tagNovels and NovellasFelicity Ch. 43

Felicity Ch. 43


Beautiful, that was what she called me. I knew I was a good looking guy but guys are not beautiful. I was not beautiful. I did understand that I was not handsome in the normal meaning of the word. I also knew most guys that looked like me were gay and those guys were gorgeous. I was gay.

She was my best friend Jenn, a cute bundle of energy and my work station mate. We worked at a business law office with perhaps fifty others but as with most places like that we knew maybe nine and we were the only ones the other knew well.

We only saw each other at work, we did not socialize. She had a partner and I had a partner.

Well, I no longer had a partner, one evening he became physically abusive and I ended up breaking his jaw and a couple or ribs when I fought back.

He could not live with the fact that his pretty boy had beaten the crap out of him and left.

I had become disillusioned with him anyway, we had little in common. We had met at a bar and the sex was good. We should have left it at that.

The problem was that I had purchased season tickets to the symphony, the opera, the show venue, and the ball park for two people, one for him.

I had purchased such tickets since I learned I could afford to do so but that year was the first I had bought two tickets for each performance. All together they added up to over a thousand dollars a year. Fortunately I could get them with different paychecks.

None were full season tickets. Eight were to the ballpark, six to the symphony, four each to the opera and show venues. My schedule was full in May and September but the rest of the year I only had one or two events a month or so.

I decided that I wanted company for the next show which would be Spamalot so I asked Jenn to suggest someone I could take with me.

"What happened to Carl?"

"He has been history for a while."

"Oh, sorry, I guess."

"Don't be."

"When is the show?"

"This Saturday."

"I'm free."

"What happened to Crystal?"

"History. She stole from me."

"Ugh, very sorry. In that case I get to learn where you live."

"Follow me home after work today. I will feed you dinner."

"Deal. Have you finished uploading the new numbers?"

"Yes, they are ready."


After work I was very surprised to see we lived in the same neighborhood of town homes. Hers was a bit smaller than mine and did not have a patio but the place looked like it was decorated by a pro.

"Did you hire somebody to do your place?"

"No, Crystal and I did this. We fought every step of the way but were astounded by how well it turned out. Shrimp linguini in garlic butter sauce OK?"

"Sound delicious."

"I will put them in the oven then go change. Go ahead and snoop around until I get back."

I was looking at a photo album titled Girlfriends and had stopped at a photo of five women exposing their bare ass to the camera.

She was by then looking over my shoulder and said, "Those are sorority sisters, we were at a party and decided to leave, we were saying goodbye."

"Didn't like the party?"

"No, a bunch of snobs. I'm surprised I didn't see you there. Dinner is ready."

"I will have you know I am not a snob," I said in my most snobbish voice.

She punched my shoulder and giggled then turned towards the kitchen.

Wait, which one is you?"


I left the album open to the photo and followed her to the table. That was when I noticed all she wore was a t-shirt. Her ass and tits enjoyed their freedom and were celebrating. I enjoyed their freedom too.

Dinner was fabulous and I demanded she give me her recipe but she wouldn't. I threatened her with bodily injury and she stuck her tongue out at me. I assumed a threatening kung fu stance and she walked right through it and embraced me.

"Thanks for keeping me company for dinner, it has been lonely for me in here. If you don't mind I could cook dinner for you every Wednesday night."

"Thank you but no. Every other Wednesday night would be good. Next Wednesday dinner will be at my place. You can walk to it from here you know."

"Where do you live?"


"You are kidding."

"No. I am just as surprised as you to learn we are neighbors."

"Wow you are right. I can come home and change first. You have a deal."

She kissed me, it was just a quick kiss that only meant we had an agreement but it was nice.

The drive from my place to hers was probably too long to walk but if she went out her door to the commons area she just needed to walk past one building and the pool area to get to my home. Five minutes tops.

"I can't believe we could have been bothering each other at home for years and never knew it," she said.

I gave her my best withering stare that made her giggle.

"Any TV shows you like on Wednesday?"

"No, I watch TV only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. During the summer I watch baseball but now I watch just pro football. The rest of the time I'm listening to music as I stare at my aquarium."

"How big is it?"

"Thats a rather personal question isn't it?"

She paused confused for a moment then punched my arm before bursting into giggles. She would like Spamalot.

"Oh, did you mean my aquarium? That is a hundred and fifty gallons. It's a marine tank."

"I will be parking myself in front of it next week. Wait, what kind of music do you play?"

"Classical mostly. What isn't classical is classic rock. Both were my grandfather's collections."

"I can handle that but I may bring a CD with me."

We were back in the living room drinking a sweet wine by then. I felt she wanted me to stay for a while and I was happy she wanted me to stay for a while.

"This is you," I said as I pointed at the second naked ass from the right in the photo.

"How did you figure it out?"

"Your t-shirt leaves little to the imagination."

"Oh, I should dress better for company."

"Don't you dare."

She punched my arm and kissed me. Both seemed to have been impulses she had not taken into consideration before she allowed them to flow.

"Stand up," I said.

She did and I swatted her ass. She jumped on me and we began to wrestle and ended up on her floor. Her shirt rode up and I could see she was a true redhead and commented on that.

Punch, kiss.

She got up and brought us fresh wine and we talked about our previous relationships. We agreed the last relationships were likely on their death throes months before they ended. She called me a dangerous animal when I related my last confrontation with Carl. I called her a dangerous animal when she told me about her confrontation with Crystal.

Then we almost died laughing when she suggested we fix them up with each other.

I decided I needed to go home. She decided to allow me. We kissed at the door.

I felt I had a smile on my face through the night. I felt the smile return as soon as I saw her the next morning. She was smiling too. We did our work as usual and ate lunch together as usual.

We said goodbye by our cars as usual and went home. I watched my TV shows then the news.

I was about to get in bed when my phone rang.

"Take me to dinner tomorrow night."

"Any place in particular?"

"Some place that has seafood. You can follow me home and I would just go from my car to yours."

"Deal. Good night."


I was almost asleep before it occurred to me it would be my first date with a girl since my second year of college. I fell asleep smiling.

The next day went by very slowly for me. Just before quitting time we almost crashed into each other hurrying out of the restrooms. We did slow down on the drive home and I then drove us to the boardwalk fifteen miles away. We beat the crowd and were seated immediately.

I was still wondering why we ended up holding hands as we walked into the restaurant. I suspected she was too.

We shared an appetizer tray and had margaritas. After we had demolished our enormous dinner we went for a walk along the pier. Again we held hands.

She said, "I think we are confusing people, they are wondering how a guy that can have anyone he wants ended up with me"

"I'm sure all realize you must be a rich heiress."

Punch, kiss.

We walked right through the spurting water fountain without getting wet. We listened to the band for a while and when we saw people dancing we did too.

We returned to my car and I drove us the her home. She invited me in and we drank a beer as we watched the news. We had another two beers as we watched Guy Fiery mug his way through two shows then fell asleep on her couch.

I awoke when she began to drag me to her bed. We plopped down on it and went back to sleep.

At the breakfast table we admitted to each other that it had been years since we had shared a bed with a member of the opposite sex.

"It was just as boring as I remembered," I said.

Punch, kiss.

"What are you doing today?" she asked.

"Well, first I'm going home and apologize to my aquarium citizens for not feeding them yesterday. Then I need to go to the cleaners then put gas in my car. I am going to have lunch in my patio and say hello to everyone out there."

"Who's out there?"

"My plants, lizards, and their visitors, bumblebees and butterflies."

"You are a weirdo."

I assumed my karate stance and she blew me a raspberry. I gave her my best shocked and appalled look and she began to giggle.

She came to me, pushed me down to a chair, then sat on my lap and gave me a soft semi-long kiss.

"Yeah, I have errands to do too. Try to keep yourself invisible when you walk out. Having you come out of my house in the morning will likely give my neighbors the vapors."

"Oh, in that case I will take my time. I have never seen anyone have the vapors."

Punch, kiss. Shove out the door.

As my car went thought the car wash I called her and asked if she wanted dinner before or after the show. She said after and I told her the time I would pick her up.

That evening she looked fabulous, she had apparently spent part of the day at a beauty salon. I whistled at her and she curtsied. Her very fine dark green dress had a wide neckline. She had shown me her fine tits. She knew I knew the display was planned.

I thanked her profusely and took her hand. She squeezed mine and kissed me before getting in my car.

We loved the show, it was as funny and outrageous as we had hoped. The show venue had a restaurant attached and I took Jenn there. It was upscale but we sat at the bar and had tapas which were very good especially the soft shell crab tacos, we each ate two of those. We had apple martinis then I drove her home.

As we walked through her door she said, "Spend the night."

"Madame, we hardly know each other."

Punch, kiss.

"We are just going to sleep and we have already done that. But tonight lets take our formal wear off. You can sleep in your undies."

"OK but you have to promise no hanky panky."

"Punch, kiss.

I got down to my boxers and she wore a t-shirt and we were soon in bed.

"Thanks for tonight, it is in the top five of all my dates ever."

"Yeah same here," I said.

She turned to me and gave me a soft kiss that ended up with her tongue sliding across my lips. I kissed her back.

"Its about time you kissed me. I was going to fire your ass and find me a proper partner."

I slapped her ass and we wrestled gently until I kissed her again. We fell asleep as we spooned.

I was alone in bed the next morning. I went to the bathroom to take a leak and found she was in the shower.

"Sorry, I have to pee."

"If you have to you have to. Just make sure you aim is true."

"Yes, madame."

I rinsed my mouth with her mouthwash then went to her bedroom and dressed. I walked to the kitchen to make coffee but she had one of those one cup wonders so I took one of the cup things she set out and made myself coffee then sat at the kitchen table. She was wearing just a towel around her body when she made herself a cup and sat at the table with me.

"What are your plans for today?" I asked.

"I am going to Moms and we are going out to lunch. Today is the day I go to a lesbian orgy at a friends pool. They only happen once a month."

"Sounds like a fun day for you. Does anyone there know you have been dating a guy?"

Somehow it felt like we had been dating forever but there had been just two real dates.

Apparently she felt the same since she answered, "No, Mom is going to need resuscitation when I tell her but she will understand, she knows you. My friends will want to make sure I am not going to be hurt."

"I don't see how you could be hurt."

"I will tell them that. Or tell them nothing at all. In fact that may be the best choice. I need to dress and go, its a bit over an hour drive home."

"Oh, I will get out of your way."

"Let me give you my thanks first," she said then embraced me. She gave me the best kiss anyone had given me in memory. I got an erection. She noticed and pressed herself to it before ending the kiss and hurrying to her room.

"Bye, have fun," I said as I walked her out her door.

I felt restless all day and ended up rearranging my patio. Then I did a partial water change in my aquarium, just ten percent that time.

Monday morning we greeted each other formally. Then she stuck her tongue out at me. I kissed her as she did. Punch, kiss, giggle.

We had to work together that day to map out a strategy. We noticed that our bodies were in contact with each other most of the day and we both complained about it but never shied away from contact.

In the parking garage I said to her, "You know it's a little silly we both drive to work when we can carpool."

"You do this week and I will do next."

"Deal" I said.

We drove to our respective homes and did not contact each other that evening. The following morning she surprised me by being at my door before I was ready to go. I had in fact planned to drive to her home to pick her up.

"I'm out of coffee," she said as she walked to my kitchen. There was enough for her to have a cup and she drank it as we drove to work. Our conversation along the way was about work so when we got to our offices we resumed where we had left off. Again our bodies were in contact often but that day neither of us complained.

Our ride home became an adventure as we drove through a heavy storm. We kissed before she ran to her door and I waited until she was inside then drove home.

She was at my door as I walked out my home the next morning and I gave her the key that Carl had used. She accepted the key as if she had expected it and put it on her key chain as we drove to work. She gave me a copy of her key as we stepped out of the car. I put it on my key chain as we rode the elevator.

That day we had to present our results to our bosses so we spent the first hour rehearsing. We had always done that but somehow that time it felt different. I never could decide why.

It was Wednesday, my turn to cook. I baked a chicken I had put in a marinade the previous Sunday. It was fabulous. I had bought six bottles of her favorite wine and we finished one during dinner. Then finished half of another one after dinner.

We spent an hour mostly making out on my love seat which faced the aquarium, just kissing and caressing as I introduced her to the denizens.She giggled when my horseshoe crab did its imitation of swimming.

She loved my aquarium, and my kisses. I loved her kisses. I played the Opera Without Words CD and she seemed to be fine with the music.

We had a very nice visit and I walked her home as we held hands then I kissed her again by her door.

I was naked shaving when she walked in the next morning. She kissed me then went to the kitchen. The coffee was not ready so she came back to the bathroom to complain about that as she sat to pee.

My cock was erect before she returned to the kitchen. I dressed and we went to work.

"I thought you were gay," she said as she drove.

"I thought I was too. It's a good thing you are a lesbian or we would be in trouble."

"True," she said without further comment.

We both suspected we were already in trouble.

At work that day our bodies made minimal contact. We kissed as she dropped me off at home then went home.

She called me about seven and asked me which channel had the shows I watched on Thursday. I told her and she said "Thanks, bye."

She was again early to my house the next morning but I was mostly dressed by then. She poured our coffee and we talked about our evening.

"The big Vietnamese restaurant OK with you?" I asked.

"Yes, I love the place. After we get home we will spend the night in your bed."

I nodded and wondered how that would turn out. I also wondered why I had asked for a date that night.

After our dinner I drove her home and waited for her to pack her tooth brush and her hair brush and change to a t-shirt.

She drove us home and we drank some wine before we could not wait any longer and went to bed.

She immediately took off her t-shirt and said, "I am going to masturbate so you may as well do so too."

I slid my boxers off and we settled in bed with our hips in contact.

I had to stare at her body first. She had freckles across her very fine tits and milky white skin. She was fabulous. I kissed her shoulder.

We were slow to start but I had decided to wait until she was on her way to her second orgasm before I got serious about my cock.

Her first orgasm came quickly. I kissed her as she recovered then as she began her search for another cum I gently caressed a tit. She moaned and had a second cum but continued masturbating. I picked up my pace. I was spraying both of us with cum as she was having her third orgasm.

We kissed then went to my shower hand in hand. We washed each other off. I kissed her lips, her tits and her pussy. She kissed my lips, my tits and my cock.

We left the shower and after drying each other we went to the kitchen and had more wine as we stared at each other. We stopped at one glass of wine and returned to bed. We kissed until we fell asleep. Her hand was wrapped around my cock and my hand was on a tit as we did.

I awoke as she was softly masturbating me. I turned towards her and slid a finger in her pussy then began to rub her clit. My cum arrived after she had started on hers. We needed another shower.

We stayed nude that morning. We kissed each other everywhere we could reach even on the ass cheeks. We ate breakfast and had more coffee but never talked about us. At noon we dressed and went out for lunch. When we returned she brought a few items of clothing with her. I pointed out I had plenty of t-shirts.

Punch, kiss.

Again nude on my love seat she straddled my thighs and began to bring my cock to out of its doldrums. When it was as hard as it was going to get she got closer to me and began to slowly masturbate me, and her. My cock was making contact with her pussy with every stroke.

When we had our orgasms we kissed. She moved her pussy over my cock and I felt it slide along her pussy lips. She began to rub her clit over the head of my cock until she had another orgasm. Our kiss continued for a while until we decided we needed another shower.

After we dried I got cokes for us and went out to my patio still nude. She loved it out there but I suspected it was because we were outside while still nude. However she told me that at home she was always outside nude with other people but it was the only time she had ever been nude outdoors with a man.

"You are welcome."

Punch, kiss.

It was the usual kiss after the punch. Apparently that was reserved for just those occasions. I kissed her back.

"Do you have condoms?"

"Yes, I have always used them so you do not have any worries about infections. I take it you are not on the pill."

"No, lesbians don't need them. We are going to fuck tonight so I am happy you have some condoms. You will be my first since the summer after I graduated from high school. You will need to be gentle."

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