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Farmhouse Fuck


Ever since that night at the club, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I would fantasize about it. Our love making had gotten better. It was fantastic to begin with but now it was just wild. We started making love all the time. Preity's language had gotten filthier in bed and she played the role of a woman who just needed cock and it didn't matter who gave it to her. The best part was that it wasn't an act. She needed to be fucked and it when I was fucking her, I was just a guy fucking her. The rest of the time we were the couple who were madly in love and crazy about each other. There had been a few parties after that but nothing happened. It was either the wrong place, the wrong crowd or both.

About two months later, the perfect opportunity arose. There was another party that her friends were throwing at a Farm House. Delhi Farm house parties had become a little infamous. The farm houses were modern villa's with a swimming pool, a tennis court, the works and were usually located away from the main city. This made it a place where people drank, got high and there was a lot of sex... without any interference. The farms were basically farms so there was usually no one around to complain about the noise, or anything else. Incidentally, Avni was throwing the party for his sister who had just turned 18.

I knew the moment I heard about the party that Preity was going to get fucked by another man. If not Avni, someone would fuck her there. The party was starting at 4 in the evening and would go on till the next day. The early start made it certain that by night fall everyone was drunk. I had to think of an excuse to let Preity go alone so that I could sneak up on her later. Luckily, she suggested that she wanted to get there early since she wanted to really have fun. I feigned a family affair that would finish at eight and I'd join her then. She truly seemed disappointed but I told her that I would call her all day to make sure she doesn't miss me.

I asked her what she was going to be wearing and she said it was a surprise. In the normal course of event, I wouldn't have thought a thing, Preity loved me and was normally flirtatious, was it just my imagination or had she agreed to go alone again too easily and what was this surprise outfit that she was going to wear. Although I was eager and excited, I realized that though my fantasy might come true of seeing her with another man, there was little chance that I would get to witness it.

Anyway, the next day, Preity had spent the night over, she made breakfast and left my place around 12 in the afternoon to go and change and maybe take a nap before the evening. A few of her girlfriends would pick her up from her place and she was leaving her car behind since I would come by later. I gave her a call around 5 in the evening and asked her how the party was. "Its great, the house is fantastic, there's a lot of booze and there are a lot of people", "I've been getting a lot of attention in my dress", "when are you coming." She still sounded sober and I would have to wait a little longer. But her dress was definitely getting me excited.

I called her again at 7 and this time she definitely sounded high. I told her that I'd be late and only get there 11 or so. She said that it was really crowded and it might be hard to find her so I should call her when I get there. I asked her once again how the party was going and she said the guys were taking good care of her. She said it as a joke but the mood I was in, I was instantly hard listening to her talk.

I left immediately since it would take me about an hour to get to the farm and I didn't want to miss the 'action'. By the time I got there, it was dark and I knew what Preity had meant when she said it was crowded. There must have been around 400 people there. Half were already drunk and the other half were nearly there. The good thing was that nobody seemed to know anyone else and most people were drunk anyway. I was wondering how to find Preity when it occurred to me that the best place to check would be the dance area.

The dance area was by the pool. Only the Submerged pool lights were on, it was once again dark and the music was blaring. If I didn't have an agenda, I would have actually enjoyed chilling at this party. I spotted Preity soon. And what a sight she was. She was wearing all white. White 4 inch heeled pumps that had strings that tied up to her calf. She had on a short white skirt that started 4 inches below her belly button and stopped an inch below her ass. She had on a tight top that hugged her body and stopped just below the breast. Her entire midriff and back was exposed and her come fuck me heels made her ass stand out. If there was any doubt before that this was only my fantasy before, they had all disappeared. She had come all dressed to be fucked. Her nipples were erect and visible under the top. She was standing with Avni with his hands lightly around her waist, just lightly resting on the top of her ass which he was gently caressing. They looked like nothing out of the ordinary, much like any couple there. I made it to the bar unnoticed. Grabbed a beer and waited for the show to begin.

For most of the evening, Avni was by her side. He was being quite the host and was making sure that at least one guest was being well taken care of. Preity would often dance with him. She was clearly high but not drunk. But this time she was a willing participant. She wanted to make sure that she was sober enough to enjoy herself. Avni knew why they were there and he was going to enjoy my girlfriend.

He led her onto the dance floor. This was their first dance in front of me at the party. As he led her onto the dance floor. His hands were on her ass. The music was fast but that didn't matter. There bodies were glued together. It wasn't so much as a dance as an excuse to exhibit Priety's body. Avni's hands were all over her, touching her body. At one point both of his hands were under her skirt feeling her ass while she kissed his neck. Preity wasn't any less, she was rubbing her body all over his. Her nipples looked even harder if that was possible. Avni made it a point to twirl her around so that everyone could see the tiny white thong that his fuck toy was wearing. The thong was so tiny that the string has disappeared in between her cheeks and the only way you could see it was if you were looking hard enough and noticed the bit that went around her waist.

For the benefit of those who hasn't seen her thong yet, Avni lifted up the back her skirt exposing her beautiful ass. Preity didn't say or do anything and smiled while her almost naked ass was exposed for everyone to see. Avni wasn't the only one enjoying Preity. Avni was getting called away every so often since he was the host. Everytime he was away, some guy would come and ask her for a dance and preity obliged happily. How far the guy got to go depended on how good a dancer he was. But everyone had free access to her ass. The moment someone stepped onto the floor with her, he would place his hands on her ass and feel her up nice. If he was a little better, he would have free access to the rest of her body and the best of the lot were even allowed to feel her breast. Her pussy was off limit though, that was reserved for someone else tonight.

Avni would patiently wait on the sidelines while his trophy for the day was admired by everyone there. Preity was definitely one of the hottest women there and Avni wanted everyone to know that he was going to fuck her tonight.

The moment I had been waiting for finally came. Preity had just finished dancing with some guy and she pulled Avni on to the dance floor. But instead of dancing in the centre as she had been doing all evening, she led him towards a darker corner. With their bodies glued together, she whispered something in her ear. Avni smiled and then bent down to a squatting position and placed his hands under her skirt on either hips. He looked up at her and then gently slid her thong off and put them in his pocket. I'm sure a lot of people had seen him take it off. He led her back to the dance floor and twirled her around. Preity was happy to oblige. She was enjoying being shown off like this. Their bodies were glued together for the entire dance while his hands roamed her entire body.

After the dance, Avni led her towards the garden. It was pretty dark and there were tall hedges with small islands of grass interspersed. Although it was dark, there was enough light to see what was happening and the hedges provided perfect cover for me to watch them. They finally stopped and I took my place. Avni was lusting for her body and I could hear what they were saying.

I heard Avni say "I've been wanting to fuck your cunt even since college and I know you want it too slut. I knew I'd fuck you even though you were a tight ass back then." Preity replied with a low whisper "that's not the only place, I'm tight." That threw Avni over the edge, he removed the snap on the front of her top, freeing her breast. Her nipples were harder than I'd ever seen them. Avni started playing with one breast and took the other nipple in his mouth. Preity let out a loud moan that I'm sure a few of the guests heard even from this distance but then it wasn't like they didn't know what was going on anyway. Both of them collapsed on the floor with Avni still exploring her naked body with his mouth. He was nibbling on her other breast and enjoying the feel of her body. He stopped for a second to take of his t-shirt. She then pulled of his jeans and he wasn't wearing any underwear. That was fair enough, neither was she.

His dick wasn't exceptionally long but it looked a good size. Avni wanted was searching for the clasp on her skirt but she asked him to leave it on. "Leave it on, it makes me feel more like your slut." Avni moved his mouth from her breast and kissed down her stomach to just above her skirt. His hands were on her breast and as if to give permission, Preity lifted her skirt a little to give access to her cunt. Avni teased her with his tongue, flicking the skin around her clit. Preity was begging him to fuck her with her tongue. "Please make me cum, please Avni." She finally couldn't take it and grabbed his head and directed him to her clit. Preity was in heaven and moaning louder than I had ever heard her. Avni sucked on her clit and at the same time placed his fingers in her cunt. She was being fucked really well. Preity was bucking up against his mouth and finger like she was on fire. I could see the sheen of sweat on her body. She was shouting and moaning all this while and even in this state, she knew that people could have heard her but she didn't care. She was about to cum. She finally let out the loudest moan that I had ever heard from her and collapsed.

Preity saw Avni lick his finger and tell her that she tasted really good. He placed his body on top of hers and kissed her full on the lips while he guided his cock inside her cunt. Preity let out a soft moan and asked to be fucked with everything he had. Avni obliged and fucked her good and hard. She came a second time but she wasn't done with him yet and neither was he with her.

He asked her to get on her knees, he wanted to fuck her from behind. As she got on her knees. The site of seeing girlfriend on her knees with just her skirt and heels on, her breast hanging loose and waiting for a dick to penetrate her, really aroused me. If I hadn't planned on fucking her real soon, I would have been shagging myself. Once again Avni teased her, bringing his cock near the opening of her cunt but withdrawing. Preity needed a cock inside her dripping wet cunt. She was begging him to fuck her with his beautiful cock " Please just put it inside me, please, I need that cock inside me, I'll do anything you want, I promise, anything." "Anything I want, and you have to keep your word." Replied Avni.

"Yes, yes she said, I promise, just shove it inside." Avni pushed his dick inside her in one go. He started fucking her real hard. With his hands, he was playing with her clit. Preity was really enjoying this and I was surprised at how long it was taking her to cum. Then I realised she was waiting for Avni. The fucking and his fingers on her clit were too much for her to take and I saw her biting down on her lips in an attempt to concentrate. Finally when Avni said he was close to cumming too, she let out a moan "Cum with me, I'm cumming too." They both came together and collapsed in a heap on the grass.

They lay there for a few minutes while Avni kissed her back and played with her breasts. I was really jealous now. I had thought this was Preity's fantasy of getting to fuck another cock, but she had let herself be treated like a whore and had even waited for her lover to cum with her. Not exactly the actions of a woman who was just looking for some dick.

Preity got up and looked for her top. As she put it on, she spoke to Avni. " I just want to make it clear that I don't love you or anything. I just wanted to know how it felt to fuck a cock besides Vikram. I must say not bad. In any case, thank you and don't expect it to happen again." With that she pulled out her underwear from his jeans pocket, slipped it on and was about to walk off, when Avni said. "Remember you promised me anything I'd want in return, I want to fuck you again some time, your body is too hot to not be fucked again."

Preity just smiled back at him and walked away. Leaving the possibility open.

I had moved out to the party soon after and got a call five minutes later from her. I told her that I had been at the party for the past ten minutes and was looking for her.

As soon as we met, I noticed the grass stains on her skirt and asked her where she's been. She just smiled gave me a very passionate kiss, told me she loved me and said – She had a story to tell me...

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