tagErotic HorrorFated Destiny Ch. 02

Fated Destiny Ch. 02


Despite the heat of the day, it felt cool in the vine-covered arbor on the estate's gardens. Tom sat on a stone bench with his head in his hands. Footsteps sounded on the brick walkway outside the arbor and stropped, but Tom did not look up. Dr. Maleski sighed and sat down next to the young man.

"I am sorry, my boy," apologized Dr. Maleski. "It is a large amount to svallow at one time. I understand your skepticism."

"Skepticism?" laughed Tom with a wild catch in his voice. "My unknownth-great grandfather, who was a Roman soldier, captured a vampire and not just any vampire, but a sex vampire! The vampire also yells out a name that implies that Covington has lived for hundreds of years. You then threw in possessions and a werewolf on top of that! If I hadn't seen what Desiree had done to Mr. Silverman, I would say you all belong in an insane asylum…maybe I belong in one too."

Sergi frowned at Tom's use of Covington's first name and said, "I vish it vere that simple. I vould gladly join you there. Unfortunately, this is all too real."

"So now what?" asked Tom. "Do I magically turn into Buffy and slay the great vampire and her cult?"

"No, Thomas," chuckled Sergi. "Do not let your imagination run vild. Unlike the popular movies, there are no vampire cults. Vampires are minions of hell and as such, they seek to dominate each other. Vampires make other vampires, but can only control one or two others…maybe three if he or she is strong enough. Those being controlled strive against their master all the time."

"So vampires are usually alone," surmised Tom.

"Of their own kind, yes," replied Sergi. "There vill be those of mankind who vill be drawn to the power, immortality, and mystique of the vampire."

"What do we do now?" asked Tom.

Dr. Maleski smiled at Tom's choice of words. It indicated that Tom was beginning to see himself as part of whatever happened.

"You need to rest," said Sergi, placing a hand on Tom's shoulder. "You have had a terrible shock and then learned that reality is not as you thought it vas. Rest and give your mind time to sort out vhat you have learned."

A set of heels clicked on the bricks announcing a new arrival to the arbor. Both Tom and Dr. Maleski looked up as Gretta came into view through the archway.

"Excuse me, Herr Doctor," said Gretta as she stopped in front of them. "There is a telephone call for you."

Sergi excused himself and Tom took his first good look at Gretta. She was about five-foot, eight-inches tall. He remembered her face with the laughing brown eyes, which was framed by her pageboy hairdo. She was dressed in a French maid's outfit, which came off the shoulders and was pushed out in the front by her very large breasts. Her shapely legs were enclosed in black nylon and went all the way up to where her short skirt was puffed out by white taffeta. Tom felt himself blush because he was staring and put his head back down into his hands.

"Is everything good, mein herr?" came a soft voice as a hand touched Tom on the shoulder.

Tom looked up and was greeted by the same sight he had seen earlier in the bedroom. Gretta had bent over to touch Tom on the shoulder. Tom had straight view down the valley between her breasts and would swear that he could see her navel. He jerked his head back in embarrassment as he kicked his legs up and over the stone bench. Tom sprang to his feet, putting the bench between him and Gretta.

Gretta straightened up and placed her hands on her hips. With a sly smile, she easily stepped over the bench and sashayed towards Tom. Tom backpedaled, but stopped when he banged up against a stone column and the latticework which held up the vines. Gretta inhaled deeply and pinned Tom in place by leaning forward to mash her massive hooters against his chest.

"You are not afraid of me, are you?" cooed Gretta softly, moving her torso around in little circles.

"I…er…uh," stammered Tom, looking around for an escape. "I…Woohoo!!!"

Every muscle in Tom's body tightened when Gretta reached up with both hands and grasped his cock through his pants. His prick tightened up the most and started to harden up as Gretta rubbed it with her hands. Tom put his hands on Gretta's shoulders to move her aside, but she tightened her grip on his cock.

"Acht du leiber!" gasped Gretta as her hands stroked his long cock. "I thought it was big when I saw it this morning, but this…!"

"Please stop," hissed Tom through gritted teeth as all the teasing and embarrassment that his cock had caused him in the past came back to haunt him.

"Why?" asked Gretta, suddenly sensing the discomfort that Tom was in.

"Tom? Are you here?" sounded Anya's voice from the garden.

Gretta pushed back off Tom and nimbly stepped back over the bench. With a quick tug at her neckline, she settled her large breasts back into place and smoothed out her skirt. Tom stepped away from the latticework and managed to adjust his cramped cock just before Anya walked in to the arbor.

Anya, dressed in black slack and a white blouse, stopped as soon as she saw who was inside. Gretta gave Anya a quizzical look as red-faced Tom tried to act nonchalant, while trying to hide the front of his pants. Anya sighed and shook her head.

"I thought I would show you around the grounds," said Anya to Tom. "Grandfather is taking a telephone call about a disturbance. We may not be available later."

"I had better go and get changed then," said Gretta. "Excuse me."

Gretta left quickly and without a backward glance. Anya motioned for Tom to follow her and they walked side by side through the garden. Rows o roses, potted plants and carefully pruned shrubs gave the garden a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. Tom looked over and saw that the house was actually a large fieldstone mansion, built on top of a hill so that it looked down into the valley. A long driveway led up between tow pastures from the street.

"I am sorry if I embarrassed you this morning," said Anya. "My grandfather says I'm too bold at times and I suppose I am. I have a bad habit of trying to shock people. A teasing I never grew out of. I am sorry."

"At least you saved me from Gretta," joked Tom.

"Ah, Gretta…She, unlike me, has the strength to act on her inclinations," mused Anya. "Something I never mastered. If you had dropped your sheet this morning in response to my taunt, I would have run from the room…with dignity and discipline, but I would have still left. Gretta would have stayed and undressed with you."

"In which case, I would have run from the room," stated Tom with a slight blush.

"Why?" asked Anya with a smile. "I think a romp with Gretta would be just what a young, strong, virile man like yourself would kill for."

Tom began to turn away from her, his face blushing bright-red.

"Sorry…sorry," apologized Anya, touching Tom's arm lightly. "Bad habit strikes again. I'm good at reading people and recognizing their strengths and weaknesses."

"What happened last night that your grandfather is on the phone about?" asked Tom, changing the subject.

"You mean the disturbance? I don't know. Grandfather will tell us…" Anya stopped when a loud bell gonged from the manor house. "It seems he is ready to tell us, if you'll excuse me."

"I'll go with you," replied Tom.

"You're supposed to be resting," said Anya as they walked back towards the mansion.

"I've gotten plenty of sleep. Besides, if it is about Covington, I want to hear it."

Anya looked at Tom sideways out of the corner of her almond-shaped eyes, but did not say anything. While she had teased him about his shyness around women, she had also correctly guessed on his strength of character and intelligence. She smiled slightly to herself as the entered the house.

Sergi and Gretta were waiting for them in the spacious living room. Gretta had changed, to Tom's relief, out of her maid's outfit and into blue jeans and a white pullover. While the blouse did little to hide the size of her breasts, it was a lot less erotic than the maid's uniform.

"Ah, Thomas and Anya," said Sergi as the two of them walked in. "Ve have a small problem. Nothing to do with MS. Covington, but it may give you, Thomas, an idea of vhat ve try to accomplish."

"What's the problem?" asked Tom.

"A poltergeist has appeared in a large church downtown. The priest and I are friends and he called me about it. Specifically, a Milton Haskins has died. He vas a contractor who renovated parts of the church and vas a major benefactor. His body vas taken to the church after morning services vere concluded to lie in state. That vas when the poltergeist appeared."

"Could it be Haskins?" asked Anya.

"Possible, but doubtful," replied Sergi. "The priest, Father Roberts, vas attacked and it seems to him that the poltergeist is trying to keep everyone avay from the casket."

"Why doesn't Father Roberts just get an exorcist and blast it back to wherever it came from?" asked Tom.

"Father Robert's branch of religion vehemently denies the paranormal," answered Sergi. "Only his relationship vith me vould allow him this avenue."

"Meaning it has to be kept quiet or Father Roberts would find himself on the wrong side of a church inquiry, verstehen?" commented Gretta.


"She asked if you understand," said Anya. "Most spirits appear due to a specific event. Ninety percent of our work is spent trying to uncover that event and resolve it."

"So what caused the ghost to appear?" asked Tom.

"That ve do not know," said Sergi with a smile. "Not yet."

It was only a couple of minutes later before Tom found himself sitting uncomfortably close to Gretta in the backseat of a minivan. Her body was right up against his and her hand had a habit of resting on his thigh…no matter how many times he moved it aside. Anya was driving and Sergi was sitting in the front passenger seat. To Tom, the trip seemed endless before they pulled up in front of a grey stone church.

Dr. Maleski led them around to a side door marked 'Church Office'. The four of them entered and walked down the hallway to the first door. Inside the office was a short bald priest, whose relief at seeing them was evident on his face. There was a nasty-looking cut on Father Roberts' left cheek.

"Sergi, thank you for coming!" exclaimed Father Roberts. "I'm at my wits end as to what to do."

"Please, sit down and tell us vhat happened," said Sergi.

"Of course…of course," huffed Father Roberts, pulling out a handkerchief to wipe the sweat off his forehead. He motioned for everyone to have a seat also. "The trouble started after the funeral home brought the body of Milton Haskins here. He died suddenly on Saturday from a heart attack. His will left the church with a sizable donation provided he could lie in state for the viewings. The viewings were supposed to start tomorrow afternoon. Anyway, after the casket was dropped off, I began hearing noises in the church. I went to investigate and saw a blue light surrounding the coffin. The coffin was shaking violently and I rushed forward to hold it down. That was when the blue light separated from the casket and flew towards me, hitting me with enough force to knock me down. When I fell, I hit against a pew and cut my cheek. I…I then ran out of the church."

"You did vell, Timothy, and I think you do have a spirit here," said Sergi. "Anya, please see to his cut and afterwards go over Mr. Haskin's contributions. I vould like to see the blueprints of the church. Gretta and Thomas, I vant you to go into the church and see vhat is happening. Take no action and just observe."

Jawhol, Herr Doctor," replied Gretta as Tom grimaced at being teamed up with her. "Can you give us a brief description of the church layout, Father?"

"The hallway opens out into our reception area," said Father Roberts. "There will be stairs going down in front of you. They lead to the classrooms, the kitchen and the banquet hall. There are also storage rooms and a small chapel in the basement. The double doors off the reception area go into the library. Past the stairs going down, you will see a hallway going back to the sacristy and the restrooms. There is also a set of back stairs that go up to the Great Hall and down to the kitchen. If you turn left at the reception area, you will see wooden steps that go up to the Narthex and the main church."

"Thank you. Let's go, Thomas."

Tom followed Gretta out of the office. Tom could sense that Gretta had changed from being playfully oversexed to intently serious. They walked into the reception area where Gretta stopped and turned to face him.

"Tom, we are looking for things that are out of the ordinary, no matter how trivial," she said to him. "Don't be confused by what you have seen in the movies. Each spirit is unique, just like people. Where do you think we should start first?"

"I'd say the church."

"As good a place as any," replied Gretta, turning left to go up the wooden steps.

The Narthex was a long, red-tiled room with a vaulted ceiling that ran the width of the church proper. Three sets of double doors were on the right leading into the church. Opposite them were three arched doorways going outside. Sunlight streamed in from a large stained glass window, illuminating the entire area in light and color. A wide wooden staircase was to Gretta and Tom's left going up to the Great Hall.

Looking around carefully, Tom saw nothing amiss, but he felt the apprehension building inside him. Gretta walked over to a small wood door set between two of the arched doorways and opened it carefully. Tom looked around her and saw a round stone room, which was dominated by the wrought iron circular staircase spiraling both upwards and downwards. Three heavy ropes were lashed down on one wall by the door.

"Bell tower," commented Gretta. "I bet it leads to the storage rooms."

"I don't see anything unusual," said Tom, letting out his breath. "Let's check the church."

They walked in through the center door and Tom stopped after entering. The church looked enormous in the dim light coming from the stained glass windows to their left and the huge round window over the altar. The vaulted ceiling towered above them, held up by eight gothic stone columns. White marble steps rose up to the choir stalls and onward to the altar. The altar was white marble with a large stone relief of the twelve apostles behind it. To Tom, who had grown up in a small country parish, the effect was impressive, humbling and cold.

"What do you see?" asked Gretta, breaking Tom out of his trance.

Tom looked around quickly and said, "What I don't see is Mr. Haskins."

"Sehr ghut," muttered Gretta in approval. "There are two alcoves on either side of the altar. His body may be in one of them. Come."

They walked cautiously up the center aisle until they were halfway towards the altar. Gretta then moved left, cutting through a pew. Tom followed her until they were able to look into the alcove. A single spotlight shone on a painting of Mary and there was a small altar in front of it.

"It's Our Lady's Chapel," whispered Tom to Gretta. "I don't see the coffin."

Gretta nodded and motioned Tom to follow her. They walked back down the pew to the center aisle, stopping only briefly for Gretta to cross herself in front of the main altar. They then moved on towards the other alcove.

Curved marble steps led up to the right alcove. The alcove was an octagonal room painted in dark blue with blue-green stained glass windows. A spotlight shone down from the ceiling illuminating a life-size marble angel who was holding a large seashell bowl. Against the far wall was the coffin. A sparkly blue light surrounded the casket. He coffin rattled and shook on its gurney. Tom gasped when he saw the blue light. Suddenly, everything froze for a split-second and then the light winked out.

"What happened?" whispered Tom.

"I don't know," whispered Gretta. "We need to get a closer look at the coffin. It might give us more…"

Before Gretta could finish her sentence, the blue light surged up out of the floor beneath her. It grabbed the bottom of her blouse and yanked it up over her head before she or Tom could do anything. Tom's mouth dropped open and he stared in shock as Gretta's tow large breasts bounced into view, hidden only by the flimsiest white lace bra Tom had ever seen. The bra barely held her massive melons in place and her dark areolas were visible under he lace as her hard nipples pushed out the material.

A string of curses in German snapped Tom back to reality. He looked up and saw Gretta's blouse fly up to the ceiling and disappear. Squinting upward, Tom saw a dark rectangular patch on the ceiling and guessed that there was an opening up there. He looked back at Gretta, who was also looking upward. Tom found his eyes straying down to her breasts. He blushed and spun around so his back was to her.

"Sorry," he mumbled. Tom pulled off his shirt and held it out behind him. "Here."

"Thank you, Thomas," said Gretta. "I…Nein!"

Tom felt his shirt snatched out of his hand. At Gretta's exclamation, he spun around only to see his shirt flying up towards the ceiling. He looked over at Gretta to find her casting an appraising eye over his hard pecs and flat stomach. Tom worked out regularly and it showed.

"Think there is a way up there?" asked Gretta, looking back up at the ceiling.

"Probably through the bell tower," said Tom. "There maybe a crawl space between the ceiling and the roof. Why?"

"Because it took our clothes up there," stated Gretta. "There may be a reason and I would like to have something to wear outside when we leave."

Tom nodded, not wanting to appear half-naked in front of Anya and her sharp tongue. He followed behind Gretta as they headed back to the Narthex. His eyes first settled on her naked shoulders until he realized that he was staring. Tom shook his head and lowered his gaze, but immediately realized that watching her swaying, round ass was not much better. Feeling and uncomfortable heat rising up from around his neck, Tom settled on looking at the top of Gretta's head.

They walked out into the Narthex and went over to the tower door. Gretta immediately went inside and started up the spiral staircase with Tom following behind. The staircase went up about twenty feet before ending on a stone floor in the tower. The entire level was bare except for an iron rung ladder attached to the far wall.

Tom looked up the ladder and saw that it extended upwards about sixty feet to end at a trapdoor. There was a narrow walkway at the top of the ladder before the trapdoor which went around the wall to two small wooden doors. Three ropes came up out of the floor and went straight up the wall into the next level. Tom guessed that the bells were above the trapdoor.

"How's your climbing skill?" asked Gretta, walking over to the ladder.

"As good as your's," replied Tom confident in his athletic ability.

"Let's go then," and Gretta started to climb up.

Gretta was twenty feet high when the blue light materialized through the trapdoor and flew down at her. Tom froze as the eerie apparition sped towards Gretta, who yelped in fright at the sight. She then gasped in shock as the blue light yanked her pants downward exposing her white thong panties.

"Thomas, help!" yelled Gretta.

Tom galvanized into action as he saw Gretta's pants catch around her shoes and then have her legs lift away from the ladder. He climbed up rapidly and grabbed Gretta around the waist as her body was pulled out at a forty-five degree away from the ladder. Tom grunted as Gretta's body jerked and then jerked again as the light yanked away at her pants. Tom knew his grip would not good and he laced his legs between the rungs to free up his other hand.

Gretta screamed when a particular violent wrench on her pants broke her grip on the ladder. Tom barely managed to grab her wrists as Gretta was pulled free of the ladder. He felt his body twist as he tightened his legs in the rungs. As Tom twisted, a bracket attaching the ladder to the wall caught his trousers right above the zipper. With aloud rip, it tore his pants and underwear all the way down to his mid-thigh.

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