Fantastic World Ch. 08


Callia felt incredibly naughty as she watched the mirror...pulling up then thrusting down, feeling every inch of his shaft impaling her as his fingers continued to massage her aching bud. She cried out, feeling herself climax, watching the mirror, seeing Ethilathain's member harden further and his sacs pull against his body. Callia's moans mingled with Ethilathain's honeyed voice.

"That's it, my sweet. Ride me, feel how hard I am...all for you. Fuck me, Callia." Ethilathain groaned as he rocked his hips up into her pulsing special place.

Grinding down onto his hardness, moaning and begging to explode, feeling his fingers frantically rubbing her swollen center, Callia felt the bursting desire spread from between her thighs where Ethilathain impaled her with his throbbing hardness throughout her body as she exploded, moaning and crying out. She felt the hot burst of Ethilathain's release bathe the inside of her hot pulsing womanhood and heard him groan with satisfaction against her neck as she leaned back into his chest, eyes closed, feeling the tremors fade into warmth.

"It's gone...," she said weakly, noticing that the mirror had vanished as quickly as it had appeared. . "Yes," his eyes smoldered. "But we are not done."

Callia stood, feeling his still aching hardness slide from her body. She walked across the clearing and gazed into the flowing brook.

"Ethilathain, it's time you give me some explanations," she said firmly.

Following her, Ethilathain came to her, wrapping his strong arms around her waist. "I am not putting it off, my love," he whispered into her pointy ear, nipping the lobe between his teeth. "It's just when I'm around you, I can only think of loving you, pleasuring you, making you moan with ecstasy."

He watched her, took in the sight of her. She was so beautiful. Her skin was creamy coppery-brown and was so soft and supple it begged his fingers to trace light little teasing patterns over her flat muscled stomach. Her eyes, a bright sapphire blue, were half veiled by heavy lids as he nibbled a line down the long column of her throat. Her nose was an almost childlike button and her lips, a pouty cupid's bow. His eyes traveled down her body, feasting on the sight before him. Full, pert breasts with large rosebud nipples that puckered under his gaze and cried out to be sucked, tight waist and salaciously curved hips, thighs, and backside. And her hair, her hair was a mass of strawberry blonde tendrils, cascading down her back and covering her as if a cloak. He wound a hand in a length of her hair, feeling the silkiness. He watched her face, etched with contentment, and felt his heart begin to beat faster in his chest.

It was time.

"I have fallen hopelessly in love with you, my sweetness." He whispered. "I have never met another like you in the long years of my existence. I need you with me...always. Please let me be your only one..."

He turned her around to face him, his eyes connecting with her. "Callia, I love you more than anything....more than all the gold and jewels in my horde."

With baited breath he waited for her to speak, his heart felt as if a fist was closing around it as she gazed up into his eyes

Callia let out a soft sigh, looking at the man that filled her body, mind, and heart.

"Ethilathain I... I have loved you from the moment I met you. Being with you is as if my prayers have been answered. Yes, I accept you as...."

Ethilathain was kissing her before she had time to read the intent look on his face. His tongue sliding into her mouth, tangling with hers. His hands cradled the globes of her succulent bottom as he pressed her against his rigid erection.

"I am so happy to hear those words from your lips," he growled between kisses.

Grasping her buttocks he lifted her. Callia drew her legs around his waist, feeling the heat of his cock between her thighs as he deposited her on the fur pallet. She looked into his eyes. They were smoldering with barely restrained lust. She felt the look he gave her down to her toes. He moved over her, spreading her thighs wide. Leaning down to taste her sweet swollen sex, he caressed her beautiful body. His tongue slowly slid up and down the outer most folds, then gently up the middle. He blew soft, warm air on her throbbing bud.

"Ethilathain, please..." she moaned, grinding her hips up to meet his mouth. He spread her lips with his fingers and his hot tongue began to work on her aching pleasure spot, lightly flicking, and then gently sucking varying his rhythm and pressure. He slid two fingers inside her wet warmth, feeling her muscles contract around them when she shattered, moaning, and calling his name. When her clenching muscles and gyrating hips started to subside, he slid himself up her body.

"Soak me," he rasped as he spread her open and plunged inside, filling her with his thick, hard member; stroking inside her core and gliding over her still quivering nerve center, sending hot sensation streaking out from the center of her pleasure.

She felt every inch of him pushing and thrusting in and out of her and heard his soft mutterings as he pumped and stroked. Her body, still riding the wave he had begun with his hot, probing tongue, broke again as sweet, hot rolling pleasure poured from the place where he pounded into her and spread throughout her body. The waves of her pleasure carried him over the precipice he had been struggling to hold onto, waiting for her to climax again. She felt the hot burst inside her and wrapped her legs around him to hold him deep inside as his cries mingled with hers.

Much later, he slid out of her and pulled her under the furs. He slipped in next to her, pulling her body to him, cradling her in his warmth.

"You belong to me..." were the last words he murmured before they fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.


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