tagErotic HorrorFellatio in a Van

Fellatio in a Van


I groaned aloud as she took me into her throat, my testicles full of need, her painted lips firmly sealed around the root of my length.

On my back upon the floor of the van, I was practically in heaven. Even with my eyes open, it was difficult to see, in part due to the heavily-tinted windows, and in part due to the near-total darkness of the thick grove of trees in which she had parked the van. But I did not need to see to know that she was an expert at what she was doing.

I had met her at my favorite club. I had gone solo, not necessarily looking to hook up with anyone, but certainly hoping to meet one or two beautiful young women in the hopes of starting something that might come to fruition at some point down the road.

That was odd, for we were truly down the road from the city, out on the edge of farm country, and things were indeed coming to fruition.

She gagged around me, the sound wonderful and the feeling sensational. Yet still I held her head in place, having her retain my full length inside her mouth and throat. With my legs wrapped around her torso, I could feel her body trembling as her lungs protested the lack of air, and only then did I finally release her pretty head.

Her head snapped back as she released my erection with an audible Plop! Her breaths were loud and desperate, yet she took my hearty manhood in her small hands and stroked me, continuing to pleasure me.

"You must be a sexual goddess!" I complimented her, and I heard her soft giggle between gasps for oxygen.

We were both fully naked, our clothes having been thrown onto the front seats of the van. I reached for her head again, running my fingers through her short-cropped mane.

It was her hair which had attracted my attention at the club. As she danced with another babe, her hair seemed to shine as bright as the sun despite its raven-black color. She had seen me watching her and slowly danced her way toward me, her breasts bouncing nicely within the tight-fitting velvet dress, her cleavage unmistakable and vying for the attention of my eyes. Her long legs had been largely hidden by the skirt of the dress and the purple thigh-high heeled boots laced up the front. Yet despite the second skin of the black dress and the tight leather of the boots, she had been able to move as naturally as if she had been naked, as if the fashions were not even there.

She took a large gulp of air, and then she suddenly impaled her face upon me once again. As she swallowed around me and tried to draw me ever deeper into her body, my voice caught. Neither of us could breathe for several seconds as her hands sought and seized mine. We squeezed hands tightly, connecting in a way I had never before experienced, and I could feel a rush of warmth flowing from her right hand into my left hand, up my left arm, across my collarbone, down my right arm, and through my right hand into her left hand. It was uncanny, it was amazing, it was breathtaking.

Even though there was a metal roof over my head and thickening clouds filling the night sky, I saw stars. My testicles had never before felt so full, so heavy. I did not know the why of it; I only cared that this moment, this thrill, could be somehow extended as long as possible.

As she swallowed around me again, my arousal was almost painful. Finding my voice, I groaned aloud, my head tipped back, my torso arched wickedly. It felt as if she was slowly drawing me down the length of her throat, as if it was slowly expanding to accommodate my girth.

Yet, despite my desperate need, climax would not come. I was not even trying to hold back my release. My desire continued to pool in my testicles, making them feel ever heavier, ever fuller, to the point that it was truly becoming uncomfortable.

I have almost always tended to be quiet during sexual activity, although my favorite partners have almost always been true diehard screamers. The sounds spilling from my mouth were very much like those from the screamers I had known: loud and sharp, wailing like a banshee, announcing my growing pleasure to anyone within miles of me.

Between the need and the pain, I began to thrash about upon the floor of the van, almost certainly causing the bulky vehicle to rock in the thick grove of trees. Yet still she swallowed around me, never lifting her head to breathe, her tongue continually fluttering inside her mouth as if I was being assaulted by a butterfly. Her hands squeezed mine with greater force, and I felt some of the warmth surging across my collarbone beginning to siphon off and pool in my chest, on either side of my heart.

I was hot, sweating heavily. I could smell my natural musk filling the van. My heartbeat thundered in my ears. My vision was almost entirely filled with stars of every color imaginable, blinding me with their brilliance. My legs clamped around her torso like a vice, yet she did not seem to complain, even though her body was trembling from the lack of oxygen.

Pain filled my hands as her fingernails finally broke through my skin, the blood she extracted feeling hot upon my skin. I screamed with need laced with pain, twisting and bucking upon the floor of the van, finding an eroticism in the pain but needing more than ever to finally achieve the release which would leave me sated and at peace.

I exploded -- not from the testicles up along my manhood, but from my soul outward. It was exquisite, far more satisfying than any orgasm which had ever wracked my senses. My voice careened wildly as the ultimate pleasure of my young life surged through every cell of my being, causing even my hair to stand on end. For at least a heartbeat and an eternity, I was no longer a corporeal being, having transcended to another form of existence.

When I had calmed at last and regained my breath, my voice was hoarse and my vision clouded from the remnants of my lust. She lay beside me, kissing me gently, her hand slowly spreading my blood upon my breast.

My breast!?!?!

She drew back and laughed openly as I realized my situation. She reached up and turned on the light at the back of the van, and what I had felt in the darkness was indeed true in the light...

Somehow, she had changed me from male to female!!! Gone were the smooth chest and the male genitalia, replaced by a pair of sizeable swells and feminine folds.

Still laughing, she flung herself at me, clutching me tightly. I could only cling to her as well, for I had definitely not expected this to ever happen to me... or to anyone.

How would I explain this to my roommate and my friends and my professors when I returned to campus!?! How would I explain this to my family when I returned home at the end of the semester!?!?!

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