Fairy Tale Fantasy: Rachel's Tower


Hetta shot up, "You mucked up? What did you do?"

Daniel smiled, "Nothing, but I got your attention."

Hetta growled, "So you did nothing to Aurora Ann?"

"Not a thing. You know I can't touch her, what are you going to do with her?" Daniel asked. He tried not to focus on the rumbled mass of blue curls that framed the angelic face and the full lips. He sat there looking at his friend of many hundreds of years. When did he stop calling her friend and wish to call her lover? With a heavy sigh he watched Hetta lift her magic wand and repair her state of dress. Once again she was perfectly groomed. He loved her messy state, she was more acceptable to his teasing and mischief.

"Daniel," she sighed. "I've never mucked up a fairy tale, no matter how boring. I'm not starting now either."

"You've never dealt with one as boring as this. I mean... you're going to let the girl just sleep for the next 100 years and then what, she gets her kiss and her erotic night and that's it?" Daniel shook his head in disgust. "Perhaps you've lost your touch and you can't handle a challenge," he shrugged his shoulders and hid the grin on his face.

"Go away, Prince John is coming."

Daniel laughed and disappeared, leaving a perturbed, blue haired fairy behind him.

***** "Rachel, Rachel let down your hair," John called to the tower window.

Rachel moved to the window and smiled down at the man. "Hello again," she waved. She lowered her hair, the command forced her to, but for the first time in her life she wished for nothing more. "How long have you been waiting?"

The handsome man jumped into the tower room and smiled wickedly at her. "I've been here all morning, waiting for her to leave. Are you ready to go outside with me?"

Rachel's eyes grew wide in her face, "You saw her leave? Where was her exit? Outside? How? Tell me."

"Well, as outside as I can give you," he smiled softly at all her questions. "I can't take you outside, but I did bring some outside inside for you. I didn't see the exit, she just suddenly appeared. She held a large wooden staff in her hand. There was this cloud of smoke and she was there. I am sorry I have no more to offer you," John lifted the satchel off his shoulder and pulled out several small items.

With the excitement of a small child Rachel watched him produce a cloth which he spread on the cold stone floor. He quickly pulled out a small pot with a flower in it, as well as fresh berries. His eyes lit upon hers, as he took her hand, kissed her palm and helped her sit down on the floor opposite him.

Rachel touched the soft petals of the flower, ran her hands over the fresh berries that still smelled of the earth. "Thank you. This is worth more than anything I have ever been given," she told him. She felt the return of that special tingle inside begin to emerge.

John pulled a blackberry from the pile of fruit and pressed it against her lips. When she parted them, to accept the plump berry, his cock jerked. Her tongue licked against his finger. Rachel blushed when her eyes glanced down his body, and she saw the crotch of his pants move in reaction to the caress she accidentally gave him. He traced her lips with the pad of his thumb and placed another berry between her lips. Again he reacted to the sight of her savoring the sweet juices and it wasn't long before he was tasting them from her skin.

He slowly began to run his tongue along her teeth that sparkled when they smiled at him. He felt their smooth texture, and slipped his tongue around the back of them before he rolled it over hers. With gentle persuasion he coaxed her tongue out with his, and they began a gentle waltz. Each one leaned in closer, and fingers were soon entangled just as the kiss was becoming twisted with passion. The couple on the floor ran their tongues against each other, tasting, and drinking from the other.

With intense longing and need, both moved as one and allowed their bodies to clasp together. John's hands left her fingers, dove into her blond mass of cascading curls and he felt her touch run over his arms. Slowly they moved together. He laid her down gently while she clung to him, scared he'd disappear from her. His mouth continued to taste her and his fingers moved from her hair to the sides of her long slim torso.

Rachel closed her eyes, felt the silkiness of his hair as he left her lips and tasted her soft white skin. She trembled as she felt his teeth take little nips of her flesh and she purred in happiness. "This is beautiful," she whispered into his ear. His mouth continued to claim the skin underneath it.

"Your scent is amazing," he told her. John made laps over her neck, moving up and down her warm skin. "Oh sweet Rachel, I must see more of you. I have to taste more of you." The plea was apparent in the young man's voice.

Rachel looked into John's eyes, the trust was easily seen. With fingers that shook with hunger, fear, and passion Rachel released buttons one by one until her bodice was open, her large breasts exposed for the taking. She bit her tongue, licked her lips and gasped when his head dipped down, feeling the swirling tongue that assaulted her nipples.

John felt as if his world were spinning out of control as the woman began to tease his senses with each newly exposed piece of flesh. He moved his tongue around the dark areolas, tracing the distinguishing colors. Treating the right, then the left, until both nipples were pleading for his touch. Taking his hands to the sides of her breasts he pressed them together allowing the nipples to touch. The moan that was pulled from his lover's lips was soon turned into pleads for more as John began to suck on both nipples at the same time.

"Oh John," she whimpered, her eyes flew open, and she looked down to watch him. She saw his closed eyes and the look of pure bliss on his face and she felt a rush of love and need fly through her. Her hands moved from her side, into his hair where they tangled and twisted, holding him to her breasts. As she felt the texture of his tongue sweep over her hard nipples, teeth began to nip and bite at her tender flesh. "John... I feel so different," she whispered, her back arched and her eyes closed as ecstasy rolled through her.

"Let me love you," he whispered against her white globes of perfection. He eyed the tender pink skin, trailed his tongue around their firmness, down the pressed cleavage, and over once more to lap and tease each nipple before sucking them together again.

With a hissed "Yes," Rachel gave him permission to do what he wanted.

He wasted no time, his mouth left the lush orbs and he moved his hands down to capture her skirt. The material tore open, exposed white bloomers that were soon cut away from her, left her pussy free from all coverings and glistening for him. John took in the shape of his love's sex, noted the hairless lips and he grinned with excitement. His tongue soon met what his eyes devoured. He lapped the edges of the triangle before running his tongue from the base of her cunt to the top. Using just the stiffened tip of his muscle he began a series of long, slow trails up and down the pink hued flesh.

Rachel groaned, begged and pleaded for more, her body becoming slicker, and hotter with need. "John... Oh God, John please," she cried. She shook in fire and flames that burned deep inside her. His tongue tortured her, branded her as it slowly moved deeper into the slippery folds of her cunt. Her hands moved to her large breasts and she began to take the nipples on a ride of pain and pleasure. She twisted them, pulled and pinched each one using fingers and nails.

John looked up from the wet pussy, watched his mate enjoy the touches he gave her as well as those she gave herself and he shuddered. His eyes darkened and a growl was ripped from his throat when he saw her lift her head as well as one of her breasts, and she sucked the erect peak. "Yes Rachel," he grunted.

He dove back into the juice covered sex, rolling his tongue over the swollen nub of her clit before taking it between his teeth and gnawing gently. His breath brought goose-bumps over flesh that was slick with nectar, nectar that was soon sucked from the depths of Rachel's cunt. John pushed his tongue into the dark hole that his fingers exposed for him. He dived into its depths, emerging from the hole to dive in again, and again. Soon he was feeling the warm fluids flow thicker and faster against his face, the taste changing, signaling to him that she was ready.

She felt the change in his position, the easing of his tongue over her clit, her pussy now full of fingers instead of the hot tongue. Her hips rose and fell with a rhythm that began to pull from her the release she desperately needed. Rachel moved faster as John pushed deep his fingers, taking her pussy, marking it as his with scraping nails that covered her cunt. She pleaded with him silently, knowing there was a goal to be met and satisfied. Trembling in waves of heat she covered her lover with the honey that he desperately sought.

John gathered up each spill of juice that escaped her, savored it for a moment then gathered up more. The flow was hot and thick. He bit the lips of her pussy, tasting the different flavors of her sex, moaning into her opening and loving the perfume that radiated from her.

The whistling sound of Melinda reached Rachel's ears, and she stilled her body. John noted the difference and raised his head from the luscious plate he was dining on. "What my love?" he asked.

"Listen," she whispered.

John held his breath, and he too heard the sign that the woman was returning. "I will deal with her," he picked up the blade he used earlier to cut away his lover's clothing.

"No, John," she whispered touching his cheeks. "Go. I will handle her, I have for years. You need to know all before you claim me as yours. Please go my love... leave me, I will be okay." Her kiss spoke volumes and soon she was helping him to descend down the tower. She watched hunger pulling at her, seeping from deep within her and tears fell to the floor.


"Rachel, Rachel let down your hair," Melinda called.

The spell forced the woman to rise, her body weak from both passion and love. Her eyes scanned the room, took in her body's appearance, and she felt the dread of punishment seep into her. How would she explain? How would she protect the man that she now loved? The answer came to her, as she lowered her hair and her eyes locked on Melinda's.

Melinda's eyes took in the naked flesh of her pet, the scent of her aroused sex, and her eyes flew to the pink blush on Rachel's skin. "What is this?" she asked, distrust apparent on her face.

Rachel looked behind her, and breathed deep. For the first time she was thankful for her long hair, it now hid the make-shift picnic, and though she knew it would be hours of cleaning out berry juice, she cared not. Her mind wove a spell of its own and collected the memory of John and her. "I wish to understand more."

"Explain," Melinda said. Her fingers traced the rosy nipples and she tweaked them.

Rachel shuddered, and moaned. Her body was still aroused, still hungry and though she didn't want Melinda she knew she would do what she needed to keep her secret love safe. "I was wrong," she paused, swallowed deep and brought her hand to Melinda's lips. "Yesterday... was different. I want to know why," she whispered, bringing her mouth to her Mistress'.

Melinda's hands fell to the side, and suddenly she found herself allowing her pet to take the initiative. Melinda's eyes closed on the surroundings and allowed herself to be pleasured by the young woman that served her needs so well. She felt fingers begin to remove strings, and then she felt a warm tongue take in her nipple, caress it, teasing the now hard bud until Melinda heard a whimper. A soft smile creased her face when she realized the whimper was hers. Fingers dipped down to rub the cloth covered sex that was free of hair, just as Rachel's was, and Melinda thrust her hips toward that hand.

With her own arousal at the forefront of her body, Rachel reacted to the sexual touches she was placing on her Mistress. Her mind continued to bring John to her, capturing his eyes, smile, and feel as she left Melinda's body, only long enough to lead her to the bed. She laid her down, lifted her skirt and moved her tongue up her captor's thighs. Rachel nibbled along each one, alternating between bites, licks, and sucks. Her mouth reached the aroma covered sex and she began to take her Mistress, just as John took her moments ago.

Melinda knew that Rachel learned well, she enjoyed her breasts teased and pleasured, but this pleasure was what she truly wanted. Rachel was taught long ago to give proper attention to Melinda's sex, to take her time, to love it with vigor and savor the juices; at least that is what Melinda believed. The witch who lay under the blonde's lips did not know that as she worked her tongue around the swollen cunt, her mind wove images of the man who feasted on her earlier.

With a slow spell of her own, a physical one, Rachel drew her tongue over the warm lips of Melinda's cunt. She lapped from the outer edge, then over to the top, and back down the opposite lip. She traced paths, each one slowly coming closer to the wet slit that was fragrant with arousal, and tasted her captor. Her fingers moved the skirt up high and forced it to remain up on her lover's hips and stomach. Those same digits continued to travel to Melinda's breasts, and soon the erect buttons were being toyed and played with. Rachel kept her face buried against the hot pussy. Her tongue lapped lazily until she felt fingers in her hair, a signal for her to delve deeper.

Rachel's hands moved up to the lips, separated them, and held them open, so she could flick at the nub that for the first time smelled intoxicating to her. She nuzzled Melinda's clit with her nose, teased it with her hot breath. The tip of her tongue moved against the upper part of her swollen lips, pushed and caressed it while her fingers slowly petted the outer edge of the Melinda's pussy. She traced the textured cunt, covered it with massages that rolled and kneaded the firm flesh until more nectar flowed free. Rachel sucked it from Melinda's pussy, tasted it and as her mind recalled John's head buried between her legs, she hummed against the moist cunt.

"Oh Rachel," Melinda gasped in pleasure, her body flaming with desire and hunger. She shook uncontrollably as her pet commanded her body. She felt the tingling in her cunt, and her fist curled into the blanket. "My pet," she whimpered, lifting her hips and waiting for more.

Her fingers began to move closer to the opening. One slipped in and Rachel felt the fleshy sides of her lover's sex. She slid slowly up and down one side only to move over and twist her finger to rub slowly along the other side. She waltzed over the flesh, heated it further with every timid stroke, coaxed more juices for her tongue to taste and pictured John taking the honey from her own sex and wanting more.

She lost herself in her memory of John, and she sucked hard on the clit that was covered by her warm lips. She placed a second then a third finger into Melinda's pussy, stroked the walls with more pressure, and drove deeper with each thrust. Soon the sides of her Master's cunt clutched around Rachel's digits and she could only twist them right and left screwing her hard and fast.

"Yes!" Melinda screamed as the movements continued to confuse, torment and delight the woman who was on a high shelf waiting to fall. The bite of Rachel's teeth against her swollen clit brought Melinda falling from that shelf. She crashed to the floor, her body shattering as she came down from the peak and fell to the floor. "OH YES!" she yelled as each wave erupted, each color of the rainbow exploded behind her lids.

Rachel licked, sucked, and chewed on the wet, slippery cunt and she breathed deep the fragrance of Melinda's orgasm. She knew she herself smelled of sex, she knew that the man that barely knew her and she him, brought her to the same release that she brought Melinda too. She left Melinda's pussy, looked up the length of her Mistress' body, and saw her eyes close in relaxation.

"Lay with me pet," Melinda said, not opening her eyes.

Climbing into the bed, she slid next to Melinda, placed her head on her chest, her hand on her pussy, and waited for her Mistress to fall asleep. Once she heard the steady breathing, she moved from the bed, gathered the picnic supplies and hurried down the tower steps where she lay the items down. Quickly she stoked the fire of the stove and began shoveling in the blanket, left over fruit, and then held the flower in her hand. That was when she heard the growl and felt the pain of the whip across her naked flesh.


Melinda left her slave, her pet, her traitor tied to the posts on the wall the rest of the day and into the following morning. Her arms still ached from the punishment she administered, but not as much as her heart did. She woke as soon as Rachel left the bed, watched her through slitted lashes as she gathered things from around the room, and veiled herself in a mist of magic using her Staff of Power. The energy kept her hidden. The fury of rage consumed her as she watched her pet take the belongings of a lover's tryst and burn them. She immediately unleashed her rage.

Now a new day was beginning. She spent the night in her spell room, weaving the locks of gold into a braided rope. As she made no attempt in checking on her pet, fearful that she would see her love in such turmoil that she would ease her punishment and remove her from the chains. When she reached the bedchamber she could still smell the stench of sexual fluids, blood and sweat that filled the room. Melinda inhaled deep, loving the flavors of her and Rachel. Nevertheless, she picked out the scent of male sweat, and though she could not smell his seed she still knew another was once there tasting what only belonged to her. Her eyes looked over the floor, the bed, the walls, she wondered how many times the man took his pleasures out on the body that was hers. The hate for the man consumed her.

She knew his name, his family, his very history, Rachel was weak, she lost the battle of wills and finally she gave up the name of her lover, her male lover. Melinda spat in disgust. The woman, the one that she'd killed and buried just off from the castle would have been tolerable, but Rachel hadn't even gotten to speak to her, just saw her from a distance, a distance far enough to watch Melinda end the woman's life.

Melinda smiled now, knowing that she'd have the opportunity to deal with Prince John, just as she'd done his sister so many weeks ago. She curled her hand around the staff that housed her powers, and she felt the energy of health and strength thicken in her. Waves of it were unleashed, and the room soon cleansed of the aroma that stirred both desire and hate.

Her thoughts traveled over what else she had learned from Rachel. John knew she would leave the tower in her veil of mist before approaching the window and calling the magical command that was tied to Rachel's golden stream of hair. It was with a look of pure glee and bliss that she allowed the chains of locks to pool at her feet while she lifted her staff, said her incantations and transported herself to the ground outside. As she did everyday she made her way through the forest to gather the newts and herbs she would use in her daily spells. Unlike the normal day of gathering she paused in her walk and lifted her staff again. Within moments Melinda was back in the tower, unbeknown to the voice that was calling from below.

"Rachel, Rachel let down your hair," John's voice reached up, heavy with passion. The ladder of hair was flung from the window, and Melinda waited for the young man to appear.

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