Fearful Nudity



"You coming with us?" his mother asked him innocently.

"How long you going for?"

"Four weeks," she smiled, "your father's been given some time off after winning that contract for his company."

"Where to?" he asked.

"How does France sound?" his father beamed.

"France?" Ben's eyes widened in surprise. Though healthily into his twenties, his family was not wealthy at all: his father's hard-earned salary had gone towards Ben's education, so they had never had the money to take Ben abroad. He had never even been out of the country. "Really?" he asked, truly thrilled.

"Yeah. I got given a bonus," his father said. "So we can all go abroad this year."

That all seemed very well, and for a couple of days, Ben was quietly excited about going to a foreign country for the first time ever. That was until shortly before his mother went out to work when she handed him the brochure of where they were going. He didn't look at it immediately she gave it to him, so he when he did get round to looking at it, neither of his parents were home for him to ask any questions.

At the top of the front page was the name of the place his parents had booked for the vacation: Sunshine Nudist Colony.

"Nudist colony?" he said aloud, though there was nobody to hear him.

His first reaction was of complete surprise: since when had his parents been nudists? He knew they often went for weekend breaks all over the country while he had been at school and college, but nudism? They'd said nothing about that. His second reaction was of complete and unabashed horror. He was going to have to be naked for four weeks in front of all kinds of strange people.

He yelled in absolute terror - not that anyone could hear him, of course - and dropped the brochure. For a long while, he just wandered around the empty house in a complete daze.

He was going to have to take off all his clothes and walk around without anything to hide his modesty whatsoever! It was like that dream he had sometimes where he dived into the school swimming pool and lost his trunks, having to get out of the water in front of everybody in the buff. But this would be reality, and it wouldn't be running naked into the changing room, it would be four weeks of vulnerability.

What was he going to do? He could just tell his parents he had plans, that he couldn't go. But his father had already paid for the vacation, his father had already shelled out for his place. He couldn't just waste all that hard-earned money now, could he? He'd just have to deal with it.

But how could he deal with it? Well, he could try and stay indoors, away from anyone else, but four weeks in a virtual prison might be worse than four weeks of sheer nude embarrassment.

He went upstairs, feeling more than a little light-headed, and went to the mirror in his bedroom. What would all those strangers think of him when he took off all his clothes? He was going to be so embarrassed. How was it they said you should deal with embarrassment? Imagine that everyone who is watching you is naked. But what if they already were naked? Hmm...if everyone else was naked as well, perhaps it wouldn't be so embarrassing.

In front of the mirror, Ben stripped off his clothes and examined his body. If everyone else was naked, then he wouldn't be the focus for merriment in the way that he had been in those bad dreams. And since he had a fairly ordinary-looking body - as far as he knew, anyhow - people in a nudist colony probably wouldn't stare at him. He had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of: the slumbering snake sitting astride that soft patch of brown hair was closer to python than worm, nothing to make him feel small when exposed. But exposure itself: that was the big thing. How would he react to all those naked people with nothing to hide himself with? What if it grew?

That, fundamentally, was the problem.

Without bothering to put on any clothes, he went back downstairs. It felt strange to be naked anywhere other than in the privacy of his own room. The breeze around his exposed genitals, the feeling of unrestricted exposure, the lack of anything whatsoever to protect his vulnerable skin.

He went back to the brochure: the Sunshine Nudist Colony. It was an inevitable reality of his near future. The cover displayed a number of smiling, happy, nude people. Most of the people were fairly ordinary looking. Most of them were the kind of people you would hope would never dream of going nude in public: bellies drooped here, buttocks drooped there, breasts hung knee-length and hair just sprouted without rhyme or reason.

But as he flicked through the pages, there were girls around his own age here and there. Girls who really wouldn't have been out of place at his own college. Girls with slender, fit young bodies, perky, supple breasts with tender pink nipples and pussies with only carefully trimmed triangles or tufts of soft hair.

A few pages into the glossy brochure, Ben's cock was as hard as granite, pointing straight up from where he sat on the couch. Damn it, it wasn't as though he was a complete virgin - he'd had some experiences - but he'd never seen so many girls his age without any clothes on. And these were European girls: their tans were as perfect as their curves. Those kind of looks were rare in the females he knew from his own social circle.

How was he going to survive at such a place?


Ben's parents were clearly not fazed by the whole nudism thing: they were quietly looking forward to the vacation, not at all worried by the nakedness as Ben himself was. They obviously done it before many times in the past while Ben had been away, so they were used to the whole idea of public exposure.

The next few days for Ben were awful: butterflies of nervousness fluttering inside his stomach non-stop, restlessness burgeoning into irregular sleeping patterns. He had those dreams again, only this time the people laughing at him as he left the swimming pool without any trunks were all nude European girls giggling about his erection rather than his nudity.

Time was supposed to pass more slowly when you're having a miserable experience, but Ben was miserable and time seemed to speed up. Seemingly before he knew it, the day had arrived, and he had to help his parents pack the car full of vacation equipment - but he noticed that they weren't packing clothes. It was true, then. They hadn't been joking.

"You've been acting very quiet," his mother said as they ate their last meal at home before the long drive.

"I've never been to a nudist colony before," he answered honestly. Hell, what else was he going to do at this point?

"Oh, you'll be all right," she said, "the kinds of people that do it are generally very nice."

"You might find some friends your own age," his father smiled reassuringly.

"I doubt it," he said gloomily.

"Nonsense, there'll be lots of young people there - you'll find your feet in no time."

"I'll be so embarrassed."

"No you won't," his mother said, "after a few days, you'll get used to it and then everything'll be right as rain."

"It's just a lifestyle choice," his father added, "everyone there will be the same, you won't stick out. No one will stare at you, Ben, because you won't be any different."

And that was it: his last supper. Afterwards, they all got into the car and it was goodbye to normality, hello Sunshine Nudist Colony for four whole weeks.


After a long, long journey across the continent, they eventually arrived, and thankfully for a tired Benjamin, it was dark when they got there. Looking at his watch, it was close to three o'clock in the morning, something he was truly thankful for. Before even putting up the tent, the first thing his parents told him to do was remove his clothes.

He did so on the back seat of the car while his parents de-clothed outside. The cool night air closed around his skin as he slipped off his shirt, and when he finally tugged off his underwear, it was the moment of truth. He opened the door and was outside, naked.

"There you are, you see," his surprisingly nude mother smiled, "nothing to be worried about, huh?"

"No, I s'pose not," he said. It felt odd being naked in front of his parents, very odd. At least it kept his penis clearly soft, though. They seemed to be consciously not looking at him, keeping their gaze away from his nudity, as though trying to put him at ease. As he helped them put up the fairly large family tent, he found that he didn't feel too bad.

But then came morning, and the sunlight.

Waking was an odd experience. Getting out of his sleeping bag, his first instinct was to reach for his clothes. But there were none. It all came back to him and shocked him a little. His room was small, just enough room for a single camp bed and not much else. There was a single window, made of slightly blurry clear plastic that he could roll up and tie off with elastic. He didn't though, even though the temperature was fairly sizzling already at that early hour. For a moment, he just sat on his bed, wondering what the hell he was going to do.

As was fairly usual, he had woken up with an erection. It was one of those mysteries of male life that you woke up with a raging horn for no reason at all. And now was the worst moment: he had nothing to hide it with.

"Ben, breakfast!" His mother's cheery voice came through the thin canvas walls of the tent.

Damn it. He didn't even have time to wait for his penis to soften. Would it ever soften? What if it never went down?

Tentatively, he drew back the curtain of his door. Outside, there was a smallish living area of the tent, but thankfully it was empty. His parents were outside, sitting around the white plastic table getting breakfast ready. Quietly, he slipped out and sat down quickly in the nearest white plastic chair, fast enough so that his hard penis went unnoticed.

It was a bit of a relief to be sitting there with the table maintaining his modesty. His parents didn't seem to have any such problems: they lounged back in their own chairs letting it all hang out so that whoever might walk past would be able to see it all. It was slightly disturbing for him to see them naked, but his eyes didn't wander, so he managed to do his best not to be in any way judgmental.

Breakfast was a strange experience. It felt quite nice to be naked in the warm sunshine, but he felt he had to stick behind that table to be really safe. Every now and then, strangers walked by, wearing nothing whatsoever but smiles and sunshades, some of them smiling at Ben and his parents as they passed, none of them worried that they were completely naked. Ben couldn't help to react to their nudity, particularly when a young girl went by. He had never blushed so much in his life. After a while, he found it was best if he just kept his eyes on his breakfast, and blocked it out.

Once he had finished his food, however, a new problem presented itself. Or herself, perhaps would be more correct. Opposite them, across the lane, a similar tent to their own opened and a girl very much Ben's own age, or possibly slightly younger, stepped out carrying a towel. She had to be the prettiest girl he had ever laid eyes on, but she was completely nude. Ben's jaw dropped as he saw her leave the sanctity of her tent, and the warm sunshine touched her long auburn hair that was tied back in a extensive pony tail. His eyes were drawn down to her small firm breasts and her pinker-than-pink little nipples, further on down her flat stomach to her crotch, which still displayed a tan line in the shape of very high-cut thongs, but those thongs were not there. Absent. There was nothing whatsoever to prevent his gaze reaching the small tuft of bronze down on her irresistible mound, just above her tender little slit snuggling between slim thighs.

Though her eyes were covered by black sunglasses, a sudden jolt of fire shot through Ben as he thought she had noticed him looking at her. Had she smiled at him? Damn it. Trust his parents to pick a spot in the most dangerous place in the camp, with a young naked beauty next door, there to make him feel one hundred per cent embarrassed every day for four weeks.

"You see," his mother said as she put down the magazine she had been reading, "I'm sure there are plenty of people your own age round here."

He nodded, but said nothing. What could he say? He didn't really want to ruin his parents' holiday. The most important thing for him was to keep them sweet, so that they would agree to help him financially through college. If he angered them, they would just say 'no', and that might ruin his life for the next three years or so.

He picked up a magazine, one of his dad's car magazines: it didn't really interest him, but it was something to hide behind while the girl across the way made herself comfortable lying down on her front on that towel. It wasn't so bad having her lying on her front: her face was away from him, so he was safe. She had a cute behind, that was true: that sexy tan line showing between beautifully rounded buttocks, but it didn't quite stir his blood as much as her front view. Over the top of the magazine, he subtly watched her as she moved her long red hair off her back to get the full rays of the sun on her skin.

"You coming for a swim?" his parents stood and cleared away the breakfast things, and he kept his eyes firmly on the text of the magazine to keep from accidentally straying to his parents' dangling genitals.

He thought for a moment. If he went now, he'd be able to sneak away while the girl opposite wasn't looking. But then if he went swimming, chances were there would be many, many more young girls there to be embarrassed in front of. Bad news, if ever there was some.

"Uh, no," he said, "I think I'll stay here for a while."

"Fair enough. Don't forget to put on sun cream, will you?"

His parents headed off to wherever it was they were going swimming, and Ben was alone. Suddenly he was very, very scared. What was he going to do? He was going to need to go to the bathroom soon. His parents had shown him where the toilet block was on their way over here the previous night, but it was a very public place. How was he going to get there? Well, he would have to deal with that obstacle when he came to it. Perhaps pure desperation would give him courage.

Putting down the magazine, he noticed that the girl across the way was now lying on her back. The lines of her body were so incredible: so gracious, so alluring to the eye, so tempting to the soul, so very wicked yet somehow, so very pure. She lay there, side-on to his gaze, her slender legs stretched out to the left, her pretty head of bronze hair laid out to his right. Perfection personified. He couldn't help but allow his eyes to wander up and down her delicate skin, in awe at the sight of her sweet face, burning with desire at the vision the tender pink peaks on her succulent breasts, breathless at the way her flat stomach pointed the way with a devilish pale tan line to the little cherry tuft atop her jewel of a mound.

So sensational to the eye, but she formed such a barrier to him. Sitting there at the table, his erection was more prominent than ever, and the worst thing was that encroaching tightness in the bladder: he was going to have to go soon, like it or not. He picked up the magazine again, trying desperately to find something to take his frazzled mind away from the situation. Maybe she would go soon. Maybe she would get hungry. Maybe she would drift off to sleep. How could he tell if he was asleep or not? She was wearing sunglasses - she could be looking anywhere for all he knew, she could be looking straight at him right now.

Thinking about it just made it worse: his bladder was full, and felt more and more ready to burst as the thoughts of just what he was going to do raced around his brain. Damn, he wished he was German. The Germans were supposed to be fine about nudity. Not like the repressed English. Hmm...what if she was German? What if the most exquisite female he had ever seen was German, and nudity wasn't a big deal to her?

He sighed. Even if she was German, that didn't hide the fact that he was English to the core, and no matter how many Germans were watching, he would be blushing like a nun in a whorehouse on his way down to the public conveniences. He focussed his eyes on the text of the magazine once more, trying to keep the thoughts of flowing water, of bursting dams, of gushing fountains out of his mind.

The A8 4.2 Quattro Sport is based on Audi's 300bhp, V8 flagship, with the addition of lowered, stiffened sports suspension, up-rated standard equipment and a price premium of £3,7742.75. Performance - 0-62mph in 7.3 secs, restricted 155 mph top speed - is unchanged...

No, it wasn't enough. It was just too mind-numbingly dull when there was a goddess of the most extravagant splendour lying just yards away from his raging erection. He just couldn't read pap like that. His eyes were drawn to the far-left of the magazine, ignoring the text and photographs to sneak a peak around the corner at the wonderful sight that lay...wait a minute...she was gone.

The girl had disappeared completely, taking her towel with her. Ben's heart took a soaring leap as though Neil Armstrong had sneaked a pogo stick aboard Apollo XI and wanted to see just how big a step for mankind he could achieve.

"Bonjour," the voice shattered the unbridled optimism rushing through his veins and his heart came back down to earth with a grisly crunch.

He dropped the magazine flat on the table, a move that he would later regret bitterly. Standing there opposite him at the table was the girl, that breath-taking angel of a girl, no more that a few feet from him. If he had leaned forward he could almost have touched the smooth skin of her stomach. So close that he could see the individual hairs in the red tuft above that heart-burning slit between her firm thighs.

He couldn't help it, his eyes involuntarily started at the bottom, where the table cut off the sight of her lower thighs downwards, slowly up past her tantalising pussy to view up her shapely midriff and over her glorious breasts until his gaze reached her face. It seemed so slow, his ogling at her body, but the Almighty knew he just couldn't help himself. And she really didn't seem to be in any way trying to conceal herself from him: one of her hands rested lightly on a hip while the other held her towel over a shoulder.

"Uh...hello," he said, the genius that he was. Once his eyes met hers, something seemed to pass between them, something that set his insides alight more than they had ever been before. She was so very, very close he realised he could smell her perfume. He wasn't an expert on scents, but it was sweet and feminine, and enough to bag him hook line and sinker.

"Oh, you are English?" she smiled in the most sensational manner. And her voice...so soft and delicate, yet with a sexy edge of real intellect and an accent...French, in fact...it teased his very soul. "How wonderful," she said, a twinkle in her eye betraying something that filled Ben with the most amazing feel of hope, "I will be able to practise speaking with you."

For that moment, he may as well have been Russian - she wasn't going to get much English out of him, he was speechless. What could he say?

"My name is Alena," she said, her accent making her sound so very sexy. "I live across the road from you."

She held out her hand and he gently shook it, attempting a smile back at her. Lord, he had to look like a complete fool. But who could blame him: look at the way her tan line promised a sexy thong bathing suit to cover her deepest secrets, yet the article itself was entirely absent leaving those secrets fully exposed to his gaze. It was like a hypnotist had dangled a watch in front of him for a few minutes and told him he felt very sleepy, very sleepy, and when he woke up, he would feel like a dumpling with the decorum of a fifth century Barbarian.

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