Family Wedding


Rahul slowly released the fresh love bite from his mouth and moved to the other breasts and this time sucked on the flesh just above the nipple. Ritu loved her husbands love bites as they were a reminder of their sex for days! Sometimes just the sight of these marks aroused Ritu so much that she would jump on Rahul for another round of unbridled sex.

When Rahul lifted his head, Ritu pulled him to her lips again kissed his wildly. She unbuttoned his button hastily and his shirt was off in an instant. She ran her hands over his taught body. Rahul was very athletic and took pride in his physique. Also since Ritu was such a knockout, he wanted to make sure he always complimented her physically as well. She traced her finger tips over his chest and on his nipples, and then slowly down to his well defined abs.

Rahul kissed Ritu's cleavage again and kissed his way down her to navel. He slowly circled his tongue around her navel and kissed her belly button. He licked the entire length of her waist over the waist jewelry she still had on. He moved between her legs started caressing her ankles and calves again. Ritu closed her eyes and allowed herself to savor the sensations. Her nipples tightened even more and she started moaning. Rahul leaned forward and kissed her knees. He then pushed her sari back and exposed her shapely, smooth, hairless thighs. He slowly moved upwards, kissing and stroking her inner thighs, nudging them further apart to allow free access. Ritu was completely in his thrall now. She moaned and thrashed her head from side to side and her hips started jerking up and down.

Rahul reached up, grasped her panties' bow and undid it to free her very wet velvety petals. Ritu's pussy was dripping and had formed a big wet spot on her petticoat. The pleasant, musky odor from her wet pussy filled Rahul's nostrils. He spread her thighs as wide apart as he could and gazed at her exposed pussy. Her entire genital area was covered with soft, curly black pubic hair, just the way he liked it – not too much but enough to make her look like a woman. A small tuft of hair rose up straight near the top of her slit. A few droplets of her pussy juice shone on the tuft.

Swiftly but gently Rahul kissed her exposed pussy lips peeking out from underneath her soft curls. Ritu whimpered softly and thrust upwards again. The bed moved slightly as Ritu squirmed, the blankets shifting underneath her. Her hips writhed ever so slightly, her arms moving slowly away from her body and her fists flexing and relaxing and she cried softly under her breath.

"Please Rahul, pleasure me, lick me, I want you!" Ritu groaned in her lust

Rahul spread her outer lips apart with his fingers and exposed her delicate pink inner lips. They were completely wet and there was a continuous stream of sticky fluid slowly trickling out. Her tight little clitoris peeped out at the top of her slit. Rahul leaned forward and took a deep breath, savoring the musky smell of her pussy. He then lightly drew a finger across her clit. The effect of that light touch was stunning.

"Oh my GOD!" Ritu gasped!

Eagerly Rahul put his mouth against her pussy. His lips brushed against it and Ritu moaned again, her body writhing and twisting against the bed. Rahul pushed his lips closer to her, dragging them across the wet skin of her slit.

Slowly he snaked his tongue out of his mouth, sliding it past his lips, and rubbing it against her hard clit. Her taste ran over his taste buds, and he breathed heavily onto her hot body, cooling it with his breath. With the tip of his tongue he teased the nub, flicking it softly as he listened to Ritu's cries of pleasure. Carefully he moved his tongue down, tracing the outline of her slit, running his tongue along the lips, avoiding the sopping skin between them.

Ritu's slick skin seemed to seep even more as he lapped at it, running his tongue along the length of her slit and back up again, tasting her musky juices with his whole mouth. He opened his mouth wider and pushed his tongue inside her slit, flicking at the inside of her pussy and darting out again to run his mouth up towards her clit again.

Flicking rapidly, he brought her clit to an erection that made Ritu gasp with pleasure. She moaned as he ran the length of his tongue over the hard clit, lapping at the sensitive tip until his lips were sore from being held open. Ritu's whimpers filled Rahul's ears as she thrust towards his mouth, yearning for more. Rahul looked at the slit, shimmering with her juices, and licked his lips again. I could taste her on his lips.

"Your pussy taste is so intoxicating, I can't stop." Rahul breathed in a husky voice.

He bent forward again to lick at her some more and wrapped his lips around her clit, sucking hard at it. Ritu cried out and thrust her hips towards his face, her juices wetting his chin. Rahul shifted his weight on his legs and moved his hand up her leg, stroking the smooth skin with his fingertips until his hand met her pussy. Sliding his first and middle finger into the slick folds of her flesh, he probed her insides, wriggling them around in her hole as he sucked hard on her clit.

Ritu cried out and tightened around his hand, squeezing his fingers with her pussy. Rahul slid his fingers out and loosened his lips for a moment before pushing back inside with vigor and sucking even harder than before. Inside his mouth he flicked her clit with his tongue, tickling the tiny tip of it while he sucked.

"Oh, Rahul!" Ritu cried, her hips thrusting towards his hand as he pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy. Her fragrant skin ground against his face, her hips twisting and gyrating as she writhed on the bed.

Ritu's breaths became heavier and Rahul could see her chest rising and falling dramatically from between her legs. Still sucking hard and pushing his fingers in and out, he smiled to himself, able to tell that her climax was approaching fast. Her gyrations became more frantic, wilder, and animalistic as she panted. Her hands grabbed fistfuls of the blanket underneath her body and she shrieked piercingly as her pussy began to spasm around his fingers.

"Yes, Now, Yes!!!!" Ritu screamed as the wave of the intense orgasm hit her.

Fingers inside her, Rahul ceased his pumping, and wriggled them around inside ritu's soft flesh as she came against his mouth. Her clit seemed to grow larger as her hips pushed upwards, juice flowing from her pussy pouring onto his face. His nostrils inhaled her scent deeply and he groaned against her, sucking hard and long at her pussy as she began to relax. Ritu's hips fell back down on the bed and Rahul let go of her clit, sliding his fingers out of her wet slit and planted a kiss gently on her thigh.

Softly, he lapped at her juices, licking her clean of her orgasm, as she whimpered and shivered underneath his tongue. Kissing her cooling thigh once more, He slid up the bed, watching as her legs collapsed back down, and lay next to her on the mattress.

Ritu lay silently for a few minutes, her lips parted, and breathing softly through her mouth while her body lay limp next to his. Rahul propped his head in his hand, elevated by his elbow, and looked at her soft features as she recovered from her orgasm. Slowly, her eyes fluttered open, and she looked at him.

"I love you!" Ritu smiled

"I know!" Smiled Rahul, his ego very inflated.

"Well then let me just show you how much then." Ritu said, getting her second wind and unbuckling his pants. Rahul lay on his back and lifted his hips up as she pulled his pants down. Ritu should see Rahul cock formed a tent in his shorts and she slid her finger in his waist band and pull them down on the way. She was greeting with the sight of his cock saluting her in attention.

Ritu closed a hand around his cock, gripping it lightly. It was hotter than she expected and she could feel it throb. While she had seen his cock countless times, Ritu loved Rahul's cock. She was fascinated by its cigar shape, a swollen vein running down its length, the small slit on the blunt head wet leaking a thin, sticky fluid. More than anything else, she was captivated by its touch – it was hard and rubbery, yet the skin was so hot, soft, so smooth.

She pulled back the foreskin and stared at the moist, angry red knob she uncovered. The air, already redolent with his musk, became even more charged with his male smell. Her level of arousal suddenly shot up and she almost swooned.

Ritu leaned closer, her hot breath washing over his cock. She stuck out her tongue and lightly licked the pee-slit of his cock, teasing her husband just like he had teased her

"Oh yea," Rahul exhaled in pleasure, his hips twitching up.

Ritu loved his strong male musk and the rubbery feel of his hot cock. Rahul held her by her hair and guided her tongue and lips around the bulbous head of his cock as she enthusiastically licked it.

"Wow honey, I love the way you lick me. Suck me honey, suck me" Rahul groaned.

Ritu was more than happy to oblige, giving it all she had. Rahul held a hand behind her head and started to jerk his hips in a shallow fucking motion. His cock hit the back of her throat which Ritu took in expertly. Ritu bulled his cock out and gently tickled and caressed his shaft and testicles with her hands. The she took his cock in her mouth and started to suck him off.

As Ritu got down to her task in right earnest, Rahul continued to lightly fuck her mouth. Ritu's face reflected her arousal and her earnestness in trying to please him. Her full, beautiful lips made an O round his thick cock and her naked breasts bobbed as she moved her mouth back and forth over his wet, shiny shaft. Rahul closed his eyes and enjoyed her hot, mouth pleasuring his cock.

"Oh honey, yea that's it, its close!" Rahul gasped as he felt his semen course up through his cock and then burst into her mouth in thick, powerful spurts as he orgasmed.

Fully prepared for it, Ritu kept sucking as he unloaded all his juices into her mouth. While she didn't always let him come in her mouth, tonight both were aroused to new heights and she swallowed every drop and continued to suck him tell she felt his cock slowly start to shrink in her mouth.

Ritu crawled into Rahul's loving arms and the two embraced each other. While both a little spent from their orgasms, the lust in their eyes was far from quenched. Rahul gently moved his wife hair from her eyes, and looked at her serene face. He kissed her forehead and Ritu gently caressed his body.

Ritu was still dressed in her Saree and petticoat, so Rahul slowly untucked the wrapped clothed and loosened the petticoat knot. In one motion, he took off the two items and pushed them off the bed. He admired Ritu today for the first time in the underwear he had bought especially for her. The slitted bra and panties were an especially naught item and he was awestruck by the way his wife carried it. She was an extremely sexy woman who was willing to try just new things just for his pleasure.

His admiration of his wife started to cause a stir in him that went to his loins. Ritu saw him looking and lusting at her and was amused to see his cock start to stir again. She reach down and gently held it in his hand. While it wasn't hard, it was still emanating a lot of heat. Ritu turned on her stomach and immediately engulfed the cock in her mouth. She was able to take the whole thing in since it was still soft, and started rolling her tongue all over it.

"Wow! That's feel amazing!" was all Rahul could manage before laying on his back and letting Ritu continue her onslaught. As his cock was started to get longer and harder in her mouth, Ritu was getting more and more hot and impatient. She was ready to be fucked. She could feel her pussy oozing again. She bobbed her head up and down his cock started to tasted his precum in her throat.

When Ritu took out his cock from her mouth, Rahul's cock was throbbing with every heartbeat. Now Rahul too had become as impatient as Ritu. He'd knelt between her outspread thighs, quickly grabbed a pillow and placed it under her ass. As he'd raised her knees up and pushed them outwards, her outer lips had opened up to reveal the glistening pink petals of her inner lips. His sensitive nose had caught the feminine scent emanating from her open pussy and his cock had oozed more precum.

"How does it feel, my queen?" He'd asked huskily, pulling back his foreskin and rubbing his cock up and down her slit, making the head completely slick and wet with their combined juices.

"Mmmhh... it feels wonderful!" She'd responded, eyes closed, concentrating all her attention on the sensations his cock was producing as it rubbed along her slit.

Locking his eyes onto hers, Rahul positioned his cock head so it nestled between her inner lips. As he held her thighs and slowly pushed in, his bulbous head spread her labia apart and gone in until it was fully buried. Ritu felt his hot cock stretching her pussy open. "Oh god yes, that's what I wanted." Ritu exclaimed as Rahul penetrated her completely. Her eyes were half closed but still locked into Rahul's, her face a mirror of lust.

With one mighty shove of his hips, Rahul rammed his hard cock home, his pubic bone mashing into hers and his cock head knocking against her cervix.

"Oh!!" Ritu had screamed out loud. Rahul's intensity had surprised her. Ritu had been fully aroused and close to climaxing from the time Rahul had laid her down on the bed. She'd felt an intense pleasure shoot through her stretched pussy at the moment of full penetration.

Upon hearing her scream, Rahul had immediately frozen; his cock still buried deep, his concern showing in his eyes. She'd jerked her hips, silently encouraging Rahul to continue. He'd pulled out with a sucking sound until only the head remained buried. Once again, with a strong, slow, deliberate movement he'd shoved his cock in up to its hilt. Ritu was in awe as waves of indescribable pleasure emanated from her pussy.

"Aaahhh...! Fuck me honey, fuck me" She begged, jerking her hips impatiently, the floodgates of her lust had opened completely.

Rahul had needed no further encouragement. He had been holding back his lust, playing with Ritu, teasing her to make her beg shamelessly for him to fuck her. He had now become intent on taking his own pleasure and had proceeded to fuck vigorously. He had soon started sweating profusely in spite of the air conditioner as his cock rammed in and out of Ritu's hot, wet pussy. Squelching sounds from her pussy, Rahul's grunts, Ritu's moans and the rhythmic tinkling of the tiny bells in her anklets had combined to produce a symphony of lust that had served only to further inflame their passion. Ritu had kept hitting one climax after another as Rahul's hard, thick cock had relentlessly pummeled her pussy; the rim of his cock head had rubbed against her G spot while his pubic bone stimulated her clit.

When he had been about to ejaculate, Rahul suddenly stopped, his cock deep inside her. After regaining his breath after a while, he carefully pulled out, holding his cock tightly at the base. When he was sure that he had drawn well back from the brink of ejaculation, he positioned himself again between Ritu's thighs and placed her legs over his shoulders. He leaned forward, almost doubling Ritu over, her open pussy rising up. Placing his cock against her opening, he'd again rammed home in one hard thrust.

"Oh God! Ritu had grunted as her breath was driven out.

Rahul supported himself on his elbows placed on either side of her chest and lowered his body so that it made full contact with her upper torso. Ritu's face had frozen in a painting of lust as she gazed at his eyes a few inches from hers. Rahul had proceeded to take his pleasure, plowing hard into her hot, tight, wet pussy, licking and sucking her open lips, kneading and squeezing her breasts at will, lording over her until at last he too had climaxed and ejaculated spurt after spurt of his thick, stringy semen into her Pussy. He'd collapsed on top of her, sweating profusely and panting hard, completely out of breath.

As Ritu had slowly descended from heaven to earth, her heart had been filled with an indescribably tender love for Rahul. She'd held his head against her soft bosom, gently stroked his back and run her fingers through his hair, crooning softly to him as if he were a little baby. She did not mind the full weight of his body resting on her. Suddenly, she coughed a little and they both felt her pussy tightening around his still half hard cock buried inside her. After a long while, Rahul slowly pulled out his now soft cock. Ritu started to get up but he pulled her back to him. They lay on their side, spoon fashion; Rahul's arm thrown protectively over her, occasionally caressing her breasts. She shivered as a cold gust of air from the air conditioner had suddenly blown over her. Rahul had drawn a sheet over their bodies; they snuggled close, drifting off to sleep.

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