tagRomanceFallon's Courage

Fallon's Courage


Fallon lays in the middle of the bed watching Roarke get dressed. At every turn of his sleek muscular body she feels herself getting more and more wet, by the time he has one of his boots laced she feels her loins burning for him. Getting up as if to get his other boot tied for him, she kneels in front of him and starts unlacing his ties that hold his trousers up.

At first he just sits there stunned. But relaxes a little as she slips her hand inside to grasp his flaccid member. Roarke had been wondering when he would see this part of his beautiful bride’s personality. He somehow knew that he couldn’t just force her to take some control of their lovemaking. The marriage was, after all, arranged and they were still getting to know each other.

Fallon was nervous but she didn’t want to stop, not now. When she removed his limp piece of manhood she drew a blank... What next? She decided to let her lower half do the thinking for a while; she brought the massive tip to her lips and licked. She felt him jump all the way to her toes. It is a beautiful thing to know you wield that kind of power over someone. Having been given the confidence to continue she took it all the way to the base of her throat almost choking.

Roarke shuddered at the wondrous feelings Fallon was inflicting on his libido. He felt himself swell as he took him to the hilt in her warm soft mouth. He didn’t think she would have it in her after the night of lovemaking they had shared. But, my god, if this is what he has to look forward to for the rest of his life he would die a VERY happy man. She flicked the tip of her tongue over the opening in the top of his dick and he nearly came on the spot. A stupid grin suddenly appeared on his lips as he reached to grip her hardened nipple.

Fallon was thoroughly pleased with the job she was doing on him. She liked the feel of his hard cock in her mouth. Not wanting to relinquish so much control just yet she gently pushed his hand back away from her nipple when he tried to stimulate her. This brought another grin to his lips. When she looked into his eyes her knees melted. She furiously went to sucking his now very hard cock. She moved her free hand to firmly grasp his neatly shaved balls. Massaging them she ran her tongue along the ridge of his head and heard him moan.

Feeling she may be pushing his control a little she stood up and went to the bed to lie with her legs off the bed. She motioned for him to come over and kneel in front of her and bury his tongue in her extremely wet pussy. Fallon moved to where she could get a clear view of ALL he was doing to her.

Roarke was about to have his way with her when she suddenly stopped. She got up and went to the bed motioning for him to follow. He understood all at once and his cock bounced happily in anticipation. He did not expect her to tell him to get down in front of her though, but when realization dawned he was more than willing to comply. As she shifted to get the best view he positioned her legs so he could see her tight pussy dripping in want for him. He moved closer with one hand on his balls massaging, silently telling them to be patient. He moved his tongue over her swollen clit slowly at first. Picking up speed and intensity he slipped a finger into her tight wet hole. Knowing he was doing it right when she shivered and pressed herself harder onto his mouth, he pulled her clit into his mouth and sucked. She let out a moan that had him clutching his balls hard as not to comes.

He slipped another finger to join the other in its exploration of her pussy. She was squirming to get closer to him and putting him deeper in her. Roarke was had by now moved to his dick and was pumping slowly. He flattened his tongue and ran it up her clit. He removed both fingers from her pussy and licked the juices off.

Fallon moved her hand down to rub her clit, and froze as he licked her ass. Not sure whether she liked it she asked him to repeat the gesture more slowly and discovered she liked it immensely. He repeated, over and over, and stuck the tip of his tongue in her ass as she slid her own finger in her wet pussy. Unexpected pleasure swept all over her body. He licked her from asshole to clit and she bucked in response.

She brought him onto the bed with her and positioned them so she could devour his dick as he continued to lick her into oblivion. Every time she could sense he was getting close to exploding she would pull back, and he would begin frantically licking and sucking her clit and ass.

Finally feeling the torture herself she consented to letting him enter her with his now uncontrollably throbbing dick. He entered slowly not wanting to rush it. The tightness was maddening. When she licked his nipple and grazed her teeth over the nub it was the end for him. He grabbed her wrists and held them over her head with one hand and with the other hand pinched her clit between his fingers. His thrusts were so hard he thought he might hurt her but when he looked into her eyes and saw the desire he only pounded harder.

When Roarke started furiously pounding her wet pussy she felt the knot that had been building in her stomach spread. She matched him thrust for thrust, wanting him deeper and harder. Finally seeing him strain brought her over the edge, and she could tell he was holding back. “Oh god!”

That did it. They both let go simultaneously and lay there panting. Roarke went to the window and yelled to put the carriage away. He decided that he has more “pressing” matters to attend to.

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