side to her pet, still wondering what was going on in her prisoners mind.

Rachel sighed and closed her eyes as each touch of Melinda's grew stronger. Behind her closed lids the answer came to her, the reason behind the new feelings she was having. The touches were the same, but more gentle, more persuasive then any Melinda had used before. This time, however, it wasn't Melinda's face or hands that Rachel was seeing and feeling, it was Prince John's, the man who gave her the quick kiss. She kept his features locked in her mind, as she felt Melinda turn her around.

It was John's image that was now pressing soft lips against her own. It was his hands that roamed down her sides, and back up again, and it was his tongue that began a slow mesmerizing dance with her own warm muscle. Rachel opened her mouth further, angling her head to ease the searching tongue that seemed to want to mark her in every way.

Melinda's mind was blazing with questions, as her body responded to Rachel in a much different way. She enjoyed the battle of wills that was often the norm for them, but this afternoon was different. Melinda felt her pet's responsiveness and her own body was hungry for this timidness that Rachel was showing. Melinda was full of questions, but right now only wanted to experience this moment of bliss that she was clouded in. Had Rachel finally fallen in love with her? Had she finally accepted her fate? Would she now become the willing lover that Melinda wanted her to be? She pushed the questions back and for the first time she allowed herself to love the woman in her arms.

Rachel slid her tongue along with Melinda's, still lost in the fantasy of the man John. She kept her eyes closed so she could more easily picture his face. She lapped at his tongue, sucked greedily from it and then eased her hands up to his shoulders. She refused to acknowledge the slim figure beneath her palms. She refused to allow her mind to convince her body and heart of the truth; that it wasn't a man she touched, but a woman. Her fingers slipped over her lover's collarbone, and down the center of his chest, to toy and play with his nipples. She twisted and pinched the hardening nubs, until she heard his gasp of pleasure. Smiling into his mouth, she deepened the kiss and slipped her hands to his back, pulling him closer to her. Her fantasy continued, as she felt strong hands cup her ass and push tighter against the body in her dreams.

With a new feeling running through her, Melinda kissed Rachel more deeply, each stroke of her tongue was a new, delicious taste. She licked along the sides of the soft flesh, then used her teeth to tug on the bottom lip of her pet. Her fingers moved over Rachel's skin, and she heard her lover sigh in pleasure. When she felt Rachel's hands caress her breasts, and tease her aroused nipples, Melinda's sex became wet and needy. Her hands moved swiftly to Rachel's ass, and she gripped the round cheeks tightly. When she pulled her lover toward her own heated sex, she felt a large drop of nectar escape her and she thrust her tongue deeper into Rachel's mouth.

Melinda's hands gathered her pet's skirt up into her fists, and soon her fingers were kneading the firm ass, and tracing the crevice of her lover's rear. She dipped one finger along the crack and slowly moved it up and down. Melinda moved her mouth from Rachel's and sucked greedily on the white skin, bruising it for her own pleasure. She tightened the insides of her pussy, and felt the pulse that radiated from deep within her.

"Touch me," Rachel hissed, her voice begging with longing. She wanted to feel her dream lover's hands moving against her. Her mind was locked on him. She saw his handsome face, bronzed by the sun, accented by hazel colored eyes that were wide with merriment and courage. Rachel could hear his voice in her head as well as see his smile that radiated perfection. "Please."

Not needing Rachel's permission to touch her slave's body, Melinda was surprised that she liked hearing her pet beg for her touch. She kept the skirt of the gown in one hand, her other moved away from her lover's ass to her cunt. Placing her palm over Rachel's pussy she slowly began to stroke it back and forth, the mound free of blonde curls. Melinda slid her hand up and down and began drawing slow circles over the warm sex.

"Yes," Rachel gasped in delight, her hips pushing forward in hopes she'd receive further treatment. She kept herself in her dream and felt John's fingers slip along the slit of her sex, gathering moisture, sliding it over and around her clit. Her head fell back, giving him more access to her delicate throat, and she gasped in delight when she felt his finger move to travel inside her slick pussy. "Oh my. . . Jo. . ." she bit her tongue, and clenched her eyes shut tighter, for a moment she held her breath then sighed in relief as she heard, "Just what my pet?"

The dream faded when Rachel heard the woman's voice, she opened her passion laden eyes and tried to focus on the wall behind Melinda. She swallowed her disappointment and she felt her body responding to her Mistress' hands, and fingers. She closed her eyes, tried to focus on John, but this time saw only Melinda. "Just finish," she hissed.

Melinda's face froze in shock, and for a brief moment she allowed sadness to appear. She forced three fingers into Rachel's wetness. "You tease me?" Melinda ground her hand against the soft pussy, and scraped her fingernails over the sides of the fleshy cunt, knowing she'd hurt her lover's sex. She felt the tightening of muscles and saw the grimace of pain on her pet's face.

Rachel bit back the tears, and spread her legs wider, hoping to ease the pain. She wanted the fantasy, the potential to be romanced and loved, but she knew that with the sound of Melinda's voice in her ears, she'd not recapture the illusion. Her body continued reacting to the ministrations that her captor expertly performed on her, and soon Rachel was losing the battle to ignore her needs. She felt her legs weaken with sexual exhaustion and soon she was holding on to Melinda's shoulders and pumping her sex over the fucking digits that were moving deep inside her.

With each thrust of her fingers Melinda felt Rachel's betray herself and she once again enjoyed the power of her strength fill her senses. "Remove your dress whore," she commanded.

With trembling hands, Rachel lifted the gown from her body, still feeling the hot fingers sliding inside her. She moaned when she felt Melinda withdrew her fingers, curled them and stroked the front of her pussy with slow movements. She was slick with juices and her lungs were aching as she tried to draw in deep breaths of air.

Melinda watched the two perfect globes of flesh emerge from the dress and she licked her lips. "Hold one for me, my pet," she demanded. Melinda watched as Rachel lifted one of her tits; she captured its rosy nipple in between her teeth. She sucked on the bud, licking and flicking it with her tongue before beginning the series of bites that she knew would make her lover plead against her will.

Rachel bit her tongue, holding off the words that she wanted to scream. Her knees gave out, and Melinda allowed her to fall to the bed losing her breast in the process. "You are so weak, Rachel. You can't help but want my mouth, my hands and my cunt. Admit it; you are a foolish girl," she bit at her pet's inner thigh. She sucked on her skin before moving her face to the lush, juice covered pussy in front of her. Gathering the juices of her lover, Melinda drank deeply the fluids that Rachel released.

Rachel did climax, she hated the fact that Melinda brought her to such quick release. She knew she came quicker than usual, and she could only thank her own fantasy for that relief. The orgasm rolled through her, as Melinda took her fill of the honey that flowed like wine down the sides of her pussy into Melinda's waiting mouth.

Rachel's fingers curled in the blankets and for a brief moment she saw John's face in her closed eyes. "John," she whispered ever so softly and said a quiet prayer hoping that Melinda hadn't heard her.

Licking through the hot cunt that was so slick and wet kept Melinda distracted and all she heard was a mumble. She thought it was Rachel moaning her climatic release. Melinda licked the slippery pussy clean and moved away, lifting her gown from her body. Her tiny breasts were aching for attention, wanting to feel the large tits and hard nipples of Rachel's body against hers. She moved over her pet, straddled her, and laid down covering her pet's slim figure.

"Wonderful," she muttered. Slowly Melinda began to rock her hips up and down over Rachel's bald mound. She felt the hard nipples press into her skin, and she shivered uncontrollably. With her mouth she began to work small nibbles along Rachel's jaw. Rachel tried to turn her head, but Melinda grabbed her chin and forced her to give her the lips she wanted to feast from.

Sadness combined with her body's natural instinct to procreate brought a mixture of emotions to Rachel's body. Her hips lifted as she welcomed the juice covered sex of her Mistress. Her nipples grew taut while they were rubbed with the hardened nubs of the other woman. Soon she was pulling Melinda's hips tighter against her sex and grinding harder with every thrust of their body's mating.

"Yes, my pet. Take me, hold me tight. You want this, you want my come to cover you." Melinda arched her back and covered Rachel's cunt with her hot flowing juices. She cried out her climax, and rubbed her pussy continuously over Rachel's. As she shuddered in ecstasy she felt Rachel come with her. She smiled down on her pet, licked her lips, and ran her tongue over Rachel's cheek. "Delicious lover." She finished riding her pet's cunt until no more tremors wracked her body. She climbed off and left Rachel to come down alone from her high.


"Wake up sleepy," Daniel whispered in his friend's ear.

Hetta rolled over. The little cot she rested on was comfortable and she snuggled deeper in the covers. "Go away Daniel, my charge still sleeps."

Daniel chuckled softly, "Aye, but her Prince is coming."


Daniel sighed, and moved his hand over the pale blue hair of the fairy godmother. "Hetta, not this one, the other one. The boring one, remember. . . the one I mucked up."

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