tagMind ControlFever Ch. 02

Fever Ch. 02


This begins in the middle of the closing scene of part one, so, if you haven't read that installment, you should, now. Kirk explores his power with the help of Tiffany and her family, putting it to work. Next part should be out in a week and a half or so. Hope you enjoy. As usual, signed comments will be acknowledged. Jb7

Fever part 2

While Big Dick and his friends were busy in the back of the tavern, Kirk and Tiffany sat at the bar, enjoying a drink and their reunion, behind a veil Kirk had created to screen them from the other patrons. Tiffany hadn't thought about the white boy with the strange fever since she had made her entry in his chart Wednesday morning. When he had alerted her to his presence in her head, she recalled everything that had happened that night.

She had also been aware of the mind games he had played with the shithead who had tried to pick her up, tried to entice her into taking on him and his three loser friends. Kirk's appearance and calming presence had been a relief, to say the least.

The pair had seen Li'l Dick, and the other two who had followed Big Dick to the back room, return to the bar, look around, run outside, and come back running toward the bathrooms.

"Watch this," the voice alerted her.

In a few minutes, Big Dick came walking into the bar area. He spotted Kirk and Tiffany enjoying their drinks and gave his crew a dirty look. Full of apprehension, he walked toward the couple, his knees spread, toes out, looking like a poor imitation of a cowboy. "Hey, Dick," Kirk greeted him, "something wrong? You look a bit peaked."

Dick avoided looking at Tiffany, his hands in his pockets, safe (he hoped) from her. He shook his head. "No, no. I'm fine. What makes you... Oohh! Noooooo!" He bent over in pain as he experienced another bowel spasm.

"Big Dick, I think you may have insulted Miss Tiffany here. First, you and your, uh, friends, hassled her, insulted her thinking she was just some bar skank you could hustle. And now, you won't even acknowledge she's sitting here, won't even look at her.

"You guys, come here and introduce yourselves." As they haltingly came up and introduced themselves, both Kirk and Tiffany shook their hands.

"Miss Tiffany, how can these lowlifes make it up to you for all the grief they've given you this evening?"

Big Dick groaned when he saw the smile Kirk's mental instruction elicited from Tiffany. He saw her wide grin as something pure evil. "Mr Reynolds," she replied, in a sultry voice, adopting the Carribean French accent peculiar to Haiti, "I think first, these four lads should get down on their knees and kiss my bewitching ass.

"And in the future, if our paths should cross, they should buy me and my friends our drinks for the rest of the evening." Tiffany had added the free drinks suggestion. Kirk laughed, thinking it was a good idea and added the suggestion to the ones he was mentally giving the quartet.

The four were already on their knees. Kirk established a veil around Tiffany's face so nobody would recognize her. People in the bar would only see Big Dick and his friends on their knees, kissing the ass of some black woman.

Tiff stepped down from her stool, hiked her skirt up to her hips and lowered her panties to mid thigh. With her back to the room, she bent over and leaned on her stool. Big Dick approached her. What he saw was the wrinkled ass of an 80-year old woman. He was also aware of a weird combination of odors.

There was the floral of her perfume, something sickly sweet, like his grandmother liked to wear to cover the pee smell when she dribbled, and the dirty diaper smell because she could no longer reach to clean herself completely. All those smells were there, right in front of his nose.

He leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on the wrinkled cheek. Tiffany laughed. "Mr. Kirk, I swear, there's a fly in this barroom. Something just flew past my ass cheek. Now you, little boy, back there, when I said kiss my ass, that is what I meant. You just pucker up and french my little chocolate bud back there, or do you need a reminder?"

Dick swallowed the gorge that rose in his throat when he heard what was required. He watched as Tiffany's hand came back to spread her cheeks to reveal his target. Kirk was sitting on his stool, watching; his crew was kneeling off to the side. Someone's hand was pushing his head forward; forcing his tongue out of his mouth. When his tongue made contact with the chocolate bud, he shivered. He closed his mouth over the crinkle and forced his tongue into the pinching orifice.

With about a half inch of tongue in her butt, Tiffany worked the sphincter holding it in place, seeming to draw another inch or so into her dark hole. She then started exercising her Kegel muscles, causing the tip of the tongue to flex and tickle the walls inside her dirty. "Ooh, Mr. Dick," she cooed, "when you tickle me inside my ass like that, it feels sooooo gooood."

A ripple of laughter ran through the bar. Dick felt the hold on his tongue relax and quickly extracted it. "Hey, boy, don't be so fast. I might think you don't like me," the young black woman chuckled. Dick was having a hard time keeping his stomach down from the musty acrid taste in his mouth. He quickly moved away and grabbed the first drink he saw.

His crew had heard Tiffany's 'request' for frenching her chocolate bud, and knew what awaited them if they failed to comply. By the time they were finished, her lady was in dire need of attention. "Kirk," she thought, "can you tell the state I'm in?"

"I feel it, Tiffany. Do you live close by?"

"Yes, but I live with my mother and sister, and they are both home. You?"

"With my mom, but she's out. About a mile past Forest Hills plaza. Let me get rid of these guys, then..." He reinforced the mental instructions he had given Big Dick and his crew, then ordered them to leave.

While the quartet drew the attention of the bar patrons by leaving in a somewhat raucous manner, Kirk led Tiffany to the ladies room. Inside, he had her raise her skirt while he unzipped and took out a healthy erection. As he lifted the medical technician on to it, he explained he had never tried what they were about to do. "But don't worry, if you get lost, I'll find you," he told her, as he willed himself back to his room. "Somehow," he finished as they landed on his bed, side by side.

"Ooohhhh! Shiiiiiiiiiittttttt!" Tiffany was screaming and sobbing at the same time. "What the fuck did you do to us? Who the fucking hell... what the fucking hell are you?" she screamed at him. "Get the fuck away from me! Let go of me! Where the fucking hell are we?"

"Shhh. Calm down, Tiffany. Easy now." He was speaking. She was too panicked for him to get into her head. "Shhh. Easy now. You're all right. We're safe. You're safe. That's better." As she calmed down, he was able to enter her mind and calm her faster. She became aware of the voice in her head, the voice from the hospital. Her breathing slowed, regulated itself.

"Are you okay now?" the voice asked.

"I guess. What the fuck did you do to us, and how did you do it? Who the fuck are you? What planet are you from?"

"I'm sorry. I forgot that the last time we were together all I could do was communicate like this," the voice said.

She responded the same way. "Telepathy, transporting, and screwing up people's perceptions like you did Big Dick and his friends. Are there other things you can do I should be afraid of?" Before she could blink, they were lying there naked, her clothes neatly piled on his dresser. Crossing her arms in front of her, she gave a small scream. "No! Please!" In another blink, her clothes were back on.

Kirk quickly surveyed her mind. There was a mix of emotions, mostly fear, with a bit of curiosity, excitement, bewilderment, and wonder. "I can see you're frightened, and I can understand why. What can I do to help set your fear aside?"

"Explain yourself?"

"I don't know much. From what my mother told me, while the Neanderthals and Cro Magnons were fighting over caves, my ancestors were engaged in a war in space. A cruiser with a hundred or so crew members, male and female, crashed on Earth. They established a headquarters on what is now referred to as Atlantis.

They knew it would be several years before any kind of rescue mission was attempted, so they set about exploring the planet. They were able, over several generations to visit most of the habitable land areas.

"With their telepathic sense, they became aware of the approach of a vessel from their home planet, except, they sensed, that the ship's intent was hostile. Apparently, the side supported by my ancestors had lost the war. From a position near the moon, the vessel directed a beam of energy at the headquarters site, destroying Atlantis, and flooding the coastal areas around the Mediterranean Sea for years.

"The vessel approached Earth, for some reason, maybe to ensure the destruction of the city island. The survivors, even though widely separated geographically, were able to instantly communicate, and when the vessel was in range, using their telekinetic abilities, they tore the ship apart while it was still outside the atmosphere, killing everyone aboard.

"The survivors dispersed and interbred with native tribes. Our mental abilities became buried, genetically recessive. Occasionally, when both parents have had parents with some skill, anomalies like me have occurred.

"There is also the definite possibility that the implantation of the isotope enhanced the genetic contribution. I only know, from what I was told of our history, of all the descendants ever, I am the one most like the original crew members. Yet, with the exception of my mental abilities, I am as human as you are."

"Yeah! Just like Superman. I'm just like you, except I can make you do or feel whatever I want you to do or feel or see or..."

"Tiffany, with the exception of the first time I touched you, I haven't done, or made you do, anything you didn't want to do, have I?"

She thought about their contacts the other night, and tonight in the bar. "Other than scaring the shit out of me bringing me here, no. I can't say you have. But this goddam trip pretty much makes up for it."

Kirk thought for several seconds, trying to remember romantic or exciting places he had been. Then he asked her, "Is there anyplace you have ever been that you would like to go back to and make love?"

She giggled. "Up north, past Watertown, off the St. Lawrence River, there's a place called Goose Bay..."

"Yeah, by Kring's Point State Park."

"You know it!" she said, gleefully. "Lone Pine Island. I always wanted to visit it, but it's private property. I think it would be great to make love in the moonlight right there in the middle of the river."

"Will you go there with me now, to make love in the moonlight?"

"Are you serious? Can you do that? What if you can't, what happens to us?"

"I don't know. We might just disappear, a bunch of loose atoms floating in the atmosphere; we might have to make a series of short jumps; or we might end up like that guy in the movie, The Fly, your head on my body and vice versa.

"All I know is, the more I use my abilities, the stronger all the others become. Before I brought you with me this time, I had never teleported two people at a time, and the furthest I had tried was from St. Michael's to here. I think the worst that might happen is we miss by a few feet and get wet."

"Easy for you; I don't swim."

"Well, I'll have to be pretty accurate, then; it's not a very big island. Do you think we can be quiet enough?"

"I doubt it," she giggled, again, "but I'll try." She smiled. "Just promise me, you won't screw with my head. I want to be able to tell my grandkids about the time I flew to Lone Pine and fucked this crazy white boy. Okay?"

"Here," he said, handing her a pillow and blanket. "Those rocks are hard." He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to his chest.

The sound of water lapping gently at the rock shore, the soft breeze caressing her naked skin, the sight of the full moon in a cloudless sky, the greenish white lights of the aurora just barely visible, the pleasant slightly fishy aroma of the river, all told Tiffany she was on her island.

She sighed in satisfaction and reached for Kirk, lying beside her. "Hey, crazy white boy! Are you here with me?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I was just admiring the sky. In the city we don't really see all the stars. It's magnificent. Nearly as pretty as you are."

"Keep talking, white boy, you might get in these pants yet, if I was wearing any. What did you do with our clothes?"

"They're still in my room. I didn't want to chance leaving them behind if we have to leave in a hurry."

"And smart, too." She watched as he stood up and looked around. "What?"

"Supposedly, the owner imported some top soil and sod and created a lawn in front of the front porch. I was just looking to see how big it is."


"Big enough. C'mon."

He led her to the small lawn and spread the blanket on the grass. Drawing her down with him, he captured her lips, and slid his tongue in to engage hers. He was able to use his power to softly lower them to the ground. They continued kissing for several minutes. Tiffany started exploring his chest with her fingers, signaling him it was time to extend his field of operations.

He kissed his way down her neck, lightly nipping at her pulse point, comforting it immediately with the tip of his tongue. Then his lips were sliding past her collarbone, down through the valley between her mamams. He covered one in kisses as he played with the other, caressing the silky soft skin of the under breast, nibbling around the areolas, without touching them.

Pulling his lips back, he was able to just nip at her nipples without touching any other part of her breast. "Bastard," she hissed. "Stop teasing!"

He closed his mouth over the nipple he was teasing, sucking as much of it into his mouth as he could. Then he looked up at her, catching her eyes, and shook his head no. "You motherfucker," she laughed, and laid down, waiting for the next sensation to stimulate her libido, already at the tipping point.

She felt his hands travel to the bottom of her ribcage and start to lightly caress her along ends of her ribs. "No, no," she gasped, grabbing his hands. "Not that, please. Don't spoil it; don't tickle me, please." She pulled him up over her.

"In me now, Kirk, please. I need you now." She reached down to guide him into her. When he was in the right position, she tightened her legs around his thighs, pulling him fully into her in a single stroke. "Now, do it, white boy, fuck this black bitch cunt! Fuck it good!"

He grinned and bent down to invade her mouth with his tongue. He reached down and pulled her left leg up to rest on his shoulder, then did the same with the right, so she was bent double.

Her knees were resting on her breasts, her pussy was stargazing. His arms were outside her legs, supporting him. He began to saw in and out of her, twisting his hips so he hit several areas in her quim. It didn't take long before she was babbling at him to go harder, faster, rocking her hips in rhythm with him.

Suddenly, her muscles went stiff, nearly pushing him off her. In a second, she was stifling her scream against his shoulder as she started shaking all over, thrusting her hips up at him so fast he had a hard time staying with her.

it was enough to trigger his own climax. Just as she started to calm down, she was aware of the splash of hot liquid against her cavern walls, setting off another smaller come for her. "Oohh, you lovely motherfucker," she cooed. "Damn good thing I don't see you every day, I'd never get anything done." She pulled him down for a kiss.

A spot light caught them just as their lips met. "Hey! You kids! Stay where you are!"

Kirk reacted without thinking. First he altered their appearance for the park ranger. The poor man saw two human sized coyotes, engaged in sex, but in a very human position. One had white fur, one, chocolate colored. The white one had a human--like cock, the black one, female had four full breasts, like she had pups somewhere.

The ranger's boat went to the side of the island with the dock. As soon as the light was gone, so were Kirk, Tiffany and the blanket and pillow. The ranger came around to an empty lawn, but one where the grass had been matted down, as if someone had been rolling on it.

As he examined the ground, he saw a patch, about the size of a half dollar, of silvery liquid. Against all protocol, because he was totally bewildered, he reached down and picked up some on his finger and sniffed it. "Cum! What the shit hell? Who's out here?" he called, looking around for the practical jokers responsible for this elaborate joke.

Back home, Kirk and Tiffany had landed back in his bed, still joined at the hip. Kirk laughing, Tiffany looking at him like he was demented. "Christ, Kirk, we practically get caught having illegal sex and trespassing, and you're laughing about it."

"Oh, no. When the light caught us, I didn't have time to think. I just changed our appearances. What the park ranger saw was two coyotes with large humanoid bodies, engaging in sex in a human position. You had four boobs, looking like you had pups somewhere. He'll never be able to tell anyone about what he saw. If he did, they'd think he had lost it and make him retire."

"You have a twisted sense of humor, you know that? Useful at times, but twisted as hell." She laughed. "Well, I better get dressed and get home. Can you send me, or do you have to take me?"

"Since I haven't been there, and I haven't clued into how to use your experience to target places, neither one. Can you spend the night? Then, when Mom gets home, I can drive you."

She grinned. "More adventures?"

"Only in the bedroom."

"I need to call my mom."

Meg arrived home just after noon, having spent the evening and night with her friend, Cynthia. It had been a satisfying encounter for both of them. Meg recognized Tiffany from the hospital, and thanked her for her part in caring for Kirk. With a smile, the young woman commented that it was Kirk who needed thanking, for taking care of her.

Meg raised an eyebrow. "Oh, and how did that occur?"

Kirk quickly recounted the events in the bar, making it clear that Tiffany, while she may have been the stimulus for the event, was blameless in what had happened.

Meg was having a hard time containing her mirth. "So, you finally got even with Rich Pieters for all the grief he gave you growing up." she chuckled. "I shouldn't laugh, but if anybody deserved what you did, it was him. But that doesn't explain why Tiffany is here this morning. Or shouldn't I ask?"

"It was late," Kirk started, "and dark, and her neighborhood isn't totally safe for a pretty girl to walk alone, so I offered her, uh, the use of our guest room and a ride home when you got here."

"And how was the guest room, Tiffany?" Meg said, grinning as she looked at the attractive black woman.

Tiffany looked her in the eye, and after hesitating for several seconds, replied, "Fucked if I know. But Kirk's bed was damned comfortable, when he let me sleep."

Meg burst out laughing. "Tiffany, you're my kind of woman. Kirk, you are an adult. There is nothing wrong about inviting a woman to spend the night, especially when I'm not at home.

"I take it you need the car for a little bit?" He nodded, a light blush coloring his face. His mother was looking at him, shaking her head. He was aware of her presence in his head. "Did you make her want to come home with you.?"

"No. Our play with Rich got her turned on. Teleporting her here, though, nearly sabotaged our night." "?" came from his mother. "Later, I need to get her home, and then I have to go see someone. Will call if I won't be home for supper, other wise, will explain everything then. Love you, and thanks."

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