tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 06

Family Affairs Ch. 06

byD.C. Roi©

Mary drove away from the sex specialty shop in Westboro and headed toward her home. It was lying on the car seat next to her, in a plain paper bag. Her face was burning and she was filled with shame. She'd never been so embarrassed in her life. It took her an hour to work up the courage to go in the store in the first place, then when she did, things got worse.

The clerk, a pimply faced, smirking young man not much older than her son, sported a leering look on his face from the minute she walked in. "Can I help you, ma'am?" he asked when she entered the store.

"I...um...I...ah...one...um...of my, ah, friends, um, she's, you know, um, getting married," Mary stammered. "And, uh, we're...you know, giving her a, um, shower, with, um, gag, ah, gifts."

She looked down into the glass case in front of her and felt her face getting even hotter. On a shelf in the case lay at least a half-dozen realistic-looking fake penises, ranging from huge to gigantic. There were even black ones!

"What were you thinking of getting for your, ah, friend?" the young man asked smugly.

Mary was so embarrassed she almost turned and ran out of the store but, somehow, she managed to tough it out. She took a deep breath. "One of those...that one...there..." she stammered as she pointed into the case, at one of the dildos.

The clerk bent, brought out a long, slim box, and laid it on the counter. "Are you...excuse me...is your friend going to need batteries?" he asked.

Batteries! Pixie hadn't said anything about batteries. "Ah...I...I guess so," Mary stammered.

The clerk took a package of batteries off a shelf behind the counter and laid them next to the box. "These are the long-life kind," he leered. "Our customers say they're a lot more satisfying. Is there anything else I can get you?"

Mary, near the point of tears, shook her head.

The clerk moved to the cash register and rang up the sale. "That will be thirty-one ninety-five," he said.

Mary fumbled two twenty-dollar bills out of her purse and handed them to the leering clerk. Her hands were trembling.

The clerk took the money, rang up the sale on the cash register, then he gave her the change and a receipt.

"Would you like a bag?" he asked.

Mary gulped and nodded her head. "How can he make such a simple question sound so obscene?" she wondered as she watched the clerk to put her purchases in a paper bag. He handed it to her, she grabbed it and hurried out of the store, not looking back.

"I hope your friend enjoys her gift," the clerk said as she left. "You can tell her I'd be happy to drop in and give her some pointers on how to use it if she needs them."

Mary sat in her car for a few minutes after she left the store, shaking, the package on the seat beside her. Sobs and tears began. She couldn't remember when she'd felt more humiliated. People walking by looked at her but, thankfully, nobody stopped. At last she pulled herself together, started the car, and headed for home.

Her heart sank when she saw Ricky's car parked in the driveway. She looked at her watch and realized she was later than she thought. The trip to that horrid shop in Westboro had upset her so much she'd lost track of time.

Clutching her package, she went into the house, sure Ricky would know what was in the bag, and would be ashamed of her for having it.

"Hi, Mom," Ricky said when they met on the stairs.

"I...I'm sorry I'm late, honey," Mary said. "I'll put something in the microwave. You must be starved."

"No problem, I've got a date, remember?" her son said. "We'll grab a pizza before we go to the movies."

"Oh," Mary replied. She had forgotten Ricky's date with Dianna Hillman.

"Yeah, hey, wasn't Dad supposed to be home today?" her son asked. He went on downstairs and got a jacket out of the hall closet.

"Ah, he called, and said he had to stay a few days longer," Mary told her son. "He should be home Tuesday."

"Gee, we hardly ever see him any more." Ricky sounded disappointed. "I sure hope he'll be around for the playoffs."

"Now Ricky," Mary cautioned, "your father works very hard to support us. Don't be angry with him. I'm sure he'll be home for the playoffs."

As she defended her husband to their son, Mary remembered the feminine laughter she'd heard when Tom called. Had he really extended his trip for business reasons?

"Gotta go, Mom," Ricky ran up the stairs, kissed her lightly on the cheek, then galloped down the stairs and out the door.

Mary stood on the steps, alone. She looked down at the package in her hand as if she were seeing it for the first time, then she sighed and continued up the stairs to her bedroom.

She laid the package on the bed and locked the bedroom door. Then she walked to the bed and sat down. Her hands were trembling as she slipped the box out of the bag and sat there, holding it in her lap, looking at it. Finally, she managed to work up enough courage to open the box and take the fake penis out.

"It's cold to the touch," she thought, as she hefted the device. "But it sure does look real!" She giggled nervously. "It's been a long time since I've held a cock this hard," she said aloud. Her voice sounded strange in the empty room.

It took a little doing, but she figured out how to put the batteries in the device, then she turned it on using the little switch at the base. The dildo began to hum and vibrate.

"Actually, that might just feel nice," Mary thought. She shut it off and sat there, looking at it. "Now what?" she asked herself. Getting in the mood for self-love with her new sex-toy seemed to be a problem. Maybe if she got undressed. She got up, walked to the closet, stripped off her clothes, and stood fingering one of the silken negligees hanging in the closet. Then, naked, she turned and walked back to the bed, laid down, picked up the dildo, and again turned on the switch. Suddenly, she found herself growing excited. What would it feel like to have the fake penis sliding in and out of her? Would it be better than satisfying herself with her hands?

She began to rub the humming appliance over her body and made another delightful discovery. The dildo not only vibrated, it got warm! She tried moving it across one of her nipples and shivered as ripples of excitement went through her. She moved it to the other breast and got more fantastic sensations. Delighted by her discovery, she kept moving the whirring dildo from breast to breast and excitement grew and spread through her.

At last, tentatively, somewhat breathless from self-induced lust, she slid the buzzing, warm machine between her trembling thighs. Wave after wave of glorious sensations swept over her. Her hips rose off the bed, seeking closer contact with the marvelous invader.

Mary continued sliding the implement up and down over the sensitive flesh of her vagina and was surprised to feel herself growing wet. She tried rubbing it against her clit and her hips jolted. It felt wonderful!

Mary groaned and her hips began to rock as she continued arousing herself with the humming sex utensil, which continued to vibrate sweet sensations into her.

At last, she moved the dildo so the tip was positioned between the puffy lips of her vagina and, slowly, began advancing it into her needy body.

"Ah!" she groaned. It felt good! It felt unbelievably good! The hot, whirring wand filled her and made her insides quake with joy. Her hips continued to hunch upward as she slid the wonderful warm device in and out of her clasping hole. She felt her hunger growing and realized she was getting near to her peak.

"Yes! Oh, yes! Oh, God, yes!" she hissed. One hand continued thrusting the dildo into her body while the other move to her juice-soaked clit. She was going to come! She had to...

The phone rang.

Startled, Mary froze. She felt very embarrassed as she lay there, with the dildo protruding from her, listening to the insistent ringing of the phone. Reluctantly, she pulled the device out of her, rolled over, and reached for the phone.

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