tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFifi La Femme: A Pansy at Last

Fifi La Femme: A Pansy at Last


I have written this story "Fifi La Femme-A Pansy at Last" mainly from personal experience as a mature homosexual transvestite who was a gay virgin until my early 40s. I hope that it will appeal both to extreme effeminates and the ultra-masculine men they ache to serve. Now divorced I've been living with my boyfriend Ron for three years as his gay wife and yes; Ron is as big as Frank!

Big Frank


I was quivering and shimmying with excitement dressed in my wife Doreen's black satin 36DD long-line brassiere with a pair of heavy silicone false titties wobbling inside the cups; her gorgeous deep six strap waist clinching suspender belt and flimsy see through panties that I'd bought for her; or rather me; from "Secrets in Lace." I sat on the edge of the bed and rolled on a pair of her ultra sheer barely black silky seamed nylons attached them to my garter straps stood up and stepped into a pair of strappy 5-inch heels. Oh I did feel gay.

My heart was racing as I sashayed across to the full length mirror and admired myself. I tossed a pink feather boa across my shoulders and they literally shimmied with pent up effeminacy at the sight before me. My face had been transformed by a big blond Drag Queen wig that I'd bought for myself along with my falsies; a pair of long false eyelashes eye-shadow mascara and pansy pink lip gloss. I wore my wife's diamante drop ear rings a pearl necklace bracelets and rings on my fingers with painted nails and lashings of perfume. I had been transformed from a 45 year old wimpy closet gay into a gorgeous sexy mincing queer wife and I was about to become a practicing homosexual with my new hubbie; my neighbour Big Frank; the "Man of my dreams!"

When I first met Frank my heart skipped a beat he was so butch and manly. Eight years older than me he stood at over 6'2"; really muscly with a shaved head tattoos from his time in the Merchant Navy and tanned. Then one day he started chatting across the fence wearing only a pair of skimpy swimming trunks that left nothing to the imagination and he had the most gorgeous rug of chest hair that went down across his belly and on to you know where. Oh I was in love!

Well we went for a drinky one evening and sensing my closet effeminacy he told me that he liked to go with queers who dressed up in ladies undies. I was open mouthed and blushed like a girl but eventually after a few too many Campari and soda's I confessed that I had always dreamed of being a butch man's cream=puff. We were perfectly matched both wanting queer sex me as a poof and him as a butch bisexual man.

A Man at Last!

We arranged to spend the weekend together when our wives Doreen and Shirley were away. I wasn't was really sure that I would like it but if I did a whole weekend of homosexuality with my dream hubbie lay ahead of me in my wife Doreen's boudoir.

Doreen and I no longer slept together as I was unable to satisfy her needs. She needed a real man but then so did I and Frank was certainly "all man!" The thought of slipping between Doreen's pink satin sheets with HIM gave me such a stiffie that I was quivering with excitement at the prospect of mincing for my Big Butch Hairy Man.

Frank arrived at 8-o-clock and as I tottered towards the door on my 5-inch heels my heart was racing. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a T shirt that clung to his manly torso like a second skin. His arms and thighs were like tree trunks and chest hair sprouted from his vest. "Shall we go to the bedroom?" he asked. I blushed and acquiesced wiggling my bottom as I climbed the stairs; Frank's hand fondling my bum cheeks as I sighed breathily at the thought of becoming a practising homosexual at last.

"You look such a pansy dressed like that" Frank said and with that he dropped his shorts and stood there in a skimpy pouch with his huge prick poking out. "Oooooo Frank! You have such a Big One!" I lisped as I licked my wet pouty lips in anticipation of sucking his hot meaty length into my virgin gay mouth. "Ten inches petal" he replied as I quivered with homosexual desire mincing and swooning like a faggot.

I realised at that moment that I really was a complete homosexual as I drooled over his manly hairy body and the prospect of mincing for him; sucking his cock and balls then bending over to take him up the arse-hole. I wanted nothing less than to be his queer bitch.

"What shall I call you naughty knickers?" he asked in a deep Welsh masculine voice. "Oooooo call me Fifi Frank; Fifi La Femme and treat me as a pansy" I replied in a high pitched effeminate lisp holding my wrist limply to signify my eagerness to become a practicing effeminate homosexual at last.

"Sit down on the bed you mincing little fairy and serve your Man!" he barked. "My Man!" I thought. "Oh Frank I want to be a mincing pansy tonight to kiss your hairy balls and wrap my wet red hungry lips around your horse cock. Do everything to me darling"

With that I sat down demurely on the pink satin eiderdown took a deep sniff of poppers and opened my ravenous gay mouth for him. The amyl nitrate hit me like a steam train inducing a homosexual rush of pure sissiness that quite overcame me. Oooooo the sight of his man-cock heavy balls and bush of pubic hair coming ever closer to my sissy mouth made me feel like a gay queen and as his bell end slipped through my wet pink prissy lips I surrendered totally to the pleasure of gay fellatio; my mouth full of hot meaty man-cock.

Being a poof

For any poof let alone a married man dressed up as a Drag Queen the sight of Frank's thick veiny prick all red and nearly 10-inches long would be enough to make her beg for a mouthful. But there was no need for me to beg as Frank was more than eager to see my sissy lips wrapped around his throbbing cannon.

At first I sucked only his bulbous helmet into my pansy mouth and held Frank's thick hot shaft in my delicate hands to prevent him from choking me with it. "Take your hand away Fifi!" he ordered. "You need a mouthful of man-meat you horny little cock-sucking faggot."

I did as I was told and as soon as I did Frank grabbed my head and forced his horse cock right down my throat. I gagged as his mushroom head wedged itself in my oesophagus and let out a muffled "mmmnnnnggaaawww." "Relax and breathe through your nose you sissy cock-slurping homo slut! He barked. Oh how I loved being called a homo.

I began to relax and found that I could breathe even though Frank's massive phallus was tickling my tonsils. "Right now hold still!" Frank urged and then with one thrust his fat helmet slipped down my throat and I felt his bollocks against my chin. I had 10-inches of man-cock in my mouth and a thick bush of pubic hair pressed against my face. Oh I was a queer at last and loving it.

He began to thrust his manhood in and out fucking my mouth as if it were a cunt. I was in homo heaven so proud that I was being a good cream-puff for my man; my Master.

"Suck my Prick you mincing little faggot!" he grunted as I slurped and gobbled his engorged manly phallus. Oh to have my head between a virile masculine man's legs my face buried in testosterone flavoured pubic hair; swollen rampant pre-cum oozing cock and hairy balls was effeminate nirvana. I had a man's thick meaty penis down my gay throat. I was a practising homosexual at last and craved his spunk.

Frank didn't disappoint me. With a satisfying grunt he withdrew his massive prick as I poppered up again sniffing the gay aroma deep into my nostrils and slapped it across my face. He was wanking furiously his rolls of foreskin sliding back to expose his bulbous purple glans as he masturbated his cock stand in his manly fist. "Eat my bollocks you fucking poofter!" he barked. I chewed his ball bag and sucked his heavy swollen gonads as he tossed himself off; longing for him to spunk and give me a pearl necklace.

"Fuck I'm cumming!" he yelled. "Open your sissy mouth you dirty little slut!" "Oh spunk me Frank!" I whimpered and obeyed instantly as the first glob of semen erupted from his throbbing prong and splattered me across my face. I opened my mouth to receive the second arc of warm salty spunk then wrapped my lips tightly around his flagpole for the third and fourth. Mmm the taste of semen made me moan with pleasure; rolling the warm stringy ejaculate around my mouth as the fifth spurt erupted. He held my head again and rammed his spunking organ down my throat pumping three or four more creamy loads of man-sperm into me.

I was quivering with gay lust for him. What a man and I was now his queer bitch.


I collapsed on the bed and savoured the taste of Frank's semen happy and so proud that I'd performed a homo blow job as a "he-she Danish pastry." Frank was simply gorgeous and I was in love; true homance and I knew then that I wanted to be his gay wife and have full homosexual intercourse with him.

I felt so ripe and fruity lying there dressed as a lady-man after eating a butch man's sexual organs like the flaming queen I'd always wanted to be. Frank's horsemeat was dangling down between his powerful manly thighs as he fell on top of me and inserted his penis inside my knickers and started humping me. Instinctively I opened my legs and wrapped them around his back as his third leg swelled and stiffened against my tiny hidden treasure.

Oh I acted as a squirming tender Lilly for him lying there beneath my hairy bear as he frotted his Anaconda forcefully against my pathetic little twitching pee pee. The afterglow of serving at the Phallic Altar had turned me into an outrageously camp mincing sissy swishing faggot eager to perform the full repertoire of homosexual acts for my virile randy neighbour.

Frank slipped his ten inch length of cock-meat inside my garter belt and began to rub it against my belly smearing silky cum against my skin. My tiny pricklet was now wedged between Frank's huge bollocks and he treated me to a clitty fuck; my stiff pansy squeezed between his massive balls. I felt almost like a woman as he fucked his trouser snake against my crotch longing to have a ladies cunt to feel his cock-stand deep inside my vagina spurting hot semen into my womb.

But then quite suddenly I became even more aroused by my true situation. I wasn't a woman I was a homosexual transvestite; a panty-waist; Frank's lisping whimpering limp-wristed cream-puff with a big fat hairy prick between my legs. I knew then that I wanted to take Frank up the arse-hole; to be a gay bender for him and feel his pile-driver forcing open my virgin sphincter and penetrating my tight queer bum tunnel up to his gonads.

"Bugger me you Big Butch Hairy Brute! Sodomise your pansies willing queer arse!" "I want to be a pretty girlie-boy for you. I'll go and change Uncle!"

I could have been a "bum- boy."

Ever since I was a young boy I had dreamed of being sodomised by a mature hairy man with a nice Big Knob. I started dressing up in ladies undies at the age of 8 or 9 and by 11 was already an effeminate little faggot wearing make up and frilly lingerie whenever I could and in dire need of a grown man. .

I frequently played truant from school and spent the whole day mincing like a pansy in mummy's frillies. I would slip between the sheets; open my legs and imagine that I was being poked by a Big Butch Hairy Arse Fucker usually with a large carrot inserted into my clenching well greased bum.

I made myself a realistic 8-inch penis by rolling a pink durex onto a cucumber carefully sculpted with a mushroom head and another around the base with two potatoes inside for the balls. I would then make myself "a man" by stuffing pillows into a pair of navy blue overalls tie his "oh so manly" sex-tackle securely and then go to bed with him and have the queerest of sex with "my man." Oh I practiced performing oral sex with his legs over my shoulders gobbling and slurping on his manhood sucking his balls like a swishy little pansy-boy feeling ripe and fruity in my silky lingerie.

But nothing compared with the pleasure I felt when I sat on it; my anus lubricated with Vaseline as my tight gay sphincter stretched around his bell end and I squealed with homosexual delight as I lowered myself onto his hard 8-inch prick. To feel his bollocks pressed against my bum cheeks knowing that I had 8-inches of thick man-cock up my arse-hole was me the greatest homo pleasure of all. I'd bounce up and down on his phallus squealing like a pansy and rubbing my winkle until it milked into my hand and then swallow my boy-cum in a frenzy of poofy passion.

Now at the age of 45 I was about to have a man's Blue-Veined Throbber rammed up my gay love tunnel; a lifelong dream come true. To be Frank's mincing gay wife was my greatest wish and I certainly knew where I wanted to guide his ginormous phallic prong I can tell you.

But why did I deny myself the pleasure of queer sex for so long? Oh I had lots of opportunities. My first form-master; Homo Harry; used to touch me up and more than once placed my hand on his crotch to have a feel of his big rammer twitching inside his y-fronts. He gave me books to read about Ancient Greece and Rome where most boys were sucking off their Mentors and being buggered up their bum-holes by the age of 13 lucky boys.

Oh Homo Harry made it quite clear that I was more than welcome to slip between the sheets with him and his black boyfriend; Big Errol; wrap my sissy lips around a couple of big fat hairy man-cocks and then bend over and "take it up the arse." The thought of being the filling in a man-sandwich and allowing two practising homosexuals to fill my Gay boy-holes with man-meat and ejaculate inside me; hosing semen into my mouth and boy-cunt made me drool but I foolishly declined his offer to use me as a mincing homosexual pansy-boy.

I was a very pretty boy; especially dressed in lingerie and more than ready to worship at the Phallic Altar and offer my boy-buttocks to a big butch hairy man but was ashamed I suppose about being a pansy. So though my teens I dressed and wanked my little winkle impaled myself on vegetables and dreamed of the day that I'd have a real man with a huge prick to satisfy my homo needs. I ogled body building and wrestling mags and underwear catalogues for a glimpse of men's bulges longing to slip my hands inside a pair of y-fronts and pull out 9-inches of rampant hairy cock and a nice pair of balls but instead married Doreen and hoped to go straight. But for me there was no chance of that after 20 years of homosexual frustration until I met Frank.

Wedding Night Bliss

I wanted my first gay fuck to be memorable and had always dreamed of marrying a man like Frank who would deflower me on our wedding night with a 10-inch cock.

Frank was standing by the bed when I made my entrance wearing Doreen's taffeta and satin wedding dress complete with veil and I even carried a posy of lilies. Underneath I wore her white satin basque; white nylon and whispy lace panties; sheer white nylons a garter; satin 5" heels and a frilly petticoat. I wore blue eye shadow mascara and eye liner; blusher and pink lipstick lashings of perfume; diamante drop ear rings bracelets and even a wedding ring. I felt like the gayest boy-bride a man could have and wanted to leave it to my hubby to consummate the marriage.

Frank had showered and wore a white towelling robe. Oh he was "All Man" and had even brought along a gay porn video to get me sexed up for him. "I love you darling and want to please you" I sighed as I minced towards him fluttering my eyelashes like the demure and shy boy-bride I was knowing that I would soon be fucked by this beefy virile man and be a complete homosexual at last.

"Kneel down Fifi and fellate your husband like a queer!" How could I resist when Frank opened his robe and waved 10-inches of succulent man-cock and a pair of big dangly bollocks at me proudly sprouting from a thick bush of pubic hair? I knelt down demurely and submissively not daring to question my husband's orders and anxious to be an obedient gay wife. As I grasped hold of his manhood Frank opened two fresh bottles of poppers and placed a pillow case over my head. "I want you fully poppered up; to surrender to your Master as a prissy sissy homosexual cock-sucking lady-man you mincing little poofter."

As I breathed in the amyl nitrate my gay index hit the roof. My heart was racing head spinning swooning on gay aroma and moaning "I'm a QUEER! Oooooo I want PRICK! FUCK MY GAY MOUTH! FUCK ME UP THE ARSE!" Frank removed the pillow case and I was so high I could see three cocks and I literally devoured his throbbing cock-stand slurping and gobbling his delicious meaty length like a fairy possessed and pressed my face against his hairy bush until his balls were on my chin and his mushroom head right down my throat.


"Oh BUGGER ME DARLING! I NEED A HOMO SHAFTING!" I was about to be deflowered; to become a bender and feel the power of Frank's massive Fuck-Cannon shagging my gay cunt.


Oh I adored feeling Frank's oh so meaty trouser snake grow and stiffen in my willing gay mouth. Fluffing up her hubby with her wet pink lips is a gorgeous hors d'oeuvre but for any gay bride the main course is when she receives her first good hard arse-fucking.

I confess that I was apprehensive as Frank's enormous red throbbing prick slipped out of my hot wet lips and I gazed in awe at massive length and girth of my husband's manhood. I grasped hold of his stiff veiny erection planted a submissive wet kiss on his heavy balls and looked up at him demurely fluttering my false eyelashes. "Treat me gently darling. I do love you so"

"Bend over and spread your legs" Frank barked. My wedding dress rustelled as I assumed the tradition position for a homosexual; kneeling on all fours head buried in the pillows legs spread with my bum in the air to achieve full penetration. Frank lifted the layers of satin and taffeta of my wedding gown and petticoat and pulled my frilly knickers to one side to expose my plump soft womanly buttocks and my tight little virgin cherry.

All my life I had dreamed about being sodomised by a man; buggered; fucked up the arse-hole by a big butch hairy man. My gay cunt was aching to be filled with thrusting prick; to lie there sobbing and squealing like a pansy as my man's massive weapon fucked me deep and hard and spurted its load of hot sperm inside me.

Frank mounted me from behind and fingered my tight arse with Vaselene. Pretty soon he had three then four fingers up my gay cunt and treated me to my first homo fist-fuck until my pussy was ready for a good hard arse-fucking. I minced and whimpered like a poof and lisped in a high-pitched pansy voice:

"FUCK MY HOMO CUNT-HOLE. I NEED YOUR 10-INCH PRICK!" What our wives would have had they seen us I dread to think. Me in Doreen's wedding dress lying on the bed begging Frank to stick his 10-inch penis right up my arse-hole and bugger me like a mincing homosexual virgin bride.

Taking hubbies 10-inch battleship wasn't easy. My sphincter wouldn't stretch around his 8-inch girth but we were both determined to consummate our gay marriage by having full homosexual intercourse culminating with my hubby hosing great wads of hot semen deep inside my clenching gay cunt.

Had it not been for the cucumbers that I had inserted into my rectum to simulate homo anal sex Frank would have split me in two when he forced his man-cock into my virgin queer cunt. As it was I shrieked like a faggot as his 10-inch length of rigid throbbing man-meat drove into my anus right up to his bollocks. I was stuffed with cock!

Being fucked up the cunt by my hubby; a big butch hairy masculine man was homo heaven. I was a gay wife dressed in frillies with a man's thrusting prick up my arse-hole and I was loving it. Oh my hubby was a wonderful fucker; driving his cock-stand in and out of my well-greased quim like a stallion serving a filly a real stud.

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