tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 30

Family Affairs Ch. 30

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX: Family Affairs

Chapter thirty

While Matt was enjoying his ecstatic afternoon and evening with Mary, Dianna was having a miserable time. During cheerleading practice, the other girls, led by Lisa, ignored her and treated her as if she were some kind of leper. Dianna, confused and hurt by their behavior wasn't sure why they were treating her like they were. She had no idea Lisa thought she'd displaced Lisa as Miss Conklin's plaything, and that Lisa was very angry about it.

Upset by the treatment the others showed her, Dianna was less than her best in practice. When, at last, it ended, she walked dejectedly toward the locker room.

"Dianna, can I see you in my office a minute?" Miss Conklin asked.

Lisa was standing behind Miss Conklin, and Dianna saw hatred in the other girl's eyes and was shaken. "Why is Lisa so angry with me?" she wondered as she followed the coach into her office.

"You didn't have a very good day today, did you Dianna?" Miss Conklin noted when they were inside.

Dianna shook her head. "No, not really. I'm not sure what's wrong with me today," she said. The fact that she was upset was part of the reason, and the fact that the other girls did little things to make her look bad was another part.

"Look, why don't you come over to my house after school?" Miss Conklin suggested. "Maybe we can talk about why you're so upset and..." She smiled warmly at the slim teenager.

Dianna had both feared and anticipated this moment all day. She was sure Miss Conklin was going to invite her to her apartment again, but wasn't quite sure whether or not she wanted to go. She'd been pondering what to do all day and, by the time she got to cheerleading practice, she still hadn't decided what she would do if and when the question were asked, but now that the question had been asked, she knew what her answer would be. She wasn't going.

She shook her head. "I...I don't think I...I can, Miss Conklin," she said. "I...I really don't feel all that well. I...I think I may be coming down with something."

"Are you sure, Dianna?" Carol Conklin asked. She was surprised. She was sure she had Dianna in her power. "I'm so disappointed to hear you say that. I had some wonderful new things planned for us tonight."

Even though she knew she was doing the right thing, Dianna was torn. Miss Conklin had given her astounding pleasure the night before, and she was promising even more tonight.

"Oh, Dianna, please think about it. It will be wonderful," Miss Conklin purred. She reached out and caressed Dianna's hand. "I promise you'll be so glad if you come over."

Dianna felt her resolve weakening. She looked around the small office. "I..." she took a deep breath and shook her head. "I have to go, Miss Conklin." She bolted out the door and headed for her locker.

Carol Conklin watched the slim young girl turn and run from the office. She was disappointed that she'd misjudged her control over the teenager.

Lisa Dutille, who had finished changing, had been standing by the lockers watching Miss Conklin's office. She saw Dianna rush out and started walking toward the closed office door, smiling with satisfaction. Maybe things were going her way after all.

Miss Conklin was sitting at her desk and looked up when Lisa entered the office. The young woman shut the door behind her, then locked it.

"I saw Dianna leave," Lisa said softly. "Is there anything I can do for you, Miss Conklin?"

Carol Conklin, smiling, stood up, walked to her door, and pulled down the shade over the window in it. Then she turned, smiled at the petite, but full-bodied, brunette teenager and pulled her into her arms. "You know there is, Lisa," she said, then she covered Lisa's mouth with hers.

When the kiss ended, the coach began to undo the buttons of Lisa's blouse, and the teenager shuddered with anticipation.

Dianna, who was still having second thoughts about the decision she'd made, stopped at the doorway out of school. She leaned against the doorjamb and recalled how wonderful Miss Conklin had made her feel the night before. As she remembered, her body began to heat up. Why shouldn't she have excitement in her life? Why shouldn't she take what she could get? She turned and started back into the locker room.

When she reached it, the locker room was empty and Miss Conklin's door was closed, with the shade drawn. Dianna thought she was too late, that Miss Conklin had left. Then, as she neared the office door, she thought she heard something. Maybe Miss Conklin was still here. Dianna moved closer.

"Oh! Annhh! Miss Conklin! Yes! Yes!" a female voice wailed.

Shocked, Dianna realized she was hearing Lisa's voice! Her heart pounding, she moved closer to the door and tried to look in. She could see Miss Conklin's desk through a gap in the shade.

Lisa Dutille, totally naked, was lying on the desk and her hands were pulling at her large, rosy-tipped breasts and the rigid nipples that capped them. Miss Conklin's head was between Lisa's legs.

"More! More!" the petite brunette cried, "Oh, God, Miss Conklin! Eat me more! Yes!"

Dianna was so shocked she found herself unable to move. She wanted to run, but couldn't. Instead she stood there, watching what was happening in the office, surprised by the delightful feelings that rushed through her as she did. Without her knowing she was doing it, her hands stole to her breasts and began massaging them.

"Coming! Oh, God! I'm coming!" Lisa cried, her body writhing, as Miss Conklin's mouth worked on her.

Dianna was trembling, too. "That...that could have been me," she thought, dejected.

As Dianna watched, the two women in the office continued to kiss and caress. Lisa got off the desk and Miss Conklin stripped off her clothes and laid down where Lisa had just been, her legs spread.

"Miss Conklin's really beautiful!" Dianna thought, observing her coach's lush, full body as Lisa explored it, making the older woman tremble and cry out with joy. Eventually, Lisa's head moved between the sexy coach's outspread legs and her mouth descended into her lush blonde delta.

"Mmnnhh! Yes!" Miss Conklin purred, her hips arching. "Lisa! Oh, Lisa! You do that so well!"

Dianna continued to be a spectator while Lisa drove the lusty coach wild with thrusting tongue and moving lips.

"Eeahh!" Miss Conklin cried, her back arching like a bow, her legs clamped tightly around Lisa's head as a powerful orgasm ripped through her. "Yes! Oh, lover! Yes! That's it! I'm coming! Ahh! I'm coming!"

The two women in the office hugged, kissed, and continued to fondle each other playfully after Miss Conklin's orgasm. Dianna, in tears, continued to observe. She knew she should leave, but she couldn't force herself to do that.

"I thought you liked Dianna better than me," Lisa said, kissing the coach's breast. "I-I was really hurt when you took her home with you last night."

"Oh, no, my sweet dove," Miss Conklin replied, stroking Lisa's hair. "I'm sorry if I hurt you. Nobody could take your place. Dianna was just a nice diversion. Nobody eats me the way you do."

"You promised you'd let me go along when you visit your friend," Lisa continued, "so I could find out what having a grown man's cock feels like. You didn't forget you promised me that, did you?"

"Not at all, my dove," the luscious blonde coach said. "We're going to get together with my friend real soon. I promise you that you'll have all the cock you want when we do."

Lisa shuddered with delight and said, "I can hardly wait."

"You know, Lisa, you shouldn't be so jealous," Miss Conklin said. "Think of how much fun we could have had doing a threesome with Dianna."

"I hadn't though about that," Lisa said. "Maybe you can work that out, huh?"

"Maybe, my dove," Miss Conklin said. "I think I'll see if Dianna might be interested after she's had a few days to think over what she's missing." The older woman pulled the petite girl to her and kissed her.

Dianna finally found the strength to flee. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she raced headlong from the school. Miss Conklin didn't care about her! She was just using her, like all the boys did!

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