tagIncest/TabooFamily Fun Begins Ch. 06

Family Fun Begins Ch. 06


It had been two months since Samantha's loss her virginity and she had missed her period. At first she thought she was just late but a few weeks went by no period. Finally she then told her mother. Nancy gasped "me too! I am over a week late." A quick trip to a doctor had confirmed that both were indeed pregnant. "But Mom," Samantha had asked once back home "who is the father? Harry or Paul?" Nancy had said with great confidence "Harry of course." Then as they both sat at in the garden, Nancy with a happy look on her face explained how Paul had a vasectomy. "No; we are carrying Harry's children in our wombs, Samantha, darling."

Harry had stopped jogging, swimming, and his other sporting activities. With the workout he got at home, there was no need to exercise. Having three horny women at home to fuck, his Mom, his Sister, and Aunt Patty. He had come home from college feeling quite happy and rather horny surprised. He had found his Mom and Samantha sitting in the garden lost in thoughts about something. Casually walking up to them he unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans; carefully moving his cock into the open, and adjusting it so his balls were also free. Aunt Patty had already left for a weekend off.

"Hello Mom" He said with as smile as he calmly guided the head of his prick at her sweet soft lips. Nancy opened her mouth and took the tip of his prick into it; as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do. Samantha watched as her mother sucked her brother's prick, and wondered why her father and brother seemed to prefer Nancy's cock sucking to hers.

After a few minutes Harry eased his cock out of his mother's mouth. Then as Nancy and Samantha watched, Harry sat down on an empty chair and pushed his jeans and under shorts down to his ankles; stretching his legs out and leaning back, he said to both women "Come on suck me off, please." Samantha and Nancy knelt on either side of him and took his hard cock in their hands; they both toyed with his balls and ran their fingers through the thick dark bush of his pubic hair, on his groin, balls and between his legs. As Nancy sucked his shaft, Samantha licked and manipulated his ball sack. Her fingers moved down to the his butt crack and teased their way to his ass, Harry moved to allow her fingers to reach his ass. He sighed. This was heaven. Two women taking care of him sexually. His only problem being which one to fuck when he wanted cum.

Nancy released his cock and offered it to Samantha's hungry mouth. Eagerly, Samantha sank her head down on her brother's shaft as her mother took watched approvingly. Harry watched Samantha with a dreamy smile on his face. He pulled his mother close and squeezed her full heavy breasts hard.

Nancy moaned in ecstasy as Harry mauled and sucked at her breasts, and pressed her son's head harder against them. Samantha was still busy bobbing her head up and down on his shaft while running her fingers over his full balls and into butt crack.

Harry moved his hands down to Samantha's busy head and gently said "Ok. I want both your pussies now." He made both Nancy and Samantha kneel on two chairs placed side by side, had them bend over the back of the chairs with their butts jutting out in his direction. Nancy and Samantha both lifted their skirts and they both hooked their fingers in their panties to push them down when Harry said "NO! you both just relax and enjoy it" He pushed the crotch, all damp with her cunt juice, of Samantha's black lacy panties aside and taking hold of her hips, he aimed his cock at the pouting lips of her pussy and pushed in . "Hell Sis!" He moaned "You are so fucking hot! You really want my cock in you badly."

Nancy watched as her son pumped Samantha steadily. It was amazing how controlled he was. Most boys his age would be hammering away at a cunt like Samantha's' and shooting their loads in seconds. Certainly the boys she had known when she was Samantha's age had been very quick to cum, often before actually getting into her. The memories of all that cum wastefully shot over her thighs, pussy, and stomach made her smile. Her hands moved down to her own dripping fuck hole and pressed at the opening. All sticky with her juice. Harry smiled at her and ran a hand down under her white cotton bikini panties over her well rounded ass to the shaven pussy between her legs. There his index finger toyed with her hole before beginning to finger fuck her from behind, with his index and big finger. All the while, he kept up his steady pumping of Samantha. The late afternoon air was filled with the sound of his pelvis slamming into the soft full cheeks of Samantha's ass as his cock fucked her. Their moans and heavy breathing, filling the warm afternoon air around them. Harry pulled out of a disappointed Samantha and quickly shoved his prick into Nancy, after roughly tugging her panties down. Nancy groaned as he filled her completely with one savage thrust. Samantha felt a hand on her ass and wriggled in horniness as Harry worked his hand under her panties and began to finger fuck her as he had his mother.

Paul watched the scene with approval. He quickly unzipped his trousers and pulled them along with his briefs, off. Then loosening his tie and shirt collar, he walked over and began to playfully slap all three bare asses, before him.

"Couldn't wait for me?' He said with a laugh, positioning himself behind Samantha's well rounded tanned bottom. "Move your hand out of the way son, I am in the mood for some of your sister's hot cunt"

Samantha felt a sense of relief wash over her, as good as Harry's fingers had felt, they could not compensate for the real thing. As Paul eased his cock into her pussy he remarked "Don't shave your pubic hair Samantha, I like to have a choice, between your mother's shaved pussy and your hairy one.

"Me too!" Harry added as he began to pick up pace with Nancy.

"Oh Shut up you two" Nancy panted "Fuck us." Paul winked at Harry and gave Nancy a hard slap on her ass "Shut up, wife."

"Yeah Mom. Shut the fuck up and move your ass!" Harry panted sending his cock hard and deep in a series of violent thrusts. "Ooooohhh Uufff" Nancy panted as she came all over Harry's prick. She had been close to cumming when Paul arrived

Samantha meanwhile was moaning and panting as her father fucked her. Her father held her butt apart as his thumb teased her butt hole, the tip piercing the rose bud of her anal opening. "Papa' She panted "Cum in my pussy. You can fuck my ass hole later" Paul laughed and replied "ok Samantha. Anything for daddy's girl."

Paul began to ram his cock harder and harder into Samantha. Just as Harry grunted and groaned as he flooded Nancy's cunt with his creamy cum. Samantha turned he head to see Harry's face contorted in orgasmic pleasure. Seeing this and hearing the moans of pleasure coming from Nancy, was the final trigger needed to release her own orgasm. As she bathed her father's shaft in her cum, and her pussy contracted and spasm she caught Paul off guard, no longer able to control himself he savagely fucked her until he too came, grunting and panting in passion. His hot spurting cum making Samantha gasp as it flooded her cunt.

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