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Falsely Accused Ch. 04


This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman's biography.

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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 13 - Big News Day

"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Fox Two News!" shouted the lovely redheaded reporterette at 7:00am, Wednesday, August 16th. "Fox Two News is bringing you continuing coverage of the fallout from the severe beating of University Mathematics Professor Marvin Milton!"

Bettina: "The President of the University, Sidney P. Wellman, issued this shocking statement yesterday. Roll tape."

Tape rolled, showing University President Sidney P. Wellman, flanked by a number of University Faculty. He said "Whether or not the Guardians of Justice are traitors or whistleblowers, the information they have leaked is devastating. For the FBI to name one of my University's professors as a 'subversive' and a criminal is deeply offensive to me and to the Faculty of this great University." Applause from behind him could be heard.

"This University stands for free speech," said Wellman, "and for the encouragement of thought and achievement. We stand in opposition to tyranny, and to a Government that would suppress its People by intimidation and open violence."

Wellman continued: "We do not have proof that the FBI was behind the severe beating of Professor Milton. But we can connect the dots like Professor Milton connects mathematical concepts. And so I am announcing that the University is withdrawing all cooperation with the FBI. We will not provide crime data to the FBI from this day forward. The FBI is not welcome on this Campus unless they have a legitimate warrant, obtained by a legitimate Court and not some secret Kangaroo FISA Court, and based upon realistic and honest probable cause, not trumped-up insinuations." There was much greater applause among the Faculty that was present, which did not include Laura Fredricson. She was busy at the moment...

Back to Bettina live: "Public Policy Polling has released new polls, showing that Commander Troy's popularity has fallen to 42%, and the percentage of those polled that say he is doing a good job has fallen to 38%. A surprising 38% of those polled say that Commander Troy should resign or be fired, the highest number ever, even higher than just before his final confrontation with Pastor Raymond Westboro."

Bettina's conclusion: "And the latest ratings have come out, and they are showing that you are watching Fox Two News in record numbers! Our numbers have gone up 20% over the summer, while our competitor KSTD has dropped over 40%. We at KXTC appreciate your viewership!..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"This is John Hardwood, KSTD Five-Alive News in the Morning, bringing you the news you have a right to know!" said the untrustworthy reporter at 8:00am. "Women's Rights groups are rallying around the plight of Kendra Luskin, who has allowed herself to be named as the victim of the alleged rape at the hands of Peter Dwayne Gordon. Gordon was indicted by a Grand Jury, using information provided by Captain Cindy Ross of the TCPD, but sources tell Five-Alive News that Commander Donald Troy, who is accused by Council Member Malinda Adams of misogyny, is still investigating the victim of the crime instead of the suspect."

Tape rolled. State Senator Katherine Woodburn was giving a speech: "And all women should find it disgusting that Commander Donald Troy prefers to investigate the victim while helping provide legal representation for her attacker!"

More tape, showing Malinda Adams: "It is disgusting that Commander Donald Troy continues to be in command of the Police Department, and use his tremendous power of Police authority to investigate the victim of a rape while providing aid and comfort to her attacker!"

John Hardwood said "Mike G. Todd, attorney for Peter Dwayne Gordon, issued this statement." Tape rolled, with Todd saying: "First of all, I am defending Mr. Gordon pro bono, so allegations otherwise are libelous to Commander Troy. Second, Mr. Gordon has not been proved guilty of any crime, so the statements made by Councilwoman Adams, State Senator Woodburn, and certain members of the Press are defamatory, and may be met with legal action against them once he is found innocent of these charges by a Jury of his peers!"

Hardwood continued: "Recent polling shows that Commander Donald Troy is as deeply unpopular as Governor Val Jared, and that nearly two persons of every five polled believe that Commander Troy should be removed from his position as Police Commander. Commander Troy's numbers show that he is not trusted nor believed by the People of the Town & County..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Big news morning!" said Micah Rudistan as we drank our coffee in MCD.

"No doubt about that." I said. I was making a rare 8:00am appearance in MCD, joining them to watch the Hardwood atrocity pretending to be a news report. I was there to gauge the reaction of my Officers.

"Wow, the way Hardwood threw out Captain Ross's name... that was wrong." said Teddy Parker.

"She reaped what she has sown." replied Captain Teresa Croyle. My eyes bugged out of my head as I turned to her.

"Before you say it, sir," said Teresa, "this is a 'teachable moment' for everyone... in that the Press will use and misuse any Police action to harm us as badly as they can. The Press is just loving it that they think Captain Ross seemingly went against you, and they're going to make this look as bad as they can for all of us as well as for Captain Ross."

"Point made, and point taken." I said. "Now I want all of you to hear this, and hear it clearly: we will say no more about this. Captain Ross did her job as Chief of Detectives; she officially did nothing wrong in providing the D.A. evidence in the case. As to her disagreement with me on some aspects of this case, that is between me and her. It is above your pay grades, and I will not begin discussing personnel matters here in front of everyone with this situation nor any other."

"And you may consider those words to be fully endorsed by meeeeee." growled Chief Moynahan as he came into the room.


It was my personal cellphone. I looked at the text.

"Well, Mr. Rudistan," I said, "it is indeed a big news day. My wife just texted that Sandra Speer just delivered a healthy baby girl." Everyone in the room cheered.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Chief had told me to go ahead to the Hospital and see Sandra and her new baby. He knew that this was a good way for me to 'quietly' talk with Team Lazarus in addition to the regular celebrating the beginning of a new life.

As I went to my Police SUV, Cindy came after me. "Can I get a ride?"

"Sure." I said.

As we pulled out of the parking lot, Cindy said "I want to apologize for throwing you under the bus. After Teresa tore into me, and after Hardwood used my name in vain, I can see I should've just said nothing."

"Apology accepted." I said. "At least by me. But you've got a lot of work to do to regain your Detectives's trust and faith. And I do suspect you're not going to hear the end of it from the Press."

"Any ideas how to kill that Hydra?" Cindy asked.

"Not yet." I said. I was watching the mirrors in the SUV.

"What's the matter?" Cindy asked, maybe seeing my actions, maybe feeling my vibe.

"I don't know." I said. "I'm having that feeling that we're being followed, or watched."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sandra was a redhead, and her beautiful little daughter was going to be a redhead also. Team Lazarus was already there, as was the Deputy Director. When we came in, Laura wasted little time pulling me into another room.

"We take routine blood tests." Laura said. "I took a little bit extra. The DNA tests will be back in a few days."

"And what do you expect to find?" I asked, already knowing.

"All I'll say is," Laura said, kissing me on the cheek, "congratulations, Daddy."

"Wow, and from a guy whose sperm you once said was too weak to father children" I replied, teasing my wife hard.

"That must've been in a different lifetime." Laura said. In some ways, she could not have been more correct...

"Speaking of my children," I said, "who is babysitting those that are yours?"

"Your mom, at home... the Mountain Nest." said Laura. "Well, she's watching them. Bowser is supervising them, and Buddy is supervising Bowser."

"Par for the course at the Troy Household." I said with a grin.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"She's beautiful." I said as I held the baby. "Just like her mom. What did you name her?"

"Greta Inez." said Sandra. "Inez was my mother's middle name."

"What about 'Greta'?" asked Jack Muscone, who had come in to see Sandra with me and Cindy after the DepDirector, Lindy, and Martin had visited.

"That's her father's great-grandmother's name, so I'm told. And I like it." said Sandra.

She said no more, but I knew that 'Greta' was the name of my great-grandmother, the woman that Dr. Heinz had helped escape from the Nazis with only an ancient Roman coin in her pocket. I wondered who had told Sandra: my mother, who was the granddaughter of the woman, or my wife, or Molly, or Cindy. Or did Sandra learn of my family history another way?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Greta's birth and her being in great health was the good news. Things only went downhill from there.

"We are definitely being watched." I said to Cindy as we came out of the Hospital. "Don't look straight at them, but that black car down driveway with two people in it." Cindy glanced without turning her head.

We got in the SUV, which I'd parked in the "Authorized Vehicles Only" area instead of the parking deck in back of the Hospital. As I drove down the drive, we noticed the black car was not there.

"They pulled out before we could come up on them." Cindy said. "Think they know you saw them?"

"No, they're being careful, as this driveway is the only way out of here." I said. "Whoever they are, they're good."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I drove down Jefferson Avenue, which is the east-west road that goes into Town from the Nextdoor County Highway, and is considered to be the southern edge of Town. Getting to Riverside Drive, I turned left (south), and down towards BOW Enterprises, visible in the distance. Then I turned along a couple of roads and was heading back north, towards Police Headquarters.

"Nothing unusual." Cindy said. "Most people look at a Police car, or make a point to studiously not look at it. I didn't see anyone trying to study us or look back to see where we're going."

"I didn't either." I said. "I'm still worried... whoa, what's this?"

There was a huge protest of at least 100 women in front of Police Headquarters. They were on the sidewalk, on the street, and they were blocking the lane to the fenced-in parking lot.


At the sound of the siren, the protesters did not clear the way, but turned on the SUV. I saw signs saying 'FIRE COMMANDER TROY!', 'WOMEN'S BODIES MATTER!', 'JUSTICE FOR RAPE VICTIMS!', and other such sentiments. The women making this protest were mostly dressed in dirty shirts, blue jeans with (unintended) holes in them, many wearing glasses, and most with very short haircuts. And they were shouting obscene things.


They were hitting the sides of the SUV with their signs. Though it was no threat to Cindy nor myself, I was getting pissed. Then I saw well-armed, helmeted Police Officers come out from the parking lot and force the women back, creating a lane for me to drive into the parking lot. They closed the normally-open gate behind us, staying behind the gate while the women raged outside.

Going inside, we didn't make it halfway down the hall before Chief Moynahan came out of his office anteroom and said "Conference Room, Crowbars."

He led the way into the Main Conference Room. To my utter shock, Myron Milton was there. "Mary's with Dad." he said.

"Can we get you out of here if she calls?" I asked.

Myron shrugged. "It's not like I could do anything if she does call." he said.

Myron had set up video conferencing with the Precincts. On the large monitor we had four squares in quadrants. One was Sheriff Allgood in his office, one was Precinct 1, one was Precinct 2, and the fourth one was Campus Police Lieutenant Bill Hanson. In the room were the Chief, me, Deputy Chief Harlow, Captain Ross, Captain Croyle, and the aforementioned Data Group Supervisor Myron Milton.

"We've got about fifteen women outside the fence here at the Old Mill." said Precinct Captain Thompson. "They've attempted to block cars coming in and out."

"Is the Press there?" I asked.

"Yes sir." said Thompson. "KXTC and KSTD." I asked for a report from 1st Precinct.

"We've got about ten women outside the outer perimeter of County Jail." said Lt. Irwin of 1st Precinct. Precinct Captain Briggs was not at 1st Precinct Headquarters, apparently. "And of course a Press van covering them. KXTC."

"Hmmmmm, but not KSTD." I said. "Bill?"

"Commander," said Lt. Hanson, "we had about thirty women marching through campus, carrying signs. We're not sure where they started, but the ended up in front of the University President's Office. After about fifteen minutes the Press, not sure which network, stopped filming them and got in their vans and left, and the group dispersed. Just... dispersed."

"Sir," said Teresa Croyle, "we think those women may be the same ones that are now at County Jail, and maybe some of them are at Headquarters, here."

"What have you got at Police Headquarters?" asked Sheriff Allgood.

"Several dozen women, maybe a hundred." said Teresa. "No men as part of the protest, as far as we can see. They're completely blocking all entrances to Headquarters and the road to the Crime Lab and the Fairgrounds, and they are blocking most of Riverside Drive. We're re-routing traffic at College Avenue and Old Main Street for now, but we're having trouble getting Police in or out. KXTC is parked on the road to the Crime Lab, and KSTD next door in the Public Health Department parking lot."

"Do the protesters have a permit?" asked the Sheriff.

"No, Sheriff." said Myron. "At least there's no permit coming up in the record base as having been issued for today."

"Are the protesters a danger to the Public?" asked the Sheriff.

"Yes sir." I said.

"No sir!" Della Harlow practically yelled. "They're protesting peacefully!"

"Harlow did not have to drive through them to get into Headquarters, Sheriff." I said. "And they're forcing us to divert traffic. They have no permit to protest and block access to Headquarters. The biggest danger is that we have to fight our way out just to go to any emergency that might crop up."

"Same here, Sheriff." said PCpt. Thompson. "We have to clear them out by force to get vehicles on the road."

"All right." said the Sheriff. "Do what you have to do to protect the Public. Keep me informed if the current situation changes." He tuned out of the videoconference.

"All right, guys." I said to the others. "You'll be hearing from Captain Croyle soon. Thanks for tuning in." With that, Myron disconnected the videoconference completely.

"Soooooo, Commander." said the Chief. "What will we be dooooo-ing?"

"Enforcing the law, Chief." I said. I turned to Teresa. "Captain Croyle, clear Riverside Drive of all protesters. Tell the Precincts to clear any obstacles to their ability to get in or out. And if any of those protesters want to see Police Headquarters, County Jail, or the Old Mill from the inside, feel free to arrange tours, via full booking and sitting in holding cells."

"Are you kidding?" exploded Della Harlow. "They're being peaceful! This is outrageous! It's police brutality!" As Teresa got up to go, Della yelled "It's 'Dean Allen' all over again!"

Teresa turned on Della, but fortunately for Della the Chief was in the way. "Eeeeasy, Ms. Croyle."

"Captain, go." I said, pointing at the door. "Clear that shit out of the street." Thankfully, Teresa obeyed. She left the room.

I turned to Della, my voice low and venomous as I said "I'll tell you right now that if you ever, ever say that again, to her, me, or anyone... you will find out the true meaning of 'police brutality'."

"And then I'll let Commander Troy have his shot at you." said Cindy, her ice-blue eyes blazing cold fire, tapping the green crowbar in her hand. I could see the Chief barely suppressing a grin at that one.

Part 14 - The Setup

Thursday, August 17th. I woke up at 4:30am. I did a quick workout on the Bowflex in Laura's exercise room, doing some work on my upper body, then my legs. No way this was enough to keep in top condition, but my back limited what I could do. I would normally go to Town Fitness Centers and swim, or the Police Gym for a better workout on most days. This just got my blood circulating.

Then I did my toilet, the three S's, and got dressed. I heard the pitter-patter of little canine de-feets as I put my gunbelt on over my uniform; two brilliant dogs knew that I would be coming down to take them to do their business within seconds. And they were right.

On this morning, I took my infrared/night vision binoculars with me. As I stood in the backyard, I swept the path going down the hill towards the University Campus. Then I swept up the mountainside. Nothing, so far.

The dogs came back and we went inside. I went to the front room and looked out the window. The streetlight at the edge of the driveway made the night vision impossible, but the infrared still worked. And I got a glimpse of a heat signature.

I left a note for Laura to find when she woke up, telling her that I loved her, and also to call me before she left for work. Then I got in my Police SUV and started down the driveway. Near the entrance, I stopped and swept the area with the binoculars again, but saw no infrared signatures. Maybe it was my imagination, I thought to myself... maybe...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Police Headquarters was quiet. No one was obstructing the lane to the parking lot; Teresa and her Spec Ops Officers had made 22 arrests the day before. I checked in with the Duty Desk, who reported nothing unusual the night before.

Going to my office, I checked emails. There was one, forwarded from Jack Muscone. It reported that disgraced FBI Special Agent Waddell may have been spotted in England, at the Russian Embassy. Hmmmm, I thought to myself.

SBI-SIS Lt. Norm Chow had sent me a detailed report of what he and his team were finding out about the BigAgraFoods-Senator Russell connection. They'd found that a lawyer using the code name 'BLARG' had been meeting with BigAgraFoods executives and also with Senator Russell personally. The lawyer's real name was Rusty Dawson, of the firm Prodder, Ryder & Reems, P.C.

Whoa! I thought to myself, that's the law firm that Kendra Luskin's attorney Gwen Munson was with! I sent Chow a reply email suggesting he look into that law firm and both Dawson and Munson some more...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My personal cellphone rang. It was Laura. "Good morning, Darling." she said. "You skipped out before I could give you your morning blowjob."

"And I hated to do that." I said. "But a lot is going on. I'll just have to make it up to you."

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