Family Man


"The way I see it, it's a win, win, win, situation." She said smiling down at me. "We've gotten ourselves into a bit of a pickle here, everyone's done some things they shouldn't have, but I think this is the only way out."

My head was groggy. I seemed to be lying flat on the floor but I couldn't remember how I'd gotten there. My fingers and toes tingled. My head was swimming. I tried briefly, but I couldn't move.

Julie must have seen the panic set in on my face because she leaned in close and held my face with her hands. "Hushhh, it's ok. Everything will be ok. It's time for me to explain."

At 18 years old Julie was a vision. She had long, straight, strawberry blonde hair which was held up now in a pony tail that cascaded down to frame her beautiful face as she looked down at me. Her eyes were bright, bright blue and she had just a few light freckles on her porcelain skin. When she smiled her bright white teeth lit up almost as much as her blue eyes. But right now she wasn't smiling, her little brow was crinkled slightly and she was biting the corner of her soft, pink lower lip.

Holding my head in her soft hands Julie, who had been kneeling by my side, slid her leg over my waist and mounted me, never once breaking eye-contact with me. Her brow looked so worried. So I was worried. This is a girl whom I had learned to trust. As I thought my stomach turned... A girl whose trust I had betrayed...

Julie had come to me in her senior year of high school looking for something extra to put on her collage applications. She was smart and willing to work so I offered her a position as a lab assistant. Really ordinary stuff, organizing paperwork, answering phones, getting coffee. She was great to have around, but in an laboratory environment where I was running complicated experiments, with hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding on the line, how helpful could a teenage girl be?

I could feel the weight of Julie's little body pressing down on me. Her hips weighing down on my hips as she knelt over me and cradled my head in her hands. Well that's good, I thought, at least Im not paralyzed, at least I can feel below my waist. Julie's lab coat was hanging open and she was wearing a very casual, soft and worn-looking yellow tee shirt underneath it. The shirt had a little cartoon person printed on the chest and underneath in block letters was written Little Miss Helpful. The letters clung to Julie's tight stomach and stretched significantly across her very ample breasts. It had the look of being a childhood shirt she'd clung onto for sentimental reasons, and now, the way it clung onto her, it looked anything but childish.

The guilt turned my stomach once again. When Julie had come to me in the beginning of her senior year so many things had been different. The was before the funding had been cut. Back then I had actual lab assistants to run tests and the computer equipment to run complicated models. Once the funding dried up became just me and Julie, 10 hours every day, for months. Little Miss Helpful had been different back then too. And not just in the obvious physical ways. It's true that my experiment had had some quite obvious physical effects of Julie. The medicine had changed her appearance quite dramatically, something I'm sure everyone else, and Julie herself, chalked up to some sort of second growth spurt. Her skin, which had never been bad in the first place, became positively flawless, her cheeks always carrying a bit of a glow and her pink lips became just a little bit plumper. It gave her the impression of always just having run up a flight of stairs, or laughed incredibly hard at a good joke, or, frankly, been very well fucked. Her hair became thicker and more lustrous and her fingernails and toe nails, which she constantly showed off in flip-flops even in the lab to my dismay, grew a little faster and had more natural shine. All of these were subtle details of course, details only to be noticed by someone taking a very close, clinical look at Julie day after day after day to record any perceivable changes. To anyone observing the girl more casually, they simply would have noticed her breasts. In the three months since I first began giving Julie the fertility treatments her breasts had increased from a c cup to a heavy double d. Not an impossible amount of growth for a girl her age, not even in that amount of time. But certainly a remarkable change. Her shirts now, all stretched and puckered across her soft chest. Even her lab coat pulled tight when she buttoned it.

It was summer now. Julie had already applied to and been accepted to her top school. She'd be attending Stanford as a freshman this fall. That's what killed me: her loyalty. My staff left months ago, as soon as I told them I could no longer pay them due to budget cuts. But Julie stayed. Even after she got in to her first choice college, she stayed. She came to the lab every day to assist me. She took copious notes. She really believed in me, in a way that, after so many others had given up on me, allowed me to continue believing in myself. She helped me keep my eye on the prize: a new fertility drug, on that could help a woman create new ova. The holy grail of hormone therapy. And over all those hours looking at test results and chemical structures I started to trust her. I shared my secrets with her. Julie knows why I'm so driven to get this right. She knows it's my one shot at conceiving a child with my wife. And still, every day for the last three months, I've betrayed her. I've dosed her with the medicine we've both agreed just isn't ready for human trials. But the last of the money will be gone at the end of the summer. And when Julie goes off to Stanford, if I don't have this drug ready, I'll have nothing. No more lab assistant. No more lab. No job, and nothing to show for my work. No family to raise with my wife. No future. Nothing.

And so I'd done what I had done.

"You poor thing" Julie whispered "You look so pained"

How could I begin to tell her what I'd done to her.

"Can you move yet?" she asked? "Oh, of course, you can't answer. I'll take that as a no. But you can still feel right? You can feel this?" she said as she leaned down and took my earlobe into her lips, rolling it between her tongue and her teeth gently. "My, my, you certainly can can't you."

What the hell was she doing?

"Well if you can feel that, then you must be able to feel this too" she said as she slowly began rolling her hips in circles on top of me.

"I don't want you to worry, I want you to relax. You'll be able to move again soon. In a little bit. But right now I just need to get some things off my chest." She leaned back, pressing even more weight into my now throbbing groin, pulled off her lab coat and threw it across the room. I could see now that, much to my surprise, she was wearing the yellow tee shirt and some small boy-cut underwear. No pants, not skirt, nothing else. She was grinding her hips into me with nothing on but a tiny peach colored pair of panties.

She put her hands on either side of my head again and leaned in close so we were nose to nose, nearly kissing. "I know what you did professor. " she said gently as she ran her fingers slowly through my hair. "And I want you to know that I'm not mad. But you've changed things, and now I need to make some changes too." She held my head by the nape of my neck forcing me to look up into her bright blue eyes as she slowly dragged her hand down my chest, sliding it next into my lap where she wrapped her little fingers around my now completely erect penis. She smiled and gently pumped my cock as she talked. "You see, all the physical changes you see in me, my hair, my skin, and yes, these new curves, you've only seen them from an observers point of view. You don't know the changes that I've been undergoing. How it's felt. The hormones have made my body positively lust for breeding. I've been in a state of almost unimaginable discomfort trying to fight my constant sexual appetite. I've been unimaginably wound up for a month, a state of being that, I think you have some compassion for at this very moment." She squeezed her little fingers a little tighter around my cock.

Well, this morning I couldn't take it anymore and I decided to do something about it. So this morning for once, I drugged you. I slipped a little something into your morning coffee. A mild paralytic. Something to keep you from moving while I take matters into my own hands." She had begun rubbing the tip of my cock against her panties and a flush had spread across her face. That little crinkle in her brow was back again but for a different reason now as her breath became heavier. She stopped for a moment to look at me as she pushed her peach color panties to the side and began rubbing my cock against her bare little pussy. She tightened her grip on the hair behind my head and came eye to eye with me again. "I want you to look me in the eye now Professor. You got what you needed from me. I was your test subject when you needed one for your fertility drugs. And now I'm going to get what I need from you." With that she sunk down on top of me, engulfing my cock with her tight little pussy, filling herself completely. Both of our eyes opened wide with pleasure and her lips fell open for a brief second before she licked the lightly and started to rock back and forth on my cock.

As she rode me her big, soft breasts bounced slowly up and down just under my chin. But for now I just studied her beautiful face. The beautiful face of the girl I'd spent so many hours with. With whom I'd shared all my secrets with. The girl I'd betrayed and the girl with whom I was now, involuntarily, cheating on my wife with. I could feel my balls heating up, beginning to boil as she rocked back and forth on me. Julie was getting lost in her own pleasure now, beginning to approach orgasm she put her hand on my chest to brace herself as she rocked harder.

"Don't worry professor, nothing's going to happen." She said between heavy breaths. "My body's been changing. My whole body is dying to breed but we were right the medicine had some strange side effects." Her legs clamped together hard and she shook violently as crippling orgasm over took her. She rode it out and then collapsed down onto me. Her huge, soft chest against mine. Her lips right next to me ear. She slowly continued to rock on my cock. My cock which must have been drooling precum into her tight little pussy.

"Oh god professor, that's so good. I needed that. I need more of that but there's no need for you to worry. While my body is as fertile as ever, your body simply wont impregnate me. It's the mild paralytic I slipped into your coffee this morning. A little of my own breast milk. One of the side effects of the drug. For an infertile women this dose of therapy might have been just right. But my body is in its prime, already full of hormones to start with. And with the extra help, I've been producing milk for a week now, it's one of the ways my body is getting ready for babies. But the milk is so hormone laden it's got a soporific, slightly paralytic effect. I can ride you for hours and it won't let you cum. Not... quite. Which is good for me, because I've got a lot of tension I have to get out of my system. I hope you don't mind."

Now I was the one with the furrowed brow. As Julie had been whispering in my ear she'd also been circling her hips around slowly with my cock inside of her. Ever so often squeezing my cock with her pussy, every time she said fertile for example - whether that was conscious or not, I couldn't know but she was right, I just couldn't seem to cum. She had me. She had slowly rocked me into oblivion and I was hanging at attention inside her, hanging on the edge of an ecstasy that she wouldn't let me fall into.

She must have again seen the furrow in my brow because again she picked up my face between my hands and spoke to me in hushed tones. "Oooh, it's ok. Don't you worry. It's a win, win, win. Just like I said. I'm just gonna sit right here and ride you for hours, cradling you so carefully and taking care of all the cumming I need to do. And you can just lie there and look up at me safe in the knowledge that you'll be able to save all that good cum for your wife. None of it's going to make its way into my fertile little womb. See. Win, win, win."

She started rocking again on top of me, this time bringing her chest up to my face. She stripped off her shirt in front of my eyes revealing her huge, soft melons defying gravity, held up by a peach colored bra to match her panties. She leaned in and the soft skin of her breasts rubbed against my checks and lips. Stuffing her tits into my face and cradling my head into her breasts she began to bounce on me more vigerously. I could hear her labored breathing as she rode me to what must have been her fourth orgasm. I was hanging on the edge inside her and I wanted nothing more than to cum. Knowing it was impossible I let my fantasies run absolutely wild. I imagined myself shooting load after load of my thick sperm into her little body as she screamed in orgasm. I imagined looking into her cristal blue eyes as we both knew that her little body, fertile and dying to be bred, would immediately start to make my babies. But no, I was helplessly held inside of her. Inside her pussy and inside her huge soft breasts. Drooling wildly at both ends. Helpless, edging, unable to cum. So desperately did I want to grab her tight little ass and pull her down on me so I could get just one inch closer to her fertile womb.

My hand jumped off the floor and clapped onto her ass. Both of our eyes shot open. She was in the middle of being racked with pleasure. But my balls we boiling over and it seemed like I was regaining my movement. I was close, so close to pulling myself as deep as I'd need to be to let my seed shoot off inside of her. So close.

"Uh oh. Looks like the effects are wearing off. Here baby. Take this." She pulled her bra off in one smooth movement and her breasts bobbed in front of my face. I was so close, so close to cumming deeply and satisfyingly into her tight teen pussy. "Shhhh, careful baby. If you cum inside me you're going to have to explain to your wife why you're teenage lab assistant is pregnant with your child... instead of saving all that good cum to help her make the baby you two have always wanted. Here, you don't know what you're really thinking now, you don't know what you really want. Let me do the thinking for you baby. Here's what you want." With that she leaned forward and swung her huge soft tits into my face. God I was so close to release. Her pussy was squeezing me relentlessly, her body desperately needed my seed. She knew she wanted it. Her body was trying to milk it out of me. But my lips automatically wrapped about her perfect nipple and I instinctively began to suck. As I did her sweet milk dripped into my mouth. "Shhh, there you go my little baby. You've made the hard choice. What a strong man you are. What a good family man you'll be. Saving all that good cum up inside you for your wife... Now just relax. Let my breasts cover your face. Let my pussy cover your mind and let my milk fill you. Suck your own helplessness from my big tits while you edge precum into me forever. This is going to last a long time. No more thoughts. It's time for me to get what I deserve."

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