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Fantasy on Waking


"I want to lick you."

Lying in bed next to me, she stirred.

I wasn't sure she was awake until she turned her head towards me, over her shoulder. I lay behind her, relaxed in the warmth of the duvet. She smiled, stretched into and down her back and shifted her legs, then her torso around towards me. She drew herself closer, resting her forehead against mine, feet intertwined, her breasts touching my chest, her pelvis still held away. She draped her right arm over my waist. My cock began to harden in the space between us, adjacent to her sex.

She was still sleepy. Her face was relaxed, the weight of her arm resting entirely on my body. I felt her exhalations on my face, saw her nostrils dilate with every breath, a sleepy smile of contentment and pleasure on her lips. I wondered if she had heard my statement of desire. I noticed my feeling of suspension in that uncertainty, wondering if she was weighing her response. What that response might be. Whether I should repeat myself. Whether I wanted to.

Last night before sleep she had wanted to play with my cock. Gladly, I had indulged that whim, lying flat on my back for at least an hour while she tickled, stroked and teased me, delighting in the gasps and moans she coaxed from my mouth. She had swirled my pre-cum round and around my head with a single finger, or now and then with her tongue. She had used two fingers to stroke my frenulum rapidly, lightly, drawn my arousal to the very point of orgasm and held me there gently, rapt on the edge of orgasmic release, for minutes on end. She had reminded me, smilingly, with just a hint of mockery in her voice: "Breathe, darling."

Then she had slowly drawn me back from the edge with ever slower touch, until she was stroking my stomach and my thighs, evoking deeper breaths and a feeling of radiant intensity in my full rigid erection. Gradually my body had relaxed. Eventually she gave me a long kiss goodnight, a deep hug. Then she curled up on my chest to sleep, her leg thrown across my stomach, my hard cock throbbing with desire.

So this morning I had awoken with desire for her pussy. I wanted to taste her juices on my tongue. I could feel my saliva flow at the thought. I wanted to feel her hips rise and push herself to my mouth and see her eyes closed and her nipples pointing to the ceiling and her face transported in bliss. Then when she started to cum I wanted to fuck her until I exploded in her cunt. That was what I wanted.

My reverie broke when she cleared her throat. She yawned, eyes still closed. Then she inhaled and spoke, her voice thick, slurring slightly.

"So... you want to... lick me...?"

Now it was my turn to smile.


An answering smile from her, a pause.

"Why?" Innocent, teasing.

"Ha..." I laughed. "I don't know. I just want to. I want to taste you."

"Mmm." She licked her lip, paused again. "That's evocative."

Evocative is her word for arousing.

"You must be very aroused this morning after last night's teasing."

I laughed. "That must have something to do with it."

She smiled. "I don't know why it turns you on so much when I say you can't cum. But I do love arousing you like that. I love how hard you get."

My cock was at full erection now, twitching between our bodies.

"I don't know why it turns me on either. But it's so hot. I love being so aroused and knowing you control my release. It makes me want you intensely."

She brought her hand down and cupped my balls with her fingers, giving them a light squeeze as though to confirm her ownership of me. Then she slid her hand up to my shaft and wrapped her fingers around me, holding me firmly. I let out an involuntary sigh, my body stiffening and then relaxing at her touch. She smiled at my reaction.

"Mmm..." She opened her eyes, looked at me.

"I love having you so aroused. And knowing you're not allowed to cum, unless I say so."

My heart was pounding now. She closed her eyes again, continued speaking.

"When you spoke, I was having a sexy dream. You were above me, I was lying back on a bed, you had a huge dildo and you were going to fuck me with it, just for kicks, so you could watch. I was in your power. My legs were open and I wanted it. It was... very hot."

"Mmm. That does sound hot."

"So that's..." she stretched again, opened her eyes and looked at me, "...left me very aroused. Maybe teasing you last night also helped. Anyway... I'd love you to lick me."

Watching her mouth speak those words sent a jolt of erotic energy through my chest and down my arms. My heart began to pound.

"Wonderful," I said.

I raised my hand and pushed her shoulder so she lay on her back. She drew her legs up, bending her knees and bringing her hands to her breasts as I shifted down the bed. When my head was between her thighs I could smell the scent of her pussy, see her outer lips, puffy and slightly parted, pink inner folds peeping out. She looked and smelled intoxicating.

"Also," she said, "I've had an idea."

I brought my fingers to her lips and spread them slowly. I heard her inhale at my touch. I lowered my mouth to her vagina, brushing her opening with my lips. I wanted to dive head-first into her scent.

"We can... think of it as... motivation. For each orgasm you give me this morning..."

I licked her slit. She tasted salty and delicious.

"...I promise to make you wait another day to cum."

--- \/ ---

She pulled me up to lie next to her when she'd had her fill of orgasms.

I was bathed in the energy of desire. She was breathing deeply, her brow beaded with sweat, her mouth slack and open, her breasts rising and falling heavily, her body quivering. I could feel my precum trail along her skin when my cock brushed her thigh. We lay for a while, she luxuriating in post-orgasmic bliss, I twitching with frustrated desire.

She roused herself and kissed me full on the lips. She drew back and looked me in the eyes, reached down and grasped my shaft, pulled me to her. I shifted to lie on top of her and she guided my sensitive, denied cock slowly into her satisfied pussy.

"Fuck me, darling. I want you to fuck me. I came so beautifully. You should have felt what that was like. I know you're close. You can just fuck me slowly so I know you won't cum. You're not allowed to cum. And you're not allowed to stop fucking me."

My cock was so full and sensitive. I could feel my cum pooling at my base, the glow now a burn. I moved slowly into her and withdrew again, the walls of her pussy so hot and wet around my cock. I paused when I felt the subtle twitches of my own, forbidden orgasm, then moved again. She gazed into my eyes, half-distant.

"Can you feel how satisfied my pussy is? What's it like to be inside me and forbidden to cum?

I could hardly speak. I whimpered, "It's... so frustrating... and... hot..."

She pulled me down on top of her as my cock moved inside her. After a while, she whispered in my ear:

"How many orgasms do you think I had while you were licking me? How many days do you think you're going to endure before I let you cum?"

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