tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFalling for a Stranger Ch. 03

Falling for a Stranger Ch. 03


Author's note: Just a short chapter this time. I thought this bit would stand better on its own. If you are joining the tale here for the first time (perhaps because it's popped up in a different category) you might enjoy it better if you read the preceding couple of parts first. Thanks for the positive comments, I hope you enjoy...


For the second time today, Tom grabbed his coat from behind the door on his way outside. He took his time ambling towards Nikki's flat, wanting to give her as much time as possible to change before she had to see her parents. He pretended not to notice the unfamiliar car parked outside with two distinctly parental-looking people looking at him and trying to decide if he was the man that currently had custody of their daughter. But he couldn't keep that up for long without giving them the impression that he was a complete simpleton so he had to "notice" them and head over to where the man opened the car window.

"You must be Nikki's parents. I'm Tom, nice to meet you. Safe journey I trust?"

"Tom, nice to meet you too. We can't thank you enough for looking after Nikki. You've no idea how much it's eased our minds to know that she's had someone keeping an eye on her."

"No problem. It's made a change from the norm. She's really been no bother. To be honest, she's spent most of the time asleep." Well, that was true. Tom decided to leave out the fact that most of her waking moments had been occupied by acts of mutual stimulation of the very best kind.

"Why don't you folks come in?" Tom continued. "Nikki should be down in a minute, I told her you were here."

"Great, thanks. By the way, I'm Ted and this is Barbara."

Tom nodded at the introductions and lead them from the car back to his house. As he walked them in the front door, he was relieved to find that the place didn't smell too much of sex.

He was just in the process of offering them a seat and asking if they wanted anything to drink when Nikki made a timely arrival. She was wearing the clothes that Tom had brought her and was making a good, if slightly melodramatic, job of looking like she'd just woken up. She'd even messed up her hair a little to make it look like it had been slept on.

She looked adorable in a cute kind of way and Tom realised that he was smiling at her. Damn, I'm falling hard for this one. He thought to himself.

"Nikki!" Barbara came about as close to squealing as you might expect a fifty-something year old woman to do. "How are you feeling?"

Tom headed to fetch the drinks as Nikki tried to placate her. "I'm fine. Stop fussing. I feel much better now I've had some rest and food."

They spent an hour or so in easy conversation. Tom stayed in the background as much as possible but Barbara in particular kept engaging him in the discussions. He could see the family resemblance. Particularly between mother and daughter. Barbara was in good shape for her age and Tom found himself hoping that Nikki would age just as well. Hang on a minute there sonny. Don't get ahead of yourself. You've only just met the girl. He mentally chided himself. What's gotten into me?

Eventually, Ted stood up and announced: "Right, time to get you home little lady. We've already imposed on Tom enough for one weekend.

No one could think of anything to add to that so Nikki grabbed her bag from upstairs (she'd put most of the stuff Tom had taken from her flat back into it earlier). Ted and Barbara thanked Tom again. Nikki added her thanks and held Tom's eyes a moment -- a gesture that contained much more meaning than her words.

As her parents turned to leave first, Tom managed to give Nikki a wink and blew her a kiss. She smiled and returned the act.

And then they were gone. And Tom was alone again. In many ways, it was nice to have his house to himself again, but really, he felt a little lonely.

He pottered about for the rest of the evening not really sure what to do with himself. Eventually, he ran himself a bath and had a good long soak. He heard his mobile vibrating against the table in his bedroom where he'd left it. He dragged himself up and hurried towards it before realising that it had only vibrated once. Must be a text. With the immediate requirement to answer it gone, he was able to towel off a bit to prevent adding to the wet footprints he'd already started in the hall before grabbing the device and opening the text.

It was from Nikki. His heart leapt when he saw that. "I noticed you have a nice view from your bedroom window -- N". It read.

Tom frowned, puzzled. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he stepped to the window to try to work out what she was talking about. It was dark outside now and he couldn't see much other than the street and the usual houses. His eyes were drawn to Nikki's flat. Now that he knew where it was, he was able to see her front door clearly. As it was a ground floor flat, most of the rooms' windows were not visible from the street because of the fence that ran around the grounds. But from Tom's elevated position, he could see over the fence and into the windows at the side. Than one must be her bedroom, he thought. Just then, a light switched on in that room and he was able to see that it was her bedroom as he thought. He could see here bed clearly as the curtains we open.

And there she was! She stepped deliberately in front of the window. The way she looked directly towards him left him in no doubt that she knew he was watching her even though she must not be able to see out due to the reflections inside the glass.

She blew him a kiss and then began to unbutton the front of her jeans. She slowly folded open the waist to reveal the lacy red panties Tom had retrieved for her earlier. God she looked good. The red looked great against her creamy-white thighs. Slid the jeans down her legs until they dropped to the floor and she carefully stepped out of them.

She gave a little turn on the spot, wiggling her hips for him when her back was towards him. Tom's cock was ram-rod straight and he had to re-wrap the towel as his manhood threatened to dislodge it.

Now she was slowly lifting up the hem of her top. She was biting her lip in a cute pseudo-nervous kind of a way. But she knew exactly what she was doing. She was revealing herself just slowly enough to build some anticipation but fast enough to keep Tom glued to the scene unfolding in front of him.

Now, the whole of her firm navel was revealed. Nikki paused to slide her spare hand gently over her exposed flesh, stopping just short of her panties. Then she looked up towards Tom before raising her arms above her head in one graceful movement and taking the top completely off. She held her hands above her head for a moment and Tom took in the spectacular sight of her lean and toned body stretched out before him.

Then she threw the garment aside and walked out of view for a moment. Tom couldn't believe it; surely she wasn't going to leave it there? But, in no time, she returned to sight holding her mobile and typing on it. She finished and put the device down on her bed before looking expectantly in his direction. His phone buzzed again and he grabbed it.

"Enjoying the show?" Was the message.

He quickly wrote back: "Hell yeah."

She turned around when the text arrive on her phone and bent at the waist to read it, giving him a look over her shoulder as she did so, making sure he know that she was doing it for his benefit.

And Tom certainly was benefiting form a great view of her fantastic ass and the backs of her long legs.

Nikki reached around slowly and stroked her buttock whilst wiggling her hip suggestively. Then she straightened up and turned to face him once more. She slowly slid the straps of her bra down off her shoulders until they hung loose at her sides. The bra was low-cut anyway and the lack of support from above allowed it to hang even lower, revealing a generous fraction of her pert breasts.

She gently began stroking her upper chest until her fingers were brushing the upper slopes of her glorious mounds and she held her head back with her eyes closed, obviously enjoying the sensation.

Her fingers worked lower until their tips were sliding just into the cups of her bra with each stroke. Eventually, she eased them down and levered herself free of their confines entirely. Even from where he was, Tom could see how hard her nipples were.

She arched her back forward as she reached behind to undo the clasp. As soon as the bra hit the floor, she slid her hands back around to her front and cupped her breasts from underneath. Tom was mesmerised as she gently hefted each globe before gently rolling her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. Again, her eyes were closed in bliss at the feeling.

Tom realised that he was absent-mindedly stroking his throbbing cock through the towel. Not wanting to miss any of the show, he quickly grabbed a chair and settled into it. From this height, he would be out of sight from the street from the chest down so he was able to open up the towel and free his aching member. He started gently sliding his hand up and down on his cock as he returned his attention to Nikki.

It seemed that she had similar ideas because her hands were also on the way down. They were already at the top of her lacy red panties and she began sliding her fingers lightly across her mound. As Tom watched, she lay on the bed with her knees bent and her feet on the edge. With her legs open, Tom was treated to a great view as she continued touching herself. She was rubbing her mons harder now, even rocking her hips to meet her hands as they worked.

Then she mover her hands aside and began teasing herself by running her fingers just inside the leg of her panties. Tom swore he could see a wet patch in the front of them but he thought that could have been his vivid imagination filling in the blanks as he must be too far away to see that much detail.

Nikki seemed to decide that she needed better access because the panties were quickly slid off her legs and onto the floor. She settled back into her previous position and let her legs open again to give Tom a great view of her dripping snatch. He nearly came then but backed off his stroking. He wanted to hold out and see how far Nikki was going to take this.

She didn't hang about. Her fingers immediately began sliding up and down her slit, parting her lips and, Tom imagined, spreading her juices around. He could still remember the smell of her sex from earlier and he yearned to be there to lick her sweet pussy again.

But Nikki was doing just fine without him. She slipped first one, then a second finger inside herself and began pumping them in and out.

Tom had an idea and quickly grabbed his phone before she brought herself off. He hurriedly typed his message and hit "send".

Nikki was clearly a bit startled by her phone going off next to her because she jumped a little. She looked a little peeved to have been interrupted. But, as she read his message, her expression changed to one of impish delight. She shot a look in his direction and then got onto her hands and knees to reach down into the bedside drawer. She also gave him a great view of her pussy from behind and Tom had to back off his stroking again as he felt the waves of orgasm creeping up on him.

She rolled onto her back again holding the vibrator she'd fished out at his request. She held the device up and pointed at it with a raised eye-brow and a questioning look on her face as if to say: "Is this what you meant?" Then she jokingly licked the tip with her tongue before lying back down with her legs open again.

Then she got straight down to business. Tom guessed that she didn't want to hang around having nearly brought herself off just before. The vibrator was soon in the envious position of sliding up and down her slit, getting all slippery in her juices. Once it was lubed up, Nikki Slid the whole thing straight up her love-tunnel in one movement. Then she lay still for a while before she raised herself up on one elbow, puffed out her cheeks and looked up towards Tom. She gave him a nod and a thumbs up as if to say: "Good idea."

Tom agreed that it was indeed a good idea and watched in fascination as she twisted the base to activate the vibration. She rolled her head back and Tom thought he saw her mouth "Oh yeah" to herself. Then she was sliding the vibe slowly in and out of her dripping snatch. She was breathing heavily and her hips were moving of their own accord. By Tom's estimation, she was getting pretty close and he upped the tempo of his own stroking, bringing himself to the brink too.

Nikki was working her spare hand against her clit now and her hips were off the bed as her body coiled itself for a mighty orgasm. Tom saw the moment when her climax hit very clearly. Her panting mouth and twitching body seemed to all freeze as her whole body clenched up at once.

The sight brought him over the edge too and, with a low grunt, he felt is cock spasm and he shot out streams of his hot jism. A couple hit the window before the last few spurts only made it onto the floor.

As he came down from his climax, he noticed Nikki too was lying peacefully in the after-throws of her pleasure. With his clean hand, Tom grabbed his phone and sent her a text.

"Damn that was hot. I've got a bit of cleaning up to do now!"

He watched as she lazily typed her reply.

"Agreed. That was sooo hot. I've got a bit of cleaning up to do myself."

Tom replied: "Sleep well, I bet I will now. I think I know what, or who, I'll be dreaming about tonight!"

In reply, Nikki smiled, rose to the window on slightly shaky feet and blew him a kiss. Then she gave a little wave goodbye before drawing the curtains.

Tom stayed where he was for a while just watching her window until she turned out her light. Then he cleaned up as best he could, shaking his head as he thought about what a lucky bastard he was and where things were going to go next. He was certainly looking forward to finding out.

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