tagInterracial LoveFalse Alarm Ch. 03

False Alarm Ch. 03


Hey guys still no editor. If you had emailed me about it is the past please resend cause all my emails for 2 weeks ago are gone  But here is the 3rd chapter I'm up to Seven now. Once again feedback was appreciated. Oh and something that might annoy you. [ ] is text I didn't know another way to do it. So, I don't want to see too much hate mail for that...


On Monday Niala spirited across the street on her way to lunch. She almost bumped into a brick wall.

"Oh im so sorr-"

Austin smiled, it was the first time she had actually seen it. Major overload she thought.

"Wow what are you doing here? Austin right?" She couldn't let him know she had thought about him the rest of the weekend.

Austin chuckled she was trying to play it cool but her face gave her away. She was happy to see him he could tell.

"Yea I was actually here to see you if you wanted to go to lunch or something." Austin put his hands in his pockets, Niala couldn't help but smile.

He did look good, he was wearing a light green polo, kaki cargo shorts and boat shoes with a straw fedora. She smiled, he had that little preppy thing going on. Still she was confused, why would he want to go to lunch with me? Her guard went up.

"Um I'm not so sure I had some errands I was going to run during my break." Not that I can't push them aside if I wanted, she thought. This must be about the night in the club he thinks I am easy.

"Oh. Well another time like dinner when it's not in the middle of your day?" Austin was hiding his disappointment well he wasn't expecting her to turn him down. He was smart enough to know not to bring up the club and how into him she seemed. What had changed?

Niala just couldn't get pass someone who looked like him wanting her. For starters she was black and very curvy, her hair was not strait, and she was not petite. Naila did not want to be a fling for a "frat boy" that just wanted some chocolate.

Austin just happened to be admiring that "chocolate" as they stood. She had on deep plum wrap dress she showed how small her waist was. The camel Mary jane's she had on almost made it looked like she had on no shoes, except, how was she so high off the ground? Did this girl have a thing for nude colors, making people look twice?

"Auuuustin?" Niala had walked up closer and waved in his face. Was he checking her out? He snapped back to attention he could smile her spicy vanilla scent.

"Good, you're still with me. Like I was saying I don't know if that is such a good idea I mean I have a lot of stuff going on you probably don't want to be in the middle of."

Like an asshole that can't let it go trying to wiggle back in her life and a child blah blah blah.

"You might want to ask Ashley maybe you could take her mind off of Santa, I mean your captain." Niala turned to continue her way onto lunch, Austin lightly grabbed her hand.

"Why would I want to try your friend?" Niala shook him off

"Because I think she would be more your type." With that she went on her way. What did that mean? Austin was confused and a little annoyed. From hot to cold so fast he thought and what the hell does Santa have to do with this? She didn't know his type he didn't think he really had a type. Although he wasn't quite sure what was driving him to pursue her; he didn't want to think it was just because she was something different. He breathed in her scent of vanilla and spice it was different just like her.

After he stood thinking a minute, Austin walked into Niala's building to speak with Ashley. Niala had come back around the corner to see if he had left yet. She saw him walk into her building, and her heart sank a little.

"Well I can't be mad he took my advice" she thought out loud. She looked around and a man was staring. "What? Come on I am not the only person who thinks out loud." he began to walk away fast. Niala laughed to herself and went back on her way.

"Well if it isn't fireman, where is your captain?" Ashley smiled

"Im sure he is at the station, my boy wanted me to pass you this message since I was stopping by to talk to Niala." he took out the paper from his side pocket and handed it to Ashley.

"A note? Are we in middle school? She is at lunch right now." She read the note and turned bright red. With her eyes still on the paper she asked "Did you read this?"

"No and by the look on your face I am glad I didn't." Austin made a face of disgust.

Ash laughed and eyed him "What did you want with La la?"

"Lunch...Do you have any post its or something?" After writing a little message he turned to leave.

"Can you pass this the Niala?" Austin walked away he didn't want to be seen talking to Ashley for too long if "La la" saw she might get the wrong impression she already had the idea in her head. He had to figure out a way to get to know her, he just knew it could be something good. Austin wanted to get to hang out with her at least once before he had to be back on at the station. He kept picturing her in her wrap dress, her curves, her hair; she looked so soft.


"I love you and miss you so much I can't wait to see you Sunday!" She smiled at the phone. Talking to Sean always made her feel better he was 3 and could talk up a storm.

"Mommy! Daddy me and Linsey went to the park on Satday, I saw a wadde."

Niala tensed and laughed at the same time. Sean's father had recently gotten married. She didn't care about the marriage, she just didn't care for his new wife. She acted like they were in competition, but Niala was not even trying to compete.

"You know wadde is my favorite word?" How Sean got wadde from froggy is beyond her.

"Yes, its my special word just for me you and daddy."

"Okay, I like that, well Mommy's break in almost over I love you let me talk to Daddy, I'll call you later on."

"Okay I love you Mommy" She heard him shuffling the phone back to his dad.

She went over something's about Sean and then got off the phone. She had her week alone and no one to spend the extra time with. It was kind of sad. Why was it so much easier for men to find people? She thought about Austin, she regretted what she had said at the club. That was no way to start anything. Did he think she was some freak? Is that why he popped up? It had to be, she was sure he just thought she would be some fun. I can find any guy if I just wanted someone to have sex with, she thought. But would they have his eyes she argued, would they make her want to touch herself like he had her doing. Why couldn't she get him out her mind? Maybe there was a way Austin could do talk and she would keep it on a friend level. If he was talking to Ash she would definitely have to.

When she walked back into her job, Ashley told her that Austin had stopped by she handed her a piece of paper. She opened it to read, damn he writes better than me."I do want to take you for a ride, not the one you are talking about, just yet, get your mind out the gutter :). He had written his # down. Niala smiled cute I will just text him later she told herself.

[Hey this is Niala, r u trying to say I have a dirty mind]

Wow she used the number, Are you a dirty girl? [Hey, u were the 1 who tried to seduce me in the club, 2 move like that u have to be a little dirty]

I knew it he thinks im a freak! [Ill have u know im a good girl, dancing is just like a show]

[Its was a show alright, y don't u give me a chance 2 see the good girl?] To see you period

[Cause im trying to figure out y u want 2] plus I don't know how good I can be around you...

There was a break between the messages

Should I say...[Im attracted and interested, im not trying to eat u] not at first he smirked

I wouldn't mind it at this point [Ok, what do you have in mind]

A lot, but we can start slow [We can start slow, what are you wearing???][LOL, kidding lunch wed. cool?]

she actually laughed out loud [lol,look at u, that's cool im sure you know what time I go since you stalked me]

he chuckled [It wasn't stalking it was...tatical admiring lol. Wed it is]

[lol ok]

An hour later while Naila was getting ready to sleep her phone vibrated

[For real what are you wearing?]

it was worth a shot, He felt like a pervert I shouldn't have sent that he cursed himself. It was a joke but if she thinks I am just trying to use her, stupid.

2 minutes later

[a smile, Nite Austin] and a tank and some shorts but that answer was more fun.

***** Austin met her outside her building across the street like they had Monday. She looked happy to see him, that was a good sign.

"So where are we going?"

"I was thinking we could start off with something romantic. A little wine, some salads at this French place a couple of blocks away..."Austin was holding in a laugh while Niala was trying not to look displeased.

"Oh. ok well that sounds nice..." she tried her best to smile. Im going to have to grab a burger or something on the way back...

Austin laughed "Im kidding geez it's just a lunch right? I was thinking Bombay."

"Oh my God I love pizza, Bombay is cool" Niala smiled big and her eyes lit a little.

Austin chuckled again staring at Niala, she kind of bounced a little with excitement. He saw she breast go up and down. She had on navy slacks, a sheer cream shirt her cream navy trimmed cardigan was open he could see them moving in her bra. Austin had to regroup and focus on her pretty face, her smile could light up a room.

"I am such a fat person, to get so excited over food, its just my favorite"

"It's nothing fat about you Niala, besides you should be more concerned about going somewhere in public with me. I feel like im under dressed, almost bummy next to you."

"Oh please" Niala rolled her eyes. "I wouldn't expect you to put on a suit to go to lunch, you look good."

His blue eyes sparkled in the sun, with the topaz flecks they almost looked like they glowed. The light was also bouncing off his low cut hair, he looked like electricity. His light blue button down shirt was tucked into his gray low waist straight shorts. She loved how they hung off his waist almost like his belt was pulling them down but not sagging. She could imagine how sexy his hip bones were underneath. He had on some type of black leather Chucks that looked sleek and kinda dressy. Chucks were her weakness along with legs. His calves were sexy and toned.

Oh yea, she smiled to herself. They walked to Bombay Pizza Co. people watching, making each other laugh with observations. Thank God for the fall overcast and thank God they were downtown where breezes whipped around the buildings. They would have both needed a shower had they been somewhere else.

"What is something I need to know about you?" Austin asked while they waited.

"First things first, don't call me La la, I will begin to plot murder. The only person I let live and do it is Ash and that is just because it could easily be traced back to me. "

Austin put his hand over his chest in mock shock "Thats harsh for a nickname."

"Its a long story...and it sounds like a bimbo name. I'm 24 I work full time and go to school."

"Is that it?"

Niala struggled with trying to decided whether to tell him about Sean. She wanted to be upfront she never would want to hide him, she wasn't ashamed. But in today's world you can never be too careful part of it was about protection, who knows someone's motives. Her son was a huge part of her life but still she felt she would keep it to herself, until she felt Austin out. This maybe the last time they talk.

"Most things to know about me you learn as you go those are the basics. I wouldn't want to run down a list of all about me. Wait I know something you should know about me, immediately, I love to dance!" She smiled big. Damn she has a beautiful smile Austin mused.

"Oh, that I know, first hand. You almost made me have an accident on the dance floor" Niala blushed "Like you didn't know what you were doing. All eyes were on you, Vixen"

"Vixen huh? I really wasn't paying attention, dance to me, I can do it like no one is there, just me and the music. It has always been that way. I can always dance like I have all the confidence in the world, I can perform."

"Like, you have all the confidence in the world?" Austin was skeptical.

"I'm really self conscious...so enough about me" Niala put her head down and focused on the pizza the waiter just brought, his look was so intense in a second she would start checking herself or messing with her hair to make she it was ok.

"I couldn't tell, I don't think you realize the outer picture doesn't match the inner self conscious. And what you said..."

"Let me just say that was the alcohol talking, don't judge me. Now, back to you." They weren't going to go down that road Austin could tell she didn't want to talk about it so he dropped it. "Well I'm a fireman" Niala smirked. I'm 27 I live alone. I'm pretty laid back. Also I'm obsessed with this one chick who seems to be playing with my emotions."

Niala almost threw a her crust at him. "Oh really, your emotional? I read you as one of those manly men. You know the ones that adhere to the bro code."

Austin had to laugh, hard. He had heard he was very masculine, some had even said dominate. "I guess you can say that, I am no chauvinist though. I definitely like when a woman can make me feel like a man."

Niala liked to her that, she was all about letting a guy be the guy.

"But like you said, I think people should learn as they go, through conversation and hanging out. Honestly if you had a list about yourself that would be a turn off." He stated looking up at her, that was such a turn on she thought. Lunch went well as they talked and ate. Nothing really deep it was a first lunch. Niala had to put her head down from Austin's gaze he was making her nervous. Ok so he was attracted to her, she had to admit it was flattering, he was gorgeous.

As they walked back to her job, she talked about little spots she discovered working around the area she loved to walk and explore. Austin thought it was so cute she would get excited about what she enjoyed. The way she did when she spoke of dance and pizza. He kept slipping two paces behind her periodically to watch her walk in her slacks. Damn she was sexy. Before he left her he asked when they would see each other again. She smiled and said that she would see. Austin called out as she turned to go into the building.

"Wait, can I ask you something"? He hadn't wanted to bring it up eating, but it was buzzing in the back of his head. Niala nodded. "Why did you push me towards Ashley?"

Niala sighed. "I don't know maybe she was more of your type what you are use to? Look I know I don't really know you but I just never thought I guy that looked like you, would talk to someone who looked like me. I'm different, Ash is an All American girl guys usually flock to her."

"I didn't stalk Ashley, Niala . If that's what I wanted I would have gone after her." Austin was staring at her again.

This time Niala couldn't look away she stared into his blue eyes, they were so intense. "W-What do you want with me Austin? Why did you come after me?"

"Don't sell yourself short, I know you are different. It's not a bad thing. I want to get to know you, I want to find out why you keep popping up in my head. And, later I want a private dance," His face that was so serious broke into a mischievous grin.

Niala was glad his change in expression, she was getting caught up. She managed a shy smile. " You have your chance, as for the dance we can see where this goes." With that she continued in the building. Austin was watching her walk, he always did. It was effortless like she wasn't trying. A chance is all I need he told himself.

***** Niala tried to look normal walking back in Ash gave her a look and she just smiled big.

"OOO well well well how was lunch?

"It was cool" Niala was refusing to face her, Ash wasn't buying it. "Just cool?"


Then why do you have that dreamy look?" Ashley questioned

"I have got to work on my poker face." Niala shook her head.

"Yea, might need to get on that. Cause I could swear your about to break into song."

"I do not look that bad. "

"Please, you do and not just any song, one of those cheesy Disney songs. I know, 'A Whole New World' from Aladdin."

"Ha, you got me. But you are telling on yourself at the same time. You pulled that out the air too quick. You probably watched it last night. " Niala raised an eyebrow.

"Touché, ill stop teasing" Ash mocked looking ashamed and put her head down. They went back to work

Niala knew that Austin would be in a lot of the thoughts that ran through her mind. She was still unsure about him though. How could he not have a motive? He had looked good in his jeans, white v-neck, and red Chucks. God, Chuck Taylors were her weakness. So simple so sexy, she liked a man with style.


Austin couldn't stop picturing Niala in her shirt, in the light he could see the outline underneath how her waist curved in and began to flare out right above her hips. Her slacks fit her perfect they hugged her bottom she probably had to wear a thong anything more would cause a line. She seems like the type that wouldn't tolerate that. She was so cute he felt like he was in school and wanted to hold her hand. Then he felt like a man and wouldn't to hold her close, trace her curves. He had to calm down, he couldn't let his thoughts drive him crazy. Austin was not at a loss when it came to women. He had a couple of "friends" he knew he could call. He had really just been taking it easy enjoying being single.

This girl, woman, she kept creeping in his mind, he barely knew her. Lunch was good, he hadn't actually talked to a woman like that in a while. He and his "friends" didn't do much talking. It seemed like it was something she was leaving out. He figured he would find out in time if he wanted to pursue this, whatever it was. She seemed reluctant; a slower pace was ok for now Austin told himself. Under the surface he could feel himself starting to crave her. He kept her in the back of his mind the rest of the day, and at night she appeared in his dreams.

She had on her sheer cream shirt but the slacks were gone. She was sitting on a bed talking excited about something, he didn't know what. He just kept smiling and listening until he couldn't take it anymore he pulled her shirt over her head they way her skin looked against the lace cream bra, like milk and honey. Austin breathed deep kissing down her neck pushing her back on the bed. His fingers traced her curves like her wanted to do as they walked from lunch. She was looking up at him when he pulled away still tracing her body with his finger tips. Her on her back, him on his side propped up in his elbow he could feel her slight shivers while his fingers moved. She giggled it was so like her, she was ticklish. When he reached the top of her lace thong she stopped, her eyes still playful but something else, lust? He trace the apex of her inner thigh and she moaned. So sweet her voice sounded like a song it was soft if there was other noise that he wouldn't have heard. Her center was so hot his mouth watered with anticipation he just knew it was pretty. He traced his fingers down the slit lightly. Her hips bucked a little trying to push more pressure. Just as he was about to pull her bottoms down, he woke to his alarm.

Austin almost threw the clock across the room. Shit that was a good dream, his dick was so hard it was almost painful. Like in all his dreams never close to what he really wanted from her. How could he take it slow when he had dreams like this? Austin began to stroke himself down as he as he replayed the dream, her sounds so sweet like she was almost there. He came picturing her smile with her eyes closed.

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