tagNonHumanFang's Kiss Ch. 02

Fang's Kiss Ch. 02


I know this has taken almost a year for the next chapter, I've just been going through some hard times, and haven't been able to write like I should. Thanks to all of the wonderful feedback and I promise to get the next chapter out in a month or so. Thanks for reading!


Sophia stood in the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror.

She still didn't feel entirely safe. Even though she was in Gabriel's house, she had expected to feel like everything was going to be ok, but instead she felt on edge, and more than a little scared.

Sitting down on the toilet seat, she dropped her head into her hands. She wanted to have a good long cry. She wanted to scream and kick. She wished this was a dream and she would wake up soon and none of this would have happened, and she would be safe at home.

She really wished this wasn't a dream.

She really hoped that Gabriel was real and that soon he'd be here to take her away.

If she was brutally honest with herself, she really wanted him to kiss her again.

At that thought, Sophia jumped up.

You shouldn't be thinking that! He could be crazy, like the rest of them, he could be their accomplice.

But I don't want him to be, she argued with herself.

She started to pace angrily the small space. Tub to sink to toilet and back to the tub.

She paused at the sink and looked down into the drain. She could hear the Asian lady in the hall outside the door.

She sighed and looked back up at her reflection.

Should I trust him? I want to, but…

Didn't I already go over this in the alley? she asked angrily at herself. Didn't I decide that I'd see what he had to say, and then decide if I wanted to or not? Didn't I say I would for now?


She sighed again, and turned on the water. She washed her face off and wiped it dry with one of the big white towels on the rack.

Taking a deep breath she stepped out of the bathroom.

The Asian lady was instantly at her side.

"Come on sweetheart. Let's get you some tea," she said, steering her towards the back of the house.

The house was large.

Sophia realized that she hadn't really paid attention to the decoration or the layout the house.

I should pay attention, just incase, she told herself. But her head was too full to notice much. So she just sighed and allowed herself to be lead down a long hallway, past several rooms, some with doors wide open and others with the doors shut.

She noticed that the rooms were in all different colors. One room had different shades of green and another had different shades of pink and red.

When they finally made it into the kitchen, the Asian lady shoved her into a chair at the table and started to fiddle with the tea pot and cups.

Sophia thought the lady wasn't nearly as sweet as she looked. She was pushy. She wondered how Gabriel put up with it.

As she sat there, she looked around the kitchen. It was very large, all black and chrome. She had half expected it to be similar to her mother's kitchen. There was a refrigerator, and a stovetop, but no microwave, and no oven.

"I hope you like green tea," the lady said.

"That's fine, thank you."

The lady smiled and brought over a try with a tea pot and two cups. She served the tea like someone who had done it their entire life, but was out of practice of serving others.

"My name is Lin by the way. How are you feeling dear? You've been through a lot tonight. Drink your tea. Do you want anything to eat? I believe I have some leftovers in the fridge."

She said all of this in a rush, as if the words were fighting each other to get out. Sophia had to smile. The little lady was so much like her grandmother. It felt a little like she was at home.

"Yes, I'm ok. I'm not hungry right now, thank you."

"What's your name sweetheart?"

"Sophia, ma'am."

Lin smiled at her sweetly. "Gabriel asked me, in his letter, to explain this whole mess as best I can. Now, mind you, I'm an old lady and my memory is not what it was.

"After I tell you this, you may think I'm a little bit crazy, and that both Gabriel and I need to be locked up in the nut house. But if you think about it, and look back on all you've seen and heard tonight, you'll know it's true.

"Drink your tea, Sophia, and let me tell you a story."


I might as well start with the most hard to believe.

Gabriel is a vampire.

He has been for close to 400 years, and for the time I've known him, which is close to 40 years, he has looked like a 27 year old. What I know of him is what he has told me himself. He has more of a flare for storytelling than I, but, then again, he has had years of practice.

Gabriel was born in the south of France in the year 1627, to a count and countess. He was the youngest of 7. He can't really remember much of his younger years, but, if you were 400 years old, could you?

He does remember that as he grew up, he was fascinated by learning and he wanted to attend school. His father thought that reading and writing were for females and forbid him to learn, but his mother understood. So she taught him in secret. His father would have been furious if he had ever found out.

It was a great secret between him and his mother, and it brought them closer. His mother spoiled him and he loved her dearly. His father was always jealous of their relationship.

When he turned 17, his father sent him to Paris to live on his own. Just as he had done to his brothers and sisters before him, with the hope that he would find a bride.

Gabriel had lived in Paris for 3 years when he found a young lady named Sophia, and fell deeply in love with her. His fathers wish was granted when, in the summer of his 20th year, they were married.

They lived happily in Paris after they were married. They enjoyed the high life, always at the best gatherings and, sometimes throwing their own lavish parties.

After two years of marriage, Sophia became pregnant and gave birth to twin boys, Rudolph and George. They ceased their partying and settled down to raise their sons.

I think those 5 years, after his sons were born, were the happiest in Gabriel's life. He was content with his life, his wife and his sons. He was a doting husband and loving father.

Then They came.

They had been watching Gabriel for months. They wanted to bring Gabriel to them. Who knows why they wanted him, Seth and his mentor, but they did.

They slaughtered his family one night when Gabriel was out celebrating with a friend.

When Gabriel came home and found their lifeless bodies, he was stricken with grief. He started drinking heavily and wished for nothing but revenge on their murderers.

When he was close to the end, Seth came to him.

Seth told them about the world of vampires. He told him about the evil ones that had killed his family. Seth told him that the only way to get his revenge was to become a vampire and hunt them down. Seth promised to help him get his revenge; he claimed that the same vampires had killed his family.

Seth begged Gabriel to let him turn him into a vampire, so they could hunt them down together.

Gabriel agreed.

After the change, Gabriel was eager to start the search for his family's killers, but Seth kept putting it off. Finally, Gabriel had become impatient with Seth for putting it off for so long. By then, it had been almost 7 months.

Gabriel was on his way to speak with Seth about his reluctance to start searching, when he heard Seth and his mentor talking.

"He's getting suspicious, what are we going to do?" Seth asked.

"I don't know, we could frame some other vampires, tell him that we were searching for them before we brought him along."

"That might work, but we need to move quickly. We can't let him get anymore suspicious. Some others have been threatening to tell him that it was really us that killed his family."

"They wouldn't dare defy us. They could never bring us down."

"I know, but they seem to think that if they get him on their side they'll have a chance."

Gabriel had heard enough. At that moment he burst into the room, and confronted Seth and his mentor.

There was a fight between the three of them. Gabriel was younger, stronger and faster then Seth and his mentor and he was driven by pain and anger. But Seth and his mentor were more experienced.

Gabriel managed to kill Seth's mentor, but Seth got away. Ever since then they have been after each other. He has wanted to punish Gabriel for killing his mentor, and Gabriel has wanted to kill Seth for murdering his family, and betraying his trust.

It is a battle that has gone on for centuries, and it will continue until one kills the other.


There was silence in the room when Lin finished her story. Sophia's head was spinning. It was hard for her to grasp the fact that the guy she had just imagined kissing again was—could be—a vampire.

Not to mention the fact that vampires existed.

Nonsense, she told herself. Total bull shit. Vampires dont exist! There is no such thing!

But, the voice in her head argued, how could the people in the bar move so quietly, and so fast? And how could Seth have bitten her and drawn blood?

Anyone can do that, she argued back at herself.

But what about how hard their skin was, and how strong they were. And what about when Gabriel was running with you? You ran blocks in just a few seconds.

But still…

"How can vampires exist without getting caught? How does no one notice them?" she demanded.

"They can blend in quite easily. If I hadn't told you would you have known?"

"No, but…It's just not possible."

"Anything is possible."

"I need proof."

"That, I cannot give you. You'll have to ask Gabriel for that," Lin said, chuckling.

Just then, they heard a door open and close somewhere near the front of the house. Sophia stiffened at the sound.

Could she believe that he was a vampire? Should she even entertain the idea? They both could be crazy.

She was still completely undecided when Gabriel walked into the kitchen.

His eyes rested on her face for a moment and then flicked away to meet Lin's eyes. He raised his eyebrows at her and she nodded back at him.

He heaved a sigh and sat down in the chair next to her.

"Lin, will you get me a drink please?" he asked. Lin nodded and jumped up.

Gabriel then turned and looked at her.

"Are you feeling ok?" he asked.


"You have questions for me I suppose."

"No," Sophia answered. "I just don't believe you."

Gabriel smiled at that. "Why don't you believe me?" he asked.

"Because, vampires don't exist."

He laughed at that.

Lin returned to the table and sat a glass of thick red liquid in front of Gabriel. "She said she wanted proof," she said.

"Proof?" he asked. "Did you have your eyes shut all night? What more proof do you need?"

"I don't know, I just don't want to think that you're all crazy," she said. She could feel her eyes tearing up, and felt the few that she couldn't blink back escape.

Gabriel smiled sweetly at her. He reached out and pulled her to his chest and held her there.

"It's ok," he said. "I promise you we aren't crazy. Vampires do exist, and I am one. I know it's hard to understand, but it's true."

He held her at arms length for a moment and looked deep into her eyes. He gave her a brief kiss and released her. He lifted his glass and drank the thick red liquid. It looked almost like kool-aid, but it smelled funny.

"What is that?" she asked as he sat the glass back down.

"What do vampires drink?" he asked.

She felt her jaw drop. "Blood?" she gasped.

Gabriel just smiled at her.

Suddenly he stiffened, and his eyes darkened.


Lin jerked at the word.

"What is it?" she asked

"Seth is here."

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