tagBDSMFeline Femininity Ch. 02

Feline Femininity Ch. 02


Note: This part contains certain elements such as spit play which you might not be into. It's a note different in tone than the previous part, in case you were searching for something identical in subtlety, so have this as a disclaimer. If you ARE into spit play though, you're in for a treat! Also, I'm a feedback whore so please let me know what you think, whether it be sweet or sour (as long as it is based on writing quality and not some form of kink shaming)!


I look up at you with a mischievous smile.

Your breathing continues to rise.

I continue to melt.

I sink my teeth into my plush lips, and slowly unbutton your trousers. As I unzip the two pieces of thick cloth apart, your hardness springs up, heat radiating between it and my wanting mouth. I slide your trousers down with a little bit of your help — glints of your care peering through the slits of your ocellated blanket of lust. I throw the pants to edge of the room, near the wooden door. Then I sensually lick your right thigh, softly dragging my wet tongue from your knee upwards, my right hand resting on your left knee.

You make that lethal sound with your mouth as you start to say something, your tongue audibly parting away from your palate, each progression of your warm mouth so clearly soaked in lust.

'Kitten,' you murmur, caressing my fluffy ears.

And your craving voice is all it takes to send shockwaves of tingles from my stomach to my head, turning my gentle licking into a passionate slobber. I salivate more strongly now, drawing a trail of clear liquid across your leg. Your dick is as hard as ever, close to bursting against your dark boxers. I pull the underwear down, and a slow breath of admiration escapes me, my perky breasts rising and falling. I lick around the base of your mesmerizing thick cock, unhurriedly making my sloppy way up your shaft. I tease around your head with long, deliberate licks, lapping my tongue up and down.

Then I let long, thick drool materialize through my lips, my eyes locked within yours as some of my luscious fluid slips down my chin, wanting to block out inhibition, and feel like a messy animal. The rest of the viscous liquid drips onto the tip of your head, swelling now, yet to be touched by my mouth. My saliva slowly slides down your shaft, glimmering in the light of the room. I can't resist any longer, and enclose your tip with my mouth, and muffle a voracious meow into it with my lips wrapped around it.

I'm bordering on oblivion.

I'm letting go of reality.

'Mmm, my kitty,' you moan divinely.

I let your head escape my lips only momentarily, meowing again while staring at you, wanting to watch your slow grin form at the captivating corners of your mouth. Then I suck the length of your cock, steadily approaching the base, but not yet reaching there, then pulling upwards again. I increase my pace a little, my panties soaking to completion as I do so. I start to rub through them. I keep dragging my slippery, leaking mouth up, and down.


And down.

A rhythm forms as I keep moving my head against yours, my bell uncontrollably jingling along to my eager movement.

You firmly lace your fingers through my hair and hold my head down, fiercely pushing it all the way. I screech a little, deceived by what I thought was going to be one of your loving scritches of my scalp. My throat slightly convulses, and I utter pitiful noises, yet you unfazedly keep me still in my submissive position. I panic as I start to go out of breath, tears and snot and precum and saliva all melanging into one, and then you pull you me upwards, allowing me — your pet, your kitty — to gasp for air.

You tuck in a few sticky plumes of dark hair that went loose behind my ears, and lift me onto your warm lap. Any shred of reality left in me has been erased. With you here. With my world being a play space, and nothing but.

'You're such a good fucking kitty, baby,' you say as bring my tail into view, letting it lie between my tummy and yours.

'Mmmmhh,' I manage, before you suddenly plunge in for a kiss, violently shoving your tongue into my mouth, my tongue attacking yours back, passionately savoring each other's fluids all mixed into one, heating up in this intoxicating vacuum.

'Open your mouth,' you order. I instantly obey in the heat of the moment.

You drool into my gaping mouth.

'Swallow daddy's spit, kitty,' you lovingly whisper, your fingers running through strands of my hair.

I swallow. We lock lips once more, tongues now swirling spit all over our hungry mouths. An orchestra of noises floods the room, breath and smack and spit loudly overflowing the vicinity. We break apart, and you wipe my eyes, nose and mouth clean from the glorious mess they've become.

'Good girl.'

As if my mind wasn't losing it enough, you push me over the edge with those powerful words.

Then you run your fingers across the crotch of my soaking panties.

'Holy fucking shit, kitten,' you deeply mumble, as you dig in two teasing fingers through the wet cloth, leaving the fabric trapped between my sticky lips.

You hook two fingers from each hand around my hips, and begin to peel my panties off.

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